Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Portland commies get a lesson in economics

Black Rose Threatened with Extinction
[A] call out for support that emphasizes our immediate need for funds.

The long, chilly, rainy seasons are finally departing, leaving the Black Rose far behind in our finances. We have until June 5th to catch up, otherwise the Blackrose will be evicted.

As always no one turned away for lack of funds but, we really encourage folks to pitch in and donate in this time of need.

The Black Rose doesn't have it's own website (what successful business does?) but they do have a Myspace page. If you want to "friend" them please note: We will not add anyone whose profile has oppressive content.

Black Rose is a non-profit, all volunteer, consensus-based, collectively run infoshop in Portland, Oregon. In addition to our bookstore and lending library, we also have a freestore with clothes, books, small household items, and more - all for free! We strive to be an anti-oppressive, anti-authoritarian, safer, sober community space.

So a store run on socialist principles is about to fail and they blame it on the rainy weather. It has nothing to do with the fact that they don't charge for products but instead rely on the kindness of their fellow hippies.

Free is not fair. You achieve fairness when a willing seller and a willing buyer reach a mutual agreement that they both believe will benefit themselves. This is true for labor, for books and everything else.

Good riddance Black Rose, I look forward to seeing your old "customers" at Wal-Mart!


Anonymous said...

Like Jesus said, "Fuck the poor."

Anonymous said...

Miglavs, when you say in your profile that Jesus is among your "interests," does that mean primarily that you are interested in shitting over virtually everything he stood for? 'Cause that's kinda what you do.

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Jesus did not say fuck the poor, but he did say GET OFF YOUR ASS and improve your situation.

Bruce the Barber said...

Will someone please tell me where the Lars Larsen show went to.

Bruce the Barber said...

Never mind....I found it. 101.1 FM

Anonymous said...

If only wetbacks would go extinct. Hell, I'd be happy with endangered!