Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm amused

Hatemonger Obama gives tax cuts to the filthy rich... and the funniest reads can be found over at Democratic Underground where they act like Sarah Palin just got elected president. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh man that was too funny! They have a thread there calling for a Bernie Sanders/Alan Grayson ticket in 2012!?! The only thing that would top that would be a Pol Pot/Josef Stalin ticket! Good stuff :)

A grateful billionaire said...

I'm also amused ... it's great to see blue-collar guys like you and the Republican party rally to our cause. Thanks! Oh, and those few pennies they're going to whack out of your Social Security taxes? Live it up now, because they're taking that out of your ass when it's time for you to retire. But don't worry about me, though ... I'll do all right. ;-)