Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My to do list

Based on last night's election results there are two things I am now going to do: find out who the Consitution Party candidate is so I know which bubble to fill in and stop paying my mortgage because Hillary is going to take care of it.


Proud2BLib said...

That's an awfully short list Miglavs, considering how many changes will be coming down the pike for Miglavia once Hillary or Obama take office (or both).

The most revealing thing about these primaries (and not just last night's) is the SHEER NUMBERS of voters coming out to cast their vote for a Dem over a Rep. The Republicans votes are embarrasingly small in comparison. That's the real story. It is nothing short of STUNNING.

Paybacks are a bitch, aren't they. Read it and weep Danny. Read it and weep.

Proud2BeLib said...

Hillary isn't proposing to pay anyone's mortgage! What she is proposing is that interest rates for adjustable mortgage rates be frozen at their lowest rate for 5 years to allow the people who were preyed upon by trickster mortgage lenders to get back on their feet and stay in their homes.

Accuracy vs conjecture? Accuracy vs conjecture? Guess which one you pick every time. Too bad! You deserve your reputation, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Romney and his anti-immigrant agenda was rejected big time wasn't it. That is a great dose of reality for you.

Anonymous said...

Romney? LMAO. The "life long avid hunter" was busted employing illegal aliens! And instead of fixing the problem in a manner befitting a presidential candidate who "SAYS" he's against illegal immigration, he gives a half-assed lame-o, pathetic excuse:
"I 'thought' the problem was solved. I trusted so-and-so to do it."

My 12 year old son understands the concept of "solve the problem, no excuses" better than Romney.

Danny: Are you going to join your heroine, Little Annie Poultergiest on the campaign trail for Hillary?

Anonymous said...

You can stop wasting all that money on Medical Insurance as well as Big Brother, under Hillary or Juan, will be lowered to Turd worlds standards, but FREE!

Anonymous said...

“Stop paying my mortgage because Hillary is going to take care of it”.
Wait just a minute, you’re paying a mortgage for that dwelling you call a home or is it a manufactured home? That’s a piece of crap house sorry to say that, I’m sure it’s appreciated so much since you have bought it! One look at it and I would have thought you were renting it. And another issue any of uneducated idiots out there worrying a fence jumper from down south taking your job you need to take a long in the mirror and ask yourself “be all you can be” What kind of job do you to have to worry about that (a really crappy one) I’ve been working as an Engineer for the last 15 years and never, before I got my degree or after did I ever have to worry about them taking my jobs (I’ll take that back, there is that landscaping job AT MY HOUSE that a crew comes and do for me!) Stop your bitching and get a higher education, and yes I can work from home because I have a good job one that allows to work from home when I need or want to.
Now run a long and punch the clock!

Eli Barnhardt said...

Anon 11:08 --

Um. Daniel works and all work is honorable. Daniel's home belongs to him and he works hard to provide a home for his family. It's a modest home, just like mine. He takes pride in his family and his home, no matter how humble. That is to be commended, not mocked. There is honor in all work, there is dignity in owning your own home, no matter how humble. How sad that your education did not provide you with a sense of respect and grace. Just because we disagree with Daniel does not make it okay to dis him in such a disgusting way. To be sure he has his faults, some of which are loathsome. However, you crossed the line. Shame on you.

Eli Barnhardt said... addition, I believe Daniel is currently enrolled in college. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he were someday your boss?

Bobkatt said...

It's sad that so many "conservatives" have dismissed the only truly conservative candidate that could have helped return this country to the ideals of our founders, Ron Paul. Instead of seeking out the "Constitution Party" candidate why not vote for the only candidate that has consistently voted to uphold the Constitution for the last 20 years. No backpeddling, changing positions, and apologizing for past votes, he has stood by his principles and voted to uphold the Constitution. He has also signed the Numbers USA pledge:
Below is the Numbers USA pledge:

I pledge to oppose amnesty or any other special path to citizenship for the millions of foreign nationals unlawfully present in the United States. As President, I will fully implement enforcement measures that, over time, will lead to the attrition of our illegal immigrant population. I also pledge to make security of our borders a top priority of my administration.

Numbers USA includes six points of understanding as to what the pledge means and what it entails:

1. The 12 million illegal aliens now here will have to go home.

2. They will not get any legal status while here that allows them to remain long-term.

3. Once in their home countries, they may apply for re-admittance to the U.S. as immigrants, visitors or temporary workers through normal channels.

4. But they will not receive any special privileges on the basis of their having been in the U.S. illegally, such as being put to the front of a line.

5. There will be no new categories or programs through which they may re-enter.

6. There will not be an expansion of green cards in any existing categories that will speed up their movement to the front of the line.
Ron Paul stands for limited government, lower taxes, non-intervention, strong defense of this country and personal responsibility. Many Republican candidate evoke the legend of Ronald Reagan but Ron Paul actually walks the walk.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Good post Eli. For once, we are in agreement.

Anonymous said...

To be clear. Daniel's wife is a State (PERS) employee. If anyone makes the mortgage payment, it is probably her. That maybe why Daniel writes such resentful posts against women all the time.

Proud2BeLib said...

I paid the mortgage while my husband was in school too. There's nothing to be ashamed of about that. It was a strategic means to an end. Now he's an engineer just like Anon 11:08, except for he doesn't brag about it and he certainly isn't a snob about it either. After he finished, it was my turn to finish. If my husband (or any of my kids) ever behaved like Anon 11:08 about someone's job or home I'd whack him over the head with the thickest book I could find. Not that Daniel doesn't deserve a few thumps himself. (I'm a librarian now.) Shhhhhhhhhh.

The Bullshit Police said...

Mr. Miglavs, I'm afraid I'm going to have to cite you for the possession and distribution of bullshit.

You know perfectly well that when all is said and done, when it's time to shit or get off the pot this November, you WILL come crawling back to the GOP and vote for whatever lame-ass Republican is on the ballot. PERIOD. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

So get over yourself. I'm going to have to ask you to spare us this macho "Look-how-independent-I-can-be" nonsense. Spare us the fantasy that you're going to stick to your "principles." Like hell you will. Come November, your "principles" will fly out the window and you'll go for the "R" on the ballot. No matter who it is.

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Trying to convince us otherwise is ... well, it's bullshit.

Anonymous said...

BS Police-

Who gives a damn about how he's going to vote? For that matter, who gives a damn about anything he says, except for his constituents?

Vote Ron Paul in the primaries if you're going to do that. He IS the champion of the constitution, and he'll even fight to protect your right to spew your hate-filled shit.

Anonymous said...

GET OUT OF TOWN, Anon 2:54! Daniel's servant/wife is sucking on the Oregon State teat? You're joking, right?

Damn, Danny... not a week goes by that you don't get the snivels about Oregon state employees and their paychecks/benefits. Now it turns out that the whole time your servant/wife has been collecting a state paycheck -- that you in turn benefit from?

You bitch and moan about women working and how they should be at home raising children and they better have their husband's grub waiting on the table when he get's home from work or they're not much of a wife. And the whole time your servant/wife has a job of her own? I bet she comes home and busts her ass at night too, while you sit in front of the computer or TV. I bet she does, doesn't she? Your poor servant/wife. She's everything you loathe, isn't she? Mexican and a state employee. Two strikes. I bet you never let her forget it either, right? That's how guys like you feel good about themselves. I know you, I get you, I have a "Father" JUST LIKE YOU. God, I feel so sorry for her... Well, anyway, I meandered off track.....

Is there a sign taped to the back of your shirt that says "Kick me, I'm stooopid?"

Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E?

It just never stops, does it?

Visiting this site is funnier than HBO stand up comedy! ROTFLMAO!!!!!

Can't wait for the next big reveal !!!! Wonder what it's going to be? Daniel's parents snuck into this country with a newborn baby boy in their satchel? Daniel's an illegal alien? Tune in tommorow for the next installment of .....

Anonymous said...

Daniel's Daily Thrashing?

Anonymous said...

Are you a state employee too Daniel?

Anonymous said...

Romney Folds. Bigot Wing of the GOP looses. Funny

Romney Drops Out of Presidential Race


Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who sought to position himself as the true conservative choice for the Republican presidential nomination, announced Thursday afternoon that he had ended his campaign.

Mr. Romney, who had vowed to press on despite disappointing results in the Super Tuesday primary contests, made the announcement at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

In a speech that touched on the messages of his campaign, Mr. Romney said he had come to his decision to help unify the Republican Party, and he charged that Democratic candidates would not pursue the war in Iraq.

“Because I love America in this time of war, I feel I have to stand aside for our party and our country,” he said.

Mr. Romney had hoped to use Tuesday’s results to narrow the gap between him and his chief rival, Senator John McCain of Arizona. Instead, he saw Mr. McCain widen the lead at the same time Mr. Romney’s campaign lost ground to Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, who racked up solid gains.

Mr. Romney faced a series of enormous challenges in the campaign, not the least of which was trying to reconcile the moderate political views he espoused as the governor of Massachusetts, a liberal state, with the more conservative views he championed on the campaign. That tension — and his decision to change positions on a number of emotionally charged issues, including renouncing his past support for abortion rights — led his rivals to continually lambaste him as a flip-flopper.

Then there was the question of his Mormon religion. After the candidacy of Mr. Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher, exploded in Iowa, where it was fueled by evangelical voters, Mr. Romney was moved to give a major speech in Texas defending his faith and denouncing the rise of secularism.

And although Mr. Romney, a former management consultant, ran what many described as a textbook campaign, he never really recovered after failing to execute the original strategy of winning the first two contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, and using those wins to build momentum. Iowa went to Mr. Huckabee, and New Hampshire to Mr. McCain, who tried to paint himself as a straight talker to contrast with Mr. Romney’s flexibility.

As the campaign progressed, Mr. Romney and Mr. McCain exchanged increasingly bitter attacks. Mr. Romney charged that Mr. McCain was “outside the mainstream of conservative political thought.” Mr. McCain pointedly noted that Mr. Romney had changed his position on key issues for many conservative Republicans, such as abortion rights and gun control.

But in Thursday’s speech, Mr. Romney emphasized his agreement with Mr. McCain’s position that the United States needs to continue to pursue the war in Iraq. Arguing that the war is a critical part of the country’s battle against terrorism, Mr. Romney said the Democratic candidates, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois, “would declare defeat and the consequences of that would be devastating.”

Dat Themocrat said...

Looks like class warfare, if from the (supposed) wrong class. Strange indeed; as I stood protesting this illegal invasion I was shoulder-to-shoulder with ‘fellow progressives.’ Though they hadn’t the courtesy to speak regarding the issues, I did. I won’t repeat their slurs (though similar to those around here), they gave me a new perspective on the “Progressive” side.

No wonder education’s suspect, if eventually used to tout ones superiority. And look how far the “Workingman’s Party” (my Party) has come … from supporting our nation’s (legal) workers to alienating themselves with self-righteous, if elitist attacks.

I’ve witnessed (supposed) Union promoters promoting a union of Illegal’s, and advocates of Education holding it up as a banner of superiority and immunity. Though sickened, extremists apparently continue to call the shots. Where will it end? With another Corporate President promoting wealth stratification and social Darwinism … with plenty of shame to go around ~

Anonymous said...

Dat Themocrat:


Anonymous said...

Dat Themocrat:

Yup. "Your side" is all hearts and flowers and merry-go-rounds. Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Mike Savage, Rush Limbaugh...
they're all so nice and sweet! LMAO...who do you think you're kidding?

Snick@Nite said...

Dat: You're no Democrat. You're a Limbaughtomized Regurgitron, soon to be obsolete.

Dat Themocrat said...

My “side?” “...who do you think you're kidding?” And your ability to find humor in my post is alien.

“You're no Democrat. You're a Limbaughtomized…” Wanna bet? Actually, I was thinking the same about you. Rush? The only utterances I’ve heard were his recorded digs at McCain; reminded me of the self-destructive in-fighting of ‘our Party.’

Tell me, do you feel so removed, or connected to this alien invasion that you’d sacrifice working Democrats to spite working Republicans? Are you not the extremist(’s) you so accuse?


Eli Barnhardt said...

Dat Themocrat:

Your "must" words "talking points" "utterances" are virtually cut and pasted from Limbaugh's rhetoric. Or worse, Lee Atwater/Karl Rove's "strategic words" lists: "elitist," "class warfare," "wealth stratification," "social Darwinism?" Come on! First they made Liberal a dirty word, and now that we have wrested it back, they're going after the word
"progressive." Sad that you're playing right along, aren't you? I'm just sayin'...

Limbaughtomized Regurgitron? Hilarious. May I use that around the water cooler tomorrow, Snick@nite? I Googled that term and can't find a single reference. Looks like you've coined a new one tonight!

And, PS "Dat Themocrat: This liberal "elitist" "progressive" is the one who gave "Anon 11:08" a little talking too. Another liberal gave him a thump as well, twice.

Fortunately, "our side" has a very big umberella where diversity of thought is welcome! I don't know how the GOP would act if you were so rebellious a member. Scratch that. Yes I do -- we are seeing how they behave with thier
"mavericks" as we speak, and even within this blog: Throw him to the wolves and display his impaled head at the gates...

So scooch on in Dat, we've got room, but really, maybe you should consider a switch. You seem to have lost touch with the "heart light" that distinguishes us from the GOP.

You're writing as if you think all the "Anon" posts are written by the same person. They're not. You've had enough of your own encounters with the Google password genie to know that, surely!

Exactly who is it that you are addressing?

Dat Themocrat said...

“Exactly who is it that you are addressing?” Good question, as they each appear Anonymous, who knows – but they’re quoted; even those you found so humorous. No, there’s no purity test for Dems; and no, ‘we’re’ not as far Left as you can get.

As far as responses, I’d suggest yours is more contemplative due to your posting with a name. And, I think for myself, if in terms that resonate reality; but I make no effort to imitate, anyone.

I’m very aware of ‘our diversity,’ it’s admirable. But as mentioned, I’ve met its extreme, and it ain’t me. Granted, this appears Extreme Central, but if anyone wants a solution to unwanted immigration, strangling a messenger isn’t it.

No fan or Republicans (they’ll also eat their own), but are they incapable of getting one right? If you consider the bulk of their members Dittoheads, harvested by AM radio on their way to work, who were they before? Democrats I presume. They’ve a lot to atone for, beginning with Reagan (their Amnesty-86 guy); but like ours, their Great-great grandchildren will pay for this generation of mistakes. And if ‘we’ care to win back their allegiance … we’d best acknowledge their legitimate concerns.

Industrialists crave union-busting slave labor and the constant flow of illegal ‘immigrants’ is as close as they get. Grant them amnesty and you’ve locked in several more generations of confused consumers and desperate labor. While Republican dinner-bucket’s take the hit, Cheney/Bush & Co attain Robber-baron status. Question: do we cut off our nose to spite our face?

For several decades I smiled at their anger over our neglected immigration laws and apparent open borders; as my wife and I helped assimilate a family… Guess I’ve simply seen the light, and as a native Portlander, their detrimental effects on this region alone are alarming. So I stood up, among Democrats, and guess what? Half of them ‘secretly’ felt the same. “Racists”? -- You wanna piss-off a progressive/liberal? -- Try Realists!

Where to go? Employer Sanctions! – period ...I can’t remember the last time I purposely listened to Lars, but from what I’m told, he’s got this right. …He’s F-ed up on LGN (fresh back from Weds. Protest in Salem I can attest to that!), but on Illegal Immigration – he’s actually ‘right.’ Now do we continue to lose credibility with America as the vast majority of them come to the same conclusion? Or do we step up to the plate and offer America the two things they want most: national health care and the out-migration of “undocumented” aliens?

Yes, we’re occupying a sovereign nation … but allowing ourselves to be occupied is not the answer. But thanks, see ya under the tent!

Anonymous said...

The out-migration of illegal aliens will begin when the focus is taken off the illegal alien and relentlessly put on the crooks who hire them.

Instead, Daniel shares with us his Tennessee Tuxedo investigative forays into school potlucks with his insipid running commentary on the evils of beans and tamales. Or the overwhelming sense of frustration and disenfranchisement he feels when having to Press 1 for English, or the drooling seizures he goes in to when hearing the Spanish language being spoken, or hearing Mexican music playing at fiestas in city parks.

If Lars is finally talking about where the real focus should be (the employers) then it sure has taken him a damn long time to get to it. To bad with people like Lars, Hickey, Tancredo, et al, (and their eager lap dog Danny) their first choice was bashing and bigotry and racial rhetoric. Using those tactics from the outset gave the anti-illegal immigration a deserved bad reputation. And that's the reason why half (I say way more than half) of our Dem friends refused to get on board even though they silently oppose illegal immigration. Who would want to align themselves with hate spewing thugs? Do you know what kind of people are involved with in OFIR? Would you like to? Trust me, it will make your skin crawl.

Most of us dissenters aren't here because we are pro-illegal. Most of us want the problem solved and are working towards that end with groups that aren't offensive and coarse like OFIR.

The reason we're here on this blog is because of Daniels bigotry and hypocrisy.

You want to align yourself with the likes of Lars Larson and OFIR, Dat Themocrat? That's your business, I suppose, but you know what they say about the company you keep.

Dat Themocrat said...

Thanks for your measured response; you can thank the Republicans for honing knives.

“The out-migration of illegal aliens will begin when the focus is taken off the illegal alien and relentlessly put on the crooks who hire them.”

Who’s word do we have on that? And: Illegal alien innocent – employer guilty? I suggest we work with/on both, if beginning with the employet. But what about the SS Administration's recent attempt to punish employers hiring illegal alien workers? Who tied that up in court?

Daniel is rallying the Base; as are Hillary, Obama & McCain… If it didn’t work it would likely stop. Do I like everything I see around here? No. Could ‘his side’ have got one right? Yes.

Larsbo had a piece in the Oregonian (two years ago?) suggesting we “Dry up the cow” – ‘US’ being the bovine. It made sense to me; the bulk are here for jobs, if the jobs dry up there should be no need for bulk deportation or ‘illegal roundups.’ Can you envision the employer's wince? But coming from Lars, mainly ‘their side’ took note. Too PC to call ‘a spade a spade,’ my fellow Democrats (if majority women) cowered at the thought of acknowledging or tackling the problem. Instead, they suggest native Americans all obtain college degrees…

“Who would want to align themselves with hate spewing thugs?” – Tain’t easy, but when considering whomever and however this silent invasion incites … ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’… Let’s take advantage of their energy, if not their re-loading capabilities!

A note on the founder of OFIR; are you aware of his admirable service upholding our state land use regulations? Much of his motivation (then and now) is sustainability; it’s not his fault only one segment of our society answered his cry. Keep in mind, OFIR is not ‘Daniel,’ and OFIR is not ALL Republicans. But they rely on those who take action; and while Dem’s spin with a wet finger in the wind the severity of this situation increases exponentially…

I’ve also stood with Daniel, he’s young, energetic and idealistic. I can relate, and I hope he mellows with wisdom and experience. I’d also like him to know ‘we’re’ not all his enemy and that there’s eventually more power in coalitions than divisive provocation - no matter how ‘successful’ the far-right’s been at cultivating the latter.

A thought on alignments: I once felt obliged to support illegal aliens due to past abuse and exploitation. But during a protest those going head-to-head with the likes of OFIR angrily and arrogantly distanced themselves from ‘us’ (Democrats). Their vitriolic hate matched anything witnessed around here (either ‘side’). Something within me clicked: why are we Democrats protecting the likes of these? They’ve no respect for us – they are in fact using us! Using us to what end? To promote their own at our expense.

Zombie like I staggered wide-eyed for days, viewing every ‘trusted’ source of information and longtime contacts in a different light. I suspect we’re all ultimately looking out for ourselves and our own, and perhaps it should have come as far less a shock to realize those advocating for unlimited ‘immigration’ are from the same place.

America is diverse, but allowing or encouraging the replacement of what little culture we have is consumptive, not progressive.

Dat Themocrat said...

2 corrections (it’s getting late again..), this should have read: “you can thank the Republicans for honing my knives”

And: “Illegal alien innocent – Employer guilty? I suggest we work with/on both, if beginning with the employer.” -- good night ~

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