Sunday, March 13, 2011

Like uh, stop the assault, and uh, you know, stuff

Thank you Portland for providing us with more entertainment than Charlie Sheen.


Anonymous said...

The parasites are pissed and they want your money. They have taxed all of us productive people into poverty and still there isn't snough to support all the lazy welfare bums in the manner they have grown accustomed to. There will never be enough for them. When the well runs dry they will roam the streets looking for "the rich" and that means anyone with a few dollars or a nice home. Our cities and states are going bankrupt paying swollen union wages and welfare for the lazy and when the the money runs out they will take what you have by force.

Leo said...

Stones in glass houses, Miglavs. It's pretty easy to poke fun at young people who are possibly speaking extemporaneously for the first time in their lives at a political protest, but I'd set them up against the Tea Party idiots any day. Maybe we could start with Michele Bachman? I'd have thought that self-described "patriots" know their American history, but in her case, I guess not. Maybe she should read up on, uh, you know, stuff.

Anonymous said...

Was that goofball saying, "Yo" after every sentence?

DAVE01 said...

Leo, I checked that site. I was laughing at the the Palin one where she said Obama said we had 2% of the worlds oil. I think we have a little more than that. We may have the largest reserves in the world. Then again, obama said we had 57 states. I'm not sure where they are but they must be there as he's the smartest president we've ever had.

Everyone opens their mouths at bad times and don't think when they say things. Have you seen a lot of Biden?, no because if his mouth is open he's putting his foot in it.

What do you have against the tea party? What is wrong with fiscal responsibility?

If you have noticed in the last two years, the whole house of cards is collapsing in this country. Somebody has to stop the uncontrolled spending. I'm a republican and I was pissed at the repubs for spending like fools when they were in charge.

Anonymous said...

Dave01: face it, you suck at this

DAVE01 said...

anon you must be one of the welfare leeches.

Leo said...

Dave, it's not so much that I have anything "against" the Tea Partiers as it is that I simply don't take them seriously. They're a bunch of uninformed, hypocritical clowns.

By and large, they worship the very ground Ronald Reagan walked on, a president under whom both the national debt and budget deficit skyrocketed, thanks largely to his out-of-control federal spending, and they didn't start bitching about government spending at nearly the present decibel or organizational level until, curiously, an African-American Democrat was elected president. They also ignore the truly big ticket items: Military spending, hundreds of billions of dollars pissed away in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan, not to mention the untold billions more spent propping up the military budgets of other nations. Honestly, to listen to them talk, one would not even know that the country is involved, at outrageous expense, in those countries.

And it's also impossible to ignore the fact that their very genesis lay not in objecting to bailing out Wall Street firms that engaged in outright criminal behavior, (not to mention amazing levels of fiscal irresponsibility) but in response to a proposed government initiative that would have helped people who were victimized, in large part, by that behavior.

I am sure, Dave, that the Tea Party is full of decent, hard-working people. But politically speaking, they're idiots.

Anonymous said...

Dave01: You never did explain how the states without teachers unions could also have the shittiest schools.

Anonymous said...

814 you just have an answer for everything.. now don't you? I see they are now making sports wear for the islamists... perhaps you should put yours on and go sit in the corner.

Leo said...

You're an idiot, Anon.

Anonymous said...

And yet, only thing Miglavs can do is hold a camera and criticize beans and rice like a turd idiot. Keep drivin' druck, punk.

Anonymous said...

Dave01 are you the same racist Dave that goes on Lars' show?

Anonymous said...

Miglavians aren't racist. Just ask 'em. ;-)

DAVE01 said...

Leo, I'll try to write more later. Just a couple of quick points. First, the tea party is against the bailouts of wall street. It's part of the reason they were started. I'm not sure where you got your info, but it's dead wrong on that one.

Second, it was the government that forced the banks to make a house a "right" under the Community Reinvestment Act. Two people right off the top of my head are Barney Franks and Chriss Dodd. They forced banks to make loans to poor people and the illegal aliens got in on the deal too.

Banks used to redline areas that were too poor to buy homes.

They had hearings on this crap and I saw a video with some government regulator being dumped on by maxine waters and some other dem. That was the Frank Raines stuff. I'll try to find the video I watched.

You can blame the housing crash on Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters and others. TARP was because of them.

This is again an example of why government should not be so heavily involved in so much industry. They will fuck the rest of us to please their special interests. My grand children will be paying off their crimes. Remember obama was going to name names. I gave you a few. He hasn't named them. I'm sure he was involved in those crimes too somehow.

From what I've seen, the tea party members are better educated and more politically educated than the typical voter. Repub or dem.

They may be the only group that keeps this country from bankruptcy. I think it's too late.

Anonymous said...

AS IF...

Tens of Millions of JOBs gone to "Cheaper" - China, India & Mexico

While we still encourage/allow

over 1.2 Million to come here LEGALly, every year, to TAKE from us a JOB or SOCIAL service

While yet another 1 Million, ILLEGALly, sneak in each year to STEAL JOBS & SERVICEs

AS IF that formula for the last 20 years IS "GOOD for our economy" !?

US CENSUS update in USA TODAY yesterday...over 450,000 Hispanics NOW just in OREGON... 2/3 here Illegally or ANCHOR Babies.

Yes almost 1/2 MILLION, UNeducated, desperate LEECHES, here now.

Thanks to DEMOCRAT leadership that WANT more can't live without GOV't "Help" (housing, Food, Medical, Schooling, etc. etc.)

ARIZONA was one of the few states that had a big DECREASE in these numbers! HELLO?

Anonymous said...


The Republicans never did anything about it.

Their corporate masters want to impoverish us.

Dave01: If the teabaggers are against the bailouts, it never made Foxnews. How?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:57 AM
And obama's and the democrat corporate and special interests and their friends like George Soros and other groups want us to be free, be nice to each other and just all get along. Kinda like in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

ANON 11:57 AM, you must have had your head stukc in the sand the last two years, the tea party unlike the flee party of wisconsin are all about fiscal responsibility. Many of the new members of congress were sent there by the tea party to stop the spending party of both parties. It was not on cnn, nbc or other liberal media. They want the spending party to continue.

DAVE01 said...

Leo, here you are. Here is a video with all the earlier criminals I mentioned in congress.

Leo said...

Dave, to respond:

My original comment stands. You ignored most of the statements I made, and addressed only this one: that the Tea Party originated in response to a government proposal to help homeowners. It may well be true, and I am sure it is true, that many TP members are opposed to all bailouts, but the fact is, it wasn't a Wall Street bailout that got them going.

The record on all this is clear. October through December 2008, under the Bush admininistration, constituted a parade of bailouts -- $700 billion here, $900 billion there, $540 billion there, etc. Some of it we didn't even learn about until later, like the government's pledge of $1.3 trillion for companies outside the financial sector, which is as glaring an example of corporate welfare that I can think of.

Limbaugh didn't start talking about "porkulus" until early 2009. And while there was a protest by conservatives against the Obama administration early in February 2009, it wasn't until Rick Santelli's Feb. 19 rant on CNBC from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that the "Tea Party" as we know it formed, and what prompted that particular rant was the Obama administration's proposal to refinance homeowners' mortgages. A "Tea Party" Facebook page was formed the next day, and the first offical Tea Party protest was held little more than a week later.

I continue to maintain: The Tea Party, which formed as described above, is largely made up of Reagan-loving fools who have never objected and probably never will object to the insanely expensive U.S. military adventurism abroad. Just the contrary, they slap an "anti-American" or "pro-terrorist" label on anyone who does. The fact is, a person visiting the official Tea Party web site who looks over their home page and reads their mission statement will see no mention whatsoever of U.S. military spending in general or those wars in particular, which have so far cost taxpayers more than $1.165 trillion. And the Tea Party doesn't talk about it., just as they've had nothing to say about the Obama administration's latest request for another $51.1 billion in Iraq (where we allegedly "won") and another $119 billion for Afghanistan. And I'm supposed to believe they're serious about cutting the deficit?

You want to assign blame to Democrats for the housing crisis? Fine. They certainly deserve their share of it. But that's not what we were talking about.

DAVE01 said...

Leo, I told you I was only going to respond to a couple of points. I didn't have time yesterday.

Yes, the tea party responded to the governments attempt to help troubled homeowners. The government wanted to borrow money to pay for people who should not have been able to buy a house partly because of the Community Reinvesment Act. The tea party doesn't believe that they should pay money to bail out people who made bad economic decisions. That includes wall street and my next door neighbor.

The link below is a short list of where the money went. It also fucking went to auto companies. Car companies are not troubled homeowners. This was a bailout of unions. Tea party folks are against bailout of wall street, homeowners and car companies. No bailout for anyone. If you make a bad decision, tough luck.

It looks like we will lose about $50 billion. If that is from this administration, I don't believe it. We got the privilege of having money taken from my household to give to people who made bad economic decisions.

The war in Iraq is questionable. The war in Afghanistan should be fought and I don't care how long it takes. We were attacked from that country. You might not believe in hunting down our enemies and killing them, I do.

I assign blame to both parties. However, the whole housing debacle rests mainly on the people I mentioned above. There are a lot of new tea party congressfolks now and I hope both parties will be forced to listen to them. We will see.