Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Another hot Ann Coulter column... get it?

Do Smoking Guns Cause Global Warming, Too?
As we now know (and by "we" I mean "everyone with access to the Internet"), the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) has just been caught ferociously manipulating the data about the Earth's temperature.

Recently leaked e-mails from the "scientists" at CRU show that, when talking among themselves, they forthrightly admit to using a "trick" to "hide the decline" in the Earth's temperature since 1960 -- as one e-mail says. Still another describes their manipulation of the data thus: "[W]e can have a proper result, but only by including a load of garbage!"

Having claimed to have collected the most complete data on the Earth's temperature for the last half century, the CRU's summary of that data was used by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for its 2007 report demanding that we adopt a few modest lifestyle changes, such as abolishing modern technology, reverting to hunter/gatherer status and taxing ourselves into servitude.

Go read the whole column. As for my title to this post, I'm trying out for the job of "clever lead in writer" for the local news.


Anonymous said...

don't quit your day job...whatever that is

DAVE01 said...

I drank half a fifth of whiskey last night, did I also cause global warming?

The house of global warming is crashing.

Anonymous said...

Global warming is a lie. It always has been and whom ever is buying this crap is a moron idiot.

DAVE01 said...

Our current president and congress are buying and trying to sell this this crap, does that make them a moron idiot?

No, it makes them criminals.

Scottiebill said...

I disagree with you, Dave, on your post of 11:15. By buying into all this global warming crap, our "president" and congress are moronic idiots AND criminals.

DAVE01 said...

Scottiebill, you are correct. There needs to be a law that aborts all descendants from these politicians. I fear they have been inbreeding too much. We need to do it to save the planet for our children. I would also agree to term limits for them, one term in congress and an equal term in prison at hard labor.

Scottiebill said...

Dave, I like your idea. If a person, like Montana's own idiot, Max Baucus, serves 6 terms as senator, 36 years, then when he is finally out of there, he must serve 36 years in Federal prison. And Baucus, along with Pinocchio Pelosi and Scary Reid, would be the poster child for such a program.

BTW, I am a Montanan, not born there, but raised there since I was 4 years old. Max Baucus is the biggest political disgrace to Montana since Jeanette Rankin. Rankin was the only member of either House of Congress to vote against declaring war on Japan in December, 1941.

DAVE01 said...

I'm freezing my ass because of global warming. If it had been any hotter from global warming this morning, my girlfriend and I would not have been able to get a Christmas tree.

DAVE01 said...

SCOTTIE, check out this part of an article from the sacbee

The cold storm system dropping from the northeast out of Canada will be unusual since the coldest temperatures will bypass Northern California communities such as Red Bluff and Redding but drop Sacramento Valley temperatures Monday to a record 27 degrees.

That's the coldest for Dec. 7 since the National Weather Service began tracking temperatures in Sacramento in1849.

Ha ha Arnold, mother nature is ruining his day too. I hope all those assholes in copenhagen get frostbite. That would be justice.

Anonymous said...

Great column today by James H. Kuntsler at Clusterfuck Nation. He's writing about Miglavians! (Substitute "Miglavians" for "knuckleheads, and it makes sense. Read on:

Against a greater welter and flow of incoherence jerking the nation this way and that way en route to collapse comes "ClimateGate," the latest excuse for screaming knuckleheads to defend what has already been lost. It is also yet another distraction from the emergency agenda that the United States faces - namely the urgent re-scaling, re-localizing, and de-globalizing of our daily activities.
What seems to be at stake for the knuckleheads is their identity, their idea of what it means to be an American, which boils down to being an organism so specially blessed and entitled that it is excused from paying attention to reality. There were no doubt plenty of counterparts among the Mayans when the weather changed and their crops failed, and certainly the Romans had their share of identity psychotics who doubted reality even when Alaric the Visigoth was hoisting off their household treasure.
Reality doesn't care if we are on-board with its mandates or not. The human race has to get with whatever program reality is serving up at a particular time. Are we shocked to learn that scientists fight among themselves and cheat as much as congressmen? Does that really change the relationships we understand about parts-per-million of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere and the weather?
What the people of the world can do or will do about a change in climate is something else. My guess is that the undertow of entropy is now too great to provoke any meaningful unified change in behavior. The collapse of the US economy is too close to the horizon, and the so-called developing nations will have problems equally severe. In the meantime, it is unlikely that any of the major players will burn less coal and oil, or not cheat on each other even if they pledge to burn less. People who are not knuckleheads will make the practical arrangements that they can. These will, by definition, be localized, small-scale, and non-global communities, doing what they would have to do anyway.
A parallel identity mania afflicts those who have decided that the Bakken shale oil deposits and the Marcellus gas play will allow the USA to cancel any modifications to our living arrangements. This cohort of knuckleheads wants to believe the public relations of the oil and gas industry, and in particular the bankers who are arranging the financing for these ventures. The facts are irrelevant to their identity-claims (that the USA has limitless energy resources). In fact, the Bakken shale formation is unlikely to produce more than a few hundred thousand barrels of oil a day in a nation used to burning about twenty million. A few hundred thousand might mean a lot if were only used to light kerosene lamps, but it is unlikely to keep the faithful motoring off to WalMart and Walt Disney World - which is the exact expectation of the knuckleheads.
Shale gas is a similar story. It will be too expensive to get out of the tight rock at a flow that will allow business as usual to continue. It certainly won't be produced at under $10 a unit, and the nation's comprehensive bankruptcy accelerates every day, making it less likely that the public can pay premium prices within the framework of our current living arrangements.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 10:22 AM
Your post was too long and boring to read. I would like to say that in that post it says shale oil will only add a few hundred thousand barrels a day, that will add to our production from around the country. It will not be the only oil being produced. You are a liberal and need to think outside the box. I know it is difficult, but if you are an American, you should have the ability. As a logical thinking American, we also need to explore for other sources of oil. Shit, use your brain.

I recommend all you AGW fanatics should have your houses put only on wind and solar power. This will result in less use during cloudy and windless times for the rest of us. Will you sacrifice your heating and cooling during the coldest and hottest times to save the planet? I want you to show us during these days of extreme COLD some leadership. Leaders lead in the front. Then you can report your results in the spring if you have not frozen to death.