Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bring CEO's to answer to this government official

Representative Peter Buckley (D - Ashland) calls unemployment insurance "poverty level wages." He also insists that no one is milking unemployment insurance payments.

He is just shocked, shocked, that you can't "buy clothes for your kids" if you don't have a job. I would like to take a quick moment to point out that there are lots of things that you can't buy if you don't have a job. Liberals are constantly amazed that not having an income means you can't purchase goods and services. It's just so unfair that anyone should have to work for things.

But that scariest part is that this man has actual power to make laws and is insisting that CEO's should give their salaries in "public service."


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

Miglavs' message to the poor and unemployed, in summary: FUCK YOU.

Anonymous said...

The slimeball banksters and ceos should. Amen Mr. Buckley!

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:42 PM
Mr. Buckley forgot to mention the primary slimeball criminals who caused this housing debacle and recession. The Community Reinvestment Act passed by Jimmy Carter made banks stop redlining areas. We should not also forget Bill Clinton, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters are also some of the main slimeball criminals.

I wonder why Mr. Buckley so conveniently forgot to mention that. Maybe he's just another stupid lying slimeball liberal with his head up his ass.

Leo said...

You really have this laser-like focus on a few selected Democrats for the housing crisis while consistently and completely ignoring [unless pressed on the matter, at which point you cough up a feeble "I blame both parties"] the Republicans who greased the skids for the 2008 financial crisis, which was bound up with the housing crisis and continues to this day. You blame both parties, blah, blah, blah, but at the end of the day, You'll go ahead and pull the lever for more self-serving sleazeball Republicans, yet again, whose contempt for working people like yourself is matched only by the enthusiasm with which you lick their balls. When youreally blame both parties, Dave, you'll stop voting for ALL of them as opposed to half of them.

Anonymous said...

Did he say "FOCUS on JOBS!"

There are over 250,000 Illegal (NEW Census) Aliens here of which many have STOLEN a JOB!

Thier is a Bill to STOP this and the DEMOCRATS won't even give it a public hearing, let alone put it up for a vote on the floor.

Instead they will give away OUR College money to Illegals.

This far left nut job Democrat is another big LIAR!

And the Illegals that are not working are STEALING OUR UNemployment checks, per the OR. Supreme Court ruling. (Residency not citizenship is all that matters)

"Evil" CEO's are the ones paying the UNemployment insurance so people can have money even when they are sitting on line in their underwear pretending to look for work to get their check.

Soooooo Buckley wacko...people should get good money when unemployed because???

So you guys forgot why we are in this mess? Because bleeding heart Democrats forced Banks to give home loans (Millions of loans) to people that didn't have Proof of income(or Citizenship)and NO Down, NO DOC's needed! DUH!

ps, Dodge and GM trying to sell us crappy vehicles (that us with brains did not buy obviously) didn't help our economy either.

Bobkatt said...

After listening to this windbag espouse how much he knows about working Oregonians it becomes apparent that he is the one that needs to be on unemployment.
I looked at his bio online and could not really find that he has worked at anything that wasn't a non-profit or in the government.
I doubt if that career qualifies him to preach on the economy or how jobs are created.
Unemployment is a safety net not a career choice. If you can't find work in 99 weeks you aren't trying. I know plenty of people that are perfectly happy milking the unemployment out until the end under the misunderstanding that they have somehow earned the checks by paying into unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance is paid for by employers and just another burden or obstacle to creating new jobs.

DAVE01 said...

Yes, Leo, I'm sure some of the repubs were also involved. However, the main players were the above mentioned democrats. If the repubs did it in 2008, they did it with the approval of the dems. Remember the dems controlled both houses of congress starting in early 2007.

Yes, I blame both parties. But, the dems controlled both houses and Bush warned congress in the early 2000's about the housing crisis. That's when maxine waters was telling her criminal partners that all was ok with fannie and freddie and Frank Raines was doing a great job. Some great job, fucked us all didn't.

You can say all you want about the housing crisis, but it lays at the feet of the dems. They forced banks to loan money to people who should never had a house loan. I'm still waiting for obama to name those names. Another lie from him. His own party and friends caused the housing crap. I'm sure he was somehow involved, it was the CRA if I remember correctly that got ACORN started and obama was involved with them. He's a narcissist and won't name himself as one of the culprits.

I would rather go back into the ditch with the repubs in charge than over the cliff with obama and the dems in charge as obama said.

I focus on the dems because a lot of them have really fucked this country bigtime. We've been getting fucked by them for over half a century. Their greed, corruption and treason is catching up and we will be paying for it.

Anonymous said...

If you can't find work in 99 weeks you aren't trying...

As someone who was unemployed for well over a year when the economy was great and finally, after 52 weeks of "trying," landed a job mostly out of sheer luck (and otherwise might have been jobless for another year) I would just like to say: You don't have the slightest flying fuck of an idea what you're talking about. How about joining us on the Real World, please?

Leo said...

I'm sure some of the repubs were also involved.

Oh, you're "sure," are you? That they were merely "involved"? Okay, let's find out if you're serious: Name them.

DAVE01 said...

LEO, forget it. The dems are the prime culprits and you can't handle the truth. Here's a video by Bill Clinton admitting the dems did it.

Spend a couple of minutes and watch it.

Here's Clinton's words at 2:55 admitting it.

After watching it again, the repubs tried to stop some of the crap. It's all the dems fault. Of course he lies and tries to cover his ass.

The dems caused the housing crash and allowed 911 to happen. They are such a wonderful political group.

They are the party of doom, death and destruction for the USA.

Are you a democrat?

Leo said...

Your determination to absolve Republicans of guilt in the current crisis and/or downplay the significance of their role is, I have to say, impressive.

No, I am not a Democrat.

Congrats on smoking out that video, which I've seen, and which I'm sure has been aired on Beck/Hannity/O'Reilly only a few thousand times in the last couple years.

DAVE01 said...

The video said all the DEMS voted against fixing the problem and all the REPUBS voted for it. You can try all you want but it's in the DEMS lap. Like I said, the party of doom, death and destruction for the USA.

Leo said...

Why do I get the feeling that the entirety of what you know about the financial crisis is limited to the three minutes and twenty-seven seconds of that video? Or at least, the roughly 32 seconds starting at 2:55?

MAX Redline said...


Congratulations. You've actually contributed to discussion, unlike many folks here, such as "anonymouse" 8:26.

I disagree with your perspective, but I do appreciate your willingness to engage.

Personally, I blame Bush.

Really, I hated his spending, and wrote about it at the time. Obama changed all that: he's spent way more. And yet Democrats like Buckster "think" it's not enough.

It's time to find some adults and get them into office. The kids are killing us.

Leo said...

So Bill Clinton's word is good enough for you, is it Dave? ;-)

Bobkatt said...

Dave-as you probably know I have agreed with you more times than not but I am sick of people on both sides claiming that both parties are guilty of something and then qualifying it with something like- except my side is not quite as dirty.
Screw that nonsense. The whole system is rotten to the core.

Somehow George W. Obama managed to convince America that he was different-bull crap. Now we are embarking on our third Mid-East war. The Bush-Chaney-Rumsfeld-Obama war crimes continue.

Does it really matter if it's Bill O'Reilly or Rachael Maddow that's shoveling the party line that this intervention is somehow justified? Does it really matter if it's Bush or Obama giving bailouts and funneling money to his friends? Does it really matter if it's Bush or Obama that tapping your phone or groping your daughter at the airport?

They all deserve to be hauled out on the White House lawn, tried and punished for treason for what they have done to our Constitution and our country.

Leo said...

that both parties are guilty of something and then qualifying it with something like- except my side is not quite as dirty....

That is exactly right, Bob. You get it. Or at least, you get that part of it. I am sure you and I disagree on many things, but you at least understand that, and that's huge. The only thing I'd add to the above statement is people claiming the "other" party is guilty of something and then defending the exact same thing when their own guy does it. That makes me absolutely crazy. It is hypocrisy so brazen I don't see how people can rationalize it to themselves. That's why I said I was impressed by Dave's determination to give his own party a pass. I wasn't being sarcastic, and I wasn't trying to insult him. I really am impressed, because what he's doing takes a tremendous amount of mental energy to do, to ignore the shit that he does. It's like he's convinced that the ice he sees sticking out of the water is the entire iceberg. He doesn't want to talk about what's beneath the water's surface, and even if you were to show him a photograph of it, he would somehow rationalize to himself that it was bogus, or somehow irrelevant. I'm sort of in awe of it. Some people use their will power and determination to do great things, like scale Everest, or whatever. Dave uses his to ignore reality.

Thanks for your comment, I am sure once again that we disagree on a thousand things, but there is, clearly, some common ground here. Hell, in fact, let's end with your words. They're worth repeating:

I am sick of people on both sides claiming that both parties are guilty of something and then qualifying it with something like- except my side is not quite as dirty. Screw that nonsense. The whole system is rotten to the core.

DAVE01 said...

Leo and Bob, I do blame both parties. However, the dems have controlled congress for most of the last 60 years or so. I didn't vot for big spending republicans like Gordon Smith. I'm a republican and could not vote for him. He like the criminal aliens too much and spent like a fool.

We would never been in such a bad economic situation if the CRA had never been a law. Forcing banks to make loans to people who could not afford them was bullshit. The people that took those loans are also responsible. Greed on the part of the elected officials, banks and the people who bought the homes are all to blame. I don't have a house. I just get to pay for all the people who took advantage of the crappy laws. I don't care the party, but the dems were the primary criminals who opened the doors for this to happen.

The bank bailout went to foreign banks and auto companies. That was just one big slush fund that we all will have to pay back if we can afford it.

The whole thing makes me so angry that I have to pay to bail out people who make more than I do and support criminal politicians who almost collapsed our economy to get re elected.

How many people have gone to jail over this? Probably none.

As I said, Clinton was lying to cover his ass. He was in as deep as dodd, franks, waters and the rest of the dems. He was the president and allowed it. Since they had a vote on legislation to tighten up freddie and fannie and it went along party lines, well you know, I would call it the dems baby. Yes, it was the dems who allowed this to happen. You can try to divert attention to the repubs all you want, but it was the DEMS DEMS DEMS DEMS DEMS DEMS.

Don't forget the treason the dems have committed. Like I said, the dems are the party of doom, death and destruction for the USA. Didn't obama say D for drive on the economy, he forgot doom, death and destruction also starts with a D.

Have a great weekend.

DAVE01 said...

Leo, I second Bob's statement and I would also like to include his last paragraph.

Leo said...

Leo and Bob, I do blame both parties...



Like I said: Impressive.

Bobkatt said...

Leo- you may be impressed by Dave's inability to acknowledge the Repubs culpability in the ruin of this country but I'm not. I'm sickened. The only hope I see is in the youth that have not been programmed for years to believe in the left-right paradigm, and in the freedom of the internet (as long as we have it.).
Dave- you mentioned Gordon Smith being a Rhino. How about George W. Bush signing deals with Mexico and Canada that are in effect treaties that are supposed to be determined by Congress. Or trying to give away our port security to the Arabs. Or inviting Mexican trucks to ply our interstates.
How about our current Republican House that seems to be saying very little to Obama's escalation of the Mid East wars to Pakistan and now Libya.
Bush was anti abortion and stem cell research but didn't seem to mind killing up to a million Iraqis and thousands of American troops.
Obama is pro abortion and stem cell research but doesn't mind killing brown people in order to save them from themselves.
Bush and Obama claim to have a desire to spread democracy and freedom to the rest of the world and daily we lose our own freedoms and can't seem to have a legitimate election here.

We are being ushered down the path to serfdom. Obama is just the latest puppet to convenience us that it is in our best interest to give up national sovereignty, personal liberty and what's left of our wealth.

Dave- if you really believe that the entire economic meltdown was the responsibility of the Dems, Dems, Dems you are ignoring the real culprit-GREED. Greed knows no party. Responsibility lies in the greed of politicians that only care about power and money. Greed of the home buyer that sucked the equity out of his home to live beyond their means. Greed of the government that sucked the equity out of our country to finance wars and social give aways we can't afford.
As they say in A.A. the first step to recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem. I hope that one day you will discover the mote in your own eye. I know it took a long time for me.

Leo said...

Well, stepping back from the issues involved, yes, it is very sad and super frustrating. But looking strictly at the psychological processes involved, it's impressive.

DAVE01 said...

Bob, I said earlier it was greed. It was in the second paragraph of the 7:29 post. I'm only picking on a point or two. It was greed on the part of the banks, the politicians who were buying re elections and greed on the people who bought the houses. I've always been a republican because they were supposed to be the party of small government. They have disappointed me greatly in the last decade. Bush had huge revenue to the federal government and spent it like a fool. We could have paid down on our debt.

I've been pissed at Bush for spending so much. I could barely bring myself to vote for him him the second time. It does seem as if the current republicans in the house aren't doing shit. I want the spending slashed big time. I think we're at a tipping point, with the deficit and the debt, we are headed over the cliff and I don't know if we can stop it. It will take huge pain for everyone in this country.

Leo said...

I could barely bring myself to vote for him him the second time...

But [huge surprise] you did.

It does seem as if the current republicans in the house aren't doing shit....

But, you'll still vote for them.

This is what we're saying, Dave. What is it Einstein said about repeating something that fails each time?

DAVE01 said...

Leo, keep trying. The people I voted against like Al Gore were so much worse than Bush. Unfortunately, as you should know, voting for the lesser of two evils is often the only choice. I hope you know that.

It seems lately the only choice is democrat or democrat lite (repub).

Other states seem to have gotten some better choices with conservatives. This state pretty much sucks with the choices. It's almost as bad as frisco. Since Portland makes most of the political choices for the state, this state will always be a liberal state.

Anonymous said...

Dave, people like you are the problem with our political system.

You're so busy blaming the "other guys" for everything, that you refuse to see your OWN guys snookering you right under your nose.

If you weren't such a partisan hack, I would explain to you some of the many, many ways that the GOP has contributed to this country's fiscal mess along with the Democrats.

But if I did so, you would find SOME way to rationalize it away (because that's what partisan hacks do), and you'd press forward with your, "The Dems are responsible for everyting bad!" mantra.

Dave, there's a word for people like you: The word is "tool".

You think "The Democrats's shit stinks more than the GOP's shit." NO IT DOESN'T! BOTH of their shit stinks to high heaven. But again, because you're a partisan hack, you can't bring yourself to acknowledge this. No, in your fantasy world, if we only left the GOP to govern without the Dems, everything would be right again.

Except we tried that. From 2000-2006, the GOP had COMPLETE control of the U.S. Government. And what did they do? They promptly proved that they, just like the Democrats, are a "party of big, nanny state government."

Hopefully one of these days you'll wake up and realize that you've been hoodwinked. Unfortunately, I don't think you have it in you to figure it out. You're too invested in the "us vs. them" mentality.

Like I're a tool.

Bobkatt said...

Dave- When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you vote for the evil of two lessers.
Would McCain have been much better than Obama? He is an open border guy at heart. He voted for the bail out even though previously he promised he would veto any bill that contained earmarks. $2 million dollars for the makers of wooden arrows for children smells like pork to me.
He is currently stumping for Obama's third war in the Mid East instead of insisting that Obama first consult with congress and get approval. He defends the Patriot Act and all the other extra constitutional of Bush and Obama.
Where's the difference?