Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Are we a nation of laws?

Young man who grew up in Milwaukie awaits vote on Senate bill that would create path to citizenship for minors brought to U.S. without documentation
No one will be more interested in the outcome of a U.S. Senate vote today than a 20-year-old man who grew up in Milwaukie but discovered he was neither a citizen nor a legal resident when federal authorities arrested him in August and deported him to Mexico.

Lopez would be among about 2 million children and young adults eligible for citizenship under the bill. Opponents, led by Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, say the act would be in effect amnesty and would attract more undocumented immigration.

You know who might be more interested in the outcome of the U.S. Senate vote? Any one of the millions of unemployed American citizens who are tired of competing with illegal labor!

The media will continue to look long and hard for the most sympathetic case to push amnesty but these examples are the exception and not the rule. For every tear jerker honor roll student that the Oregonian can find I can produce a drug dealing rapist.


Anonymous said...

Tell ya what - I'll support the 'dream' act when we amend the constitution again to clarify that your not an American citizen just because your criminal parents snuck in to the US and squeezed you out before they got caught. Seems like a fair trade.

Anonymous said...

From the sob story in the O..."hit a record number of deportations, close to 400,000, in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30.
Half of those were people convicted of crimes"

So YES Daniel you are correct again about the Criminal thing.

What about the backlog of over 3 Million that are waiting to be cleared to be here legally via our current generous immigration process? How are we going to do a top notch background check on yet another 2-4 Millions dreamnesties?!

Again, if this was good public policy and Americans wanted this, the DEMOCRATS would have done this already, when they controlled both houses in Congress.

Why didn't they then?

Because Americans do NOT want this and the Dem's know that.

If they do pass this betcha the ones that will be 18 in 2012 get citizenship 1st, so they can Vote Dem/Socialist.

Anonymous said...

Why don't those unemployed americans go get jobs then? The canneries and farms are hiring. I suspect they are enjoying getting their employment benefits from the state or are too lazy to do real work.

Anonymous said...

If "drug dealing rapists" were the "rule" and not the "exception," then there would be literally thousands of them ... daily. No. Tens of thousands. No. Actually: Millions. We would have millions of rapes and murders every day if Miglavian math penciled out. It doesn't, not in the real world. Only in Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel, I found a picture of your car

Anonymous said...

So if a criminal is patient enough, then they are going to get what they want just by waiting. Funny how this does not work for everyone else, just illegals. Doubt that if I rob a bank they will let me keep the loot hoping that I will be appeased and encourage others to not do as I did. We have already given them the inch long ago and it's high time we stop the illegal invasion from logging yet another mile!