Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damned if I do, damned if I don't

At the start of each trimester my children have literature sent home from school with the class syllabus and inevitably there are some fees to be sent in.

I always pay these "lab fees." This time however there is a box to check "I am unable to pay the lab fee" rather than the usual "please send me a private note if you are unable to pay the lab fee."

It's just right out there, the "I'm not going to pay" option.

I was briefly torn about this. I can afford to pay for my children and believe that it's my responsibility to do so. On the other hand I know that other parents simply choose to save their $20 and check the "I'm not paying box." Am I supposed to believe that some illegal alien family is going to give up some of their ill-gotten money voluntarily?

I also know that if the school would fire their "homeless liaison" or stop giving "free" lunches to illegal alien students then they money would already exist to cover the lab expenditures. This is just another way for them to suck out money from taxpayers.

In the end I wrote a check for $20. My feeling of personal responsibility hasn't been overtaken by my disgust with government... at least not this school year.


Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, when your children come home from school with a copy of their class syllabus, the first thing you think about is illegal immigration.

Welcome to Miglavia!

Kaelri said...

Is it possible that the school does follow-ups to confirm that the parents can't afford the fee? That's how it worked when I signed up for AP courses back in high school.

Anonymous said...

You could cut back on ammo..and stop getting arrested, that will save us taxpayers some money.

Anonymous said...

That raises the pathos quotient on the scenario quite a bit: Miglavs, sitting there looking at his kids school papers, stewing about immigration, and not even thinking about the fact that a good chunk of his disposible income goes for bullets that he can shoot in a gravel pit over the weekend! Think about it, Miglavs. No, seriously. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Life at the Home of Daniel:

Miglavs, Jr.: Dad, my teacher gave this to me so you can pay for my lab fee.

[Miglavs takes paper, examines it]

Miglavs: I know that other parents simply choose to save their $20 and check the "I'm not paying box." Am I supposed to believe that some illegal alien family is going to give up some of their ill-gotten money voluntarily?

[Reaction shot, Miglavs, Jr. looks confused]

Miglavs, Jr.: Dad, why do you always bring up 'illegal aliens' every time I say something?

Anonymous said...

With the current crisis in education that we are all aware of, is it a bad thing to notice even the seemingly small things? I think that it is important to be aware of the ways families that are not entitled are receiving benefits or free passes on many services/goods. I think it is a realistic assumption that illegal families did not send a check to contribute to their childs education. Why would they, they come here to take and giving back is something they just do not want any part of. These fees per student add up quickly and it is not fair that the option of not paying without proof of inability to pay exists. We ARE talking about illegals here though, it is not a priority to teach their kids by example to give back or do things legally for that matter. If there is a line to stand in for anything free, you can bet your boots that illegals will be the overwhelming majority represented in it. I find it curious that I have never seen an illegal attend any event for charity or volunteer to give back to community. They do not love our country, our country is their toilet and we are the ones stuck in the bowl dealing with their crap.

Anonymous said...

Daniel isn't talking about an actual family. As with most of the shit he writes here, it's in his head: "Am I supposed to believe that some illegal alien family ...?" Just some family ... some imaginary, illusory Big Bad Mexican family that Daniel believes is "illegal" because they're ... Mexican! Yeah Miglavs, that's what you're supposed to believe, that they are taking over your life. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:11, please refrain from typing nonsense. If that is all your feeble mind can conjure then keep it to yourself. I bet you are a real treat to try to have a conversation with. Your intelect has such depth that I am sure you often find yourself laughing at others for not "getting" you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse 1123: To paraphrase your last sentence in your utterly ridiculous "scenario" of Daniel and his kid: Why is it that you post something anti-Daniel every time his posts anything on his blogspot?


Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty well accepted that the majority of our wonderful criminal aliens can be traced back to Mexico. Where have you been living my friend? I may want to be a resident, it seems where you live there is no illegal population polluting your community. You are right about one thing though, there is no big bad Mexican family taking everything in sight, there are thousands. We are sick of it, fed up, done. Enough is enough!

12:37's soulmate said...

Yeah, Anon 10:11. Open your mind! Be sensible, and go out and buy a few thousand dollars worth of guns and ammo, and people will have so much more respect for your intellect and worth as a human being. Become ... Miglavian!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that at my Children's school...

All of the "Sign up" for this and that (lab, woodshop, mech tech, etc.) papers clearly state the FEE

Yet all of the same in the Spanish language, all say "Gratas" or Free or No Charge

Not even a line or space to put in a dollar amount or too contribute

Democrats don't want "Un-Documented Pharmacists" to use "thier" stolen money, IF they could support themselves then,
Democrats would be un-elected.

Anonymous said...


Government/Bloated (financially & physically) hand-out "Experts"

have NO incentive, NONE, to confirm if Parents can't really afford the fee.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, anything written in Spanish is intended only for "illegal aliens."

There's nothing racist about this, of course.


Anonymous said...

There you have it, always someone else to blame for your own self stupidy, failures in life and lack of class. You fit right in with the trash at ofir. I am sure your kids are going to follow in your footsteps.

FP said...

And now, for you paid anonymous hacks (and you know who you are), a quote from one of your heroines, Eleanor Roosevelt:

"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

Carry on.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 5:50 PM
Anything written in spanish is primarily intended for illegal hispanics. Common sense and a little logic will help you out there.

It is very racist to only print things in spanish, don't you think there are other people in our country that might only speak japanese, korean, german or any other languages. Why is stuff not written in all languages?

Why should spanish speaking illegal aliens be given the only added assistance by printing stuff in their language? Isn't that racist by giving one group of people benefits that no one else receives? Kinda like a whites only school, but a hispanics only benefits. You're probably a democrat still practicing your racism. You are trying to keep the hispanics on the plantation.

You must be a hispanic. Mexicans in particular are very racist. You must feel we stole the SW part of our country. Fact for you, the mexicans got their asses whipped and then we paid for the land. I say we take the rest of mexico over, obviously they can't run the country responsibly.

When did people who only speak spanish become a race?

Are you a product of the current public education? It looks as if your education was stolen by some illegal alien and you don't know it.

Anonymous said...

FYI, readers: Dave is our resident expert on what constitutes "very racist," as opposed to, say, only moderately racist.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 2:10 PM
Thanks for the compliment. I have always tried to deal with just facts and the truth. That's why I'm a conservative, not a liberal. I take it you are a liberal. It's often a constant battle these days with the state of public education. Too many of our younger generation are mostly brain dead.

With your comment, you don't view it as racist that spanish is primarily the only language besides English that is everywhere?

Don't you care about the koreans, japanese, russians, portugeuse or any other people that don't speak spanish, including most of America? I see it as racist when one group of people is given preference over another group. Kinda like the mexico who has certain restrictions in their constitution against foreigners. How about the lack of churches or bibles in Saudi Arabia? It is the rest of the planet that is racist, not America.

Anonymous said...

I have always tried to deal with just facts and the truth ...

Really? Tell me ... how did you get through eight years of Bush/Cheney without your head exploding?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 3:38 PM
My head exploded with the first month of obama's presidency. I still think to this date I can count on both my hands the number of times he's told the truth. I thought my son's mother was the biggest liar of all time, but obama takes the award for that one.

How can you tell when obama is lying, when his lips are moving.

Can you point out the lies that bush/ cheney told. If it was about the WMD's in Iraq, there were some there. We probably also let the russians help them move them. The problem with the being involved with the UN is that our enemies help our other enemies.