Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This should not be considered legal advice

Over the last few days I have heard numerous calls into Lars Larson regarding bullet types for carry weapons that the caller would use to lawfully defend themselves on the MAX. Here's my $0.02 so I can stop screaming at the radio when someone suggests full metal jackets.

I would first point out that the best way to survive MAX violence is DO NOT RIDE THE DARN THING.

Second, every bullet fired, even bullets lawfully fired in defense of yourself and others, has a lawyer attached to it. The prosecutor (hopefully) will decide that you acted legally but that doesn't stop the scumbag lawyers from coming after you in civil court. You DO NOT want to have to shoot someone.

When deciding what hangun ammo to use it's always best to ask the experts: law enforcement. This also relates to point number two I made. If, God forbid, you wind up in court for a lawful shoot it's geat to testify that "I carry Brand X which is what the local PD/Sheriff's office carries in their handguns."

I just realized that this is going to get very long so let me just point you towards a very exhaustive report worth a read.

Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo

Note: Hydra-shoks, full metal jackets and Safety Slugs do not make the list. I'm a fan of the Speer Gold Dot.

And no gun post would be complete without pointing you towards OFF.


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Anonymous said...

It must be maddening to be Daniel Miglavs these days. Capitalism (which, I assume, he supports) has set into motion forces that are resulting in more and more people riding their bicycles, riding buses, riding MAX ... i.e, a growing constituency that will be inclined to support public investment in mass transit ... and there isn't a goddamned thing he can do about it except bitch and moan. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Miglavs if you're driving around actually screaming at the radio, here's what I recommend for you:

1. Try listening to something besides conservative talk-radio; they're just a bunch of bloviating ratings-mongers intent on scaring their listeners into believing the same bullshit they (apparently) believe. You might try some classical music.

2. Go have your blood-pressure checked. Even though you're just 14, you seem likely to have a 65-year-old's BP.

3. Go see a shrink. A post railing against feeding children followed by one about guns? All this by an ex-con? Am I seeing a pattern develop here? Should we be concerned?

Anonymous said...

For Daniel Miglavs, "screaming at the radio" is a form of enjoying his "personal independence."

Cue the "Rocky" theme ...

Anonymous said...

anon...5:24 So there is no crime on Max trains??? really???

Again, it is not the job of government to take care of me. However, it is the job of government to get the hell out of my way so I can care for myself.

bringing a gun on my next Max trip. hell yes I am.

Anonymous said...

"anon...5:24 So there is no crime on Max trains??? really???"

I never said that. I've been riding MAX for 10 years, never felt the need to pack heat. In fact, I've never felt the need to pack heat anywhere. Maybe you know something I don't. Whatever it is, I'm happy...ignorance is bliss.

"bringing a gun on my next Max trip. hell yes I am."

You go tough guy (girl). Look out for the bogeyman!

Anonymous said...

We know Daniel can't actually pack a pistola as he can't get a concealed handgun permit. That is what happens when a criminal commits a gun crime: No concealed handgun permit.