Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why file when you claim 7 dependents

Audit finds thousands of Oregon tax evaders

An audit by the Oregon secretary of state’s office says thousands of Oregon workers get away without paying state taxes because officials don’t do enough to identify them. The audit released Monday faults the state’s main tax collectors for not matching federal tax data with state tax rolls

Let's list some reasons why someone might not pay their state income taxes:

1. They don't have a social security number.
2. They aren't working legally.
3. They have no respect for our laws.

It amazes me that we talk about how many illegal aliens are working in this state and then when an article like this comes around the intrepid reporters don't think to make the connection.

It's another one of those conundrums where you illegal alien supporters can't give a good answer to the question: Do people who aren't working legally file their income taxes?

If the answer is no then we have the above situation. If the answer is yes then the first follow up question is "why" and the second follow up question is "whose social security number did they steal to do it?"

Does anyone think that illegals feel some civic duty to give more of their ill-gotten gains to the state by filing taxes?


Anonymous said...

As this report details, these were people that filed Federally but not in the state.

This IS how Ilegal's get thier Fed EITC rebate by claiming many many children.

The Washington times had an article last year proving that Illegal's got over $7 BILLION, yes billion, in only 4 years via not putting S.S.#'s on the form for thier kids.

In Colorado a spanish speaking CPA service was indicted for helping several hundred illegals claim thier EITC, with Fake ID! They got over $1.5 Mil. back in one year alone.

But But this is gooooood for the economy :(

Anonymous said...

Miglavs, how many of these "illegal aliens" do you think have jobs where they earn enough to even have to pay taxes in the first place? What tax bracket does a guy who picks peaches for a couple months a year fall into, ya think? What do you think, are these guys pulling down jobs as engineers at Intel? I'm not saying that this isn't part of the problem, but it sure as hell isn't all of it. Look to your own, Miglavs, if you know what I'm saying. The entirety of every problem in the universe is not, contrary to your bigoted view, the fault of the "aliens."

P.S. If any Miglavians demand to know "how" or "why" Miglavs is a bigot, I'm ignoring your sorry ass.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 1023 A question: Given your avid advocacy for the illegal aliens, in our country and especially in the PNW, are you illegally here? Is that why you are against them being deported back to their home countries, wherever that may be? Why are you so adamant that they be accorded all the rights and privileges of natural-born and naturalized citizens? If they want to come here legally and go through all the proper channels for getting naturalized, then fine. But for them to sneak in here and demand all that we have is just plain wrong.

And don't start with the old and tired bullshit about how our ancestors came here "illegally" some 300-plus years ago. That crap doesn't wash.

Again, Anon 1023: Are you here illegally?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:23, EXACTLY the point here.

Most Ilegal's (except the ones that work for gov't) do NOT earn enough to pay Fed taxes on income via lying about how many kids they have BUT they can at the same time apply for EITC credits.

So illegal's pay NO income tax yet get a refund? YES.

Here in Oregon, they did NOT file because our 9% income tax starts at only $7,000 p/yr. and they do make at least that, working in construction, factories, even on a farm that pays per pound harvested.

The Game? file for EITC w/Feds, knowing no income taxes will be due to feds and do not file here and avoid income taxes here.

Yet another example of how these Leaches are sucking us all dry. Meanwhile they use their fake ID or Anchor Babies to get OHP, food stamps, housing, Unemployment checks, free lawyers, etc. ,etc.

Anonymous said...

A recent example of how they get that Fake ID (another 5,000 Jobs that americans would do, how many have a job here, knowing we won't check?)...

Ex-law worker pleads guilty to conspiracy to smuggle immigrants
By Pamela Manson

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 04/12/2010 07:09:37 PM MDT

A former Border Patrol agent pleaded guilty Monday to conspiracy to smuggle undocumented immigrants into the United States.

U.S. District Judge Dee Benson set a sentencing date of Aug. 16 for Carlos Manuel Vorher, who worked as a paralegal for The Alcala Law Firm in Salt Lake City for three years beginning in 2006. He faces up to five years in prison.

A federal indictment unsealed last year accuses attorney James Alcala, his west-side law firm and seven employees, including Vorher, of helping Utah companies get work visas for ineligible foreign workers. Also named as a defendant is Westside Property Management, a Salt Lake City company that lists Alcala's wife, Janet, as its managing member.

Investigators believe The Alcala Law Firm filed more than 700 petitions that led to the issuance of more than 5,000 work visas -- and that the majority of them were fraudulent

10:23 said...

Again, Anon 1023: Are you here illegally?


Scottiebill said...

10:23 at 6:21:

OK. Then what is your obsessive advocacy for all things favoring the illegal aliens here? Maybe you like living vicariously, fantasizing yourself to be some sort of crusader for their cause. Could that be the case, Bunky?