Monday, February 11, 2008

Conventional wisdom

Almost nothing makes sense coming from folks who are in favor of illegal aliens. Republicans insist that these criminals are the new conservative constiuency. (I guess "willingness to break laws" will be replacing "personal responsibility" as a plank in the Republican platform) But every group that "represents" these folks are openly partisan left.

Over at CAUSA they even put all the D's in bold typeface while the R's are relegated to the bottom of the list.

Then the liberal proponents of illegal aliens insist that Respect for Law folks are racist bigots who kill puppies when not oppressing minorities. These are the same CAUSA folks who say that restricting drivers licenses to legal residents affects the "Latino community."

Being Latino doesn't mean that you aren't an American or a legal resident. Why would you lump in a racial demographic with criminal aliens like that? CAUSA also plans to "launch the largest Latino voter registration campaign in the history of Oregon." They must be passing them out by the drinking fountain that I'm not allowed to use.


Anonymous said...

Then the liberal proponents of illegal aliens insist that Respect for Law folks are racist bigots ...

I know, I know, isn't that irritating as hell? Asshole libs.

So Daniel: When's your next video installment of Tamales 'n Beans at Sherwood High coming? Gotta stay on top of the latest ... um, illegal Mexican food developments in our public schools.

Anonymous said...

I guess "willingness to break laws" will be replacing "personal responsibility" as a plank in the Republican platform

Newsflash for's been a part of the unofficial G.O.P. platform for a long time, from Nixon's spying on dissenters, to Reagan's illegal trading of arms for hostages and funding terrorists (and spying on dissenters) to Bush's starting an illegal war and spying on dissenters.

Doug said...

Please Danny. You and the anti-immigrant clowns in this state have been scapegoating and demeaning latinos for a long time. From your video safari posts depicting them as animals to your insults of their culture and language, you have all but treated them like human beings. You and your ilk have declared war on the latinos (regardless of their status) calling them criminals and terrorists on a daily basis. It is about time that causa tells it like it is. Your agenda and that of oafer alike has always been one of hate and anti-latino scapegoating. Time to man up and be honest about that for once in your pathetic little life.

Anonymous said...

Daniel: Could you enlighten us on how to tell the difference between a legal tamale and an illegal alien tamale? Is it possible to tell by looking at them, or do you have to actually taste them?

Dat Themocrat said...

OPB Radio’s begging, so I’ve turned to its alternative, KBOO. I’d listen to “Air America” if the harsh advertisement and delivery wasn’t akin to the dozen Right-wing programs it’s patterned after. But some of you had better donate twice to both the above cause they’re off my charity list.

They are bias – and perhaps I have ‘Illegal Immigrants’ to thank for enlightening me. My blood boils when listening to an NPR sob-piece referring to “Undocumented workers.” “How about Illegal Aliens” I cuss! Then there’s the Boo… overtly promoting this invasion.

“Almost nothing makes sense coming from folks who are in favor of illegal aliens.”

It’s got me thinking! With their back-assward promotion of another Amnesty, is all their ‘reporting’ suspect? Good ol Pacifica … groping for division with dreams of Anarchy -- they’re as bad as any apocalyptic Right-winger!!

Now I’m really confused! An active Democrat, having a few more things in common with them - what happens when the ‘other side’s’ right? Pretend they aren’t and continue working against our best interest’s until we become a minority expecting the same protection? As discovered, those closest to and pushing hardest for revolving-amnesty are not Democrats! They’re self-serving Anarchists with family, economic or genetic ties to the Central American invader’s USING Democrats still clinging to the notion they’re supporting “migrant farm workers.” Note to Dems: the migration is one way!

“Being Latino doesn't mean that you aren't an American or a legal resident.”

Well put, if sad… Legal Latino’s have the most to lose; those who’d earned their legal status. Baring US American’s loss of jobs & social programs (initiated and paid for by same), extended losers are likely the hundreds of thousands around the world waiting to get in legally, whose opportunity will have been taken by those from one location - Latin America.

Racism’s real! The core activists and organizations promoting this silent invasion are genetically linked; and playing the race-card while promoting their own is a vulgar tactic.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so let me get this straight -- Daniel's pissing and moaning because CAUSA is employing some of the same techniques he does?


You're kidding, right Daniel??????

Hey, so what's up with this shit about your wife working for the State. I thought your hate for State workers was second only to your hate for the Spanish language.

Don't you feel kind of, um, dirty, when you spend the paycheck?


Snick@nite said...

Dat Themocrat:

Most "legal" Latinos haven't earned it at all, it was bestowed to them upon birth JUST LIKE YOU. The word "legal" or "illegal" shouldn't have to be the
"requisite" adjective preceding the term Latino. It makes us all sound like nothing but livestock. Please don't do that. I find it quite offensive.

Thank you.

Snick@nite said...

Dat Themocrat say:

Racism’s real! The core activists and organizations promoting this silent invasion are....

....genetically linked????:

What???? "Genetically linked???" You sound like an Miglav-Aryan from Nazi Germany.

....and playing the race-card while promoting their own is a vulgar tactic. -- Dat Themocrat

Indeed, Dat Themocrat: racism IS real, (and vulgar and stealthy) as evidenced by comment after comment after comment on this blog.

You nauseate me.

Anonymous said...

The most vile and most frequent Ra cist remarks here are actually from the Open Border far left Democrats on this board.

I have talked with many OFIR members, they are not Racist, they do not champion a certain race, as the illegal alien supporters do, they just want immigration laws enforced, something about 300 million IS enough already, especially for our enviroment.

Anonymous said...

...something about 300 million IS enough already ...

So what's next? Mandatory condoms or a year in jail and a $5,000 fine? Limits on children per family? You gonna walk the talk, or just talk the talk?

Anonymous said...

Oh pleeeeease Anon 803! Cite some, otherwise you're just blowing chum. Cite some. take the time to cite examples when discussing what goes on in this blog, so go ahead. Cite some of these "most vile and frequent Racist remarks."

PS: It's 250 million by the most recent count. Lets stick to the facts. Like I keep telling Daniel, the truth is sufficient.

Anonymous said...


Daniel's a one-issue pony. His uncritical stance on immigration disinclines him from considering evidence to the contrary or even entering into discussion with those who think that there are ways of dealing with the illegal immigration issue that better serve the long-term interests of our nation. Those who disagree with Daniel, are nothing short of evil. Everything is political with Daniel. Policy be damned.

If you're interested in actually reading a DEBATE over the ISSUES related to unauthorized migration I would highly recommend the discussion between Mark Krikorian (representative of the restrictionist-oriented Center for Immigration Studies) and Tomas Jimenez, professor of Sociology at UC-San Diego. All last week these two debated various aspects of the illegal immigration issue in a "dust up" series in the opinion section of the LA Times.,0,3891960.storygallery

As an academic, myself, doing research on Mexican immigration to the U.S., I think Krikorian's empirical evidence is quite weak, and that Jimenez has by far the stronger argument. But what would you expect from an "evil" liberal academic scholar?

Decide for yourself.

If, instead, as a pastime you enjoy sinking to Daniel's uncritical and overly simplistic level, and regressing to personal attacks (a la Lars Larson et al.), as a way of somehow "solving" the immigration "problem", then carry on.

P.S. - Daniel et al.: Please carry on with your emotive and ethnically tinged arguments for your position. It just makes it increasingly easy for those of us who favor a more humanitarian, economically-oriented, and rational solution to the issue, because when it comes time to work out a poicy, only backwater politicians will want to take up your cause in those terms.

Also, thanks for the amusing post; you calling those who favor a different solution to the issue "racist" is certainly rich in irony, and I love irony.

Anonymous said...

Actually is 303 million, it was released in census figures YESTERDAY!

Dat Themocrat said...

Snick: “Most "legal" Latinos haven't earned it at all”… Had you not so easily tripped over semantics, we may have gotten somewhere… “Legal Latino’s” may have come to this nation ‘legally’ (from below our southern border) or they may have been born here; as opposed to those having entered our nation without permission or detection. There’s a difference, my point being: those here legally are increasingly looked upon as not.

*Racism’s real! The core activists and organizations promoting this silent invasion are genetically linked*

"What????" "Genetically linked???" You’re quite touchy! Too close to home? Apparently a stickler for accuracy, how should one describe the biological ties to regional ethnic populations (in Politically Correct terminology of course)? Your aggressive response actually confirms your understanding…

*and playing the race-card while promoting their own is a vulgar tactic.*

“You nauseate me.” Ditto!

Dat Themocrat said...

9:29am: “Daniel's a one-issue pony.” – Then let’s solve that “issue” and ignore him!

Daniel is battling the likes of you; like cast-iron pots calling the other black!

“If you're interested in actually reading a DEBATE over the ISSUES related to unauthorized migration…”

So each side may harvest additional debating tactics and diversionary skills? How about calling it as we see it? Ride MAX from Gresham to Hillsboro - describe what you see - then tell us why we should allow the destruction of our nation from the invasion of another? Hell – even the Iraqis fight back!

Yet more denier dribble … the “intellectual equivalent” of what you lament?

“I love irony”

- Then promote it elsewhere. This Blog may stray but its ultimate direction is clear; yours appears tainted by those rose-colored specs ~

Anonymous said...

Facts are most Hispanics are only LEGAL via 1st Amnesty of 1986 (over 3 Mllion PLUS Family members) and their children since, and New Anchor Babies, over 500,000last year alone, if you beleive Pew Research or the U.S. Census.

Facts are that Mexico has a quota, like the rest of the World to come here and tens of millions of Mexicans have cut to the front of the line, while supporting Human Smugglers and Drug Dealers in the process. This is NOT Diversity or acceptable to ANY Society.

While far left Democrats call people names (in defense of a Race or ethnicity, Racism pure and simple), ignoring the WAGE Suppression affecting the very people, middle & low class workers, they claim to want to help.

Anonymous said...

Dat -

Social Scientists and policy makers have to be a little more expansive in the evidence they consider when working out a policy solution. A train-ride through Portland doesn't cut it.

In a brief summary, here is how the evidence stacks up:

1. Violent Crime and Social Disorganization. Social Scientists, for example, Robert Sampson at Harvard, have found that immigrants (illegals included) commit relatively fewer violent crimes than natives.

2. Economic impacts of immigration. For nearly two decades, economists and sociologists have examined the effect of immigration on the employment and earnings of natives. On balance, this research shows that immigration has little if any effect on native employment. There is a dearth evidence showing a negative effect. There is also strong evidence that our most recent economic expansion, in the 1990s, would have been impossible without a large pool of low-wage immigrant laborers. This expansion was good for the nation as a whole, yielding a wealth of technological and medical advancement that continues to enrich and prolong our lives.

3. Fiscal impacts. Again, a large body of research has examined whether immigrants are more prone to using entitlement programs such as (AFDC). They are not, especially after the passage of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act that cut-off access among illegals and restricted the access of legal immigrants to such programs.

4. Cultural "balkanization". People, such as Huntington (lacking any data whatsoever) have worried that cultural heterogeneity associated with immigration will weaken the union. Again, there's absolutely no evidence to support this concern. Though about 60% of Mexican immigrants do not speak English well or at all, their children are almost fully billingual, and the third generation speaks only English. The descendants of recent immigrants acculturate to American norms with remarkable rapidity. They consume like Americans. They get fat like Americans. They get violent like Americans, etc. In other words, they come to resemble the native-born populuation in, at most, three generations.

In light of this evidence, why would I support a solution to immigration that stresses deportation? It seems to me, that most illegals here work at remarkable rates, and only want to continue doing so. Those who have demonstrated consistent work and a clean criminal record should be given the opportunity to do so. At the same time, I think that it is important to clear visa backlogs, up the quota for work-visas from Mexico, work with the Mexican government to help expand their economy with the types of jobs that will help employ their surplus laboreres, and enforce unauthorized migration.

Many would suggest that the changes you are seeing in the suburbs of Portland are not unique, and are not caused by immigration. Rather, it is a trend in almost all American cities and most in Europe, that poor people are being pushed out of the central core to the outlying areas of most urban centers. It would have happened even with zero immigration. That poor people are disproportionately black and brown is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:09 -

"Facts are most Hispanics are only LEGAL via 1st Amnesty of 1986 (over 3 Mllion PLUS Family members) and their children since, and New Anchor Babies, over 500,000last year alone, if you beleive Pew Research or the U.S. Census."

You are simply ignorant. There are over six generations of Mexican-origin people in the U.S. as their migration to the U.S. goes back to the late 1800s, and some were living here before the Mexican-Amereican war of 1848. Furthermore, Cubans, Dominicans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, etc., are also Hispanics. So are Puerto Ricans who are citizens at birth.

"Facts are that Mexico has a quota, like the rest of the World to come here and tens of millions of Mexicans have cut to the front of the line, while supporting Human Smugglers and Drug Dealers in the process. This is NOT Diversity or acceptable to ANY Society."

Up until 1965, Mexico had no quota. The system of Mexican migration to the U.S. developed ties between families in the U.S. and families in Mexico for over sixty years, up through the Bracero program. It's absolutely foolish to think that this sort of social system is going to respond to an arbitrarily applied quota. Moreover, why should Mexico, which exceeds its quota every year and has a 15 year backlog (would you wait 15 years to join a family member?) have the same numerical quota as most European countries which go unmet every year?

"While far left Democrats call people names (in defense of a Race or ethnicity, Racism pure and simple), ignoring the WAGE Suppression affecting the very people, middle & low class workers, they claim to want to help."

Again, what wage suppression? Economists have tried, and find very little, if any, evidence of its existence. Should we all respond to some "problem" that you assume exists, even though there is no evidence of it?

Anonymous said...


What? No response for Anon 10:35? You're so quiet. Where's your rebuttal? LMAO.

What ever are you going to do now that there is NO Presidential candidate to represent your bigotry? What ever will you do?

When Obama or Hillary win the White House, their solution to the illegal immigration problem will likely pretty much mirror the thoughts of Anon 1035.

Sucks to be you. To be so angry, bitter and festering in your ONE AND ONLY LIFE. How sad.

Anonymous said...

"Though about 60% of Mexican immigrants do not speak English well or at all" anon 10:35

WOW!!! So 60% of the 20 million illegals makes at least 12 million people who can't speak english, and you are alright with this?? You dumbass...

Snick@nite said...


Sorry. I don't possess your Hitleresque "genetic link" to the problem.

You see, my Mexican family was one of the founding families of Santa Barbara. We were here before America made it to the Mississippi River. We were here before your ancestors stepped off the boat.

There's never been an illegal alien in our family and its almost certain there never will be.

Why? Because the family members who live in Mexico city are filthy freakin rich. They dont WANT to come here. We're their poor relations. Oh, we've done well enough, for a bunch of no-count filthy Mexicans. Every single one of us age 50 and under has a degreed profession or is working on one.

But, our relatives in Mexico? They have summer homes in the Florida Keys and get there via private plane.

BTW, Aren't you going to respond to Anon 10:35? He/she
presents some real juicy morsels
and what's more, they're based on the thoughtful examination of historical facts and demographics, not fear driven, bigoted anecdotes.

Dat Themocrat said...

Ano 10:35: This problems been analyzed for decades; more-of-the-same is simply a delaying tactic. Do you feel illegal immigration should be stopped? If so, what are you waiting for? If it’s social consensus, or the ability of everyone to understand your proposed debate – that’s not gonna cut it.

Let’s start from where the slate was cleaned: Reagan’s Amnesty of 1986. The Deal: Amnesty for the illegal aliens of that time in trade for stricter “immigration” laws. The Result: Amnesty was granted - the Laws were ignored. The Extended Outcome: an instantly legalized underclass of less than 3 million Hispanics; each bringing (on average) 5 more family members to become USA citizens. Conclusion: Crime Pays!

Many of those granted Amnesty in 86 now provide cover to the 12 to 21 million illegal aliens that have followed. Is your answer to grant another Amnesty – in whatever round-about way?

Sorry, the time for debate is long past – it’s time for action. And if this Blog, Daniels or anyone else’s, promotes enforcement of the Laws this nation traded away for that last Amnesty, there will be no need for another. Contemplate your navel till the cows come home, but out on the range it’s getting ugly.

The Lib Librarian said...

Thanks for saying what so many millions of us are feeling, Snick. This compulsion to describe Latinos who meet Miglavian criteria for being worthy as "legal" subtly (or maybe not so subtly) infers that all Latinos are "suspect." Pretty soon they'll start circulating petitions for a law that will have all brown people wearing a yellow star on the right side of our lapel if we are "legal" and a yellow star on the left side of our lapel if we are "illegal." It's the only way the racist mongrels will be able to tell us apart.

I wonder, does Daniel describe his Mexican servant/wife's heritage as "legal Latino?" Does Dat Themocrat describe his Latino "friends" as "my legal Latino friends?" I mean, these guys "SAY" that citizenship makes you American, but they don't actually "BELIEVE" it.

In Miglavia, if you're Latino and you were born in America, then you're just a "legal" Latino -- not "REALLY" the same "KIND" of American (citizen) that they are, not even close. And don't ever get uppity and think that you are either. Got that, boy?

" Heil ! " Welcome to Miglavia. You're welcome to stay but only until November, 2008 when Miglavia will self destruct.

Anonymous said...

That was lame. You can do better than that, Dat.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:48 -

"WOW!!! So 60% of the 20 million illegals makes at least 12 million people who can't speak english, and you are alright with this?? You dumbass..."

Sure. What's to fear? Perhaps if there was some sign that Non-English-speakers resisted learning English, or encouraged their children to not learn English, then there might be some risk of harmful balkanization effects. But ESL classes appear to be in record-high demand, and as I also state, conversion to English among the children of immigrants is rapid and complete. By the way, until I see some more rigorous methodolgical scrutiny over the 20 million estimate (beyond what Lou Dobbs or Bear-Stearns thinks), I'll go with the figure of 12 million illegal immigrants estimated by professionals trained in the science of counting populations (i.e., demographers). Oh, and...I love you too.

Dat -

"Do you feel illegal immigration should be stopped?"

Of course, but I don't think continuing to poor money into border patrol is the only answer. The INS budget increased 8-fold between 1986 and 1998. After IRCA, crossing the border illegally became much harder. Increased surveillance in urban areas pushed illegal flows into the desert where more died. The demand, and therefore costs, for coyotes skyrocketed. Those already living and working here illegally were less likely to go back to Mexico for fear of not being able to get back in, or not having the funds to pay the coyote. That is, increased border enforcement caused many to settle here, whereas originally, they would have chosen to return.

"The Result: Amnesty was granted - the Laws were ignored. The Extended Outcome: an instantly legalized underclass of less than 3 million Hispanics; each bringing (on average) 5 more family members to become USA citizens."

How is increasing the INS budget by 8 times immediately after 1986 "ignoring" immigration laws. About the only laws that were "ignored" were those directed at U.S. employers. Also, what evidence do you have supporting the notion that those receiving amnesty under the auspices of the 1986 IRCA constitute an underclass? Research that I've read shows that the amnesty allowed for many to experience upward mobility that they would not have otherwise. Also, many return to Mexico to retire.

"Many of those granted Amnesty in 86 now provide cover to the 12 to 21 million illegal aliens that have followed."

Not all unauthorized residents were elligble for amnesty in 1986. Only those who could demonstrate residence in the country as of January 1, 1982. Those not elligible constitute the seed-bed for today's undocumented population.

"Is your answer to grant another Amnesty – in whatever round-about way?"

Yes. As long as quotas are adjusted upward and strict workplace enforcement is undertaken along with it. I think things will be different this time around for several reasons. First, our economy is going south. The one bright side to this is that the American labor market will become less desirable to underemployed Mexicans. Second, the fertility rates among Mexican women have undergone one of the most dramatic reductions the world has ever seen, dropping from about 6 children per woman in the 1960s/1970 to just over 2 children per woman today. There will simply be less of a labor surplus in Mexico in future generations. Third, our population is about to begin aging drastically. Our biggest homegrown generation in the workforce - the baby boomers - are about to exit the labor market in droves. Not only will the newly legalized immigrants fill the gap, they will be much needed to keep the economy going, produce our future high-skilled workforce, and take care of our aging parents and grandparents.

Writing off my specific arguments and policy proposals off as navel contemplation is laughable, and suggests that you don't have much in the way of a reasoned response guided by evidence.

It really comes down to this: You believe in one reality associated with illegal immigration and I believe in another. I also tend to believe that the evidence supporting my belief is more prevalent and highly scrutinized by professionals, while the "evidence" in support of your position, it seems to me, is either fabricated, anecdotal, or derived from partisan sources, making it suspect on all fronts.

Dat, why would I get behind a policy that I believe has no empirical traction?

Snick@nite said...

How 'bout dat, Dat? This guy's kickin' your hegemonious hynie.

The writing's on the wall Dat. Come November the illegal immigration problem will be solved our way -- by enforcing already existing laws against the crooks who hire illegal aliens and by streamlining the immigration process so that coming here legally doesnt take the non-professional 15 years.

This, and other meaningful and non-racist strategies that Anon 10:35
mentions will be how illegal immigration is solved, not German Shepards and box cars carting off brown people while you point your vulgar Aryan finger screaming White Power slogans at those
"genetically linked" to them.

Anonymous said...

In Mexico, an energized economy raises hopes

By Chris Hawley, USA TODAY

IXMIQUILPAN, Mexico — As Mexicans risk their lives to illegally emigrate to the USA and shootouts among drug lords continue to dominate the news, it's understandable why Mexico might be perceived as a place with little hope.
Yet in places such as this tourist town that caters to the burgeoning middle class outside Mexico City, many Mexicans say their future looks brighter than it has in generations.

On weekends, a line of Chevrolet hatchbacks and other inexpensive new cars snakes into parking lots at the town's water-slide parks. There, tourists munch on $2 corn dogs, snap pictures with digital cameras and spend some of their modest incomes. Every year, their numbers grow, the town's tourism department says. And every year, they have a little more to spend.

"The last five or six years have been good for Mexico," says Crescenciano Montiel, 34, manager of the Valle Paraiso water park. "Little by little, things have improved."

Such stories abound, involving Mexicans of all income levels. The economy is growing steadily, and poverty rates are declining significantly. Crime is down, public health and education levels are improving, and Mexico's democracy is more robust than at any time in its history.

"The country is stronger than ever," says Leon Krauze, a political author and television host in Mexico. "We have managed to overcome many of the political and economic tempests that used to threaten us."
As the debate over illegal immigration percolates in the USA, there are hopes on both sides of the border that Mexico's improving economy eventually will provide enough jobs to encourage significant numbers of Mexicans to stay and prosper in their country.

There are signs that's starting to happen.

The brighter economic outlook in Mexico is one reason the number of migrants caught by U.S. border agents has declined 20% during the past year or so, although tighter border enforcement and the slowing U.S. economy also are factors, says Wayne Cornelius, a University of California, San Diego, specialist in Mexican migration.

Continued improvements in Mexico would be good for the U.S. economy, says Eduardo Loría, an economist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Mexico bought $126 billion in U.S. goods between January and November last year, up 25% since 2004. Mexico likely would continue to buy more if its economy continued to improve, he says.

Reduced Mexican emigration and an increasingly stable government here also could ease turmoil along the U.S.-Mexican border, Krauze says. Immigrant smugglers have brought violence to the U.S. side, engaging in shootouts in the Arizona desert, attacking Border Patrol agents and kidnapping each other's clients on U.S. soil.

"In terms of the tensions that are very evident as far as migration and the turmoil along the border, I would hope that, in a decade, if Mexico continues along this path and begins to see these microeconomic benefits, the United States would see a reduction in those areas," Krauze says.

For now, though, problems remain.

Corruption and a feeble legal system are constraints on growth here, and there is still an acute shortage of well-paying jobs. And Mexico's dependence on the United States for exports and cash remittances could leave it especially vulnerable to a U.S. recession.

Even so, Mexicans such as Montiel cite increasing examples of how their country is undergoing a slow but dramatic transformation.

Born into a farming family of 14 siblings in Ixmiquilpan, 70 miles north of Mexico City, Montiel says he could have headed to the USA like many of his relatives and neighbors.

Instead he went to college with a small scholarship, got a business degree and worked at a bank and insurance company. Montiel and his wife have one child, a 2-year-old daughter, a reflection of how Mexican families have become smaller in recent years, thanks in part to better planning. The fertility rate is 2.1 children per woman, on par with the U.S. rate and just enough to keep population levels stable.

In 2003, Montiel persuaded his family to build a water park on a corner of their 25-acre farm, using water from a thermal spring formerly used for irrigation. The park has five swimming pools, three water slides, a restaurant and a nine-room inn, and is visited by 800-1,500 people a month.

"We've been subsidizing it with our crops, but I think this year we're going to break even," Montiel says as he supervises installation of a faux-rock fountain topped with a fiberglass dolphin. "This is going to be the new family business."

A stabilizing economy

Such displays of entrepreneurship and optimism were uncommon a decade ago, when Mexico was reeling from an economic meltdown and an armed uprising in the southern state of Chiapas. Banks collapsed nationwide under a mountain of unpaid loans.

Politically, Mexico was monopolized by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which had used payoffs, intimidation and election fraud to rule the nation under a virtual one-party system since 1929.

But change was in the air.

The 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement opened a huge market for Mexican-made goods, spurring the construction of factories along the U.S. border.

Meanwhile, a new generation of government technocrats, many of them Ivy League graduates, began to tame the runaway public spending and inflation that had locked the Mexican economy in bust-and-boom cycles for generations.

In 2000, the conservative Vicente Fox became the first president from outside the PRI in seven decades. Under Fox and his successor, Felipe Calderón, inflation has averaged about 4% a year with no major financial meltdowns.

"The stability of the past decade-plus has allowed financial markets and banks to grow up. Mortgages exist now. People can get loans. There has been a birth of a middle class in Mexico," says Gray Newman, head economist for Latin America at Morgan Stanley investment bank in New York.

Economic growth has been modest, averaging about 3% per year, but the greatest improvement in living standards among Mexico's 103 million people has been seen among those of humble means — surprising, perhaps, given the historic gap between rich and poor.

"All of the international indicators show improvement," Loría says. "And it's not just improvement in poverty. There's improvement in equality as well."

Mexico's economy created roughly 950,000 jobs last year, according to the government.

That is a major improvement from a decade ago, when job growth was nearly flat, but still not quite enough to absorb the 1.1 million Mexicans who entered the workforce in 2007.

That disparity, plus the fact U.S. jobs often pay five times as much as those in Mexico, is a major reason why migrants continue crossing into the USA, Newman says.

However, if Mexico's economy keeps growing at similar or slightly better rates, and if population growth continues to level out, then within a generation there might not be enough working-age people to fill its labor force, says Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, a Mexico specialist at the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank.

Mexico "could go over the next 20 years from being an exporter of people to an importer of people," Martinez-Diaz says. "That would be a pretty remarkable change."

The emerging suburbs

Perhaps nothing is more emblematic of Mexico's transformation than the rows of identical, low-cost houses growing like corn on the dusty plain in places such as Zumpango and Tecamac, north of Mexico City.

At the 7,000-home Paseos de San Juan subdivision, construction workers move in waves across the ground, seemingly unable to meet demand fast enough — one team pouring concrete, others applying stucco, running cable and installing windows.

At the sales office, former schoolteacher Manuel Navarro waited to pick up the keys to his new retirement home.

Navarro built his first house the traditional Mexican way: He saved a little money, bought some blocks and mortar and built it himself, one room at a time, over 15 years. Mexican cities are full of such half-finished homes.

Navarro's new home — a two-bedroom, two-story concrete town house — cost him $41,200 with financing through a housing fund for government employees. "Who wants to wait 15 years for a house anymore?" he says.

In all, 1.2 million homes were purchased using mortgages in 2007, up from 476,788 in 2000. Most of the mortgages were arranged through Infonavit, a government-backed fund that has doubled its lending in seven years.

Navarro credits Mexico's move to a multiparty democracy for the change.

"When the PRI was in power, you could get housing credit from the government, but only if you were a party member or from a PRI town," he says. "Things are more transparent now, more open to everybody."

After decades in which big-ticket items had to be purchased with cash, credit is available for other purchases at terms more typical of developed countries.

At Abamex Chevrolet in Mexico City, supermarket clerk David Galvez, 20, and girlfriend Priscilla Torres were shopping for their first new car.

"I've pretty much decided on that one," he says, pointing to a burgundy hatchback called the C2, which sells for $7,300.

Chevrolet was offering interest-free, 30-month financing to any buyer who supplied a 35% down payment.

A rapid transformation

At places such as Las Americas shopping mall, which opened two years ago on the site of an old chemical factory in the suburb of Ecatepec, many of the shoppers are a generation or two removed from peasants who lived the same way for centuries.

Its movie theater buzzes with people lining up to see the latest Will Smith flick, families shop for puppies at the pet store, and the food court is full of shoppers eating McDonald's and Chinese fast food.

The transformation has been so rapid that some people — particularly those who lived through economic meltdowns in 1982 and 1994 — fear the prosperity could vanish just as quickly.

"People have houses and cars and things, but they're in debt," says Susana Hernández, 34, between bites of an ice cream cone in the food court of the mall.

"I'm afraid a lot of people are going to be out on the street because they don't know how to manage credit," she says.

Some Mexicans are cynical about progress because of their country's long history of high hopes followed by devastating crises, Krauze says.

"We are a country that loves its historical scars," Krauze says. "People don't listen to the good side of the story."

Crime may be an example of how public perceptions have yet to catch up with reality.

The nationwide crime rate has been dropping steadily since 2001, according to the independent Citizens' Institute for Studies on Insecurity. The murder rate has fallen 23% during the past decade.

Such good news, though, has been overshadowed by the drug war in cities along the U.S. border.

Beheadings, shootouts in daylight and a wave of police killings have convinced many Mexicans their country is not safe.

"The middle class has grown, and the political situation is a little better," says César Sumano, whose wife was carjacked outside a grocery store last year.

"But it's still a hard country to live in. We've got a long way to go."

Dat Themocrat said...

Actually, I just had the day’s first belly laugh! Fortunately I’m not spending my life here … I’m sorry, laughing again -- you need some of those smiley faces Daniel!

You boys (and girls) are in DEEP Denial ...can’t stop laughing over here …must be the ice cream! Man – Spin City! That’s good – Daniel’s got ‘the best’ occupying their time right here, as the bulk of (US) American’s put the squeeze on Illegal Immigration. Don’t go away!

Talk about pipe-dreams… you may continue to fool “Liberal Liberians” (I sometimes smile at them too) but you’re not fooling me, or the masses. And if you expect me to waste my time rebutting wistful assertions ~Dream on~

Daniel, it looks like the entire Illegal Immigration mess is our fault! We should have blasted open those borders long ago! Third-world here we come!

…As you folks sell out our portion of America for cheap lawn/child care… Tell me, if you’re so hot on going after Employers hiring Illegal Aliens – who’s tied up the recent enforcement in court - Employers or Enablers? My bet’s on you! And if you’re not in bed with this problem, you’re related to it! …Care to elaborate?

If you’ve the mental horsepower to concoct (or parrot) such convoluted arguments – what are you really doing to help America? Illegal Immigration is detrimental and unsustainable; no amount of back-peddling will make it right.

Daniel, stay on it – I admire your grit - and their desperation is obvious! The saddest part for those boys and girls is their tenacity will drive the best of progressives your way; so watch the rhetoric - and make room!

Anonymous said...

"And if you expect me to waste my time rebutting wistful assertions ~Dream on~ "

Interpretation: "I have nothing in the way of a pointed, reasoned or cogent response to the subtance of your argument"

Dat - you obviously have no inclination to discuss or answer questions about your proposed policy, so why don't we, as usual, call it another failed attempt at discourse in Miglavia.

If I didn't perceive you to be so hard-headed, I might recommend that you read a book published in 2002, authored by Douglas Massey and two colleagues called "Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Mexican Imigration in an Era of Economic Integration". In it, Massey demonstrates that after border enforcement was ratcheted up in the late 80s early 90s, what had been largely a circular flow of temporory illegal migrants became a largely permanently settled group in the U.S. Should one jump to the irrational conclusion that we should have our borders unpatrolled and wide-open? Of course not. Only a fool would jump to such a conclusion. Massey goes on to propose a policy similar to the one I have proposed here, which of course, is largely influenced by my reading that book.

But, I'm sure you'll go onto dismiss Massey as another whack-job liberal Princeton professor, too busy using data and scientific methods in conducting his research to see the lay of land, without even reading the book.

Oh well.

The Lib LIBRARIAN said...


You seem to spend a significant chunk of your life here too, so you might want to think about htat before you become that proverbial pot you spoke of. That's my belly laugh for the day.

I don't know anyone in my circle who pays for someone else to do their yard work or care for their children. Nice try.

You call us desperate? Another belly laugh. Hows this for desperate:

In a rousing speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called for a conservative “declaration of independence” from the Republican Party.

He also warned that Republicans face a “catastrophic” election this year unless the GOP changes course.

Gingrich pointed out that on Super Tuesday, 14.6 million voters took part in the Democratic races, compared to 8.3 million Republicans.

“There were 14.6 million Democrats who thought the presidential nomination was worth voting for, and there were 8.3 million Republicans on Super Tuesday,” Gingrich said.

“That is a warning of a catastrophic election. I was in Idaho this last week, and Barack Obama on last Saturday had 16,000 people in Boise. The idea [of] the most liberal Democratic Senator getting 16,000 people in Boise was inconceivable.

Wow. Sounds like pretty desperate situation for the GOP who was supposed to gallop in and save the day on illegal immigration. Looks more and more like there will be a Dem in the White House with the solutions that you guys are fighting tooth and nail.

Results for today's Virginia primary:

so far 119,462 Democrats cared enough to show up

so far only 69,098 Republicans cared enough to show up

Desperation anyone? What are you going to do when either Clinton or Obama (or both) are sworn into office in January 09? What are you going to do?

Anonymous said...

lol@"unauthorized migration…”
stupid liberal...

Anonymous said...

What’s with this crap: “Incorrect password” …and more hoops? I’m Dat Themocrat:

5:56: “@"unauthorized migration…” stupid liberal...”

Good catch, bad response. That’s where so many are screwing up around here; when you bad-mouth a “Liberal” you’re losing the support/respect from those, like me, who’re increasingly aware of those among us giving “Liberals” a bad name. Please label them appropriately, like Extremist’s, or better yet, Enablers. There are many Liberal’s promoting sustainability and population control who grit their teeth noticing yet another extremist statement attributed to them.

As far as anything beyond my last post … I hope you think I’m carefully reading while cowering in shame over my mistaken view of reality... And please, tell me more! But the inconvenient truth of Illegal Immigration abounds – and the time for theoretical discussion ended with the Amnesty of 86. When the laws we traded for citizenship are enforced across this nation - we’ll talk. Until then, the densest smoke and most polished mirrors cannot hide the drain on our society from the constant influx of Illegal Aliens (and you know it!).

But until every law enforcement agency in this nation begins identifying, detaining and deporting Illegal Alien’s, as well as identifying, prosecuting and incarcerating their employers, we’ll continue collecting signatures as we go state-by-state in a truly grassroots’ effort to take this country back. And as the effects of this invasion become clearer, more and more Americans will join us. -- That’s the kind of straight-talk when combined with everyday reality that resonates with normal people … but keep the theoretical theatrics coming - the few I note are entertaining!

Anonymous said...

dat -

"but keep the theoretical theatrics coming "

What theoretical theatrics? I've simply made arguments based on relevant empirical research that I have read. You haven't. By that measure, your posts are far more in the realm of theory than mine, and definitely theatrical to a far greater extent (e.g., how can you refer to a phenomenon that's been occuring for over 100 years as an invasion? if it were so, shouldn't we have been defeated by now after a century's worth of dragging our feet?)

Good luck convincing the American public that illegal immigration is as dire a situation as you make it out to be. Given that we appear to be entering a deep recession, my guess is that most Americans will be far more concerned about the economy than with rounding up and deporting poverty-stricken landscapers and farmworkers.

Anonymous said...

Lib Librarian here.

Dat is one of those people who basically likes the sound of his own voice. His ego has found a playground: a forum where he's anonymous (meaning he doesn't have to look someone in the eye while he's spewing his bigotry-based theorems). Also, I think he has a reading problem. He seems to have completely overlooked (on purpose?) that basically ALL OF US have told him REPEATEDLY that we are NOT "pro" illegal immigration. Despite this fact he continues to address us as if we are. He doesn't seem to get that we too want to see the issue resolved. That being said (again and again and again), the group of dissenters who protest here simply refuse to let Daniel and his Gang of Thugs get a free pass on the bigoted tactics and rhetoric that has tainted the process, totally turning off the liberals Dat speaks of. Had OFIR and those that "represent" the anti-illegal camp not resorted to bully tactics, intimidation, sneers, and broad stroke stereotyping, then they would have enjoyed a far, far larger membership than they do now. Most people just don't want to align themselves with a gang of bigots, deviants, gang bangers, embezzlers and child molesters.

Bobkatt said...

Lib- you seem a bit confused. You accuse Dat of being anonymous while you and I both seem to have that advantage. You accuse him or her of having a reading problem because he calls you Pro-illegal when time after time we tell you that we are not racist we are against anyone here illegally but it's not good enough for you.
You also lump all anti-illegals as "a gang of bigots, deviants, gang bangers, embezzlers and child molesters." That's a great way to convert people to your side.
Finally, you take yourself way too serious. You claim to take Daniel and his Gang of Thugs to task on this blog, but it seems to me that the only people that visit this blog either agree with most of Daniel's thoughts or are already in your camp. So I doubt that you are really influencing anyone else. I could be wrong.
P.S. you and other say that you are also against illegal immigration but do you have any suggestions on how to stop it other than to just make them legal?

Anonymous said...

"P.S. you and other say that you are also against illegal immigration but do you have any suggestions on how to stop it other than to just make them legal?"

Quite simply, by dealing with it comprehensively, by acknowledging its complexities rather than oversimplifying the issue.

Beyond enforcing the border we should:

1. Strictly monitor and enforce the hiring of workers in the country without authoriziation. Set up a verification system (that works) similar to what Germany has as well as a sytem through which employers who are particularly reliant on foreign-labor (because there is no domestic source) can work with the federal government to import foreign-temporary workers. Give foreign-temporary workers a channel through which they can eventually acquire citizenship should they so choose.

2. Clear the visa backlog for Mexico, so that people are more likely to work through legal channels to reunite with family members in the U.S.

3. Adjust the quotas for Mexico upward so that they are in line with (a) the need to supplement our domestic workforce in order to maintain economic growth and (b) the reality that (like it or not) our market is intertwined with Mexcio's, and becoming increasingly so.

4. Enact trade policies that are in the best interest of the MASSSES in both Mexico and the U.S., rather than policies that largely cater to interests of the wealthy in each country.

5. Accept and live with the fact that while many humane policies that also are in the national interest can be put into place in order to substantially reduce illegal migration, barring extreme measures, it can never be completely ameliorated. There is not one industrialized democratic nation on the planet that does not have an illegal immigrant population living and working within its borders.

Anonymous said...

"...time after time we tell you that we are not racist we are against anyone here illegally but it's not good enough for you. "

Bobkatt - Daniel assumes that anyone who does not speak English must be illegal. How do you suggest we interpret this sentiment other than as one of pure ignorance driven by ethnic prejudice?

Bobkatt said...

Anon 11:36-thoughtful post with several points of agreement.
Anon 12:03-Daniel speaks for himself, not all anti-illegals. But seriously, don't you believe that most non-English speakers are illegal? Not all but most.

Anonymous Anon said...

I go to China Town in Portland, have been to San Francisco China Town as well. Most if not all the older Chinese speak only Chinese and no English. Believe me, I have quite a battle trying to convey what I wanted. Can you tell me Bobkatt, are they "Illegal"???

Anonymous said...

"Anon 12:03-Daniel speaks for himself, not all anti-illegals."

Okay, but in his brilliant "Tri-met caters to illegals post" I don't remember one person from the "anti-illegal" team objecting to Daniel's prejudiced assumption.

"But seriously, don't you believe that most non-English speakers are illegal? Not all but most."

Uh....NO. Could you enlighten us as to what would lead you to believe this?

Anonymous said...

Dear BobKatt:

To be frank, I'm growing weary of this blog. It's just getting old, you know what I mean? A HUGE waste of time for all of us, if we're honest about it. But, I'm going to respond since you addressed me specifically.

I wasn't "accusing" Dat of being anonymous. It's not an accusation. It's my take on Dat, and others like him, who drop all pretense (under cover of a screen name) and just let their bigotry hang out and stretch it's legs on blogs like these. Why would I accuse any one of being anonymous on the web when we all are, unless you're using your REAL name, accompanied by your social security number.

In addition, I wasn't lumping all anti-illegals as a gang of bigots, etc. I was referring specifically to OFIR, an organization who seems to have the curious misfortune of frequently finding member after member in various stages of involvement with deviance, gang banging, embezzling and pedophilia -- and that's just the short list.

And you're absolutely right BobKatt! It is patently unfair when all members of one particular group get lumped together. Here's what's typical on this blog: All Mexicans are child raping drug smugglers. All Mexicans are on the dole. All Mexicans are "genetically linked" (Dat's precious term) enablers of illegals. All Mexicans are third-world trash, etc...etc...etc... I trust you are equally diligent in chastising people who engage in "lumping" all Latinos together as well, Bobkatt! (fat chance, as I see you've just done some lumping of your own in your post above)

Yes. They tell us they're "not racist" all the time, yet this is what's typical on this blog: "I'm not racist you dirty child raping, tuberculosis carrying, drug-running Mexican." Ye shall know them by their fruits.

And you are so right about the influence of this blog. Daniel truly is speaking to the choir, rendering this blog and attached comments inconsequential, particularly in light of what's being revealed as the presidential campaign unfolds: Voters seem to be completely ignoring the immigration issue as a factor in their decision. All the front runners are decidedly soft on deportation.

What do I view as the best approach to solving the illegal immigration problem? Get medieval on the crooks who hire them, tighten border security, and streamline immigration so it doesn't take 10 frickin years to get here "the right way."

Thank you and have a nice day.

Lib Librarian

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