Monday, May 09, 2011

What about regardless of political orientation?

The City of Salem values all persons without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, domestic partnership, disability, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and source of income.

At what point do these "inclusive statements" become so long that anyone not specifically mentioned is de facto excluded?

I think that this is also a good "check your premise" moment as well. Do we REALLY value all persons? (sheeple nodding heads) What about an unrepentant serial rapist? What about Mao? (I mean outside the Obama administration) What about Hitler?

If some government office doesn't have a signature line detailing exactly how many people it values should I assume that they hate some folks?


Kaelri said...

I don't think it's possible to be excluded from a statement like that, since everyone has (at least) a race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

If you don't, I'm on the next plane to Oregon to meet you in person.

Anonymous said...

What about a 18th street wanna be gang banger possessing a concealed weapon without a CHL?

DAVE01 said...

I may have missed it but did they mention legal status (since the criminal aliens are thieves, I guess that falls under the source of income, kinda like a bank robber)?

They value a person's source of income. I guess they would also value income from muslims funding suicide bombers.

Daniel, according to the progressives, a serial rapist, Mao and Hilter are people too. They have feelings you know.

Kaelri said...

Begging your pardon, but are you contesting the personhood of criminals now? We don't have to like them to acknowledge that they do, in fact, carry the DNA of our species.

Anonymous said...

Aanon 10:10 PM
According to the US Constitution, a citizen should not have to have a CHL. A subject asks permission from their government. We should not have to ask permission from the government to exercise our rights given to us by GOD.

Do you ask permission from the government every time you exercise your first amendment rights by writing on this blog?

DAVE01 said...

Kaelri, unfortunately they carry the DNA of our species.

The city of salem values all persons. I have a problem with the city putting a value on certain people. It tells me that they don't care if you are a mass murderer, a pedophile or a suicide bomber. The only value people like that should have is a bounty on their head.

Some people just need killing or should have aborted at birth.

DAVE01 said...

Kealri, one additional thought. Criminals aliens should have less of a value. They don't deserve any money from hard working Americans. Americans citizens should have higher value.

Maybe we could have a point system. The longer you obey the laws and better citizen you are, the higher value you have. You will be given higher consideration in things like social services, social security and other things. The less you follow the law, the less services you will receive.

The dems won't like that idea, most of their voters won't receive shit. I had to laugh at that. Can you imagine the democrat inner city hell holes not receiving shit in public assistance. They would burn the town down.

That would be fair. The hardworking, law abiding people would receive the fruits of their labor. That way people like my sister who works 80-90 hrs a week and makes probably a few hundred thousand a year would keep more of HER money and the law breakers who are stealing HER money might start to be better citizens when they get hungry.

We should reward good behavior, not bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

YES, Salem does indeed "value" Criminals, they paid out over$300,000.00 of OUR money for the farmworker housing @ lancaster and cordon rd. Yes for people that do have a job and lots of expensive anchor babies.

That is aiding and abetting, a federal felony.

They are also helping Criminal AG/Farmer employers by using our money to provide housing for their 21st century slaves.

Anonymous said...

Kaelri, "familial status, sexual orientation and gender identity"

Why and how does a City gov't value familial status - what is that?

What does a persons sexual oreintation have to do with city government?

What the hell is Gender Identity!?

Here I can help with this one so you don't need a gov't worker to a private bathroom (or ask TSA @ airport)...remove pants/skirt/burqa and underwear(if applicable)...while facing forward...look in mirror... between legs...where your stomach meets you see a stubby fleshy appendage with a hairy sack underneath? Male!
or...a small crack surrounded by lips simmilar to ones on your face(Drew Barrymore said so on Letterman)...but turned sideways (unless your asian I've been told)... similar but much smaller to the one on your backside...Female!

You are welcome, hope I didn't eliminate a government job with this one.

Another example of over paid lazy and obviously really bored at work government workers inventing stuff so they can keep thier job, I guess.

Anonymous said...

BHO gave a speech on immigration today:

"Under Secretary Napolitano's leadership, we have strengthened border security beyond what many believed was possible. They wanted more agents on the border. Well, we now have more boots on the ground on the southwest border than at any time in our history."

...and Dave01 is still a dumb dildo. Just saying.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:05 PM
Do you believe his lies? His lips are moving, he's lying.

He also said the fence was basically complete. What a liar.

They unfunded the damn thing. The bullshit virtual fence was designed to fail and fail it did.

Liberalism is not a mental disorder, it's a disease that rots your brain. You have a serious case of it. Thanks for the laugh in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Anon4:05: To add to Dave01 @ 9:58 said about The Komrade Doofus' remarks about Nepolitano and the border: If you believe anything he says about anything concerning Nepolitano and "increased border security", then you are completely and irresponsibly delusional. As Dave said, when the Komrade Doofus' lips are moving, he is lying through his teeth. As for Neolitan and the border, she is saying exactly what The Doofus and his sycophantic liberal toadies, and you obviously are in that not-so-august group, wants to hear. This is not said to defend her or her bullshit, but to show that she is lying like a cheap rug, just as The Doofus is. Maybe it is time you get your head out of your ass and start paying attention to things other than Obama's lies, damn lies, and bullshit. You may learn something. Somehow, though, I really doubt it.


DAVE01 said...

Scottie, since the border is so safe,
why doesn't obama go camping down there with his family without his armed guards.

Hell, why doesn't anyone who thinks the border is secure needs to spend some time down there without guns.

Anonymous said...

Dave01: "Do you believe his lies? His lips are moving, he's lying."

You dumb dildo, if BHO was lying, how many microseconds would take for Foxnews and Rush to be all over it? I think about 3 microseconds, or 3 one millionths of one second.

Anonymous said...

It's so simple! Obama tells not just a lie, not just an easily checkable lie, but a lie that affects thousands of people and millions of tax dollars, and Foxnews and Rush Limbaugh don't even mention it once? Are you stucking foopid?

DAVE01 said...

ALL YOU ANONS, They have mentioned a few. O'reilly has his nose up obama's ass too far. You've seen the interview he did with obama. I could have asked harder questions than O'reilly did.

They are probably afraid of him, obama is from chicago. He does things the chicago way.

Why don't you anons check his lie about the border fence. That is easily verifiable. Check the fence with the Secure Fence Act of 2006. It was originally supposed to be an Israeli style fence.

For you folks who have no clue what fence we were supposed to get, here is a link to the Israeli fence.

Does our fence look like that? Hell no! A fifth grader could verify the truth. Why can't you. I hope you people don't breed, we can't use the lowering of the IQ in this country.

DAVE01 said...

Daniel, did you remove a post of mine from yesterday? I had a post providing evidence that obama lied when he said the fence on our border was basically complete.