Monday, December 14, 2009

Can't we just dig our way out?

Time for an Immigration Moratorium
When Barack Obama completely ignored the problem of uncontrolled immigration during his Jobs Summit, my former colleague Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) issued the following statement that was signed by 21 conservative Republican congressmen:

“With a 10 percent unemployment rate, now is the time for the Obama administration to stand up for citizens and legal immigrant workers. Now is the time for the President to enforce immigration laws. When the jobs stolen by illegal immigrants are recovered for citizens and legal workers, American workers will benefit. President Obama could create eight million jobs for citizens and legal workers simply by enforcing immigration laws.”

I applaud Rep. Smith for standing up against illegal immigration, but we need to go a step further to protect displaced American workers. The first priority of our government needs to be the interests of American citizens -- both native born and naturalized -- not “legal immigrant workers.” And the 25 million American citizens out of work are not only pushed out by illegal aliens, but also by certain legal immigrants.

Even if we completely stopped illegal immigration tomorrow, the government still issues 75,000 permanent work visas and approximately 50,000 temporary work visas every month. These 125,000 jobs should go to Americans first.

Much like the teacher's union not being able to say how much is "enough" per pupil funding the advocates of unfettered immigrantion will never give the "enough" amount of people that we should allow into the United States.

Their secret answer is "how much can we get away with?" In addition to keeping jobs for America citizens at some point we need to keep our American identity. With rapid and uncontrolled immigration we don't give new people a chance to assimilate.

B-1 Business Visitor Visa
B-2 Tourist Visitor Visa
B-1/B-2 Visa Extension
E-1 Treaty Trader Visa
E-2 Treaty Investor Visa
E-3 Visa for Australians
F-1 Student Visa
H-1B Work Visa
H-2B Work Visa
H-3 Trainee Visa
J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa
K-1 Fiancee Visa
L-1 Intracompany Visa
P Visa Athlete/Entertainer
R-1 Religious Visa
TN Nafta Work Visa

Green Cards:
Green Card Lottery
Marriage to U.S. Citizen
Through Adoption
Through Employment
Through Investment
Through Relatives
As a Special Immigrant
Green Card Renewal


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DAVE01 said...

Daniel, didn't you now the jobs summit was not for American jobs. It is growing more obvious every day that the messiah won't be elected for a second term. He needs new voters to vote for him and the criminal democRATS. The only solution for him is to bring in new voters. He will do that by providing them with more of our jobs and creating jobs for them, not us. Democrats would sell out their own mother for a vote or a campaign donation. They are definitely selling out our country.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dave. The jobs summit was not about Americans nor American jobs. That is just not going to be the "Obama way" Get used to it we still have 3.3 more years of this nightmare.

Pinkie French

michael said...

Let's consider process for H-2B Visa.

STEP 1. Employer MUST demonstrate to Department of Labor (DOL) that recruitment for local american workers is unproductive. This cost about $2000-3000 for employer. The job position must be advertised in MAINSTREAM NEWSPAPER in Classified section for Employment. You have to be a pretty much a goddamn retard not to notice those ads. Guess what? turn out rate is 5-10%. You know how I know? Because, I've done this many many many many many times.

STEP 2. After employer shows proof to DOL that they could not hire locals (or they still need help) ONLY THEN DOL will give employer certificate to hire H-2B workers. This is VERY complicated and cumbersome process. Many HR mangers would rather smash their head with a brick than deal with Government paperwork, yet they still do it because THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE OR ALTERNATIVE. LOCALS DO NOT WANT THOSE JOBS!

SIDE NOTE: Foreign workers have paid over $1000 (PLUS AIR PLANE TICKET COSTS) TO RECEIVE the job. They pay their hard earned money to Agencies and Employers in US just to get a $8 an hour job.

Did you just hear me say that they pay over $1000 to get a job? An eight dollar an hour job???? This is upfront payment just to secure the position.

Now come back to me, either when you're willing to pay $600 per night for a hotel room, or maybe, just maybe, accept the fact that stricter immigration laws will only worsen economic situation in United States.

It irritates me when guys like you go bashing "illegal" workers, while they consume goods from Walmart (made by Chinese), hire the cheapest laborer or landscaper for their houses/yard projects, and then complain that "those mexicans are taking our jobs"

....guess who takes the "hit" on the cheap services and discounts you like so much? The "illegal" immigrants and legal non-immigrant workers.

After all you should be thankful to "illegal" and legal non-immigrant workers for making this economy go round. BECAUSE of them, you are able to enjoy cheap produce at your grocery store, discounted builder and laborer services, five star hotel rooms for quarter of the price, and luxurious resorts for affordable rate; it's all because of people you want to kick out of this country.

And those poor Filipinos, Jamaicans, and Mexicans are hard working people; they work till bones 50-60 hours a week, saving every penny, living 4-8 people to a room, so you can enjoy your HBO at Red Roof Inn, while laying in freshly pressed bed and neatly cleaned room. All while that housekeeper's children or parents are starving in their home countries.

You guys make me sick.

michael said...

Part TWO

Let's talk about H-2B visa, because, this is my area of expertise.

H-2B visa workers are typically SEASONAL housekeepers and landscapers, sometimes laborers and construction workers.
The average pay for housekeeping position is 7.50 / hour. Average pay for landscaping position is 8.00-9.00 / hour.

Those positions DO NOT offer any benefits. Those positions usually last 5-7 months. Those positions are HARD work, that require workers to spend 40+ hours on their feet, and in case of landscaping/construction, doing hard labor in sweltering heat.

I want you to go work as housekeeper in any 5 Star Hotel and tell me if you would want to do this for more than a week.


Show me AMERICANS that are willing to take those jobs for that pay?

What? Did I hear you say, raise their pay? Give them benefits?

Ok, my friend, let's calculate the basic math:
I am sure you LOVE staying in Holiday Inn when you go skiing in Colorado. How about that family vacation at Boca Raton? Pretty nice right? How would you like to pay $300-500 per night per person for your hotel room?
NO? Do not want to pay that much? Like paying 50-100 bucks a night?


There is a REASON why American do not take those jobs. Because, Americans think they are TOO GOOD for those jobs.

Do you know who works in McDonalds? Foreigners. Why? Because, pay is shit. You know who else? Students. Why? Because, it's a "jerk off job" one can quit in a week.

Do you know how expensive it is to train employee (in any industry) and then have him or her quit within a week?

Let me also point out:

FOR EXAMPLE: State of Ohio Unemployment pays $400/week. State of Massachusetts pays as high as $700 a week. This is A LOT better than taking $8/hr job that will only last several months. Gee, getting paid about $10 bucks an hour to sit on your ass and do nothing? Getting that juicy weekly check from Unemployment, while "pretending to look for a job"? Shit, why even bother looking for work!

Then we can throw foodstamps, medicaid, welfare programs into the mix; maybe spawn couple kids, why not. Bigger government check, less work. Yay!

POINT TWO: Americans are too lazy to take those jobs, because, there is alternative of less resistance.

Misha said...

Part I

I want to demonstrate the IGNORANCE of Immigration "Enforcers", and lack of better knowledge from the author of this post:

First of all:
B1-B2 Visas, are NON working visa. Those are actually visas for tourists. Tourists spend MONEY in US hence bringing their foreign money into United States. Good right?

Visa Extension for B1-B2 - See above.

E Visas are for INVESTORS. Those are for FOREIGN INVESTORS to bring their money into US Industries. This is good for our economy.

F-1 Visas - Those are for STUDENTS and they are allowed to work part time to support themselves. Students from other countries pay tuition, buy books, buy food and consume americans products thus cycling money back into US Economy

Same goes for J-1 Visa. Those are for students only. They are allowed to work part time to "survive"

R,K,R visas are completely irrelevant to topic described in your posts. Those visas do not allow non-immigrants to work in US. This reminds me of South Park episode "They Took Arrr Jebs!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Miglavia, Misha! Things look, um, different, here: Global warming doesn't exist, Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are brilliant, Obama is a communist who wants to sterilize us all, and if you go look right now, there's an illegal alien hiding under your bed.

DAVE01 said...

michael you said, "It irritates me when guys like you go bashing "illegal" workers, while they consume goods from Walmart (made by Chinese), hire the cheapest laborer or landscaper for their houses/yard projects, and then complain that "those mexicans are taking our jobs""

I hope I'm irritating you. I don't shop at Wal-Mart. The mexicans send their extra money home. Economics 101 says this is a bad economic policy. A prime example of this is the mexicans send about $25 BILLION a year to mexico. If an American had that job, they would spend that money here. That mexican also does not pay for health care, he uses our hospital emergency rooms as their primary health care. This causes the higher costs for me. This also causes additional diseases like when my grand daughter caught a staph infection when she had to visit a hospital for a cut on her lip earlier this year. She now has a scar there courtesy of some criminal alien. The mexican may pay taxes, but claims multiple children on taxes for EIC and actually gets money back from our government. The mexican does not pay his fair share in taxes to educate his children. I pay for it. My grand children's education is dumbed down to the lowest level for the children of the mexican who is poorly educated. Mexicans also commit a huge disproportionate number of crimes. In fact, mexicans are over 17% of our federal prisons.

I do my own yard work. My sister and her husband who probably make $400-500 thousand a year, do their own yard work. If I hired somebody to do my yard work, I would hire an American kid to do it. Again, mexicans steal jobs from our children.

Any other FACTS you want to know about the mexicans? I can list FACTS all day on reasons why having that mexican in my country is nothing but fucking my country up. They rape and murder our children, they get drunk and kill our families on the roads. They have made Phoenix, AZ the second largest kidnapping city in the world. I'm not sure about you, these are not FAMILY VALUES THAT DON'T STOP AT THE BORDER that I want in my country.


DAVE01 said...

michael, part two.

You state, "Do you know who works in McDonalds? Foreigners. Why? Because, pay is shit. You know who else? Students. Why? Because, it's a "jerk off job" one can quit in a week."

Do you know who used to work at McDonalds?, our teenagers. Their jobs have been stolen by the foreigners.

You can throw your cherry picked facts around all day long and I can disprove them all day long. I think you are an employer or person who benefits off of illegal labor. You are an aider and abettor of criminals who break federal law. That makes you a felon too.

DAVE01 said...

Misha, you state, "F-1 Visas - Those are for STUDENTS and they are allowed to work part time to support themselves. Students from other countries pay tuition, buy books, buy food and consume americans products thus cycling money back into US Economy"

You have overlooked that fact that millions of foreigners overstay their visas and become criminal aliens. Then they start sucking out of the system. Since you are so enamored with the foreign students, I'm sure you condoned the mass murderer, Seung-Hui Cho, at Virginia Tech who killed 32 people and wounded many others before committing suicide. He was one of your foreign students. I wonder how much he cycled back into the economy of the US? He cost thirty two lives and probably millions of dollars for his crimes. Thanks a lot Misha. That is a very nice benefit for my country.

Anonymous said...


Here's why people who actually look at numbers realize that the large surge of immigrants we have received over the past forty years is not going to continue indefinitely, as you assume.

As late as 1970, the average Mexican woman gave birth to about 7children. Today, their fertility rate is about 2.4, not much different from ours. High fertility rates in Mexico up until the last few decades generated a huge excess labor supply that we absorbed into our economy. As Mexico's population ages and their labor pool shrinks, they will need more and more of their workers to develop their own economy.

Labor shortages for the most menial work in this country are likely to become so acute as the population structures in developing countries undergo dramatic changes that people like you will no longer be able to deny their existence.

You should stop reading the likes of Roy Beck and actually read the work of respected demographers and experts on population trends. Otherwise, no one outside of Miglavia will ever take you seriously.