Friday, December 18, 2009

Hurry up and die, it's for the planet

From an eco board game:
epic fail pictures

There is so much green indoctrination out there it's not hard to catch these people saying what they really mean: humans should just die.


DAVE01 said...

My question for the day, should I drink whiskey or vodka this weekend? Which uses more co2 to be produced? I want to add co2 to the air because I'm told by gore and the messiah that it causes global warming. With the cold last week, I want warmer temperatures.

The above paragraph is sarcasm if you don't get it.

Isn't it funny since DC is going to get over a foot of snow? Isn't it funny that Copenhagen is going to get record cold? God has a sense of humor.

Doesn't anyone take science anymore? This is a huge problem. If we eliminate co2, we will kill all the plants and then we will all die. Gore and the messiah are providing me with a lot of entertainment, they are like the three stooges. Who would be the third stooge? Pelosi or Reid?

Scottiebill said...

Dave: Stick with the vodka. I read a few years back that American-made vodka is actually distilled water laced with pure grain alcohol. It's quite unlike the Russian stuff which is potato squeezings. Less actual manufacturing, unlike whiskey. But then, I drink only beer and an occasional gin and tonic(or three) on a hot summer day.

As for the third stooge, it would have to be both Reid and Pinocchio Pelosi. Remember, there were actually 4 stooges, Shemp came in when one of the original stooges left, either Curly or Larry.

And you know we can't trust either Algore or The Komrade Incompetent about anything they have to say. They would crawl to the top of the Capitol dome to tell a lie before they would stand on the ground and tell the truth.

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tnr said...

Dave it realy does not matter . Just buy the one shot bottles . one at a time then go back to the store in your car ( I hope its a gas guzzling SUV or something along those lines) That way you and me can produce all the co2 possilbe!

Anonymous said...

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DAVE01 said...

TNR, I have a ford ranger 4x4. My secondary vehicle is a dodge neon. I like your idea. I can sample many different types.

Scottie, you said:
American vodka is distilled water laced with pure grain alcohol. I did not know that. Compared to russion vodka, I believe that.

I just read that the only way to get out of the climate change treaty the messiah wants us to sign is if every country agrees to it. That will happen when they are receiving billions of dollars from us. This treaty will be forever. That idiot hillary said we will give billions. Our founding father are rolling over in their graves over what is happening to this country.

2010 cannot happen soon enough.

MAX Redline said...

Ever notice that the people who claim that humans are bad for the planet never volunteer to be first to leave?