Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union randoms

Who would rather watch the E*Trade baby give the State of the Union speech? I know I would.

Also there have been several suggestions made to me about a drinking game to play. What words/topics/phrases would be good to drink to when Obama brings them up?

Has anyone looked at the Vegas odds for Obama being late to this speech like he is to every other media conference?


Anonymous said...

Chug a bottle of whiskey when Daniel admits BHO has done more about illegals than Daniel ever will?

OregonGuy said...

"Fan mail from a flounder?"

Anonymous said...

drinking game


Anonymous said...

You mean that wasn't the Etrade baby??? I would have sworn someone else was putting words in his mouth. Lets not kid ourselves the empty suit that is our president is not a leader. Someone is pulling his strings.

Robin said...

did anyone else think that we were watching a used car salesman trying to sell us a car?

I think it's really amazing how they try to pretend that they really know what's going on in the "real world"

And I still would like to know why there is not much focus on the PENALTY that we are going to have to pay for health care in 2014.

Oh yes, I like the way he referred to how "we are going to take that little bookkeeping correction from the health-care bill" referring to the 1099s for any purchase over $600 like it was a small oversight.

The President stated that he will also veto any bill that comes with earmarks.

If this is really true... I don't think anything would pass his desk.

I think somebody accidentally stumbled on how to clean up Congress's act when Harry Reid submitted the omnibus bill of over 2000 pages counting hoping that Congress would not do their homework and actually read the bill when somebody threw salt in the wound and insisted that the bill be read before Congress.

it's really a shame that some of our most honorable representatives has to be treated like children to get them to do their jobs.