Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some criminals are more equal than others

Spanish to English translation was provided. Now allow me to provide Obama to English translation.

Obama: We have redesigned our enforcement practices...

English: We pick and choose which laws to enforce so I don't deport future democrat voters.

Obama: We can make decisions to emphasize enforcement on those who have engaged in criminal activity.

English: We pick and choose which laws to enforce so I don't deport future democrat voters.

Obama: We want to focus our resources on those folks who are destructive to the community.

English: We pick and choose which laws to enforce so I don't deport future democrat voters.


Anonymous said...

What Miglavs really means is that "Some criminals are more brown than other criminals."

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:43 your racism and bigotry are showing. Get some mental help.

Anonymous said...

If the Republicans of Oregon and America, do NOT want this Nation too become the same "Nanny State", similar to where most Illegals ran away from, they have GOT to demand Proof of Citizenship to vote.

So far bout 1/2 the states do.

Oregon does not and the party of R will dissapear if they allow this to continue.

Coninuing too look the other way for not really "Cheap" labor, will destroy what independence from Big Brother we have left.

If Democrats thought they could get elected without the "Good for the economy", ONLY growing Governments economy that is, illegals, they would loudly support valid ID to Vote, instead they fight it, admitting that they CAN'T win without the can't live without Gov't votes.

Instead the Democrats here support giving Illegals OUR College money, further enticing them too stay even longer and suck us taxpayers dry. And NOW steal even our College degreed req'd JOBS away from OUR Children!

Democrats are wiping out the American Dream for Americans & legal immigrants and the Republicans do nothing.

Anonymous said...

That ACORN fiasco IS a reminder that Democrats can't win fair and square. And they know it, that's why they claim that the "Poor", who have ID too get food stamps and welfare checks, and the "OLD", who have ID to get and cash their S.S. checks, somehow can't use that ID too vote.
Democrats are liars who are destroying what our founders gave us - freedom from an all encompassing government.

Anonymous said...

Is this anything like some racists are more racist than others?

DAVE01 said...

D for Democrats, the party of Doom, Death and Destruction for the USA.

ANON 10:8
That always cracked me up. No ID for voting because it's a burden on the poor who need the ID to cash a government check. The teacher's unions support the democrats, no wonder this country is so fucked up with logic like that.

ANON 2:14, that video just means obama is lying again. You see his lips moving don't you?

By the way, do mean obama is the racist one? We all know he is. Do you?

Anonymous said...

I always chuckle at the right-wing myth that illegal aliens are actually civic-minded enough to (i) register to vote, and (2) actually cast a ballot when it comes time to vote.

I mean, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. These illegal aliens are largely uneducated people who come to America for one purpose, and one purpose only: to find a job so that they can earn some money, much of which gets sent back South.

Do any of you idiots REALLY think that these illegal aliens give two shits about our elections, that they register to vote, and then actually cast a ballot?

If you do, I've got some beachfront property in Kansas that you'd love!

Nah, this is just another right-wing canard that doesn't pass even the flimsiest test of logic. But with this "argument", it gives right-wingers another excuse for when they lose elections. Since they won't acknowledge that they lose elections because they are trusted even less than the Democrats (the years 2000-2006 explain precisely WHY the GOP isn't trusted), they throw out the excuse, "Ohs the noes...it's all those ILLEGAL ALIENS voting!"

God, some of you people are ignorant.

Oh, and speaking of 2000-2006, can any of you Obama bashers explain why the GOP didn't do a damn thing about illegal immigration when they controlled both the Executive AND Legislative branches of government? I mean, if we all "know" that illegal aliens vote (and always for Democrats nonetheless), wouldn't the GOP have had some great interest in doing something about illegal immigration? Gee, doesn't really add up, does it?

Fact is, big business (which controls our political system, in case you hadn't noticed) WANTS illegal immigration. That's precisely why neither party will do anything about it. Something about "biting the hand that feeds you", and all that. And yet, ironically, those same right-wingers who whine about illegals, don't want to reform our political system to take the influence of money out of it. Thus, right-wingers themselves are largely to blame for the fact that we have so many illegals!

Oh, the cognitive dissonance hurts my head!

Anonymous said...

We can make decisions to emphasize enforcement on those who have engaged in criminal activity

and remind me again when crossing the border was not criminal activity...

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:07, illegals not voting?

Thats why nat'l council of the tan clan mobilizes tens of thousands and gives free rides to "minority" voters.

Thats why illegals rallies always say "Today we March, Tomorrow we Vote"

Thats why Mult. Co. admitted in the most recent election that they have thousands of NO ID "Provisional" ballots and our Sect. of State clearly states in the Voters phamplet "you cannot vote in Federal races without proper ID, but you can vote locally"

Thats why most Candidates for office have ads in Spanish even though U S Citizens are 'sposed to be able to read, write and speak English.

Thats why our Tree Planters Union in Woodburn, who admitted to the S/J that their workers could NOT get the new secure Drivers' License in 2008, throw a huge - Come here to fill out your Ballot party, we'll "Help" you, for their admitted non-citizens

AND thats why the Motor Voter Act was signed by Rapist/philanderer-Bill Clinton, and the Robleto Trial in Wash. Co. here resulted in over 80,000 Licenses issued to illegals, who filled out a VOTER REG. card in pencil (with a motel address) for "Proof" of residency

Yep NO reason for those from the Turd World to Vote for Democrats, to get even more "Free" stuff that they do not have too pay.
Really hard to fill out that ballot, mailed to the house, and mail it back, yeah they would never do that, nooooo

ex. In-State Tuition for College

IF illegals are NOT voting, then why not ask for secure ID? What R U Hiding?

Anonymous said...

Union in Woodburn is P.C.U.N and the CAUSUA booth at the OR. State Fair was telling everyone that was "Brown" "NO ID TO VOTE"
"Vote Democrat, Republicans are Racist"

for 11 days, 14 hours a day

Anonymous said...

Thats why nat'l council of the tan clan mobilizes tens of thousands and gives free rides to "minority" voters...

... because everyone knows that ALL "minority" voters are illegal aliens.

This is not a racist position, of course.

Bigotry has nothing to do with it.

Not at all ...


DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:07 PM
Do you remember the motor voter act? When is the last time you have been in a DMV office? They throw voter registrations at you.

Since these folks are largely uneducated people, how in the hell do they read the motor pamphlet to learn the rules and laws of the road? Maybe that is why the get drunk and kill our children on the roads. You don't even give a shit about dead American children.

Your statement makes no sense. Of course they are voting. They have groups of criminal alien panderers helping them fill out the ballot and telling them who to vote for. Again, more crimes against my country that is encouraged the the Democrats (Democrats the party of Doom, Death and Destruction for the USA).

Harry Reid had tons of criminal aliens voting for him in Las Vegas. I have a friend that works in the casinos and they all know that's what happened.

Democrats couldn't win if they simply stated their message and you looked at their record. They have to commit crimes to help them win. Who in the hell would want to be associated with the democrats, the criminal party.

ANON 8:35, not all minority votes are illegals. In fact, most of them are not. There are enough to steal the elections.

Why don't we find out and verify every voter in this state. You would see the Dems howl like hell because that would disenfranchise their voters (the illegal ones) and they wouldn't win near the number of elections they do now.

Anonymous said...

Dave, it's your statement that makes no sense.

You dispute 4:07's claim that the idea of "illegal aliens" voting en masse is a myth, but you do not offer a single piece of substantive evidence to back up your claim that they do, other that to say that they do.

4:07 is right. It may be true that there are some undocumented workers who cast ballots, but I seriously doubt the number is more than a couple hundred or so in the entire state -- hardly enough to swing even a local dog catcher election. If we're going to maintain any sense of democratic decorum, then innocent-until-proven guilty must prevail: You say that undocumented workers are voting? Prove it. Show me a conviction. Show me a DA's charge, even. Show me a single candidate anywhere in Oregon for any office at any level of government in the entire state's history who is on record as claiming that the result of his or her election was determined by undocumented workers.

Anonymous said...

Can't "Prove it" without someone checking and the Democrat in charge will not and you know that, nice try.

But State rep - Kim Thatcher's office does have a record of thousands of provisional/No ID ballots, that were seperated for local vote tallying, and denied federal vote tallying.

In Arizona, in the 1st year that they required proof of citizenship to register to vote and went thru all of the exisiting registered voters...ONE in THREE...over 33%...were thrown out for lack of proper ID!

And Hello! In AZ. where illegals can NO longer Vote, the Republicans WIN elections-Gov., Co. Sheriff, Legislature, etc.
And can and DO pass laws to enforce immigration laws, because the illegals can't VOTE them out of office. Yes in a state that is per the census almost 50% Brown.

In fact their newly elected Senate Pres.-Russell Pierce, is the guy that wrote most of those no illegals laws.

Unlike OUR far left wacko Sen. Pres. Courtney, who just pushed thru IN-STATE TUITION for illegals (pandering to his Voting block-NE Salem/Woodburn-iritto), who can't work here with that tax payer funded degree anyhow.

OR. Senate Vote on a College fee handout...

Democrats - all YES!
Republicans - all but 1 NO!

FUCK the nanny state pushing Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

They ARE destroying my American Children's future, on purpose!

Anonymous said...

When someone's statement comes in the form of ranting hysterics and ends with "FUCK" and a dozen exclamation points, do you really expect me to respond with anything other than laughter?

Anonymous said...

From todays S/J...Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, was the sponsor of the 2003 bill, which he said was at the request of the principal of Woodburn High School

Woodburn, where ALL Students-K-12, are forced into Spanish immersion classes, cause that is such a language of opportunity for the future from where tens of millions of cowards have fled

Woodburn, where the new Super. of Schools - Bautista, was FIRED in AZ. because he would not teach his fellow Spanish speakers in English. Who got an F in the S/K Dist. for ELL, with an 85% still not knowing english after 5 yr.s in the classroom.
Only in far leftie Gov't does a Failure get a Promotion!

Our Sen. Pres. Courtney - Bought by the Mexican Mafia, obviously. He does know that illegals ARE voting, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03,

Thank you for ignoring the Facts and instead just make fun of the passion, typical Democrat change the subject agenda.

Anonymous said...

This solidifies the fact that conservatives are racists, bigots and just all around stupid. R for Republican, the party of Racists, Racism, Recession and Regression.

Anonymous said...

How is it that an undocumented worker casting a ballot is "destroying" your children's future? What if they're voting for right-wing Republicans?

Anonymous said...

The trolls are losing it. Here we have yet another discussion without someone mentioning that Daniel did something illegal. Wasn't he arrested for something? Doesn't he have a record?

Anonymous said...

You know, it really is astounding to me that with all the horrifying and amazing shit that's gone down in the world and in this country in the last year, you ninnies can't find anything more important to bitch about than the possibility that some Mexican field workers might be voting and a handful of their kids might attend our colleges. I mean, seriously. WTF?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:18 AM
The secretary of state has already stated that there is not much voter fraud. It's hard to see something if you are not looking for it.

I didn't say they are voting en masse.

Why don't we verify the voter integrity? That would settle the dispute.

Didn't the secretary of education election go by a few votes? Maybe not the dog catcher, but the secretary of education is a little more important in my opinion. Your claim of a few hundred would have changed that election. Don't forget Al Franken the diaper head who won because of criminals voting illegally for him. He shouldn't be the US senator. Like I said, democrats need to cheat to win.

Criminal aliens commit multiple felonies and now all of a sudden they won't break another law.

Too funny. It may not make sense to you, but common sense tells me it is probably true. I've been involved in the criminal alien problem for years and you see a lot of lies on the criminal alien side.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:22 - "handful of their kids might attend our colleges"

Their are over 68,000! ELL Students (96% spanish) in K-12 here and that has gone up over 300% in the last decade.

"Cheaper" College, ONLY to these Criminals, not for American students who live in other states, will cost us tens of Million$,
AND, force U.S. College grads to now compete with illegal foreign nationals (who can't work here or apply for citizenship) for a degree req'd job, Dummy.

What Fee has increased more than Health Insurance or Gasoline in the last decade?
College tuition.

Anonymous said...

"Mexican field workers might be voting"

A few field workers?

hmmm, been inside Norpac? Or. Cherry Growers? Ever been to a Construction site? A restaurant? A Motel? Any company in N or W Salem or Woodburn or Hillsboro or...

New US Census says we have almost 1/2 Million Hispanics in OR. now, a huge increase since last count.

Pew Research says 8 of 10 Hispanics are here illegally or are anchor babies.

Yes I know you far lefties just hate the facts and or reality.

Anonymous said...


Why can't my Sister who lives in another state, send her kids to an OR. College at in-state tuition rates? But an illegal alien can now? That's fair to my single Mom with 3 kids Sister?

Should she buy a Mexican Matricula Card and break the law so her kids can get cheaper college? And why not?

When will everybody decide too avoid the law since some are rewarded for doing so?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:45, here are some actual facts and real reality: What Pew actually says is that the U.S. has 50.5 million Hispanics and an estimated 11.2 million are here illegally.

Show me the math that makes that "8 out of 10" are here illegally. Oh, wait, I guess Miglavian math does show that. Never mind. I keep forgetting that you're talking about an alternate reality.

DAVE01 said...

Oh no, it looks like colorado has 12,000 registered non-citizens registered to vote and 5,000 voted in the last election.

Let me see, colorado has a population of five million, oregon has a population of about 3.7 million.

5,000 non-citizens voting in colorado and if we use the same percentages, about 3,700 voting in Oregon.

Well, that seems more than a few hundred. But what the hell, they are here to make their lives better, not mine so who gives a fuck.

I wonder what percentage voted for democrats?

Democrats, the Doom, Death and Destruction of the USA.

Since Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy committed treason and they are the two of the icons of the Democrats, may we also say the Democrats are the party of traitors?

I wonder who Bin Laden would vote for, Democrats or Republicans? Democrats want him to get ahead and the Republicans want to kill him.

DAVE01 said...

Shit, forgot the damn link. Old age I guess.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if some "illegal" is voting. They are probably more American than most of the racist nitwits on this blog and registered in the repubiklan party.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:32 PM
You are exactly the reason this country is going down the tubes. That's funny,

They are probably more American than most of the racist nitwits on this blog and registered in the repubiklan party.

Actually the democRAT party is more like the Soviet Union or the NAZI (National Socialist Party) than the republicans. Since communists and NAZI's like to murder whole groups of people in the tens of millions, who do you want to slaughter? Women, children, blacks, hispanics, asians or white people? Can you see how much your education has been dumbed down and stolen by an illegal alien.

I guess the new American is only a taker, not a maker as Americans have always been. Americans build, they only steal and destroy. What will the new America look like?

Everyone will have a wonderful education, probably won't go much past junior high since most of the new Americans don't understand the need for a good education unless they can steal it from an American child. Rapes and murders like the mexicans do in mexico will be the new norm. Adult males will be raping (I mean having relationships) with young girls. Probably most of the country will look like the wonderfully ran democrat cities like DC, Chicago, Detroit and L.A. Everyone should emulate those wonderful cities.

Maybe we can even have daily suicide bombings, that will make for an exciting day won't it?

Keep throwing that term racist around since you don't have a clue what it means. The more you throw it around, the more it loses its value.

Race wars from the current new Americans will be such fun. We might have daily battles in the larger democrat cities. Sooner or later the democrats will run out of constituents. Then they can fights each other. Who would I want to win, democrat or democrat.

It's best that you keep your mouth shut so everyone won't know you're an idiot.

I'm assuming you are a product of a modern public ran school. I hope you didn't pay for any education, you got ripped off and should demand your money back.

Anonymous said...

Dave01: "It's best that you keep your mouth shut so everyone won't know you're an idiot."

Too late for you Dave01. Also, you never did answer why the states without teachers unions are also the shittiest ones.

Anonymous said...

I think if we're going to do a kill sheet tally, Christians probably hold the record for the most number of dead they've produced, going back to, for example, the Crusades, and going all the way to George Bush and Obama, who both profess to be Christians and yet have no trouble unleashing destruction all over the Middle East to suit their corporate backers. Nazis and Communists didn't even get going until the 20th century was nearly half over. "Christians" have been at it for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32, THANK YOU for confirming what many of us knew, Democrats do not care about our founding papers - Only US Citizens may vote, and other sily Laws like that.

You are saying that Foreign Nationals CAN change our laws - taxes - leadership, and Democrats don't care bout that, that is just fine?!

Democrats ARE true Xenophobes, they are afraid of American voters, while bending over backwards for foreign nationals. That policy seems really Bigoted also.

A Democrat here admitted that in-state tuition is for illegals that are mostly poor (admitting they take not pay taxes) Hispanics, that is RACISM against blacks, asians, indians, arabs and white people.

Democrats are xenophobic, bigoted racists as proven here yet again.

Otherwise they would support making sure that US Citizens of all colors get equal treatment for College and Voting rights.

Anonymous said...

Based on how the Muslims are Raping, Beheading, Burning alive, Throat slashing, Bombing kids and women and forcing Millions and Millions into Refugee camps ALL OVER the WORLD...I wish the Crusades wouldv'e been able to wipe out every last one of 'em.

Anon 11:09, kill tally? Christians? you stupid fuck, the

Communist/Socialist/Democrat leaders of

China...Russia...Korea...Vietnam...Africa...Middle East

had hundreds and hundreds of millions murdered over the last few centuries.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:35 AM
What do you mean by shitty state?

Here's a question for you, how are the states doing economically for union vs non union states or I believe is the right to work states?

Don't all or most of the states have some sort of teachers union?

If this is true, your statement is again stupid. Clarify that.

DAVE01 said...

I just wanted all you folks to know that the border patrol will now be trying to scare away the bad guys on our southern border and to reduce arrests.


The hope and change from obama now seems to be treason and dereliction of duty.


Anonymous said...

Communist/Socialist/Democrat leaders of China...Russia...Korea...Vietnam...Africa...Middle East had hundreds and hundreds of millions murdered over the last few centuries.

Well that would be a pretty interesting trick, since the first Communist revolution didn't even happen until 1917.

Since you're obviously Miglavian, I guess I should clarify: That was less than one hundred years ago.

Oh ... sorry. I forget who I'm talking to. A century is equal to one hundred years.

Anonymous said...

Dave01 said: "What do you mean by shitty state?"

We went over it right in these comments a few weeks ago. Do you have alzheimers, old man?

In other news, I found a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Miglavs:


DAVE01 said...

ANON 1:08 PM, is Chicago one of those areas with the teacher unions? If I remember correctly, most of the students can't read at grade level. Is that your definition of a shitty state? We have the same idiot running the department of education that ran the chicago schools. We will now have dumbed down schools throughout the whole country of just in chicago. Now that's hope and change.