Monday, April 05, 2010

Fat people to consider eating

Portland School Board To Consider Support For Measure 68

An Oregon measure aimed at making it easier to pay for new school buildings goes before the Portland school board Monday.

Portland district staff have recommended board members support Ballot Measure 68 at their meeting tonight.

But it’ll be up to voters across Oregon to approve or reject the constitutional amendment, in May. 
The measure would allow the Oregon legislature to issue bonds to match voter-approved school district construction bonds. The state’s involvement would be new.

It's never enough. I would love to have a reporter ask the public school teacher's "what per pupil funding is enough to do the job." We all know the answer: "how much will you give us."

During this election cycle ask your local candidate "how much is needed." Get a real dollar figure. No one will ever give one because then they wouldn't be able to ask for more.


Robin said...

"Typically, school districts have had to depend entirely on local voters to pay more in property tax for new schools...
It allows school districts to pass bonds that include critical school infrastructure that’s not currently allowed – like desks and bookcases," she said. 
The measure was referred to the ballot by the 2009 legislature"

with all the money that they get they act like they are about to send teachers on the street corners to beg for money.

perhaps it is time for an audit and really see where the money is going.

Anonymous said...

And the one trick pony marches on...

Pinkie French

Anonymous said...

Nooooo, Big Brother always wants more and more, while some of the Sheeple actually want it to have more and more, it will never stop until enough of the Sheeple wakeup to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Most schools budgets are spending the majority of money on the teachers wages, insurance, PERS and other fixed costs. They let the buildings crumble to the ground around the kids and this is what we get. The "give me more" attitude. The teachers union is too strong. Open competition, vouchers, private schools and charter schools are the way to go,bring the cost down and institute a rule that a set minimum in the budget is used for capital improvement.

OregonGuy said...

A more interesting question is, how can Idaho students perform better on their tests, when the per pupil cost is 2/3rds of Oregon's per pupil cost?

Mebbe it isn't simply the money?

Anonymous said...

Top ten things , if it's not about the money!
10- could it be control