Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gosh I hope they were driving safe

Traffic stop heads off Redmond meth delivery
Two men allegedly delivering a quarter-pound of methamphetamine worth almost $12,000 to Redmond were arrested on the north side of town by drug agents who'd been watching for their car, officials said Monday. The pair remained in the Deschutes County jail, being held for federal immigration officials.

Armando Diaz Diaz, 35, of Metolius, and Jose Castor, 31, of the Madras area, were stopped around 6 p.m.

"Of the Madras area" huh. That's some crack reporting guys. We can only hope that these two got to the DMV before the deadline prevented them from getting their drivers licenses so that, as CAUSA would put it, "the safety of Oregonians" was first and foremost.


Them Repedophilicans said...

So what you are saying is that when Republicans or Grand ol Pedophile Party members run on "Moral Values" and "Protecting Children & Families" and they continously molest children, have Gay Bathroom Sex and rape woman, we should never listen to what they have to say on the matter? I get it. Thanks!

Bad Boys, Nasty Boys: Out of the GOP’s Closet

Republican values create child molesters

Republican Sex Scandals Dwarf Those of Democrats and apparently any other group for that matter.

Get a haircut lately from your buddy Bruce the Barber?

Anonymous said...

Republican strategy to try to salvage the Presidential Election: Delay Naturalization applications.

Citizenship Applications Surge During Summer 2007 Even Higher Than Initial
Government Estimates
More than 460,000 applications were filed in July 2007 alone, ahead of a major
increase in filing fees

WASHINGTON -- Updated government figures given to the Migration Policy Institute by
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services show far more immigrants filed
naturalization applications in the several months preceding a fee increase that took
effect on July 30, 2007 than initially announced.

More than 460,000 lawful permanent residents filed naturalization applications in
July 2007 alone -- a nearly 650 percent increase over the number filed during the
same month in 2006, according to the latest USCIS data. Overall, nearly 1.4 million
naturalization applications were filed in fiscal 2007, almost twice as many as
during the previous year.

The surge in applications has led to a sharp increase in processing times, rising to
an average of 18 months for petitions filed after June 2007, up from last year's
average of just under seven months.

By the end of December 2007, USCIS had nearly 1 million naturalization cases that
were pending.

A new MPI fact sheet, with month-by-month applications figures, examines the issues
surrounding the backlog, including the fact that the new waiting time will prevent
most naturalization applicants who filed after June 2007 from gaining US citizenship
in time to register and vote in November. The fact sheet is available online at


Anonymous said...

Anon 941:

Do you really think the Democrats are counting on votes from
"citizens in waiting" to win the White House? ROTFLMAO. There will be a tidal wave of U.S. citizens who will vote either Clinton or Obama into office in November and there isn't a single solitary thing the Republicans can do to stop it. If they try to manufacture something (per usual) it will backfire, just like all their machinations are backfiring on them now. We're on to their "swift boating" tricks and we have been for a long time. The days of Lee Atwater/Rush Limbaug/Karl Rove style politics are OVER.

DAVE01 said...

them repedphilicians
Do you mean the current democRAT leadership in Oregon. The governor who knew about the pedophile Neil Goldschmidt. How about the current liberal (democrat) school administration covering up the raping of young children by teachers and then moving to rape elsewhere. Isn't that aiding and abetting a felony? Sounds to me that they need to lock up all the democRATs and the school administration for raping our children. What do you have to say about this you pedophile (demcRAT) lover. How come when repubs commit an unethical or crime, they are thrown to the wolves. When the dems commit something unethical or a crime, they are rewarded? Let's take cold cash Jefferson, he takes a large bribe. He's reelected, Nancy the nitwit Pelosi tried to put him on some committed when the dems took over. It seems to me that the democRATS are the culture of corruption. Answer me you pedophile lover. I dare you!

Anonymous said...

Dave #1 Pedophile Defender:
You missed the read:

Republican Sex Scandals Dwarf Those of Democrats and apparently any other group for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Dave 01: pwnd

Scottiebill said...

Are any of you Daniel/Republican bashers able to tell the rest of us what all this crap you are peddling here has to do with the meth dealers getting caught in Bend?

Or are you just using this forum to push off the same old tired crap that we have all seen and read before and are getting very bored with?

One track minds are extremely small and you guys are proving it every time you post this stuff. Isn't it time for you to go on to other things? Or maybe you guys are capable of one thought at a time. And that likely taxes your little minds tremendously.

Anonymous said...


If you've seen it all before and you're so bored....why don't you quit visiting this site and move along to another?

Anonymous said...

And Scottiepot (I like that)...maybe work on your own non-existant blog. Oh wait, here is an idea, how 'bout you go over to Max Headrums blog so he can boast he has 1-9000 viewers, or something like that, per week.

Anonymous said...

But the "Migrant" workers NEED that METH to help them be "Good Workers" and to waste time taking a lunch break either.

Last time I was in Madras two large white Busses were pullig into Town and every person that got off was Hispanic.

Farm laborers?
OR just got back from "FREE" Medical clinic or food bank or other Gov't "Needy minority" program?

Anonymous said...

guys quit bashing the FARM LABORERS. the libs need them to feel good about themselves

Anonymous said...

Study Finds Immigrants Commit Less California Crime

SAN FRANCISCO - Immigrants are far less likely than the average U.S.-born citizen to commit crime in California, the most populous state in the United States, according to a report issued late on Monday.

People born outside the United States make up about 35 percent of California’s adult population but account for about 17 percent of the adult prison population, the report by the Public Policy Institute of California showed.

According to the report’s authors the findings suggest that long-standing fears of immigration as a threat to public safety are unjustified. The report also noted that U.S.-born adult men are incarcerated at a rate more than 2 1/2 times greater than that of foreign-born men.

“Our research indicates that limiting immigration, requiring higher educational levels to obtain visas, or spending more money to increase penalties against criminal immigrants will have little impact on public safety,” said Kristin Butcher, co-author of the report and associate professor of economics at Wellesley College.

The study did not differentiate between documented immigrants and illegal immigrants.

The question of what to do about the millions of undocumented workers living in the United States has been one of the major issues in the U.S. presidential election. Mexico, which accounts for a high proportion of illegal immigrants in California, was deeply disappointed at the U.S. Congress’ failure to pass President George W. Bush’s overhaul of immigration laws last year.

When Butcher and her co-author, Anne Morrison Piehl, associate professor of economics at Rutgers University, considered all those committed to institutions including prison, jails, halfway houses and the like, they found an even greater disparity.

Among men 18 to 40, the population most likely to be in institutions because of criminal activity, the report found that in California, U.S.-born men were institutionalized 10 times more often than foreign-born men (4.2 percent vs. 0.42 percent).

Among other findings in the report, non-citizen men from Mexico 18 to 40 — a group disproportionately likely to have entered the United States illegally — are more than eight times less likely than U.S.-born men in the same age group to be in a correctional institution (0.48 percent vs. 4.2 percent).

“From a public safety standpoint, there would be little reason to further limit immigration, to favor entry by high-skilled immigrants, or to increase penalties against criminal immigrants,” the report said.

Reporting by Duncan Martell; Editing by Adam Tanner and Bill Trott

© 2008 Reuters

Link: http://www.ppic.org

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get shit for this,but its the truth, we all know that if you take a certain sub-group out of the US population for this study (young black males), then immigrants are muuuch more likely to commit crimes than the general population. Are we trying to actually sell the fact that South Central is like most parts of America??? Cmon be honest at least.

Anonymous said...

Of California's 167,700 state prison inmates, 37 percent are Hispanic, 29 percent are black, 28 percent are white and 6 percent are classified as another race.

California race stats.African Americans are approximately 7 percent of the state population, but 29 percent of prison population. Thats where the problem lies.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Anthony "FBI/INS Statistical Report" DeLucca will weigh in on the situation.

Allen said...

Study Finds Immigrants Commit Less California Crime??

What a crock of crap that.

Spend some time in NE Salem and then try to explain what you see and hear.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 5:35 PM
If the Study Finds Immigrants Commit Less California Crime, why are 75% of the murder warrants in LA for illegals aliens? Maybe the clown who wrote the article does not know what a fact is? What a bunch of bullshit.

Scottiebill said...

Notice that the Anons 3:54 and 4:10 weren't able to answer my question. But they are able to keep on their own say-absolutely-nothing garbage in attacking me, as well as others, for asking a simple, but not simple enough for them, question.

Or maybe they just plain don't have the answer, so just resort back to attack b.s.

Anonymous said...

When Democrats commit sexually perverted acts, it is not a scandal.

Rather, it is a "lifestyle" and it should be "celebrated."

Just like we ought to celebrate the diversity of our drug importers here in Oregon.

Let's see...we have mexicans, guatemalans, columbians, more mexicans...and canadians.

Anonymous said...

Allen, in the first place, the study isn't about Oregon. It's about California.

In the second place, did you read the study? Did you even LOOK at it?

The Dude said...

Im sorry Scottiepot, what was your question? I wasn't listening.

Scottiebill said...

Hey, dude: Why does that not surprise me?

nishith said...

It turns out that a woman ran a red light and plowed into the side of my brother’s Toyota 4Runner as he was crossing the intersection. She hit his SUV on the side in the rear, causing the vehicle to spin and then roll multiple times.

california dui

Anonymous said...

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