Thursday, March 03, 2011

2012: Let's figure out the losers

Gingrich launches Spanish-language web site
Gingrich lays out in Spanish general ideas about national security, less government, jobs, health, education and the environment.

His broad immigration policy statements indicate that government must maintain its promise of protecting our borders and developing a new and effective temporary workers program.

The text adds that the United States is a country of immigrants that has drawn its energy from its people, but that it is also a nation of laws and must have a legal process of immigration and must not support illegal immigration.

It concludes that any new visa workers system created to integrate illegal immigrants must use the latest technology to make violating that system impossible.

Speaking as someone with a Hispanic Republican voter in the household, we aren't looking for Spanish websites advocating "technology" enhanced amnesty. Get out of the way Gingrich, we are looking for a real conservative in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Perfect, Dingy Gingy does indeed, reek of RINO!

Kaelri said...

So for a) showing the barest modicum of realism on immigration, and b) fraternizing with the 5% of this country who don't speak English, the guy fails the purity test.

I mean, I'm no Newt Gingrich fan. but if Newt Gingrich - let me repeat, Newt Gingrich - is insufficiently reactionary for you, I have a hard time imagining whom you would vote for. Is there anyone you can name? Back in '07-'08, as I recall, you were pushing pretty hard for Tom Tancredo, but I haven't seen his name here in a while. (Possibly because his electoral chances are even worse than Gingrich's.)

I guess the more important question is: whom would you trust to negotiate with the 58% of Americans who don't identify as conservative? I worry that even a sincere, well-credentialed hero of the conservative movement would be promptly drummed out of office by the base for showing the slightest willingness to compromise on the budget, health care, climate change, gay rights or immigration (some of which put conservatives on the wrong side in terms of public opinion).

If this is true, then all you have is a party that champions conservative values in books, television shows and rallies, but is systemically incapable of getting anything done when it comes to real governing. You're idealists. And I worry about that because, as we've seen over the last two years, it also means that we can't get anything done, because Republicans won't even support their own policies in Congress if it means giving Democrats political victories. Your leaders are so obsessed with defeating President Obama that they were nearly willing to shut down the government over tax breaks for millionaires. They call him a Bolshevik for supporting Mitt Romney's health care plan. I just have to hope that at some point, conservative leaders will get together and take a hard look at where their current political strategy is taking the country.

Anonymous said...

Because "real conservatives" don't acknowledge the reality that in a "melting pot" of more than 300 million people, not everyone speaks perfect English. "Real" conservatives pretend that if you can't speak perfect English, you're an illegal alien.

There is no bigotry at work here, of course.


Anonymous said...

Politicians are eager to embrace everyone's politics and interests. They believe it will get them more votes. But there are some things that should not be compromised on and immmigration is one of those things. The cost of illegal immigrants is bankrupting us. The jobs they are taking are your jobs. If these politicians succeed in granting amnesty immediately 30 million illegals will become legal and can then take any job and qualify for any handout. There won't be enough taxmoney in the state or federal budget to pay for them all. It will be a disaster. And this is all so some politician can get elected. They will destroy this country just to get the hispanic vote.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 7:17 AM
Several tens of thousands Irish speak perfect English with an accent. I don't want them here either. We can round them up when we round up all the illegal Chinese, Mexicans, Costa Ricans, Russians and ALL other criminal aliens.3

The problem with the people from south of our border, they have flooded our country when there are only about 50-60 thousand illegal Irish. The hispanics from south of our border have abused the hell out of us. We don't see the Chinese marching in our streets carrying the Chinese flag and demanding we speak Chinese do we? They are just stealing every secret they can get their hands on and sending it back to China. We are fools.

You have to stop the biggest problem first and then go to the smaller ones.

As far as for Newt, he lost my vote even if he is the Republican choice when he sat on the couch with Nancy Pelosi the nut whining about man made global warming. The warming that caused record snow falls across the planet. I'm still trying to boil water on my stove and get it to snow in my kitchen. Al Gore says I should get snow. I keep trying and it does not work.

ANON 7:24, well said.

Kaelri said...

...I don't mean to derail the topic, but are we really still contending with this misunderstanding? Global warming means the average temperature of the Earth is rising. It doesn't mean that the temperature is rising in every part of the Earth.

DAVE01 said...

kaelri, the temperature changes all the time. The planet has gone from being covered in ice to a lot hotter than it is now. The amount that man contributes to global warming is insignificant. I think if I remember correctly, it's about .11%. The michael mann hockey stick that Al Gore relies upon was bullshit. They lied about the unusually warm period about a thousand years ago.

There is nothing man can do about warming unless we want to set off a lot of nuclear bombs. If the people think the planet is warming, the only solution may be to set off a bunch of nukes. That's crazy, nuke the planet to save it. This planet has been around for billions of years.

Kaelri, the weather around the globe has been moving in a cooler direction, not warmer. The global warming hype is all about money, power and control. Has anyone even addressed the low output of the sun? The global warming scientists say that's not the problem.

The planet is not dying, species may die off and others replace them and the planet will not even notice it.

Kaelri said...

I may have to print that comment and hang it in a frame.

Anonymous said...

"The warming that caused record snow falls across the planet. I'm still trying to boil water on my stove and get it to snow in my kitchen. Al Gore says I should get snow. I keep trying and it does not work."

I bet if you wiped the condensation off your kitchen window to look outside, you still wouldn't get it.

Anonymous said...

kaelri: The truly comical part is the half remembered factoids he's trying to string into a coherent thesis come from...climate scientists.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found out miglavs has a youtube channel

I'm not surprised at the shaved head, but I always pictured daniel going up to the firing line grossly obese in a powered wheelchair.

C'mon daniel, post those bomb-making videos now. You never did take the credit you deserve for the MLK day one.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more wrong. I don't care if someone does not speak perfect English and I don't care if they speak another language at home. What I do not like is that we have to spend a lot of tax money printing forms in 2 dozen different languages for people who won't learn any English and/or are here illegally. This is a melting pot not a nation of different tribes with different languages.

Anonymous said...

Hispanic Republican? Oh brother, now we have hyphenated Republicans. What will the think of next.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:17, a heavy accent is expected from a person who has learned english and went through the proper channels to get here, however, an immigrant who cannot speak a word of english is most likely an alien. How ignorant you must be to seemingly be unaware of this process. I am so sick of the illegals that the very sound of spanish makes me sick to my stomach. They did this to themselves, they will just have to deal with the many others much like myself who have a bad opinion of them and are not very sympathetic toward them. Go back to your country already, get it? We do not want you here!

Anonymous said...

Daniel's post is illustrative of what is wrong with the far right wing of the conservative movement.

When even Newt Gingrich doesn't possess the ideological purity to satisfy the far right, that tells you just how unhinged and how far from the mainstream the far right has become.

Lucky for them, Michelle Bachman has threatened to run for President. This, of course, would create the "Ross Perot" effect. Bauchman would get the 10-15% loony vote, the mainstream Republican would get the 35% mainstream GOP vote, and Obama would easily sail into a second term in ofice.

The conservative movement is self-destructing before our very eyes, as mainstream conservativism is being hijacked by it's loony fringe. This loony fringe has not realized, or won't accept, that the vast majority of Americans do not support their ideals. And so, they continue to discredit conservatism in general...something that will ultimately be their own undoing.