Wednesday, December 08, 2010

House votes for a nightmare

Who are your first role models? Your parents. What if you parents are criminals? Where do your sympathies lie? With criminals.

The House of Representatives has just voted to pass the DREAM Act amnesty bill.

Some animals are more equal than others. At some point us lesser animals are going to realize that we are suckers for following the ridiculous rules that our government sets for us.


Anonymous said...

Funny. Defazio voted in favor of the the Dream act after Oregonians for Immigration Reform, you know the group whose website was hosted by a racist news site, supported him in the election. That is called irony.

Anonymous said...

Another partial success achieved in the invasion of the United States.

To summarize the plan...

Step #1: find ways to get your people into the foreign country and slowly build up massive numbers too large to handle.

Step #2: to gain acceptance in that foreign country, offer cheap labor to get your victims to rely on you for their success, while at the same time integrate into society as much as possible.

step #3: send children to their schools and have them grow up side by side with the victim's children in order to gain sympathy

Step #4: within one generation the victims would treat you like their pets and bend over backwards to make your life more comfortable. Greedy businesses will realize that the invaders which are now in large numbers have money to spend and their greed will blind them to the bigger cause. They will be so desperate for all that money that they are even willing to pay a higher wage to have bilingual employees in order to attract the invaders to their business. They will even be willing to forgo some of the loan requirements for House such as a Social Security number even though that there laughable department of immigrations might at any time deport a view of the invaders thereby leaving the banks holding the bag. The deportees will simply reenter the country under a new identity and purchase another house and do it all over again.

Step #5: after gaining sympathy and decrying about what will happen to the children and breaking up of the family, take advantage by getting involved in their internal politics

Step #6: there will be resistance and a few setbacks, but by the time the victims actually become aware what's really going on it will be too late.

Mexico will achieve what Japan, Germany, and others have failed to do and that is the successful and planned invasion and take over from the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:18 - "Mexico will achieve what Japan, Germany"

You put that in future tense "will".

I would use current tense as in "are'.

There ARE more Mexicans here in control of our Nation than ever by Japan, Germany or any other nation. Language, Schooling, Politics, Criminals, etc.

Mexico is taking over and has over42 million troops here now, Drug
Gangs, Anchor Babies, etc.

Anonymous said...

What other country in the world allows just anyone to walk in and then gives them a free education, free medical and free housing?

Anonymous said...

Such a shame, you are probably correct. It's very disturbing to think that a nothing country like Mexico will be our downfall. Our government is allowing this to happen to it's people. They dont care, the ones in charge live in communities that do not have the infestation like most middle class areas do. I suppose it is easier to ignore the problem when you live behind a gate, your children go to elite private schools, and the trendy resturaunts you go to are not employing dirty cooks to prepare your meal. They do not have to keep their pre-teen girls close in public when a Mexican man is oggling them in a sexual manner. As I said, the politicians in control do not have to deal with the rats as we do. Wake up, it's only going to keep getting worse.