Wednesday, February 13, 2008


While I distrust government as the next bunker-having gun nut (that's a term of affection by the way) I don't understand the Oregon Firearms Federation opposing proof of legal residency to get a drivers license.

A) You have to provide proof of legal residency to get a job; you have to have a job to buy firearms

B) Speaking of buying firearms, unless you buy private you also have to provide proof of legal residency

C) The number of people who choose not to have a SSN is so miniscule that I do not believe that it is a valid argument

D) You have always had to identify yourself to the state to get a drivers license, the extra step actually verifying that you are who you say you are does not constitute a "national ID" (something I oppose)

E) This requirement exists, in patchwork, in most states in America. This has not led to a "national ID"


Anonymous said...

Danny - Romney's going to endorse McCain. Does that mean you're getting on the straight-talk express after all?

Who is Lars "Napoleon Complex" Larson endorsing?

Real ID sucks! said...

OFF sounds sensibleabout the issue. Real ID lite is what the senate bill is. Just because you want the government microchip implant on your forehead doesn't mean the rest of us do.

Anonymous said...

boring post. Real ID does suck.

Scottiebill said...

Daniel: The usual suspects are opposing just about everything the government wants or needs to do. Here they are against the Read ID act. My question is this: If they have nothing to hide from the government, why oppose it?

Or maybe they do have something to hide. You suppose?

Anonymous said...

Dat Them here:

“Who is Lars "Napoleon Complex" Larson endorsing?”

LNG! …Guess he doesn’t get em right all the time either!

scottiebill is a shill said...

Scottieshill, a word for you:

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Anonymous said...

Dude! Have you read any of the "conservatoons" at Lars' website. They're about the most stupid, non-funny thing I've ever seen. Total Far Side rip offs too.

International PABLO said...

If we have to start carrying a silly card around and if we lose our freedom not to, we can't ever get that back. Real ID is a "1984" nightmare.

Anonymous said...

anon 218 - do you expect conservatives to be funny?

Anonymous said...

anon 218 - do you expect conservatives to be funny?

(I'm not anon 218)

I expect them to be funny, but not in the way they intend to be funny.

Like GW Bush saying the problem is too many OB/GYNs can't practice their love with women around the country. That's funny. And scary.