Monday, December 27, 2010

That's what Oregonians voted for

Gas taxes being hiked in Oregon
Oregon drivers may get an unpleasant shock when they pull up to the pump in the new year.

Drivers there are already paying an average of $3.06 per gallon, but in the new year the state Department of Transportation is hiking the gas tax by 6 cents. That will bring the state tax to 30 cents per gallon.

Taxpayers in the rest of the nation, however, can breathe a sign of relief. Oregon's gas tax increase is one of the few hikes taking place on Jan. 1.

"New governors ran on platforms of not increasing taxes," said Brian Sigritz, director of state fiscal studies for the National Association of State Budget Officers.

Our governor ran on a "the government needs your money more than you do" platform and won. Such is the climate in Oregon where an acronym agencies budget is more important than a family budget.

We live in a state where the politicians tax health care to make it more affordable. A state where they want the leftover money from your unused Christmas gift cards.
A state that is addicted to gambling and tobacco money.

A state where the inmates are running the asylum.


Anonymous said...

Someone has to pay for the MAX. All of you residents who live outside of Portland; THANKS!

Anonymous said...

If only they could make a car powered by bullets, heh Daniel?

Oh wait, they already are.

Anonymous said...

A State where a so called Republican, like Sen. Larry George, voted Yes on that Gas tax.

A State where another not really Republican, like Vicki Berger, voted with far-left Wacko Peter Courtney, to increases Taxes on Hospitals to somehow make it more "affordable".

A State where the Dummies of Portland (Dumb because they live in a state with wonderful land space and they choose to live in a crowded smelly City instead) make all of our laws and step on the rest of us.

OregonGuy said...

Keep preaching, Brother Daniel!

Or, be willing to turn out the lights when the last door closes.

Anonymous said...

I love Oregon, but this is one of many reasons I plan on relocating to another state soon. I no longer can take the politics. With many unemployed Oregonians looking for work, one would think that this tax would have been thrown out to ease the heavy burden many are barely coping with as it is.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are considering moving our business to another state and raise our family there. This place has continued down the slope of unreasonableness.

Did you see the map over the weekend showing the state pension fund unfunded by $42 billion? The only option to keep the insanity going will be to raise taxes. Is it reasonable to expect a pension at 100% or more of your pay? They built a system of vote buying by rewarded those who benefit from this $$$. At some point they will not have the $$$ to pay then what happens?

Oregon, "mortgaging the future generations so we can have huge pension now."

You can sure tell they closed the state hospital and moved the residents several block to the west, crazy.

Robin said...

a government solution in a recession is to raise taxes...

Not to help the economy but because of the drop in cash flow into the government and for their pet projects.

Unfortunately, like with measures 66 and 67, the sheeple buy the soundbites of "it's for the children" and vote in favor of it only to find that it still is not enough money and the government still needs to add more taxes.

Taxing our way to prosperity never works.

Anonymous said...

Robin, they are taxing their way to prosperity and damn the little people. We just need to make sure they keep their pay and benefits and retirement.

Anonymous said...

Oregon is over... The fat lady will begin her final song soon enough. Frankly... the pigs deserve nothing. See what greed gets the public employee when the state is bankrupt. Will you thank your union masters then?

Anonymous said...

Keep preaching, Brother Daniel!

Nope, no personality cult here!

MAX Redline said...

See what greed gets the public employee when the state is bankrupt. Will you thank your union masters then?

It seems more likely that cities like Portland will go bankrupt. Municipalities are having their bond ratings downgraded - which in Portland, where borrowing is a way of life, will significantly obstruct the plans of politicians and developers.

When that occurs, the state will have little choice but to downsize, although translators, HR staff, and marketing types will continue to be in great demand.

Robin said...

and don't forget that they would have achieved their ultimate goal of getting everybody out of their cars because nobody can afford to drive them anymore.

Of course we won't talk about the industries that support the owning and operating of the automobile.