Monday, April 26, 2010

Why Portland needs that extra tax

Program # 40045 - Health Equity Initiative (racial justice focus)
The mission of Multnomah County’s Health Equity Initiative (HEI) is to eliminate the root causes of social injustices leading to racial and ethnic health inequities. The definition of health equity that grounds HEI's mission is the fair/just distribution of resources and power that supports the achievement of full health potential.

Program Total: $311,570 (2010)

Another acronym in Multnomah county whose job it is to redistribute income based on favored minority status. Are these reported health inequities the result of skin color or personal behavior and choices by individuals?

Are Asians going to be receiving a large amount of attention from this program?


Anonymous said...

So, sometimes skin color checking by the government is good, while other times it is bad? Really? Is this not racial profiling? Is that not racist on its face?

Don't these bureaucrats realize people are getting fed up with this misuse of scare resources in a economically bankrupt state? Yes, I said it, with the PERS obligations plus the endless spending by democrats that control this state we are broke.

Sooner of later, they are going to run out of other people's money. Most likely sooner rather than later. Enough already!!!

Pinkie French

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, lets dump this program and the one that favors whites, the capital gains tax. Tax capital gains as ordinary income and I'm with you.

pati said...

715, well that was a racist statment.

ZZMike said...

Whenever you see the words "eliminate the root causes of social injustice", you know you're dealing with the Left.

"Social injustice" can only be cured by "redistributing income": "Gee, Bill, you have so much money, and Joe over there has so little, wouldn't it only be fair if you gave him some of yours? Of course it would. Now hand it over."

Anonymous II: "Tax capital gains as ordinary income and I'm with you."

I can tell right off that you've never had a "capital gain". People without money are never at a loss to figure out how to take it away from people who do.

I'll refrain from calling your comment that "mostly whites have capital gains", racist.

This country - and its economic system - has produced more black millionaires than you can count.

Another Anonymous kept calling for "credentials" and "proof". I don't suppose he's ever heard of the rest of the web, but here's a start:

First Black American Millionaire

Before you go there, make a guess. I'll make it easy - guess the year.

1914. And, Great Ceasar's Ghost - a woman!! Sarah Breedlove Walker.

Another prominent black citizen, William Leidesdorff, is in the running. He made his fortune earlier - during the gold rush days (1800s), but his estate didn't reach a million until after he died.

Both started with nothing. This country gave them the opportunities to grow.

Nowadays, throw in just about anybody on a national basketball team (don't count those pesky tall Russians and Chinese).

As for Anonymous I, that's it exactly. If things keep going the way the Democrats want, eventually we're going to run out of other people's money. And by "other people", we mean you and Daniel and I.