Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What I would write if I was with CAUSA

Top-level man in drug ring convicted
A Springfield man was convicted in federal court Tuesday of conspiring to sell nearly 16 pounds of heroin seized at his home in March 2007 after an undercover drug investigation that netted the arrest of 34 southern Willamette Valley residents.

No witnesses were called, and the illegal Mexican immigrant did not plead guilty. Instead, Ramirez-Baldenebro was convicted in a brief stipulated facts trial in which he acknowledged that prosecutors had evidence for a jury to find him guilty of the two felony counts.

Papagni also described what detectives found after getting a warrant to search Ramirez-Baldenebro’s east Springfield home. On a bedside table was a statue of “San Malverde” an early 20th century Mexican bandit regarded by some there as a Robin Hood figure and patron saint of drug smugglers. On a shelf below the statue were bags containing more than 16 pounds of heroin, the prosecutor said.

This is outrageous! Has anyone considered that this man has now been "ripped from his family" just because he broke a few laws? These kinds of raids harm the "dignity" of this man and do not show him "humane justice" at all.

Our laws are a mere nuisance and his arrest just proves that their enforcement is inhumane.

¡Esto es indignante! Hace cualquier persona considerar que este hombre ahora ha sido " rasgado de su family" ¿apenas porque él infringió algunas leyes? Estas clases de incursiones dañan el " dignity" de este hombre y no le demuestre el " justice" humano; en absoluto. Nuestras leyes son un fastidio mero y su detención apenas prueba que su aplicación es inhumana.

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Bobkatt said...

Sorry Daniel but your knee-jerk rhetoric supposition as to what CAUSA would write just puts you in the same class as Anonymous who always portends to know what you, OFIR, or all of us would say in a given situation. I have yet to see anyone defend Mr. Scumbag from Springfield. If they do then you would certainly have cause to react.
You know that I support a closed border and return of all illegals but to equate Heroin sales with illegally crossing the border is even too sophomoric for you. Don't you think?