Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Press 1 for English

From the criminal lovers at CAUSA:
Today the Oregon Secretary of State’s office announced that Initiative Petition #19 has qualified for the upcoming ballot. The unfunded mandate termed “English Language Instruction” would prohibit teaching a public school student in a language other than English for more than two years. This November, Oregonians will have the choice to reject or pass a law which will take control away from local school boards, families and educators and place it in the hands of convicted racketeer Bill Sizemore.
Worried about crime all of a sudden Erik? Here is the text of this great measure. All the great theatrics of "unfunded mandate" and trashing the chief petitioner will not keep Oregonians from realizing that kids who don't habla don't have much chance for success in America.
The racketeers are the teachers who purposely put kids into ESL classes WHO DON'T EVEN SPEAK SPANISH to bump up the numbers and get extra funding.
Americans are tired of people with foreign and racial allegiances trying to make this country bilingual.


Rick Hickey said...

A BIG thanks to OFIR and the tens of thousands of Democrats, Republicans, Independents and others who understand what a horror and a failure Bi-lingual teaching is for the Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Shame on CAUSA for sticking with their agenda of dividing this Nation and forgetting who benefits the most from Structured English Immersion-The Immigrant Children.

Any Lawyers out there want to examine CAUSA under R.I.C.O. laws, Pro Bono? Or do you Lawyers only work for free for divisive foreign government agenda machines and not Americans any more.
I have many people that would volunteer to get the public info needed to investigate them.

Based on the response of every person I asked to sign this last year (of all ages 18-85, genders, political association, etc.), this will pass big time.

Unfunded mandate? We waste over $2,700 per year per ESL student in a program with an 80% FAILURE rate per Dr. Hargett's 3 yr. study in Salem.
California, Arizona and others spend $110.00 per student per year and the Students are regular class attending students in one or two years, not 5-7 as here.

I have studied this for years, have a PHD.'d 30+ year Language Acquisition expert back east helping me and look forward to this debate.

Immersion will reduce the drop out rate, help us pass NCLB and save us over $160,000,000.00 p/yr.

Heck even the 1st Hispanic Congressman in American history from N.Y. who penned Bilingual education in the 70's has now denounced it!

CAUSA does not want these folks to learn English, because then their baloney would no longer work as the educated can make up their own mind.
SHAME ON CAUSA, how do you sleep at night? You are disgusting bunch of lunatics to me and most people.
No one will be sad when your doors are closed.

as I sees it said...

Apparently Bill Sizemore is a convicted racketeer, and much worse. He has been in contempt of court many times and faced jail. I guess to a criminal like yourself Miglavs, you could care less. Looks like the only "criminal lovers" is you and Hicky, Danny.

Anonymous said...

if you want them to speak english, aren't immersion classes a good idea?

Anonymous said...

I hope that the ballot measure passes. This is the first that I have heard of it. I have a friend who is a middle-school teacher who teaches ESL and they are likely to lose their job to a bilingual (Spanish) teacher who is less qualified than they are.

The friend told me about how the parents of the illegal kids have a real attitude and really take advantage of the system. Not only that, but the illegal kids really hold back the rest of the class because they are trying to play catch up.

My god, what a mess the schools must be in these days. Not that I was a model student, but even I would have not wanted to hold back the rest of the class at the expense of my failure of not being prepared. Don't these people have any shame?

Anonymous said...

it isn't a matter of preparation - they weren't born and/or raised in english-speaking places. sheesh, get over it people. not speaking english does not equal stupid/lazy/unprepared/etc.

Anonymous said...

rick, the problem is, the language of the initiative KILLS immersion too.

(a) If a non-English speaking student first enters the public school system at the kindergarten through the fourth grade level, English immersion classes shall be limited to not more than one year, after which time the student shall be taught exclusively in English.

Anonymous said...

Blue Oregon skewers Bill "Criminal Racketeer" Sizemore. I suspect if the pro-ESL crowd just attach Sizemore's name to the measure, it will go down in flames. Ironic though that Bill Sizemore, the drafter of the measure, uses poor english. I still chuckle over this one

Bill Sizemore screws up the English language

The latest bizarre scheme from initiative racketeer Bill Sizemore has qualified for the 2008 Oregon ballot.

Along with his anti-tax and anti-worker obsessions, we can now add anti-immigrant obsessions. It seems that Bill is so fixated on making immigrant children learn the English language that he wants to stop teaching them English as a second language.

You read that right.

In order to encourage the speaking of English, Sizemore wants to end English-immersion programs in the "shortest time possible." Rather than giving local schools and classroom teachers the freedom to use whatever academic strategies actually teach kids English most effectively, he's going to insist on radical shock therapy as a matter of state law.

That's just bizarre.

And, incidentally, it turns out that Bill Sizemore is a rather incompetent English speaker himself.

Subsection (e) of his measure reads:

To insure the cessation of the long term ESL programs currently in use in public schools in Oregon, beginning July 1, 2009, no public school student shall be taught in language other than English for more than two years. This section does not apply to classes which teach English speaking students a foreign language.
That's right -- "To insure..." Let's review our grammar.

Insure should be restricted to providing or obtaining insurance to indemnify or guarantee someone or something against a loss. Ensure can be used in all other senses, especially 'to make certain'. Ensure can also imply a guarantee.
In other words, while Sizemore is hot and bothered about the use of the English language, he can't be bothered to use it correctly himself. Will this new state law require the state to purchase insurance guaranteeing the cessation of ESL programs? Hard to know. That's why drafting the right language is so critical.

(And, incidentally, this points up one major problem with the initiative system. He wrote it, nobody else gets to edit it, and now that it's headed for the ballot, a majority vote of the people would write it into law. The only way to fix it will be for the legislature to pass yet another law. Thank god Sizemore's not proposing his grammatical error for our Constitution. Why, oh why, can't we have some sort of legislative review before this crap hits the ballot?)

There's more info at the Oregonian and from CAUSA.

Bill Sizemore is a criminal said...

Rule of Law? No Respect for Law? Definately not. Figures Oafers would back up Billy Sizemore.

Bill Sizemore Found In Contempt Of Court

By Pete Springer

Portland, OR May 28, 2008 12:57 p.m.

A Multnomah County judge has found initiative activist Bill Sizemore in contempt of court.

The judge said Sizemore ignored a court injunction against moving funds around to pay for his political activities.

Sizemore is currently collecting signatures for five ballot initiatives even though in 2002, a jury found his organizations engaged in racketeering, fraud, and forgery in relation to previous initiatives.

The jury also awarded $2.5 million to the two unions that sued Sizemore. Portions of those rulings remain on appeal.

Sizemore also plans to appeal the latest contempt charge and says he’s busy getting several measures on the November ballot.

Bill Sizemore: “I have found a way to put the measures on the ballot and give voters those choices without me actually handling the money. And so I’m still able to put measures on the ballot, I just have to do it in a sort of round-about way.”

In July, a court order prohibiting Sizemore from directly participating in financing ballot initiatives expires -- and Sizemore says he’s planning to introduce even more ballot initiatives then.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that one Danny.

Anonymous said...

I have studied this for years, have a PHD.'d 30+ year Language Acquisition expert back east helping me ...

Twenty bucks says he also believes that global warming "does not exist."

Anonymous said...

Full immersion English is the only way to go. Why do libs want to handicap these children by keeping them from learning English?

Anonymous said...

anon 9:23

read the initiative. read, especially, the part quoted above. this KILLS immersion too.

Rick Hickey said...

Actually the most recent study was in Nogales AZ., just across the border from Mexico.

In one year the elementary school has over 85% of students proficient in english in less than one year.

Rhett said...

Uhhh, Bill Sizemore. Isn't that guy in jail? I agree with anon, just attach Sizemore's name to the measure and as clear as my finger pointing to the moon, it will fail. Throw Rick Hickey and the racists from OFIR on the top and it won't even get a second look.

as it is said...

Actually, Americans are tired of people with with racist agendas trying to hijack America. That is why OFIR couldn't even come close to getting their initiative on the ballot, the minuteklan and Alleypac are broke and every single anti-immigrant candidate for prez was rejected. Funny that John McCain, the Senator that co-authored the amnesty bill won the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Press 1 for Miglavian Moral Relativism: As always, Daniel's allegience to "rule of law" is conditional, a moving target. So here he's beating the drum for a convicted racketeer ... let me repeat that: A convicted racketeer who defies the court ( ! ) when a judge attempts to hold him accountable for his actions.

Daniel? DANIEL! HELLO?! We're LAUGHING at you, you fucking asswipe. But thank-you, though, for possibly THE most flagrant and gleefully shameless display of total hypocrisy and moral relativism that you have EVER displayed in your "musings." Honestly, I love it.

Oh ... it's about obeying the law? Oh, okay Daniel. Right, rule of law. Gotcha. ;-)

Studied Shakespeare said...

Somebody calling self Anonymous denigrates Sizemore for using the word insure instead of ensure. He/she should check the dictionary. My Webster New Collegiate Dictionary shows Insure to mean 1)to give, take, or procure insurance on or for; 2} to make certain, esp. by taking necessary measures and precautions. The word insure is perfectly proper here. Most of the opponents throwing fits here about Init.19 aren't debating the merits of the Init; they're just name-calling and character-assasinating.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:40
I will take that bet ! Havent you heard they dont even call it global warming anymore!!!!!
ITS global climate CHANGE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:40
I will take that bet ! Havent you heard they dont even call it global warming anymore!!!!!
ITS global climate CHANGE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

But the racist "Respect for Law" act is going to fail. VIVA ATZLAN!

Anonymous said...

It will never pass. I'll make damn sure of it, along with hundreds and hundreds of other parents who have children currently enrolled in 5 year language immersion programs.

Anonymous said...

5 YEARS TO LEARN ENGLISH...AT FULL IMMERSION. I CALL BULL SHIT. It should take no more then 2 years at full immersion. Stop treating these children like they are victims. You are handicaping them by not teaching them English in a timly manner.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11 -- My children are native English speakers, dolt.

They are currently enrolled in a dual immersion program, learning BOTH Spanish and English along with native Spanish speakers who make up the other half of their classroom. NO ONE is holding anyone back.

My children belong to a school that is over 80% hispanic and the ONLY school in the entire state who passed NCLB benchmarks with a score of 100%. One hundred percent. Not a typo. Did your schools do that well?

Learning a second language in early childhood makes for smarter kids with higher IQs and lifetime enhanced learning ability.

Most all dual language immersion programs last 5 years. It takes that long to learn a second language COMPLETELY. That's how long it takes most people to learn a language proficiently. That means speaking, reading, writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, composition, etc.

By the time my children have finished their Spanish/English dual language immersion program they will be able to speak, read, and write Spanish just as well as any high-level student in the best schools in Mexico. And they'll be equally proficient in English. In addition to that, they'll be performing at a higher intellectual level that will remain with them for a lifetime.

Kids enrolled in these innovative dual immersion classrooms will be running circles around their fellow classmates, including Daniel's children. Who wouldn't welcome challenging their child's intellectual potential by teaching them two languages instead of just one?

Dumb kids read "Dick and Jane." Smart kids will read Moby Dick in English and Spanish by 5th grade AND be able to write a book report about it in both PERFECT English and PERFECT Spanish. That is the promise and the current results of Oregon's dual language immersion programs.

This bill would get rid of that too. Not going to happen. You will see hundreds of Anglo parents with children enrolled in dual language immersion programs throughout the state fighting this tooth and nail on the statehouse steps. It isn't going to pass.

Anonymous said...

why don't we ask the educators (who actually work in the fields of linguistics, immersion, etc.) what works best? how the fuck does a racketeering real estate guy know what best suits the needs of esl kids?

MAX Redline said...

Anon 1:11 -- My children are native English speakers, dolt.

They are currently enrolled in a dual immersion program, learning BOTH Spanish and English along with native Spanish speakers who make up the other half of their classroom. NO ONE is holding anyone back.

Fine. Just don't make me pay for it. I'm paying for my my high-school child to take a five-credit college class in Japanese. And I'm not asking for a dime of taxpayer money to do it.

I imagine your kids will do well with their Spanish-speaking counterparts at the local McDonald's, with the added benefit that the customers will be able to order without pointing at a menu picture. Your kids should progress rapidly to management level, as they'll be able to grow the sale by asking if the customer would like fries with the order.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I'd rather not vote for a measure drafted by a convicted racketeer, but if you have any ballot measures written by convicted forgers or convicted thieves ($500 or less) I might consider that. Let me know. Gracias.

Anonymous said...

so, max, because the kids speak spanish they will be at mcdonald's, but your kids who speak japanese, they will be where now? asshole

Anonymous said...

Max, psssst: Your racism is showing.

20 years from now, my kids may be Stanford grads like their dad, with a degree in international law. Maybe they will help facilitate Mexico's rise from poverty and corruption to a wealthy country flourishing from their staggering wealth of natural resources. Perhaps they'll be doctors working in Brazil or oceanographers working off the coast of Chile or biologists working in the Galapagos Islands.

Spanish is not only the third most widely spoken language on the planet, it also facilitates the accelerated learning of other latin root languages. My kids will be able to learn other Latin languages such as French and Italian with ease.

I pay taxes too. Lots and lots and lots of taxes. You and your ilk act as if only you pay taxes. There's millions of us tax paying supporters of dual lanaguage immersion who are happy to see our tax money go towards this new and innovative program currently reaping incredible results in elementary schools across Oregon.
Glad your child is learning a second language as well. I hope it was a process they started in early childhood. That's when it produces the most significant results in IQ potential and cognitive learning capacity.

Max, perhaps you would do well to learn more about dual language immersion -- what it is, and what it isn't.

Until then, I'm sure you know that not all Spanish speakers work at McDonald's and not all McDonald workers speak Spanish.

Would you like some bigotry with that?

Joshua said...

I think that folks like Max, Daniel and others would do themselves good to have some honesty. They bat it around that THEY don't want to pay for ESL/English Immersion for children. Regardless even that studies show time and again that children benefit from these, making their economic futures and their assimilation into the communities they live in possible. I am getting the sneaky suspicion that Max, Daniel and the like want neither, or really even care a such. If that is the case, they should be honest that they don't care about these children because they are foreigners and shouldn't have any opportunity. The McDonalds comment from Max makes it pretty obvious, but really, they should speak clearly and straight-forward and drop the sophistry.

Anonymous said...

Typical comment from Max. By the way Max, what will your kid be doing with their Japanese? Working at an Oriental massage parlor?

I imagine your kid will do well with his/her Japanese-speaking counterparts at the local Oriental
"massage" parlor, with the added benefit that the customers will be able to order without pointing at their crotch. Your kid should progress rapidly to management level, as he/she will be able to grow the sale by asking if the customer would like a blow job with the order.

See how that works, Max?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious how sacrosanct the English language is to these Oaf'ers, yet one of their fearless leaders (Tricky Rick Hickey) and a great many Oaf'er simpaticos who post comments on this blog, can barely construct a proper sentence, much less use punctuation correctly.

Anonymous said...

Rick -

I volunteer at my local elementary school. I see spanish speaking kids enter Kindergarten and by Spring break, they're trilling away in English as if they'd spoken it all their lives. You're full of shit with your 80% failure rate.

I'm against illegal immigration, I know you would love to call me a criminal lover. I'm also against lying, and that would be what you are doing.

Do you want these kids to learn English or not? Decide what you want! Oregon schools are doing a great job teaching English to these little kids on an extremely tight budget and the rural schools have very limited resources. The school in my neighborhood is a rural school. The classrooms are full, and I mean full, of little hispanic children. They are doing great, these kids are thriving and happy and they are learning English rapidly. You're full of it, Hickey.

Like another writer said, I pay taxes too. I'm glad to see my tax dollars at work teaching children, not killing them.

Anonymous said...

The people posting here that are pained by spelling and typographical errors should realize that blog posters are usually in a hurry and they are not writing their senior theme papers. Just because there are a few mistakes in spelling or grammar doesn't mean the poster is stupid. I'd rather read intelligent posts like Rick Hickey's than the blather of the faux-erudite, many of whom have a vested interest in maintaining the bilingual establishment.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, just because someone doesn't speak English, it is no indication of their intelligence OR their career potential. Apparently, Max thinks Spanish speakers can only aspire to burger flipping jobs.

Anonymous said...

At least Hickey's ignorant blubbering isn't faux -- it's very real.

Rick Hickey said...

Anon 6:14 (notice how the anons make the B.S. claims the most?)

Look it up...
Salem-Keizer School district, Dr. Hargett, Three year study of the Bilingual and dual immersion programs(there were 5 programs, now 3).

Results? After FIVE years in either program, only 2 out of 10 Students were at full proficiency in English.

Oregonian (look it up I am busy) ONLY 22 of 129 Schools passed NCLB (90% were majority migrant schools that failed)

look it up...
California English Language Development Testing - 2nd year and since law passed by people of CA. (over 80% of Hispanics voted yes)
Structured English Immersion results? Over 85% proficient after one year, 100% in 2.

FACT: School leaders such as Susan Castillo know "Extra" funding for ESL Students @ FIFTY % more of your money per student per year has NO time limits, none. They have no motivaton to make sure kids do great because they lose that money.
Their GOAL? Hold ESL kids back as long as possible or lose that money and kids/parents that are educated, can make their own decisions, "leaders" obviously think they know better than us don't want too many smart people around or they lose power.

Read: "Forked Tongue" "The Politics of Bilingual Education" by Dr. Rosalie Porter, PHD. Language acquisition, 25 + years hands on results ofbilingual vs. immerson, available @
(She just e-mailed me and will help us as she did in AZ., CA. & MA. in putting in immeraion)
Happy with dual immersion?
Then YOU pay for it, not us!

Japanese vs. Spanish?

Japan-Intelligent, Hi-Tech, #1 lifespan, tops in Health and personal savings, #1 reliable Cars, top computers and science, successful w/ very high standards, bullet trains, robots, polite society...

Spanish = Mexico and most of S. America: (Spain speaks real spanish not the gutter crap being taught here) turd world, corrupt, #1 in kidnapping, #1 Child pregnancy (why so many speak spanish) #1 drug supplier, 40% with no electricty, indoor plumbing, Tops in Pollution, millions diseased-Chagas,TB2, Malaria, Bribery everywhere, crooked cops, Rude beggars everywhere, millions with no H.S. edcuation, and tens of millions run away from.

What language is best for your child? opens more doors? Hello? You Racist ethno-centric anarchist.

Anonymous said...

And YES my spelling and grammar stink, I know.

Why? My Liberal far-left Parents, let me ditch most of H.S. (even drive their Cars when I was 14, any time I wanted) and I ony went to Public Schools and this is just a blog and I do not proof read this stuff.

Yet Public schools sytem said I got a 90% on my G.E.D. tests and passed.

Anonymous said...

One more thing Dr. Porter just sent me, Opposition on immersion out spent 4 to 1 against immersion, it PASSED anyhow in 3 states, why?

Most immigrants want their kids to learn english now, not maybe in 1/2a decade. What if their child migrated in 8th grade? Maybe be good at english by Senior year? maybe.

On my side with Immersion? Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, Whites, Natives, Parents, Taxpayers, Most Teachers...

Against Immersion? Greedy self centered "leaders" that only consider their job security from a bad agenda-a permanent underclass to wash their toilets, pump that gas into their suv's and pick crops, that care more for the money than obviously the kids.

WE WIN! next...

Anonymous said...

Hickey -- the depth and breadth of your stupidity knows no bounds. I am often left stunned after reading your mindless, ignorant comments. You're so fucking stupid you don't even know, nor can you grasp, the vast difference between the traditional bilingual education you rail against and the wildly successful and innovative success story that is dual language immersion. The saddest part? You're so fucking stupid that it isn't even worth explaining to you.

Here's a repeat of a newspaper article that has appeared on this blog a couple of times, but is worth repeating in the hopes that dumbasses like you will read (and comprehend) it. There isn't a single other elementary school in the entire state of Oregon that can boast NCLB benchmarks with a 100% score. The fact is, (and you may choke on it, but that doesn't make it false) that last year, dual language immersion classrooms across this state (and nationwide) scored significantly higher on NCLB benchmark tests than traditional English-only classrooms.

Dual-language program a huge success

By Jason Horton, the Woodburn Independent

The Woodburn School Board Thursday night heard a stellar report on its dual-language program, which first started in 2003.
The first group of students to go through the program are in fourth grade at Nellie Muir and were tested last year, while in third grade.
The results were staggering.
Every student in the classroom met or exceeded the state benchmark in reading and math - in English.
In third grade, the assessment tests can be given in both languages.
"One hundred percent of the kids made the benchmark in English," said Superintendent Walt Blomberg. "All would have made it in Spanish as well. "That third grade class at Nellie Muir - that was the very first class. They're in fourth grade now, they were the first class to take the statewide assessments and they all succeeded at a high level."
The dual-language program had 24 students in it when it was started.
"It's doing great," Blomberg said of the program.
"That is the future. We now have more kids in the dual language program (around 700) than we do in mainstream English (about 500). Parents are gravitating to that program and I don't know if we'll continue to see 100 percent, but we'll continue to see it exceed the benchmarks, which is why we started this program."
In four years, the program has lost just one student.
"The families that went in to it have stayed with it. I think they are staying because it's reaping such great benefits," Blomberg added.

Let me get down in the gutter with you momentarily Hickey and speak in words you understand....You are a fucking intellectually stunted moron (I don't care what your stupid excuse is) who does more harm than good for the organizations who were stupid enough to select you as their "spokesperson." Luckily, for those of us with working brains, they did select you. I can think of no one who represents what OFIR and the Marion County Repubs are all about than you. Calling Spanish a gutter language and using terms like "turd world?" and ridiculous statistics with no basis in reality or a single link to any nonpartisan source of information that passes the sniff test? Can you get any more unprofessional? Yes, you do represent your organizations well. Very well.

Oh...and by the way the "half decade" you speak of? It's five years of intense learning in BOTH languages and the 5 years insures the students are fluent in both languages, not just fluent, but eloquent. That means they will be able to write (and think) elegantly in two languages, something you can't even comprehend, much less aspire to.

Anonymous said...

Seems Hickey holds Japan in very high regard. Funny thing Japan all students are required to learn TWO languages.

Anonymous said...

RICK HICKEY'S standards for "speaking English good" aren't too high Anon 426. Hickey thinks 5 years ought to be enough to "master" any language, as evidenced by his 5th grade English skills.

As for Spanish being a "gutter" language perhaps we should ask Isabel Allende or Pablo Naruda what they think about that. Perhaps we should ask a Nobel laureate or two...

Anonymous said...

If you learn spanish, at least the dumb spics at Mcdonalds will get your order right the first time.

Anonymous said...

Nope, no racism here...

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:57...

...Or Sor Juana de la Cruz or Octavio Paz or Carlos Fuentes or Mario Molina or Alfonso Garcia Robles.

Spanish a gutter language? Hardly.

Hickey takes a page from facism. Denegrate and insult the cultural touchstones of your enemy to assert your "superiority."

I actually feel sorry for Mr. Hickey. He is foolish and uneducated.