Thursday, April 15, 2010

They said it

Illegal aliens and their supporters, in a bizarre effort to endear themselves to the American people, have come up with the "we love taxes" slogan.

Other slogans considered were "we love using your SSN to avoid taxes" and "pay taxes to support our anchor babies."

I guess that if you paid zero federal income tax (since they claim to only do low wage jobs) and had various state agencies jumping through hoops to get you welfare then I guess that you would love other people paying taxes as well.

SPECIAL NOTE: perhaps gathering around graffiti covered mailboxes isn't the best photo op.


Anonymous said...

Goddamn, Miglavs, looks like you found a photo that makes those guys look every bit as idiotic and ineffectual as the Tea Party protesters. You guys deserve each other.

(One difference though ... all the words on their signs are spelled correctly. I'm just saying ... )

Robin said...

Or even more to the point Causa on their web site is trying to point out that "While some Americans are complaining about their burden as citizens, immigrants are clamoring for the opportunity to do more."

There are also encouraging that every illegal aliens in a blank tax form to Congress to represent the money that immigration reform could bring to our ailing economy.
Immigration Policy Center and the Center for American Progress found that legalization of undocumented immigrants would generate between $4.5 billion and $5.4 billion in tax revenues over three years. The cost of inaction adds up.

By these calculations, the United States could be gaining $188,227 every hour. But instead, that money is lost to our ailing economy because of inaction on immigration

One of the errors in their calculations is they are ASSUMING that employers are going to pay them the same wage that they currently pay Americans. Just like the government assumes that it will have a net gain by raising taxes on certain items and does not take into consideration that sales may fall due to the price increase.

No matter how you slice it, illegal is illegal and if you want sympathy, come through the front door and we'll talk.

Currently, according to a survey that I heard on the news yesterday, over 63% of the American public polled are not in favor of amnesty.

Sorry illegal aliens... most people do not like people who cut in line.

Anonymous said...

yep they love those there taxes ! I would to if I wasn't paying any !

Anonymous said...

Over 47% do NOT pay any income taxes now.

It's easy to say you love taxes and the illegal leaches, when you get even more "Free" stuff via the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, anon 9:50. Keep on projecting your empty, vapid opinions onto those you hate. Please, oh please keep on making more of your bigoted and intolerant statements. Show us what an enlightened person you are! You know deep down that whatever you say about your enemies is in fact the truth about yourself. But you'll never admit it. After all, disparaging those with whom you disagree just makes you feel so much better about yourself, doesn't it? So keep telling yourself your sweet, little lies. Ignorance may be bliss, but delusion is pure ecstasy.

Live it up while you can.

Anonymous said...

Nice attempt at philosophizing/lecturing/insulting and showing off your knowledge of words like "vapid" and ... whatever else it was you were trying to do. Now take your meds and go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

How is it that some people paid $900 in Federal Taxes and got a refund of $4500? I heard two different stories this week about that very thing? How is this a fair? Someone else paid more so people that did not pay as much got more back? Really, anyone want to defend that?

Pinkie French

DAVE01 said...

Anon 9:50pm, you are correct in that their sings have correct spelling. I'm sure they used a computer to check the spelling before they were printed. A lot of the Tea Party protesters made their own signs. I'm sure there were a few words incorrectly spelled. I don't remember any myself.

I like how you try to dump on us. You might need to open your eyes, we are not idiotic or ineffectual. Keep lying to yourself like most liberals do.

Your bigotry and ignorance is showing.

DAVE01 said...

sings - signs

Anonymous said...

Nice attempt at philosophizing/lecturing/insulting...

What, are you offended that I horned in on your market? That's the stock and trade of you lefties, isn't it? Then again, that's all you have, since you have trouble comprehending facts, and your debating skills leave a lot to be desired.

And no, I won't go back to sleep. I and many others are getting rather sick and tired of you and people like you constantly denigrating conservatives. Ordinary people are finally speaking up and saying "enough is enough", as evidenced by the TEA parties. You and your ilk have been getting away with your lies for far too long. Face it: your leftist philosophy is bankrupt. Your ideas are old and worn out. You've had your chance with socialism and communism, and the conclusion is obvious to anyone with half a brain: they don't work. And that's putting it charitably. In reality, socialism kills the human spirit, while its evil twin communism just plain kills whatever happens to stand in its way.

In addition to being bankrupt, your philosophy is downright laughable. As Dave said, a lot of folks who went to the TEA parties brought homemade signs. I suppose that's why you and your comrades marginalize and ridicule the TEA party, isn't it? They aren't professional agitators. They aren't constantly picketing for their beliefs. They're not constantly "raising awareness" for the latest cause du jour. I've got to hand it to you lefties, nobody does community agitation like you do. You've got it down to a science, what with all your pre-printed signs with catchy little slogans, and your rent-a-mob to carry them. You even have cutesy little chants, ready-made soundbites for a slavish, sycophantic, swirling-the-toilet media. Yeah, that's real grassroots activism there. Get signs from Kinko's and hire activists. Maybe conservatives should start doing that.

Or would that be selling out?

Anon 9:44, the meds are in the cabinet. Take two and don't even bother calling me in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Dave/the Anon: You're not being ineffectual? How did the Tancredo campaign turn out? How is Bill Sizemore (the convicted felon Miglavs wants to see elected governor) doing these days? Who won the last presidential election? How many people is OFIR able to get to a work site protest these days? Have you cracked a dozen yet?

And sure, anyone (even a "professional" agitator) can screw up their spelling now and then, but Google "teabonics" and look at the hundreds of examples of Tea Party signs and tell me it's not indicative of mass stupidity, not to mention illteracy -- by people who claim to have a passion for the English language, no less! LOL!!!!

Finally: I'm not a "leftie," I'm a Libertarian, which is about as goddamned far from "leftism" and "socialism" as you can possibly get, and a Republican pal of mine who's posted on this site a couple times thinks you're as nutty as I do. Sorry you have difficulty comprehending a world that comes in shades of gray and not the black-white, bone-headed simplicity you guys revel in.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I spelled "illiteracy" incorrectly. Savor the irony.

anti-Tea said...

Get signs from Kinko's and hire activists. Maybe conservatives should start doing that. Or would that be selling out?

Maybe conservatives should start consulting a dictionary when they make signs. Then you might not post messages like the following on a community reader board:

"English is our language. No excetions. Learn it."

Whoa, shit ... I forgot who my audience is, here. Maybe I should clarify: Do you guys know what a dictionary is?

Anonymous said...

You think the TEA parties and conservatism in general are ineffectual? Then explain this:

- The loss of Martha Coakley
- The loss of incumbent Jon Corzine in heavily Democratic New Jersey
- The loss of Creigh Deeds in Virginia to Bob McDonnell, which, according to Politico, "le[d] a sweep of the state’s three top offices that decisively ended a string of Democratic victories in the state."

Obama may have won the presidency in 2008, but according to US News & World Report he is a political albatross around the necks of Democrats, which is not surprising given that he campaigned for all three of the candidates listed above.

And then, how about this list (courtesy of of Democrats who aren't even going to run for reelection?

- Representative William D. Delahunt, a seven-term Democrat
- Freshman Democratic Representative Eric Massa
- Massachusetts State Sen. Susan Tucker
- Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal
- Two-term Utah State Representative Christine Johnson
- Four-term Massachusetts State Representative Brian P. Wallace
- New York Governor David Paterson
- Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana
- Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy
- California Representative Diane Watson
- Delaware Sen. Ted Kaufman
- Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut
- North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan
- Illinois Sen. Roland Burris

Wake up, anon. The TEA party isn't about Tancredo or Bill Sizemore. Of course you only bring these guys up because they're pretty much the only examples of conservative failure you've got.

What's with the scare quotes around the word "professional"? The ads offering paid positions to activists for various lefty causes are all over Craigslist. When a person is participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs, that by definition makes them a professional, doesn't it?

And who would come up with a nonsensical word such as "teabonics"? The Huffington Post? Is that where you get your information? And just who are these people you claim have a passion for the English language? Name them! And petioning the government for a redress of grievances (i.e., demonstrating for less government intrusion) is indicative of mass stupidity? Certainly not in the libertarian universe! By the way, according to CNN, people who attend TEA parties tend to have more college education than the population at large. Are you now going to say that college educated folks are over-educated dolts? Also, many TEA partiers identify as independent. Since you claim to be libertarian, wouldn't that make you an independent as well? Why disparage the TEA party?

Oh yes, bring up your Republican friend. There are many RINO's out there. Three that come to mind are: John McCain, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins. Is your friend one of these three people?

And finally, I'm sorry that you have difficulty comprehending that without black and white, there would be no shades of gray. I'm also sorry you won't accept that some things really are simple. To you, every single thing under the sun is mind-numbingly complex and "nuanced", isn't it? /sarc on: Of course it follows that we need erudite, pointy-headed intellectuals, such as yourself, to patiently explain the complexities of the addition of two and two to neanderthal simpletons such as myself. /sarc off. I'll accept that there are smarter people in the room, but I won't accept their condescending arrogance.

If you claim to be a libertarian, then it might be beneficial for everyone here if you quit firing shots at those who would otherwise agree with you on many issues, most notably those regarding limited government and fiscal conservatism.

Anonymous said...

Anti-tea: I am the one who set the trap in another thread regarding the definition of the word "bigot" that LW so blindly and beautifully walked into. Words of wisdom for you from the great Abraham Lincoln: "'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

If there are any words or concepts you are struggling with in this post, then look them up.

Anonymous said...

Anti-tea, more like Auntie T.

Anonymous said...

The failures on the left do not negate the failures on the far right, so why do you present your list as a sort of "Ah-HA!" moment?

You're right, I just gave you a short list of GOP failures. I'd talk about eight years of Bush/Cheney, but I suspect there's a word limit in these blog response fields, and I don't have the two or three hours I'd need to discuss what a boondoggle that administration turned into.

I don't read the Huffington Post. Never have. Honestly, I don't think I've even visited the web site once. Ever. Pretty lame, even for a straw-man argument.

That's as much of your bullshit as I have time for. Goodnight.

LW said...

Jesus, are you still basking in the glow of that? Good God, you seriously need to get a life. And I wouldn't toot your own horn too loudly ... Miglavians, after all, are know for "bindly and beautifully" walking into a trap every day: The trap is known as the real world, and when Miglavians go there, they find that it somehow is not in synch with 99 percent of the horseshit that fills their skulls. Example: In the real world, I was able to clarify the meaning of a word, I admitted I was wrong, apologized, and somehow managed to move on with my life. In your mind, however, I stood my ground, was incapable of apologizing enough, remained in denial about how wrong I was, and am currently shell-shocked, bloodied and battered, writhing in the hot sands of Miglavia, possibly never to recover and forever humiliated, unable to travel anywhere in the world without being scorned and laughed at.

Whatever. Nice to see you still think about me, though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why yes, LW, I am. Your foolish knee-jerk response to tell me to look up a word that I had already given the dictionary definition for was classic.

Everything else you said is merely a product of your overactive imagination.

Nice to see I can still get a rise out of you, though. ;-)

LW said...

Why yes, LW, I am.

I guess it doesn't take much to entertain a Miglavian.

Speaking of classics, my favorite was the time that Anthony DeLucca and the Miglavian Brigade was touting some bullshit statistic about illegal immigrants from something called the "FBI/INS Statistical Report," a document that had one slight problem: It did not, in fact, exist. Pure fabrication. The product of an "over-active imagination," you might say.

Unlike my own mea culpa regarding "bigot," (an honest mistake for which I took full responsibility) DeLucca never came clean (about lying his ass off). None of the Miglavians did, in fact. Right-wing fantasies die hard, I guess.

So go ahead, Anon, bask in the glow of seeing a debate nemesis stumble over a word. And I'll bask in the glow of catching Miglavians make shit up. I'll leave it to any independent, impartial judge to determine which is the more egregious transgression.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:03,

Let's talk about failure. The failures of the left may not negate the failures of the right, but they certainly far outweigh them. The vast failure of the left goes beyond elections; it is a failure of an entire worldview. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, the Great Society, Social Security, Kyoto, amnesty for illegals, coddling criminals... these are all leftist ideas. Each and every one of them is an epic failure, and the world is worse off because of them. Those that embrace leftist ideals either, at best, confiscate vast wealth and squander it, or at worst, wind up mass-murdering millions of innocent people. The list I gave is representative of a party in shambles, people about to be hoisted on their own petard. Some of them at least have the good sense to quit now, because they know they would face embarrassing losses in the next election. The list you gave? Small potatoes.

Sure, we could discuss the Bush administration. I mean, what does it matter that many things Bush did, Obama's doing in spades? It's no big deal that the problems that started under Bush and administrations before him are metastasizing under Obama. So yeah, let's talk about Bush and Bush only. Anything to distract from the massive deficits, ever-growing debt, high unemployment, looming inflation, the increasing instability in an already unstable middle east, the lack of statesmanship from the current administration, etc. Beating the dead horses of the past will solve all our problems. In fact, I'll do you one better: I'll point out that there were boondoggles from the Clinton administration, the Carter administration, the Johnson administration, the FDR administration, etc., stuff that affects us even today, but I won't actually mention them because of the word limit on comments here and the fact that it would take several days to discuss.

How you manage to breathe with your head firmly buried under all that sand is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

LW, by the same token, it doesn't take much to entertain you either.

You're still here.

Anon 10:03 said...

Sorry, I don't have time for your bullshit tonight, either, but I'll give you an "A" for enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

So yeah, let's talk about Bush and Bush only. Anything to distract from the massive deficits, ever-growing debt, high unemployment, looming inflation, the increasing instability in an already unstable middle east, the lack of statesmanship ...

LOL! I guess FOX News didn't get around to mentioning this, but all that shit started, in large measure, under Bush/Cheney. Yeah, I know, it's all Obama's fault. Probably responsible for the pimple on my ass, too. LOL!!! You Miglavians, you make me laugh, anyway.

10:03 said...

Okay, a few seconds for your bullshit his morning: The difference between you and I is that there are two ships, the Democrats and the Republicans. Both have hit icebergs, and both are sinking, and while I'm floating away on a sturdy life raft, you are determined to remain aboard the USS GOP, getting some perverse satisfaction from arguing about which which ship has a bigger hole in its bow. Newsflash: It doesn't matter, pal. You're gonna sink. How are you going to breathe when you're at the bottom of the ocean?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59,

Are you for real? I already stated that many of the problems we presently have started under Bush. This is from my earlier post:

...the problems that started under Bush and administrations before him...

Here, let me put it into language you can understand: *grunt* Obama not cause of problems. *grunt* *grunt* Obama MAKE PROBLEMS WORSE.

Get it now?

Time for another concept that may be entirely foreign to you: Continually bashing Bush is... here it is, say it with me now, a RED HERRING. Do you know what a red herring is? It's a distraction.

I know, all those big, grown up words and phrases I use may be a bit much for your tiny, pre-pubescent brain to handle, but I'm confident that, since you're apparently able to use the internet and type, you can look up those words in one of the many fine dictionaries available online. Go ahead, give it a try.

In the meantime, you lefties need to quit stepping in it. Set down the talking points (and the bong) and THINK before you REACT. Maybe you won't look so foolish next time.

Anon 10:03 @ 7:09,

The Democrat ship became a lost cause a long time ago. At least the Republican ship is repairable. And no, a third party is not a viable option at this time. All a third party will do is siphon off votes from the Republicans (although the SEIU is threatening to leave the Democrats and form their own third party in North Carolina... I say, more power to them!)

Anonymous said...

Anchor babies? There should be no admitting patients that do not provide legal identification for these little bastards to be delivered in our hospitals. Okay, I'll be nice, how about a leather, no, pleather belt to bite down on and a plasic Winco bag for the pup?