Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Headline writers are agree like economists agree

Oregon shows job increase for second straight month

Oregon unemployment up to 10.6%
Oregon Business Journal

Both headlines are true. This is why we need to keep government out of the media, when you can control the message you can sway public opinion.

Tell the FCC to keep it's filthy hands off the internet:


Anonymous said...

How's that hopey changey going for you Oregonians?

Anonymous said...

About as well as it was going under Bush. Why? Were you hoping for continuing the Bush tax cuts?

Oh wait ... looks like we will.

Bobkatt said...

New slogan of unhappy Democrats:
"Yes we cave".

DAVE01 said...

Anon 4:46 pm, I may have forgotten, but haven't the dems controlled congress for about four years now? Aren't they the folks that make the laws? Isn't that about the times things started going to shit? I forget the exact number of years. It's been such a disaster for everyone I know and the whole country. It seems like eons.

I want the rich to be able to keep a decent share of their income. I just want the 45% of workers or whatever who don't pay taxes to pay their fair share. The rich (like my sister and her husband) pay over one third of their income to the federal government. Are you paying your fair share of one third of your income to the feds? Everyone should have to pay their fair share. My sister works 80-90 hours a week. Are you working that much? I doubt it. She does cancer work and saves lives and has to give a lot of money to the feds to support people who sit on their asses and suck from the producers. She is being punished for working hard and being successful. The welfare people are being rewarded for being failures.

I think it would be better if they had to go stand in line everyday to get their free bennies. They might find it more comfortable to get a job instead of stand in the hot or cold weather. If you are mentally and physically able to work, you should do something for that free money that is taken from my sister.

Then again, democrats wouldn't get elected if they didn't give out freebies stolen from the evil rich and corporations.

Isn't this welfare so wonderful. Look at Chicago, DC and all the other democrats run hellholes.

A Billionaire said...

Thanks, Dave, for your support! Appreciate it! It helps to give the impression of fairness when little people like you stick up for me! ;-) Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lay off about 1,500 of my little people before I leave for Christmas vacation in Europe. Alps are great this time of year.

Anonymous said...


you are stupid.

FP said...

Mr. Billionaire,

Sorry to hear that business is going so bad for you. You must have suffered a serious drop in revenue that you had to lay off 1,500 employees.

Welcome to Obama's economy, where not only the rich get poorer (like Mr. Billionaire above), but the poor get poorer as well (Mr. Billionaire's 1,500 former workers).