Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's not a caricature

Actual quotes from the OSU Daily Barometer:

Student creates cartoon for social injustice awareness
These injustices were listed to the class as racism, sexism, heterosexism, looksism, ageism and ableism.

"We were actually discussing what kind of areas we could educate the student body and faculty on campus," Loanzon said. "We had a broad topic of educating 'isms' to choose from."

Everyone else's project focused on a certain 'ism,' but we wanted to challenge ourselves with all the 'isms.'"

Each cartoon demonstrates a couple of "isms" that people use in a negative manner. The hero of the comic strip, Captain Ism, shows up with a witty anecdote about the ignorance of "isms" and their lack of conscientiousness towards diversity of people.

You would think that Captain Ism would be a parody that the College Republicans would use to make fun of the PC crowd but no, they are serious.

I bet Captain Ism is a real girly man...

Second quote:

An open letter to my white LGBT siblings
This letter will be angry. I won't apologize for any vitriol or confrontation here. I don't believe that we can have honest public discussions without being confrontational.

My anger comes from hearing, with dismay, about a party last weekend themed "Cowboys and Indians."

I don't know a lot about this party, other than it was hosted by a visibly white student at OSU who identifies as gay.

I was already laughing at this point.

But to wait for a person of color to express outrage at these actions is to deny my responsibility as a white person to combat racism. It is to put the burden (again and again!) on people of color to educate white people.

And I believe that dressing up as "Indians" at a party harms a group of people's right to self-determination.

Poor Michael, (writer of this letter) you are such a sad angry boy. But look how "brave" it is of you to act offended and stand up to the white man at OSU. I'm sure that it's a real tough environment to do that in.

The whole letter is good for a laugh if you aren't on a college campus. If you are on campus then you probably are very worried about Indianisms.


Anonymous said...

So, to summarize: A right-wing lunatic pointing out the lunatic comments of left-wing lunatics. Truly, you guys deserve each other.

Tasha said...

how about Elitism ,something the college types have in spades.
live in the real world.
those against enforcing immigration laws are usually
ageists, classists, elitists, fascists and of course completely western while constantly attacking western culture.
this of course, is the funniest part, because if all the La Raza or Causa supporters really believed in the evils of western culture, they would not be in college,or use english at all, or drive a car or take the bus.
I know one thing, Illegal aliens have no desire to go back to walking or riding burrows, being sacrificed to the Aztec Gods.
They love western ways of doing things. They just want to rape and pillage our culture and our country as much as possible with job theft, Id theft, bankrupting hospitals, breeding excessively, using Federal programs such as medicaid, WIC, food stamps , the free public schools, not reporting income so they can drive nice cars while going to food banks . The list goes on. The USA is like the witch's house in Hansel and Gretal to them .
PS does everyone know that you pay for Spanish interpreters at OHSU?

Scottiebill said...

Tasha, You should have included in your post the in addition to the illegals wanting to rape and pillage our culture and our country, they (not all of them) want to rape and pillage our women, our people, our way of life, our welfare system, our schools, our employment opportunities, and just about anything else that is good about our country.

And, yet we have these kooks that want to welcome them with open arms, like all the various and sundry anonymouses, that post here. And we mustn't forget Tommy and the Toadies on the City Council who authorized $200,000. for the illegal alien labor center when they "have no money to fix potholes, to fund more policemen, to fund more fire fighters.

And we don't want to forget the $150,000. to shut down 6 square miles of city streets in North Portland this coming Sunday,

This gang needs to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail like they did way back when.

Anonymous said...

Well of course!

Schools, especially overly expensive Oregon Schools, are failing No Child Left Behind proving they can't teach a kid how to read or write or do math sooooooo they give up and teach Social Engineering instead.

Hopefully they will fail at that also as they are shoving some sick crap down our kids throat.

AND NOT ANY COLLEGE KIDS ARE LEARNING ANYTHING anymore apparently, that is why we need so much "Foreign" Labor, cause they ain't learnin' notting these daise.

Anonymous said...

AND NOT ANY COLLEGE KIDS ARE LEARNING ANYTHING anymore apparently, that is why we need so much "Foreign" Labor, cause they ain't learnin' notting these daise.

kill me now, please.

Anonymous said...

I notice scottyshill mentioned specifically "women" as he knows as well as we all do that Repubicans want to rape and pillage our children. (Not all of them, but most of them.)

I am still trying to figure out the insignia of Trasha. "Celtic Spiral"? Doing a quick search here is what popped. Go figure, that is an OFIR and ALIPAC member for you:

Nazis and racist groups

The Nazis adopted this Celtic symbol specifically as the insignia for a Waffen SS division composed of ("Celtic") Belgian volunteers. That has led to an association with the swastika.

A group of racist South African Whites, the AWB, have used a flag consisting of a red background with a white circle. In the circle, three black sevens form a design distantly reminiscent of the triskelion. In spite of the similarities to the swastika, they claim their flag is inspired by a Biblical meaning of the seven.

Anonymous said...

Go away Trasha. You stink up the place and it's already bad enough as it is. Your blog is disgusting. Why don't you just stick with that.

Anonymous said...

Daniel begins with "D" so does dumb-ass, douche-nozzle, dipstick

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Anon 114, You want me to say that the illegals also rape and pillage our men, too. Ok. Just to satisfy you and your inane railing. The illegals also rape and pillage our men.

Now, are you happy? I didn't think so.

As for "most" Republicans wanting to "rape and pillage" our children, I will grant you that some do, but not "most" as you seem to like to point out. But you should also mention that there are some Democrats that also "rape and pillage" the children.

You have shown all of us that you are extraordinarily biased against all Republicans. That obsessive bias of yours must somehow reflect some kind of dysfunction in your makeup.

Next thing we know, you will be posting a long list of all the prominent and not so prominent Republicans who have "raped and pillaged" kids. Don't bother. We have all seen that list before. Rather, why don't you post a list of prominent and not so prominent Democrats who have done pretty much the same things? Or would that tax your biased sensibilities too much?

Scottiebill said...

The above post should read Anon 1114.

Anonymous said...

Dear angry left-wing nuts:


There's really nothing else to say. Oh, maybe FUCK OFF.