Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Actions cause reactions: Portlanders shocked

Homeless man killed by police had 40 prior arrests
The homeless man shot and killed by Portland Police Sunday had a violent past, according to Chief Mike Reese.

Police aren't releasing the homeless man's name, but say he was arrested 40 times in Oregon and California, and was incarcerated in both states.

Two Portland police officers shot and killed the man Sunday after responding to a 911 call, where a man was threatening to kill a female security guard.

It wouldn't matter if this guy had never been arrested before and led his church choir, once a reasonable person believes that you are an imminent threat to cause themselves or someone else serious physical injury or death then they can use deadly force to stop you.

And we can't have police saying "sorry kids, we had to let the guy murder your mother because he had a mental illness and we are powerless to stop him."

I don't even understand how this is something we are talking about. The cops are doing their jobs. If Sam Adams doesn't want them to shoot people he should take their guns and see how many officers stay on board.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the security guard didn't have a gun. Maybe she was a guard in a gun free zone. I'm glad she's unharmed.

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to remember when christians tried to save souls, instead of cheering at the destruction of one. Like the Romans did.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:21 AM, are you saying that people are cheering the death of the dirt bag who was threatening a woman? I'm glad the female guard is okay. That man made a choice to commit his criminal act, not her. He was the one who initiated the criminal act. He didn't have to do this. If he didn't want a chance at being killed, he should not have pulled a knife on here and threatened her life.

Since he had such a long criminal record, this killing probably saved an innocent life in the future.

Anonymous said...

Another example of politically correct crap. This turd was a pain in the ass of society, I say better off!