Tuesday, April 06, 2010

And good riddance

Clackamas jail pioneers system to identify illegal immigrants

Federal immigration authorities activated a new information-sharing system this week at the Clackamas County Jail, making it easier for deputies to identify criminal suspects who are in the country illegally.

The system, developed by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, uses fingerprints, photos and biographical information. It will be extended to other Oregon counties in coming months as part of the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Secure Communities initiative.

Since its launch in October 2008, ICE's Secure Communities initiative has identified more than 18,800 aliens nationwide charged with or convicted of Level 1 crimes, such as murder, rape and kidnapping. More than 4,000 of those have been deported.

ICE also has removed more than 25,000 foreign nationals charged with or convicted of Level 2 and 3 crimes, including burglary and property crimes.

I will wait patiently for the outcry from illegal alien apologists who claim that they only want to "keep families together" yet somehow oppose common sense ideas such as weeding out the worst of the worst to make sure that they get deported.

Why don't the groups that push amnesty applaud actions to rid our country of the scumbags who make the rest of the illegal alien population look worse than they already do? They could release a statement saying that "we support the idea of Juan stealing your job and your social security number but the minute he gets a DUI we want him gone!"

While I'm waiting for that statement we can at least rest easier knowing that an illegal alien who gets caught driving drunk will now be deported rather than released to kill American citizens.


Anonymous said...


I for one, am a proponent of the dreaded "A" word. You know, amnesty, as you call it, but as a provision under comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

In principle, I find nothing objectionable about the new system designed to identify and deport violent criminal offenders. My beef with it is that it is continued evidence of the federal government trying to deal with the immigration issue in patchwork fashion and by delegating more and more responsibility to state and local authorities. This is neither fiscally or administratively prudent, and working in such a piece-meal fashion usually leads to unintended problems down the road that are as difficult or more to solve than the original problem. Immigration law and enforcement falls squarely within the Federal jurisdiction.

I think what people object to is the potential for such a system as this to evolve into one whereby an immigrant, say, whose visa might have lapsed as paperwork was being processed or was lost, gets deported and separated from his family, who may or may not be legal residents or even U.S. citizens, because he was arrested for drunk-driving.

Though you live in a world where such complexities do not exist, here in the real world they do, and comprehensive reform is needed to deal with them. The problem is, anytime politicians even raise the possibility of having a discussion (imagine that, a discussion) of what a comprehensive reform package should look like, you and your ilk raise such a stink and spend your time jamming up congressional fax machines with hate mail, that this discussion is never had.

Also here in the real world, I can't seem to find a sober expert observer of the nation's labor market who will deny that low-skilled immigrants play an important and necessary role in our economy. I'm also hard-pressed to find economic evidence that they serve as substitutes in the labor market for American-born citizens.

You continue to peddle in falsehoods and baseless rhetoric. Get ready for immigration reform. It's about to get "shoved down your throat" just as the health care bill was, because guess what, you're in the minority.

And, what will you say, when after both healthcare and immigration reform have been passed into law, life goes on, and the sky doesn't fall on our heads as all you chicken littles contend that it will?

Anonymous said...

As reported in Politico yesterday, Democrat Gods know if they push for Amnesty they will definately lose too many seats in Congress this year. So they won't push for Amnesty.

Something too do with the majority of Americans, even registered Democrats, who do NOT want to reward lawbreakers with yet another Amnesty. Especially with so many Americans not working.

Meanwhile the Hussein obama admin. will give the illusion of being tough on ilegals so they can sell Amnesty in 2011.

ps, DHS has admitted they can NOT handle processing millions of illegals as their backlog is in the millions already. OR should the illegals get preference?

pss, Utah became the 4th state this week to make all companies use E-Verify. 10 others do in some capacity.

Meanwhile Democrats like leaders Dave Hunt & Ted K. allow Illegals to steal Jobs/ID here. This IS why U-Haul reports of so many moving here recently. It ain't Americans hunting for no jobs here.

Illegal's like Democrats Sanctuary state of Oregon.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 7:13 AM
At least you are honest. This is not an effort by the federal government, it is an effort by Clackamas county because a young girl named Dani Countryman was raped and murdered by two criminal aliens. It's a shame they only act after she was raped and murdered.

I agree that this is neither fiscally or administratively prudent working in such a piece-meal fashion. E-verify should be mandated for every company and government in this country. All social services should be immediately stopped for any criminal aliens. All anchor babies with American citizenship should be revoked immediately. Anchor baby citizenship should be stopped immediately.

My solutions would solve most of our economic problems immediately. Our unemployment would drop like a rock. Crimes would start decreasing. Our social services would be available to Americans. Health care would not cost so much. One of the most important thing is that we would stop reading or hearing about young

Why should an immigrant whose visa might have lapsed (which would be his/her own fault) be deported? If they are following the law and keeping up as is their responsibility, they should not have a problem. They have to suffer the consequences of their actions. I find it appalling that you want to reward criminal aliens after they get arrested for a DUI. Many Americans are in prison because they have committed crimes and then get a DUI and are separated from their children. Where is your compassion for American children who have parents in prison? You seem only to have compassion for foreigners who have committed multiple felonies.

I wonder if you are a hispanic who has relatives who are in that situation and are showing your racism where you don't have any compassion for Americans who have family members in prison.

Yes, we need low skilled workers who play an important and necessary role of our labor market. Those should be American teens who can't find a job. They should also be the high school dropouts. Here's an article from the NY Post:


Here is a shocking part of the NY Post article:
"employment rate of 16-to-24 year olds has eroded to 46.6 percent"

Is the Labor Department's report sober and expert enough for you?

The truth shall set you free, unless you are an obama worshiper.

Are these falsehoods and rhetoric? No, they are facts. Liberals can't stand the light. Maybe one of your family members can lose their jobs and homes, maybe one of your family member can experience a crime from an criminal alien and you might see the light and you might change your mind.

Just asking said...

Miglavs, what is it about "the rest" of the illegal immigrants, the ones who haven't committed heinous crimes, what is it, exactly, that makes them "scumbags"? Are they "scumbags" if they're standing three feet on the other side of the border, or do they automatically become "scumbags" once they put their foot over the line? If they go back, are they no longer a "scumbag," or do they retain "scumbag" status, in your view?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:16 AM
Once they break our laws they are scumbags. We have enough of our own scumbags (lawbreakers). Once they steal education meant for our children, they are scumbags. Once they steal social services they are scumbags. Once they steal a job from an American they are scumbags. Once they steal health services in a hospital they are scumbags.

What would you call a person who does the above? I thought one of the ten commandments was DO NOT STEAL! All criminal aliens are thieves.

Does that clarify it for you.

Just asking said...

So by that definition, the American revolutionaries were "scumbags" because they were breaking laws. As soon as one of those barrels of tea hit Boston Harbor, the person who pitched it became a "scumbag," in your view?

How about whites who helped free escaping slaves in the 1800s? They were breaking the law, and the law was very clear, and the law was considered right and moral. Were they "scumbags"?

Remember that dude who stood in front of the column of Chinese tanks? What's the verdict on that guy? A scumbag?

For that matter, what about all the protesters who were ordered by police to disperse from Tienamenn Square? Was that like just a huge mob of scumbags?

How about "pro-life" activists who kill doctors who perform abortions? Are they scumbags?

I realize this is a fictional example, but I gotta ask about Clint Eastwood, blowing all those, um, scumbags away in the Dirty Harry movies. A rogue cop totally out of control, breaking all the rules. So is he a scumbag, too, no better than the guys he's blowing away, or is he cool?

Please clarify, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Dave's busy getting laid, he'll tell us about it tomorrow. He likes to share.

Julie said...

I do not understand why our government is not sending Mexico a bill to house, feed, and deport their criminals. Our government would rather give Mexico money to aid in THEIR drug war! Mexico allows this kind of behavior, and then the U.S. is blamed for the demand of Mexico's drugs. Our "friends" south of the border have done nothing to help secure our borders. Would you like it if your neighbor threw their trash over the fence into your yard? Didn't think so, so why are we allowing Mexico to do it?

DAVE01 said...

Just asking said;
We became a nation of laws when this country was formed. Since you are using the position that law breakers are not scumbags, you would not condemn anyone that stole from you or hurt one of your family members. What would you call person who murdered one of your close family members?

I am talking about right here, right now in my country. I'm not talking about over two hundred years ago. Dirty Harry is a movie. You need to separate fact from fiction. There are good laws and bad laws. A good law is one that protects the citizens of this country. I know you have a hard time seeing the difference since you are a liberal and blur the lines between legality and criminality. People like you have more compassion for the criminals than the victims. That is a terrible way to be as an American citizen and an adult. People like you that are soft on crimes are the reason a lot of people keep committing crimes. You are helping to destroy many families and many children.

You are one of the reasons my country is so fucked up these days.

Julie, why don't you ask your elected representative and senator why we give them money to fight their drug war when their citizens here cause so much damage. I would rather put that money into a fence to protect American citizens, not put money into someone's pocket.

Legalize it! said...

Dave and Julie:

Stop acting like we're not culpable in the drug war that is now ravaging Mexico.

Americans, like it or not, have an insatiable craving for illicit drugs. It's economics 101. High demand leads to intense competition among suppliers.

All of the weapons used in the drug-war originate in the U.S. too.

I'd want to flee that shit too, so I don't blame people for coming into the U.S., without authorization, to start a new life.

But you conservatives don't want to admit that we have a role to play in Mexico's stability, do you? You'd rather lock up drug users than treat them.

If you want to stabilize Mexico and thus reduce migration incentives...LEGALIZE IT!

The drug cartels are competing for market-share. Nothing more. Bringing soft drugs, like weed, above boards would greatly reduce the market compensation for illicit drugs.

just asking said...

So I "blur the lines between legality and criminality," and yet you think there are "good" laws and "bad" laws. Dare I ask if you think that those who break "bad" laws are also "scumbags," or are you basically going to dodge that one, too? You want to focus on "right here, right now," but if that's what you have to do to be right, then your position is not rooted in a consistent or principled philosophy. Should I call that "moral relativism," maybe?

DAVE01 said...

Legalize it, I agree with you. I wrote a paper over twenty years ago advocating that. It's a war we will never win. What do you mean by saying all the weapons originate in the US? If you are talking about the machine guns, that is false. I don't blame the people for coming here either. But, we have to protect what we have or we will have nothing. Our schools are shitty due to the illegals, the hospitals are closing due to the illegals, the jails and prisons are full of illegals (marion county, or has 20% illegals, the federal prisons are almost 30% illegals), and people are unemployed because of illegals.

Just asking, you need to follow the bad laws and get them changed. If I think the speed limit in a certain area is nonsense, I still need to follow the posted speed limit and get it changed. I'm sure you could find examples where this is not logical or practical. We could nitpick this all day long. I'm too tired to give a shit. You just want to amnesty the criminal aliens not matter the cost. You don't care who they have hurt. You have no compassion for your fellow Americans.

Now Just asking, answer my question:
What would you call a person who murdered one of your close family members? Why don't you ask a family member of a murder victim who was murdered by an illegal alien. Put yourselves in their shoes. That would be a murder that could HAVE BEEN PREVENTED! You want cheap lettuce and somebody gets raped and murdered. You are also guilty of the crime in my mind. You enable and encourage rapes and murders and all the theft. You are a wonderful human being.

Just asking said...

Nice Straw Man argument, Dave, the sure sign that the person making it doesn't have their shit together: What would you call a person who murdered one of your close family members?

Well golly gee whiz, Dave! Let me think about that for a minute! Can I use a dictionary? Awww shucks, I just don't know! So tell me, what WOULD I call a person who murdered a close family member?

Dave, you're a moron. You're a fucking knuckle-dragging brain-dead drool-spattered idiot if you think that question is supposed to somehow shed on anything other than your own stupidity and bigotry. I'd call that person a MURDERER, dumbass!

Oh, shit, wait, I walked right into Dave's clever trap! Because now, by honestly answering his question, I've conceded the intellectual high ground by basically ADMITTING that all 'illegal aliens' are (drum roll) murderers! (And rapists, etc.) Or at least time bombs of violent instincts, scumbags, you might say, just waiting to explode all over some innocent American family ... blah, blah, blah.

You're an idiot, Dave. I'm not even going to waste my time trying to explain/cite statistics, ect. to show how totally full of bigoted bullshit you are. But trust me. You are.

Anonymous said...

"Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness ...

"While there is a widespread popular impression that immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, have a propensity for violent crime, actual studies almost invariably come to the opposite conclusion:

Source: Ron Unz, Publisher, American Conservative magazine, March 1, 2010.

Anonymous said...

just asking...forget numbers, use logic, Mexico is a Lawless corrupt oligarthy period.

and so many of these illegals are used to doing anything they want and getting away with it.

That includes funding the drug cartels to come to a foriegn nation (ours) without permission, getting stolen/forged ID, a place to live, a job, etc. LAUGHING at our nations rules.

As they do their whole life in Mexico.

They are Weak pathetic lazy Sheeple, who can and yet do nothing to fix their nations problems. They just run away knowing big hearts like you, do not care about the collateral damage done to us.

What about all those suffering in Africa? As a MUSLIM carves a Baby out of the Mom and throws the baby into a bonfire, while the mom watches, before being Raped by several Muslims and then her throat is cut from ear to ear.

Can they ALL come here too?

Anonymous said...

Anon, that article has been mentioned here before, the Miglavians don't care, I doubt that most of them, if any, have even read it. Example: See Anon 7:15's insane post.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:54,

That article has been responded to by Max Redline already. Look at his comment on the "Illegal alien of the day" post. It's in the February 2010 archive.

From that same article in American Conservative (emphasis mine):

"The major difficulty with the study’s evidence is that while prisons have an easy time gathering ethnicity data, determining the immigration status of convicts is far more difficult, and is generally based on self-reporting. Not surprisingly, most convicted felons are not eager to reveal their lack of citizenship and then face deportation once their sentences are completed, so the numbers must be taken with a grain of salt."


That's a GREAT way to argue your point. Instead of providing mere facts to bolster your position, which, as we all know, is a tremendous waste of time, you instead use the obviously superior method of gratuitous profanity, spittle-flecked name-calling, and deliberate misrepresentation. Way to hit that one out of the park, ace.

JA said...

I'll provide facts when/if Dave actually responds to my questions.

Anonymous said...

10:45, facts are irrelevant in Miglavia. I've tried it, many, many times. A total waste of time, I might as well argue with a brick wall. I don't blame him.

Anonymous said...

Those who oppose illegal immigration are not "the minority". If my family is any indication, most are against it.
Polls are also showing the majority against illegal immigration.
Why would they be for it?
Give me a good reason?
Oregon's troubles have grown - the violence, the in-fighting....it is really sad.
The immigrants are not well-liked where I live.
I notice that some are posting - amnesty is going to happen whether any of us like it or not. Is that a threat? Nice! We just love being ordered around in our own country by people who charge in like they own the place.
What's the point of having a country if we have no control over what happens?
Amnesty has been held off. I think the blacks are increasingly against it. Why would blacks want amnesty? Ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Americans do not have an insatiable desire for drugs. Most adults are not approached by drug dealers. The dealers are too clever for that, as they know they would get arrested.
They approach our kids - and our poor. They entice the poor into selling - because they know they need the money.
They are the dirtiest business people on the face of the earth.
Oregon Medicaid pays out huge sums to rehab the drug-addicted. Where do heroin and cocaine come from?
Geez. I hate to think what kind of simpletons most of our immigration attorneys are. They just want to justify their own paychecks. They are blind to what everyone else can see - even junior high kids.

Anonymous said...

If amnesty does become a reality, we will look for another country. We have a retirement income of approximately $50,000 and we don't want to stay here. So, we have been scouting for property in Canada and thinking about other possibilities.
Why would retirees want to stay where they are increasingly at risk of being harmed? An older man we know was stabbed repeatedly by two young thugs - for his car keys. That was on Lancaster Drive.
If amnesty happens, there will simply be more illegals. The bitterness is growing among the retired. Enough is enough.
We may have to separate from our families - boo hoo! They will want to leave, too...anywhere but this mockery called the US. We "elders" are good at using the internet and communicating with our Congressmen.

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link