Thursday, February 07, 2008

Go team

Rah rah rah. Go R's!! Did anyone else want to vomit during McCain's speech at CPAC?

I don't see Hillary trying to take my handguns her first term, she wants a second. I'm willing to let things get worse before they get better.


Anonymous said...

I've been telling people for a while that we should all just let the dems have what they want so they can taste how awful they really are...that they are no better than what we've got now. This way in 4 years we can have a change from the change.

Anonymous said...

It was one of the lamest speeches so far. Clearly, the man has no business being President of The United States with some of the ridiculous comments he made. It was pathetic. He embarrased himself in front of the entire country.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO!!! You guys are HILARIOUS! From beating a drum for Tancredo to a Clinton apologist. LOL!!! And we're not even to the primary yet! God, what a year ...

Allen said...

McCain's sincerity is a pale as his complexion.

Anonymous said...

This seems awfully familiar. Was there a governors race in 2006?

eddie said...

At the very least, McCain has a stake in putting the military actions in Iraq and Afganistan in the "win" column. The two democratic contenders seem to want to push it to the "lose" column so they can continue with how horrid and misguided Republicans are...

All else aside, that's enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Daniel's next move will be to burn a flag, volunteer at KBOO and announce that he hates America.

Anonymous said...

No, No! Haven't you heard? Danny's pulling up stakes. He's joining Little Annie Poultergiest on the campaign for Hillary Clinton!

Watching the Repubs eat eachother, watching "Rome" burn, hell, who needs "Lost."

Anonymous said...

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of.....

minimum wage said...

1) Iraq/Defense/Homeland Security/WOT

2) Supreme Court (and other federal judges)

3) Bush Tax Cuts

Now, are you SURE you're ready to concede ro HillBama?

Anonymous said...

"If this were only about me, I would go on. But I entered this race because I hate immigrants, and because I want you to hate them as much as I do." -Mitt Romney

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney got caught EMPLOYING illegal immigrants and couldn't even solve the situation within the confines of his own little fifedom. And Daniel was counting on him to solve it on a national level? Get real.

Romney is a preening, pandering egomaniac born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and not a single clue how the regular folk live. GOPers shrieked about Kerry who has similar traits, yet Kerry is small potatoes compared to Romney's pedigreed existence. And I bet he pays $800 for a haircut, not four hundred.

Good ridance. He'll be just fine, after all, he has his magic underwear to protect him and the planet Kolob awaits....

Don't let the door hit ya, Mitt.

Anonymous said...

Let the democrats have what they want. They'll be eating crow in a few years after nothing changes, we go into a worse recession and they are paying higher taxes. Oh, but we have higher crime and unemployment to look forward to!

Snick@nite said...

Anon 751:

I had to chuckle at your "let them have what they want" post. It sounds so familiar. Ah, yes, memories! The Dems, 8 years ago: Let the Republicans have what they want. "Ask and you shall receive," said the Supremes.

Flash forward to present day: After 8 years of FUBAR'd leadership on EVERY FRONT courtesy of the chimp in charge, who is eating crow?

Memories. Yes, they can serve us well, can't they. Too bad yours is so "selective."

What do I remember about the last time Dems were in charge? Well, I remember unprecidented prosperity, record low unemployment, a budgetary surplus, a positive international reputation of detante and statesmanship, and relative peace.

Would you like your crow baked or fried? Would you like FRENCH fries with that?

Anonymous said...

VIVA AZTLAN! VIVA LA RAZA! Two pro-immigrant candidates for President, Gracias Republican Party!

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't call the dem congress EVERY FRONT. If so, then your words are backfiring on you.

As for relative peace...all things are relative if you look at them certain ways. Genocide and war across the world is okay as long as we don't get involved? Better keep your blinders on.

Let's not forget Jimmy Carter (unless you're too young to remember), the king of recessions. Let the taxes roll in!

Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake...can we at least keep the discussion in modern times, lol. And there was plenty of FUBAR leadership on record before Dem congress took over 1 year ago.

The Dem congress has at least prevented further damage that would have occured if Reps had been in charge any longer. My God, can you imagine?

Relative peace is better than what we have now, for shit's sake.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1120:

De nada!

Anonymous said...

They'll be eating crow in a few years after nothing changes ...

And who's eating crow after 8 years of W?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be paying Clinton taxes on Clinton wages/economy, than Bush taxes on Bush wages/economy.

Mugwump said...

In the words of Justin Timbaland, "I'm bringing Mugwump Back!" I would never vote for the Republican Party now. I think what far-right anti-immigrant conservatives have done over the last years is terrible and shameful. I am a first generation son of a Mexican immigrant who happens to be a citizen. The talkshow hosts, you people on her and those with their insults of Mexicans makes me sick. I see why Romney lost. That is certainly clear now. I will cast my vote for whatever Democrat is on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Tancredo's inability to even get ON the political radar and Romney's self-destruction ought to tell the Miglavians just how popular their campaign of bigotry against "illegal aliens" is, how TOTALLY outside of the mainstream they really are. Oh, they may get their license measure passed, because it sounds reasonable on its face, but anyone who takes the time to listen to a Miglavian will not be fooled by what they're really talking about ...

So, Daniel: When's your next video installment of refried beans and tamales coming? The people want to know!

Dat Themocrat said...

“Let the democrats have what they want. They'll be eating crow in a few years after nothing changes”…

Too late! What the ‘democrats wanted’ was a continuation of the Clinton years; if not perfect – one hell-of-a lot better than what we got! Four years later Democrats wanted change; a war hero for a chicken-hawk. Instead, a deeper hole!

Now what, a prisoner of war promoting the same (if not torture)? If there’s anything wrong with the Democrat contenders (beyond illegal alien pandering - including your R), it may be their desire to wade into the mess of your last two presidential votes. Without examining their heads – perhaps they’re simply Patriots?

Anonymous said...

I am voting democrat this year for the first time, because I cannot stand another FAKE republican who only cares about invading middle eastern countries and acting like 9-11 is the first thing people worry about when they wake up until they go to sleep at night. JEEEEEZ ENOUGH ALREADY YOU DAMN RHINOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had enough of this damn party, just registered independent as well.

Anonymous said...

To anon851AM:
Actually, Romney would have gotten whipped without the illegal alien issue. That issue was a net positive for him.

In California, the illegal alien issue was all that kept him respectable.

To anon754AM:
Illegal aliens lower the wages for Hispanic-Americans, and make it more difficult to get a decent paying job. Illegal aliens cost you more taxes to the government. They raise the premiums on your health insurance. They cause more crime in your community. More drugs.

It is not in your interest as a first generation citizen to passively allow illegal immigration.

This is about the rule of law, which protects the weakest in our society and our rights as citizens.

Be proud of your citizenship. Illegal immigration cheapens your citizenship.

Equality of citizenship is the greatest right a citizen has.

What will happen to your privileges and rights as a citizen when the government is overburdened, taxes can't cover expenses and services collaspe?

I suggest at that point, it will be a struggle of the strong against the weak.

Citizenship will lose it's power; and rights that were taken for granted will not be respected by the strong.

It's in the weakest of society's interest to bolster and protect the meaning and privilege of citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that last post stopped the open borders types dead in their tracks.

Anonymous said...

There are very few "open borders" dissenters who frequent this blog. The vast majority of us are looking to solve the problem of illegal immigration. We just don't like the way the OFIR Gang of Thugs, lead by Danny, uses lies, half-truths, bigotry, bullying and snide insults to do it.

Anon 2:22 is right. It's not in anybody's interest to passiveky allow illegal immigration. No one (except for a very few) disagrees with that.

Nor is it in anybody's interest to passively allow a hypocritical thug's blog to perpetuate bigotry, racism and hateful, ethnocentric, drooling diatribes.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Jimmy Carter (unless you're too young to remember), the king of recessions. Let the taxes roll in!

Actually, the first term of Ronald Reagan's Presidency was far worse than Jimmy Carter's--higher unemployment, much larger deficits (on a percentage basis the highest ever), and a decline in the real median income over the first three years.

What saved Reagan was that things were marginally better in his fourth year, whereas things got worse in Carter's last year. But over the course of four years the economy was much better under Carter than under Reagan (and better than the two years under Ford that preceded him).

DAVE1 said...

Anonymous Snick@nite

DAVE1 said...

Snick@nite I can also remember:
1 the shortest recession (that started in Clinton's last 6 months)
2 no more 911 attacks that was the SECOND from al queda that was planned during Clinton's presidency. Bush has killed many more of our enemies. I have also seen where Bush will take terrorists where Clinton was worried about the paperwork instead of American lives.
3 The economy has been booming since the tax cuts. You also need to take some economics, the economy has bulls and bears and mini bulls and bears. This means the economy goes up AND down.
4 Libya turned over their WMD's to our government.
5 Bush also has been tougher on the North Koreans. He hasn't been giving them nuclear technology, money, fuel and food while they build nuke bombs like Clinton did.
It seems that your memory is also selective. Is your male appendage small like your memory?

Snick@nite said...

LOL, Dave 1:

The refuge of simple minds: insult your opponent's body parts. From ankles to stature to genitals, and unfortunate symptoms of disease,
Limbaughtomized Regurgitrons
never pass up an opportunity to regress to juvenile and moronic cruelty about the physical shortcomings of their fellow man. How "moral" of you.

"You shall know them by their fruits."

All that aside, I'll give you an E for effort though, you managed to come up with 5 examples (albiet flimsy and incomplete logic) of why you "still believe." I hear
Hannity is hawking "kool-aid" mugs...

Re: Item #3:

a) Boom for whom? Unfortunately, and to the dismay of the struggling middle class, Wall Street doesn't mean Elm Street.
You can't buy milk and eggs with 401k's, Einstein.

b) While you were eating your Post Toasties this morning, Dub'ya was on TV acknowledging your so- called "boom" is looking more like a bust.

PS: Last time I checked, I didn't have a "male appendage," but if I did, well... it might be kinda fun to pee standing up! Especially when there's snow on the ground. I could write "Miglavia Must Die"
in the snow!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just have to make some comments about the so-called booming economy of the Bush era.

1. As of 2005 the real (adjusted for inflation) median family income was less than it was in 2000.

2. In the eight years of Clinton the Dow Jones Industrial Average more than triples, and the NASDAQ nearly quadrupled.

Under Bush? Not so much. The Dow is up a grand total of 15.7% from when Bush started in January, 2001 (compared to the 226% increase in the Clinton years). The NASDAQ is actually down 16% ( as opposed to the 296% increase during Clinton's two terms) during Bush's Presidency.

We did not have a recession in 2000 - 2001, though the economy did not grow at the rate it had previously. We did have two quarters of real GDP loss, but they weren't consecutive, so there was no recession.

But the economy can be booming under a Republican and things can still be bad for people--we had over 7% GDP growth in Reagan's fourth year, but we still had unemployment over 7%.

With Clinton we had a healthy economy--steady GDP growth with no booms and no busts, and steadily decreasing unemployment and steadily decreasing budget deficits.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather pay Clinton taxes on Clinton wages than Bush taxes on Bush wages -- any old day.

Awesome Face said...

Thanks for your endorsement of Romney, it's people like you that make sure centerists like McCain get the nomination.

I hope we're all ready for more wars and recession; I know I am, McCain in '08.

Anonymous said...

Leading Pro-Life Congressman Chris Smith Says John McCain Opposes Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- New Jersey congressman Chris Smith has led the pro-life charge in Congress for decades on abortion and bioethics issues. In a Monday interview, Representative Smith said likely Republican presidential nominee John McCain is pro-life on abortion and believes in protecting unborn children. "He is pro-life in his heart of hearts, in my opinion," Smith told the Washington Times. He said McCain's position on opposing abortion dates back decades and that his voting record on abortion matches his speeches on the campaign trail. Smith also told the newspaper that there is little reason not to side with McCain when compared with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- two Democrats with decidedly pro-abortion views. "The extreme positions taken by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been almost completely obscured, as it often is, by the focus on the Republican candidate," Smith said. "Some people like to be known as the education president. They will be known as the abortion president." Full story at

Former Director of Pro-Abortion "Catholic" Group Backs Barack Obama
Washington, DC ( -- The former director of a pro-abortion group that claims to be Catholic has endorsed Barack Obama as the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in the race. Frances Kissling, the former president of Catholics for a Free Choice, responded to a Huffington Post editorial by Ellie Smeal, Gloria Steinem and others endorsing Hillary Clinton. Kissling admitted that there is little difference between the pro-abortion policies both Democratic candidates would advance as president, and the judges they would appoint to keep abortion legal another 35 years. "I believe in the nitty gritty of a day-to-day legislative agenda, there will be little difference between Clinton and Obama," Kissling wrote. Kissling says both will nominate pro-abortion judges, both will force taxpayers to fund abortions on an international scale, and both will fund the UNFPA, which has been found to have supported the forced-abortion policies in China. She says she's "convinced that in the larger struggle to complete the social transformation promised by Roe, Obama's instincts and values will bring us closer to that transformation." Full story at
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Anonymous said...

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Head to head, McCain edges Hillary, 49-48 among likely voters, but of course that's within the margin of error. Among registered voters, it's a 48-48 tie, and among adults, it's McCain again, 48 percent to 47 percent.

Obama beats McCain among likely voters, 50 to 46 percent, and among registered, it's Obama 49 percent to McCain 46 percent. Among adults, the numbers are pretty much the same.

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Anonymous said...

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