Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How do you spell irony: O-B-A-M-A

Did anyone else find it just a little amusing that yesterday Obama held a press conference at Home Depot, a place notorious for allowing day labor pick-up sites in their parking lot, to discuss jobs in the contruction industry, a field notorious for hiring illegal aliens, as he described putting "millions" of Americans back to work?


Anonymous said...

Today's bigotry-free tough-on-crime message was brought to you by Daniel "Rule-of-Law" Miglavs, the unofficial booster of the gubernatorial campaign of convicted racketeer Bill Sizemore (who happens to be caucasian, a legal resident and a Republican) and reminding you, too, that "hypocrisy" is spelled: M-I-G-L-A-V-S

Anonymous said...

anon 131

Really, that is all you have? Yet another personal attack on Daniel. At what point are you going to realize you are not making a case that favors your own point?

Why are you not one little tiny bit upset that there is the front of a bunch of illegals touting American jobs?
This is not about bigotry, it is about protecting OUR culture too. Get that...AMERICANS HAVE CULTURE TOO. If you hate this country so much as to not only wish for its demise, but to champion it as well, then leave. Really, get the F*** out of my country, and while you are at it leave my culture alone!

Enough with your childish attacks. Post something cogent already.

Pinkie French

DAVE01 said...

Obama likes to hang around like similar types.
We will find out in January if the messiah is an illegal alien. That would be the funniest thing I've ever heard of if it is true.

January 26 everyone. Hopefully, the messiah will have to show is long form (vault copy) of his birth certificate. If he is an illegal alien, he should be deported the next day. We can also prosecute pelosi, reid and the rest of the democRATS for treason. If we could do that, it would be a breath of fresh air.

Anon 1:31pm, I like how you dig on Daniel for alleged bigotry-free tough on crime message. Are you hammering on Dodd for accepting sweet heart deals, Rangel for cheating on his taxes, Geithner for cheating on his taxes? I don't think so. I wonder if you are the biggest bigot of them all? We may never know because you are the biggest coward for hiding behind an anon title. Pussy.

Anonymous said...

Pinkie, the fact that Miglavs is a supreme hypocrite, as illustrated by the FACT of his expressed preference that a convicted racketeer and a guy who has been found in contempt of court (a court, as in, a court of law) several times, IS my point. That's the point. I'm not putting words in his mouth. They're his words. He wants us to believe that his crusade against "illegal aliens" is all about the "rule of law," and yet he is on record as saying he'd like to see a CONVICTED FELON hold the most powerful political position in the state of Oregon. Now, if he's blowing smoke out his ass, he should say so. But if he's being honest, then we have a problem: Apparently, "rule of law" is not, as he would have us believe, the all-important, non-negotiable principle that he holds dear. So there must be something else about these "illegals" that rankles him. And I'm telling you this: If Mexicans were caucasian and spoke flawless English, this blog would not exist. Or if it did, Miglavs would be yammering about the "homosexual agenda" or some other bullshit.

Oh, and hey: It's pretty pathetic that I have to explain this, but I have every right to be critical of any goddamned thing I want, including you, Miglavs, our culture, and even the country itself, and by exercising that right I do NOT somehow forfeit my right to live here, but if that's the attitude you have, I suggest you leave and find a country more amenable to such a point of view: I suggest Iran, or maybe China. Don't let the door hit your fascist ass on the way out, asshole. Daniel chooses to allow posts son his blog. At the top of the thread, it says "Post a comment on Daniel's political musings." So I posted one. Got a problem with that? Contact the management.

Anonymous said...

The Miglavian Method for confronting criticism:

1) Do not in any way address the substance of the remarks.
2) Accuse person of launching a "personal" attack.
3) Throw in the obligatory denial that bigotry is involved.
4) Accuse person of "hating" America.
5) Suggest that person leave the country.

Pinkie, you passed with flying colors! You're a full-blooded Miglavian!

Anonymous said...

Anon, where in the hell does Daniel support Sizemore?

OBAMA Hypocrite? YES, as a 1/2Black man he should understand that his people have the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT rate by far and our the ones most likely to compete for a job with an Illegal alein.

The Black Congressional Caucus was just on TV complaining about B. Husseins lack of doing anything to change that. Enforcing immigration laws would put millions of black people to work as it already has in areas where there was an immigration raid (thanks to Bush) in the southern parts of America.

And this IS a FACT, not a Democrat illogical far left opinion.

Miglavian Tour Guide said...

It was Nov. 24, here's the exact quote, from Daniel "Rule of Law" Miglavs:

Bill Sizemore for governor! I don't care if he vetoes every bill that comes his way, I just want to see someone with a personal axe to grind with the OEA have control of the executive branch in Oregon.

This "tough-on-crime" perspective raises intriguing questions, such as: What if an "illegal alien," upon crossing the border, pledged to personally wage a war against the OEA? What if he volunteered to put up signs for convicted felon Bill Sizemore? What would Daniel do in this situation? Would such an event tear the time-space continuum and make Miglavs' head explode?

Anonymous said...

What really sucks is a friend of mine who's been looking for work for a long time and not getting any interviews, started putting down that they were Hispanic on their applications and guess what, the phone started ringing.

Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

DEAR anon hater.

I am not leaving my country. I am the one that loves it warts and all. You on the other hand seem to hate the hell out of the good old USA, yet you demand others leave it? Typical lib bs....blah blah blah.

NEXT: once a felon always a felon that correct?

two words: BILL CLINTON
remember he too is a felon, and you must never never never forgive him for lying to a judge under oath...that is a felony you know...bad Mr. Clinton. Now you must hate him forever...your words not mine.

As for Sizemore, who cares if he runs or not, this is still a free country, and if Daniel wants to support him fine. I have met Mr. Sizemore, and he really is a delightful person. I dont think Mr. Sizemore has done anything that ACORN has not what is the big deal. Oh but then we must remember, unions run this state, dont mess with the union or little people will be made to hate you reason what so ever.

opinions are just like belly buttons, everyone has one and some stink worse then others. Remember you choose to read this site, if you cant make a cogent argument without personal attacks get a life and move on. Because if you are going to hate Daniel because he messed up and is now a felon, you must also hate Bill Clinton for the same reason. I bet you just cant bring yourself to that little bit of honesty though....

Pinkie French

Anonymous said...

Pinkie: I voted for Clinton once, the first time. I did not vote for him again, and in fact eventually came to regard him as a lying opportunistic political thug. I hope he never serves in any public office again, and wish his wife would also join him in retirement.

Try again.

Anonymous said...

anon...a felon is a felon. that was the point. and please...wait until Obama is declared a felon...just wait for it. Then what????? oh...what will you do then?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I'll do then, because as of today I think he should be thrown out of office because he's betrayed nearly every promise he made so he can placate you "tea party" conservatives, and since he's ramping up an illegal war started by Bush, he's also guilty of war crimes as far as I'm concerned, so that doesn't leave me a lot of room to go. I didn't vote for him, by the way, which I would assume would be obvious to reasonable people from the first sentence in this comment, but I realize that with you Miglavians, everything's got to be spelled out.

Just curious ... how many more political positions that I don't have do you want to assign to me because you have no argument to refute my statement that Miglavs is a hypocrite? You're on a roll!

NeonLeon said...

Putting SOUTH Americans back to work, screw you taxpayers.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 5:38 PM
Are you calling the war in Afghanistan an illegal war? Are you smoking something or just plain stupid? If you are guy, I hope you have a longer dick than your memory. Can you say al queda attacked the US from Afghanistan? Would you call it illegal if somebody came into your house and killed your family members and then the police caught them in the house next door without a search warrant? Of course you would want them let loose because they were captured ILLEGALLY.

It is people like you that should not breed.

You think the messiah is placating the patriotic tea party Americans? You are a fool and an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Dave, your comment illustrates only one thing: A total ignorance on your part of international law. The Afghanistan war is just as unjustified and illegal under international law as Iraq was, but in your ignorance, you clearly are among the sheeple who have unquestioningly accepted that it's the 'good' war, and I'm smart enough to know that absolutely nothing I say, up to and including a point-by-point recitation of the specific laws that the U.S. government is in flagrant violation of, with hyperlinks to the actual text of those laws, is going to change your mind, so I won't even try and instead leave you to your blissful grazing.

Anonymous said...

crashing planes into buildings in the USA is illegal under our law. Screw "international" law. If you want that "law" to apply to you and your family...MOVE!!!@!

Anonymous said...

felon Obama...should we mention Tony Rezco...or.... that slimy ex governor Blago and the selling of a senate seat...lmao. I cant wait.

Anonymous said...

Screw "international" law...

Spoken like a true "rule-of-law" Miglavian.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:39 AM you are a tool. Tell me which international law does not allow for self defense? I do have a problem with congress not declaring war on al queda. If I remember correctly, the UN under international law gave us the go ahead to attack IRAQ. I bet you forgot that they violated UN sanctions many many many times. Under international laws, we could respond and we did. Are you telling me we need permission to go to war with al queda? You might want to review your international laws.

Anonymous said...

Google it, if you're actually interested.