Monday, December 07, 2009

I really missed them

Oregon state employee compensation
By Sen. Doug Whitsett (R-Distr. 28)

Oregon public employees are being paid more to work fewer hours according to calculations by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

Oregon has tens of thousands of state employees. Over the past several months, the news media has stated that these “dedicated” Oregon public servants are experiencing budgetary cuts that will result in lower pay and reduced hours. They suggest that the budgetary cuts must in turn reduce services to the public. As a member of both the Ways and Means Committee and the Emergency Board, I have first hand information regarding the cost of employee salaries and benefits. That knowledge leads me to question the accuracy of some of the news releases.

According to the DAS figures, in 2008 the average state employee was paid $47,724 in salary and $20,407 in benefits for a total compensation of $68,131. In 2009 the average state employee will be paid $48,459 in salary and $20,569 in benefits for a total of $69,028. The $897 increase in average compensation is after an average of $2,682 was subtracted for mandatory time off without pay called furlough days.

I am not sure how I made it through an entire day without a MULTI-CULTURAL EDUCATION TECHNICIAN ($3208 - $4476 MONTHLY).


innominatus said...

In a way, this doesn't bother me. It is a given here in Oregon that gov't employees are going to get paid - whether they work or not.

So the choice becomes: do we want to pay people to be meddlesome busybodies, or do we want to pay the same people to sit on their ample fannies and play X-Box at home. Paying them to stay the bloody heck away from me seems almost a bargain.

Ben Gleck said...

Doesn't your wife work for the state, Miglavs? Seems like I've read that here previously. If so, you'll surely understand if I can't help but wonder if we could make it through an entire day without her doing whatever it is she does. What do you think? I mean, step back from the situation (since your household is, after all, the recipient of MY tax dollars) and look at it objectively. You know, a "fair and balanced" perspective: At the end of the day, could we make it through the day without Mrs. Miglavs at the public trough, or is she just warming a chair?

Anonymous said...

Um, if she's warming a chair, then we could get through the day without her "valuable" services to The State. But I get your point Ben, and it's a good one.

Don't expect an answer from Miglavs. Because if he answers one, then, out of his deep sense of moral duty, he'll then feel "obligated" to answer all, and if at that point he then doesn't respond to one making a specific allegation or criticism, then -- OH MY GAWD!!! -- his readers will probably assume it's true!!! Even if it's not! Horrors! Miglavs, of course, is really a sensitive guy, straying dangerously close to metrosexual territory, who cares deeply what people think of him, so he wisely chooses to not walk into that sneaky trap (i.e., asking him an honest question) -- thus absolving himself of the responsibility and courage required to actually engage people in a discussion.

Great question, though. As is often the case, simply asking a question in Miglavia is all one really needs to do.

Anonymous said...

Ben and Anon,

Really, you are so short sided you think well, since Daniel's wife works for the state then he should not post anything about the State of Oregon wasting money?

Wow, I am going to have to ask, how does your head feel in that sand?

Frankly, is it too much to ask one to think about this incestuous spending by so-called representatives in government, not to mention the bureaucrate waste by employees of this state?

I am not sure what your beef is with Daniel, but you do absolutely no favors for your "cause" by posting crap here that once again makes you look like nothing more then a some whining piker!

Pinkie French

Ben Gleck said...

Pinkie, in the contest for being the biggest whining piker, Daniel Miglavs is champ. I'll never beat him at that game. He's perfected it to a fine art. That's what this blog is all about. And Anon, thanks for pointing out the error, and no, I didn't expect Miglavs to answer. And Pinkie, my criticism is not whining, it is an honest, serious criticism: Other than possibly a police officer, is there ANY state job that Miglavs thinks is valuable and worth having? He consistenly copies and pastes countless notices for job listings in the public sector in all kinds of areas that he then disparages, criticizes and makes fun of. Pure infantalism, as far as I'm concerned, but if it's true that his wife is a state worker, then the question of hypocrisy comes into play: I think it's perfectly reasonable, given the way he's framed the debate, to inquire as to what she does exactly -- that, and how much she's paid. We are talking, after all, about MY tax dollars (Miglavs, you may have noticed, places a high premium on "my tax dollars") that are evidently being paid to a member of HIS household. So pardon my curiosity, but I want to know what she does so I can decide if it's a valuable job or if I could "get through the day" (a criterion Miglavs himself identifies as being important) without her doing it.

Anonymous said...

So Ben, since you are a liberal you must never never never criticize one right? Again, your head is in the sand deep. Your argument is poor at best simply because you chose to make it personal. You automatically lose, and that is what makes you a piker. If you personally do not like what Daniel has to say, you can just piss off, it is Daniel’s blog and he can bitch about what he wants. Get your own I hate Daniel blog if you must but could you please leave this one to people that want honest discussion of what idiot liberals are doing to the state of Oregon.

Frankly, I am sick and tired of the liberals driving this states economy over a cliff and then acting as if they are doing everyone a favor. Why are we paying 4500+ dollars a month to go to one meeting a week just to talk about what their goals should be…oh…they are so over f’ing worked in Salem right???? Ben…look through the trees and you will see the forest.

Pinkie French

Ben Gleck said...

Daniel makes it personal with every state employee and "illegal alien" he singles out, in print or with video, on this blog. And your suggestion that I should somehow be exempt from criticizing Daniel because I make criticisms myself is laugh-out-loud absurd. Or are you saying I must never criticize liberals? That's bullshit, too. I am more critical of liberals than you possibly imagine ... the pansy-assed way they kiss right-wing ass gives me dry heaves. And finally, how can you possibly argue that this blog is for an "honest discussion" about anything when the blog's own host refuses (as a matter of policy, no less!) to discuss anything with anyone? And to respond to your last ridiculous point, I don't "hate" Daniel; I've never talked to him, never met him, so how could I hate him? I don't even know him. For all I know he's a nice guy I'd get along with fine if we shared a fence. All I know is what he writes, and that's what I'm responding to. Grow up, Pinkie.

Daniel said...

It is all about me isn't it? My wife does not work for the state or any government agency.

This is another example of random people throwing out random comments here and they become gospel until I refute them.

I'll now allow you to go on to your next strange facination with my personal life. (hint: I'm diggin the metrosexual accusation)

Ben Gleck said...

I appreciate the clarification, that wasn't so hard, was it? Thanks.

And while it is true that I am interested in and even fascinated with a great many topics, I must here disappoint you: Your personal life isn't one of them, but thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Miglav's wife certainly DID work for the State, for several years. I know, I used to process her paycheck until I moved from Oregon. I'm surprised to learn she is no longer as State employee. Her departure must have been fairly recent.

Daniel Miglavs, for YEARS, has mocked the state employee all the while prospering from a bi-weekly check made possible by our tax dollars. I assure you, dear readers, Mrs. Miglav's position with the State did indeed, under the Miglavian measuring stick, fall under the category of "chair warming." Mrs. Miglavs also likely benefited from Affirmative Action, since she is of Mexican descent.

Daniel has always been a hypocrite, a blatant one at that. In all the years I have been reading his hilarious blog, he has never once issued a disclaimer regarding the source of half his income: your state tax dollars.

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