Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As if prevailing wage didn't cost us enough

Administrative Specialist 1 (Prevailing Wage Rate Unit)
$2,380.00 - $3,383.00 Monthly

The Prevailing Wage Rate (PWR) program is integral to the mission(s) of the Bureau of Labor and Industries and the Wage and Hour Division, which require this agency to enforce state laws relating to wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment

Through PWR education and outreach programs, compliance with the PWR laws is effected in a positive way.

The primary purpose of this position is to assist with seminar preparations by preparing and sending forms relevant to PWR seminars. Provide support to the PWR Operations and Policy Analyst 2 position and set up training accommodations, make travel and lodging arrangements as needed and prepare purchase orders associated with same.

For the handsome price of $3,383 + benefits each month we will get a PERS recipient to prepare seminars telling everyone how great it is to pay above market rates when tax dollars are being spent.

The albatross of growing government can't be sustained like this forever.


Anonymous said...

"Adults die every second, why are you not crying about their deaths. It must only be mass murders when you give a shit. You are the sick one. When have you ever given a shit when somebody was murdered? You seem to be a hypocrite."

Wow, you sure seem to have lost interest in the deaths quickly.

FP said...


No wonder you post anonymously. You can't even get the thread right.

Anonymous said...

That's the point, dipstick. He already is trying to change the subject.

Anonymous said...

8:22, you seem to be exhibiting behavior similar to Jerad Loughner… kind of makes me wonder if we have a responsibility to the public to turn your IP address over to authorities.

Anonymous said...

Prevailing wage adds 30% or more to every construction project the state does. If they build a $100 million school it will cost $130 million because of prevailing wage. We would be better off the abandon this now before it bankrupts us. Expect Kitzhaber to force a sales tax on us and the fault will be the unions.

FP said...


Since you know so much about what the anon at 8:22 is saying, then why don't you clarify for us exactly who he's talking to?

Anonymous said...

So Anon 8:22 writes a 12-word sentence observing that someone has lost interest in the topic from a previous thread and that makes him "similar" to a mass murderer?

Anonymous said...

Good catch, Anon 10:00. Welcome to Miglavia.

FP said...

It's absurd to compare the behavior of an incoherent and apparently confused anonymous poster to that of an incoherent, confused and deranged madman, but it wasn't absurd to pin the actions of a madman on specific individuals who were in no way related to the madman and had no influence on him, nor was it absurd to opportunistically impugn and malign an entire political philosophy on the flimsiest of evidence.

Welcome to Anonymousland.

Gerald said...

You can't even get the thread right ....

Back 'atcha, FP. Your comment above is basically carrying on a discussion I was having with Dave in the previous thread, in which you had a supporting role in the peanut gallery, demanding evidence of Loughner's right-wing influences. I gave it to you. You didn't respond there, and now you're jumping in again, ignoring virtually everything I said.

And you can't even get the thread right.

DAVE01 said...

Anonymous DAVE01 said...

Gerald, are you the anonymous in the previous thread? It's difficult to keep track of conversations when everyone is anonymous.

You stated he was a conservative. I doubt it.

I just read an article by some person who took some classes with him. That person stated ""He appeared to be to me an emotional cripple or an emotional child," Coorough said. "He lacked compassion, he lacked understanding and he lacked an ability to connect."

I think that describes most of the democrat, progressives and commies. All the dems, prog, commies that I have met are emotionally crippled. Kinda sounds like obama too.

Loughner sounds more like a nut jobs every day. I think that makes him a democrat.

FP, thanks for posting that statement by Gen Wesley Clark. I had hoped he had disappeared into an old folks home. I never forgave him for butchering the Serbs when he worked at NATO under Clinton.

I'm not sure if you know, but the Serbs saved 500 downed American fliers in WWII? We thank them by handing them over to the commies after WWII and killing them in the nineties. I wonder why anyone ever wants to help out the US when they know a change in government and we could be killing their women and children next.

Now back to the new crazy murdering dirt bags.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm Gerald, the Anon from the previous thread.

I just responded there, but the comment didn't appear and I'm not up for writing it all over again, so just two quick things:

1) Making a blanket statement that mindlessly equates "Democrats, progressives and communists" with emotionally unstable nuts who "lack understanding" ranks among the most preposterously, outrageously STUPID remarks I've ever read, here or anywhere. That's assuming you're an adult. If you're still in elementary school, I suppose I can excuse it.

2) If/when you respond to what I wrote in response to your demand that I "prove it" in the previous thread about the Arizona killer's ideological roots, I'll get back to you.

If, that is, I can stop laughing about #1.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is that far fetched to see 822 get a gun and try to kill Daniel. She is out of control... read her posts(every day). Day in day out..she rants and rants and rants. She needs a psychological evaluation ASAP!!!!...before she hurts someone or even herself.

822 please..please go get some medical help.
I realize Daniel probably broke you heart back in the day...but you need to put on your big girl panties now and get over it. Please for your own good...seek medical help for your crisis.

Albert Einstein said...

You're saying I was a nut who lacked understanding? Then what the hell I'm doing here?

Anonymous said...

Off the subject. Can the people that have worn out the term "Miglavia" plllease find another witty term. I have tired long ago of having to read it. Surely you must be capable of thinking of something else. Let's keep it interesting people, please.

Anonymous said...

I think it is inappropriate for any state worker to be paid more then the average wage of the taxpayer. How does it make any sense to tax us into poverty so we can pay outrageous wages to state workers. If the lesislature needs something to do then pass a bill that sets the upper limit of state wages no higher then the average wage of Oregon taxpayers.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:23 AM
I agree with you absolutely. I guess we have to ask, is the public employee worth anymore than the private employee. I doubt it. If they are doing the same job, the public employee should receive the same compensation. That includes wages, benefits and retirement.

These days the public employee seem like children. They have a sense of entitlement. Maybe that comes from the teachers being public employees and imparting that to impressionable young children.

This needs to stop. I wish the new clown in charge, is it kitzhaber now?, would stop hiring new government employees.
We need a hiring freeze if we are going to survive economically. We also need to cut taxes and cut regulation to stimulate business so we can have jobs that actually create wealth instead of provide some service.

Anonymous said...

ATTN: Requirement for every teaching position is spanish. No other language will do, no sir. If you speak Mandarin you are out of luck pal!! Special treatment? Nope, not here, no discrimination. Speaking from my experience of course. Only in America.

DAVE01 said...

My girlfriend told me last week a teacher handed her daughter a spanish book in school. Her daughter has slightly darker skin and almost black hair. She does not have any type of accent. The teacher thought she was hispanic. I told my girlfriend to let the principal know that there was a racist and bigot working the school.

No wonder the children are so fucked coming out of these schools, they have nitwits teaching them.

Everything for hispanics and nothing for Americans.

Why in the hell would any American want to emulate a third world hell hole country? I thought we wanted our children to be successful, not failures.