Monday, April 06, 2009

Redlining in modern times

We provide homes for approximately 1200 adults and 900 children with more to come as we lease up Sierra West, Sunset Gardens and Willow Park. Historically 99% of the residents of our properties have been Hispanic.

This is taxpayer funded housing that is essentially based on race. I was going to put up all the links to the endless amount of "programs" that this involves but all you need to know is this:

Our government funds groups whose only goal is to help illegal aliens and race-based constituencies have every aspect of their lives taken care of for them. They are slaves to the state.

They will file your taxes for you because they think you are too stupid. (they will probably show you how to sign up for the ITIN as well)

As part of an EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) Campaign, it is the goal of Bienestar and its partners United Way, CASH Oregon, and TaxAide to help more latino families access tax credit refunds available through the Earned Income, Child Care and other tax credits. These credits often go unused by people who don’t know about them or who don’t know how to file for them.

They will put your kids in in government program you can find, they will knock on your door to get you signed up and they will get you your GED... complete with Mexican flag in the background:

The apartments are funded like this:
Financing: Low Income Housing Tax Credit Partnership with ESIC/NOAH; HOME, State of Oregon Migrant Million Fund

Development costs = $6.7 million ($134,000 per unit)

No fence could keep people out if these kind of freebies are waiting for them on the other side.


Anonymous said...

And then add another 1,100 New units from "Farmworker" Housing Dev. Corp. in Salem, Woodburn and Independence for ONLY "Migrant" (becasue migrant now means living here year round)workers, also primarily funded by YOUR Tax dollars.

Soooo...With 11% UNemployment, Housing Foreclosures thru the roof, Homeless shelters overcrowded, people that Illegally have a JOB get the Taxpayers to pay their Rent? WHAT?! and Health care and ESL and...

And remember that for many years OUR Congress has tried to pass an AG Amnesty Bill because they say over 80% of Farmworkers are here Illegally (undocumented), even though the Farmworker Visa H2a has no limits on # issued.

Is YOUR U.S. Citizen elected lawmaker working for U.S. Citizens? Nope. That will change in 2010.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of why I will NOT give any money to groups like the United Way, etc. I have no idea of where the money will go and I sure as hell do not want my contributions to go to a bunch of illegals. They already siphon off enough of my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Nowhere did I read this organization's stated goal was to serve illegal aliens. Miglavs and the rest of you Miglavians must have inferred that from Spanish-sounding things, eh?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:00 PM
You are an idiot. A fifth grader can figure it out but you can't. We are broke. The illegals are taking a huge amount of money and resources that should be used for Americans. Your education was stolen by an illegal alien. I guess if Obama told you the sky was falling, you would believe him. I don't see why you have so much compassion for the tax cheats, rapists and murderers that come from south of our border and not Americans. What about our vets who are on the street? Don't they deserve cheap housing? No of course not, they love American, you hate America. Why do you hate America so much?

I recommend that you move to mexico. Don't forget to take your WHOLE family. Mexico has some nice border towns where you will fit in quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great program. It is clear racists like you would hate it. That still won't make it go away. I hope thousands and thousands benefit from it.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:03

So now, it is racist to point out what is wrong with government spending?

Frankly, I am getting sick and tired of that "racist" phrase being tossed around at the drop of a hat every time a liberal wants to feign outrage.