Thursday, April 09, 2009

The solution: make everyone poor

Planning and Sustaining a school-Based Health Center: Cost and Revenue Findings from Oregon
Most billing revenue in Oregon FQHCs comes from billing public insurance programs. As expected, a strong relationship exists between billing revenues and the percent of uninsured visits: the more clients enrolled in public insurance, the more opportunity exists to bill and generate revenues.

Translated: the more poor people dependent on government health care the better the "opportunity" to bill one government agency to pay another government agency.

Data also showed that school socioeconomic indicators such as the percent of students eligible for free and reduced lunch might be good indicators of the percent of student clients with public insurance. However, there may be some limitations to this approach in areas where there are large numbers of undocumented immigrant populations who, if enrolled in school and meet family income definitions, may inflate free and reduced lunch rates.

So we have government agencies tracking you once you are enrolled in one "free" program to determine if they should institute another "free" program. You are nothing but sheeple being used to generate revenue and provide beauracrats with jobs. The government wants you poor so that they have control of your health care, your food supply, your energy usage and much more.

At least I have finally found a use for illegal aliens: the ones who get free lunches (and how many do you think don't qualify since their parents can't legally have an income) throw off the numbers for statistical analysis in this case.


Don't be a Teabagger! said...

Hey Fella, Did you know there are 12 million unemployed. Foreclosures are up 81%. And Wall Street has taken over?

Did you also know that the Republican Party wants you to teabag for the same Wall Street bankers that are bankrupting this country? And all the while they carry no solution for our nations floundering economy?

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As Wall St. corporations grew bigger and bigger until they were “too big to fail,” they also became so politically powerful that they led to distorted and unfair policies that served companies, not citizens.

Its not enough to try to patch up the current system. We demand serious reform that fixes the root problems in our political and economic system: excessive influence of banks, dangerous compensation systems, and massive consolidation. And we demand that the reform happen in an open and transparent manner.

We'll make our voices resound in those closed-door meetings with the bankers. Spread the word!

Anonymous said...

With nobama at the controls everyone will be poor , except the morons who put us here !!!!!