Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick, give him in-state tuition subsidies!

Bend Cocaine Trafficking Suspect Jailed
A suspected cocaine trafficker and illegal immigrant was arrested in a raid on his northeast Bend home Wednesday night that turned up about $1,500 worth of cocaine and other items, police said Thursday.

Jose Coca-Argueta, 27, was arrested when Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team detectives executed a search warrant around 8 p.m. Wednesday in the 400 block of NE Thurston Avenue, said Lt. Ken Mannix.

A jail officer confirmed he was being held for federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

It's never hard to find these stories, they happen every day. A traffic stop where this illegal alien can't provide a drivers license would get him out of our community sooner. But some politicians think that we should provide them with this "get out of jail free" ID so that they can continue on their crime spree.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, the vast majority of drug offenders in American jails are black people and white people.

If you were actually concerned about the underlying crime, why would you focus on the fact that in this case, it was commited by a Mexican?

No need to answer (not that you would, anyway.) It is a rhetorical question, and the answer is obvious enough.

And can you tell me who, exactly, has lobbied to give cocaine traffickers in-state tuition subsidies or a "get out of jail free" card? Oh, that's right..nobody has. Those are just straw men arguments riding on the back of an argument that seems to be entirely race-based (since I've never seen you complain abut the much larger number of non-Mexican drug traffickers.)

And you seriously wonder why people constantly question your underlying motives??? Gee, go figure.

If something looks like a duck and quacks like a's usually a duck.

Anonymous said...

ANON 8:49 AM
I think your racism and bigotry is showing.
You are the person bringing up white and black people. You also mentioned mexicans.

It looks like you are the only person bringing up race. Why did you do that? I recommend some diversity training for you. Did you have a problem as a child with a person from another race?

When did the mexicans become a race?

You must be a product of the new public education system.

Anonymous said...

If the drug dealer was white, he wouldn't have even made it on this blog.

Now that everyone is buddy buddy with Bruce, everything is A-OK.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:49,

The population of Hispanic's in Oregon is X

The number of Hispanics (of which a significant majority are Illegal aliens) who are in our Jails/Prisons for DRUG TRAFFICKING is supremely dissproportinate

Therefore any AMNESTY such as In-State Tuition or GOV't issued PHOTO ID/LICENSE will also be a reward for Mexican Mafia Drug Dealers

Your Politician (95% of the time a Democrat) is PANDERING to this group of people for Votes/Campaign $, and you are STUPID enough to go along with it!

Oregon...over $3.5 Billion in debt as these idiots want to hand out another $55,000, for 4 years of College, for each and everyone of the 30,000 Illegal Students (per CAUSA) at a cost of over $1.7 Billion?!

Because unlike all other Criminals, thier Parents should be REWARDED for bringing their Kids here without permission.

And then they can STEAL those College Degree required JOBS, that NO Americans want?

Anonymous said...

"Your Politician (95% of the time a Democrat).."

Like Ronald Reagan?

"The act was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. An estimated 3 million unauthorized immigrants received amnesty under the act."

Bruce said...

This is truly very hard for me to do (LOL) but I have to say Anonymous is right. Reagan did sign that into law, BUT, and it's a big BUT, we should have learned the lesson way back then. Maybe Reagan thought by giving those that were here, amnesty, that they would be satisfied, and that might stop the flow. NOT A CHANCE! We have historical fact on our side now. We know full damn and well the influx will not stop. Nothing short of complete and total use of every resource at our disposal will stop this flow. Now, here is where a little first hand experience on my part comes in. I saw it first hand...up close and personal...the many, not shy and proud of it, illegals that were incarcerated. There are programs inside such as GED training, Pathfinders, Building Bridges etc. These programs that were meant to re-integrate the offender on how to succeed when he is released. THEY DO NOT CARE IF AN INMATE IS ILLEGAL. These people boast and brag to their buddies about how they got their SS# card or their drivers license even though they are illegal and on ICE holds. They couldn't find any record of my high school diploma (too many years ago) so they put me in the GED program so I could get my GED. In those classes were many people that did not speak what does D.O.C. do with your tax dollars!!!! They hire special instructors for the Spanish speaking inmates. Class is held up for a short time while people translate for the others (who are usually laughing, screwing around and sitting in the back f@#*(ing off). The Pathfinders classes is where they actually fill out the forms to get a drivers license and a copy of your SS card AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE OR NEVER DID, THOSE PEOPLE WILL SEE THAT YOU DO. This is no bullshit. I saw it firsthand, in the class I was in...5 KNOWN their SS cards. The reason I know this is because in all these classes you need to "admit and clarify" your so-called crime and state the reason you are here. Yes, they eventually get deported, but usually after many many months and after they "get their U.S.A. goodies).

Bruce said...

BTW...There are no Cambodian language translators...nor is there any Vietnamese or Pacific Islander translators. These 3 groups are represented by a somewhat large population...nowhere near the Hispanic or Black or White...BUT big enough they should also warrant a translator. What you don't see is these people screaming and yelling and crying discrimination or racsism to demand things.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Jose is just here to do the jobs Americans are too lazy to do. Cheap lettuce for everyone! Yay!!! I get to pay for this Illegal trash to get fed before his greasy drug dealing ass is finally deported, only to break into our country again though. The opportunities to deal drugs and sponge are to tempting. Ohhh, am I being a way-cist?

Anonymous said...

Well no 11:17, a white offender would not have made it on this site unless they were an illegal alien. Do you even know what site your on? It is an issue because he was caught commiting a felony while being here illegaly. I refuse to believe you are actually that ignorant, really?? C'mon.

Anonymous said...

I feel he needs to be deported. my family lives in the same neighborhood. My kids plat out here and I have no idea if any drugs were given to any minors. he should not be able to come back to the US. I am surprised his wife did not know what was going on.

Anonymous said...

I do not feel that some these comments are recists. It is simply explaining the truth of the matter. If a hispanic man thinks that he can get away with a crime that a white man can't than they are not so smart. The way I see it is that they use the system and when something bad happens to them, they expect everyone to bend to their every need. He got caught and is paying the price for what he did. I do not feel bad for him or his family, because they all endangered themselves by being around this guy and not doing anything about it.