Monday, June 23, 2008

Hungry for some real parenting

Looking at various government indoctrination camp websites and keep running across their "free" (libspeak: free = taxpayer funded) summer meal programs. It's getting depressing out there.

"Project Summer * Everybody Eats"
Beginning June 17th, eleven school sites will be participating in the summer food service program which offers meals at no charge to all children in the community ages 18 years old and younger.

No Special Application is necessary!
No Registration!

What's on the menu in Beaverton? Hold on, let me make sure I click on the English version...
Chicken Caesar Salad
Teriyaki Chicken Bento

Honey BBQ Rib Strips
with Rice

Fresh Turkey & Cheese
Spicy Chicken

Rib strips? Chicken Caesar salad? I guess you don't have to go to Applebees to be eating good in the neighborhood.

How long until we see a "weekend" food program to feed kids? Come on parents, do your job, don't let government do it for you. What a sad day for America to see families standing in line for their government provided food like they are in the Soviet Union.


as i sees it said...

Looks like a great program for children. The fact that Oregon has the highest hunger rate, seems like the few pennies that this costs taxpayers is well spent. Look, the government, who is actually you and I, could be spending money on new bikes for employees to ride to work.

Anonymous said...

Dude, seriously? You're bent out of shape over this?

In case you hadn't noticed, this country is fat, and I don't think that's the government's fault, is it?

I'm glad to see the government putting my tax dollars to use wisely: By encouraging families that somehow do not know better to practice proper nutrition it is probably going to save us a ton down the road, by avoiding all of the expense associated with adult obesity related health problems.

Miglavs, you're a hoot, man! Don't you realize that the Republican free-market ideology won? There's no question about that. Dalton Conley summed it up in yesterday's New York Times Magazine:

"The chatter these days is that the Republicans are a party that has run out of ideas. The Soviet Union is long gone; welfare has been reformed; market logics have permeated almost every aspect of our lives (eBay, anyone?). The truth is that the triumph of conservative ideas may present a political problem for the ailing Republicans, but the party that’s truly lacking in new ideas is my own, the resurgent Democrats."

Why do you always act as if we're on the brink of communism?

Anonymous said...

"Highest hunger rate".....

And where did you get that bit of data?

Perhaps if DHS did not provide cell phones to people that get food stamps they would have more money for food programs.

Also, why are these people on food stamps getting cash back to buy cigs and beer?

This is just another program that inches us ever so slightly toward communism. Think about it…

The more we as citizens allow the government to do the parenting the less control we citizens will have on our own children. We already have nationalized education controlled by unions. Hillary and Barrack want nationalized health care. Last week Democrats said they wanted to nationalize the oil industry. These are all communist practices. It is not the job of government to feed the children. Nope...that is the job of parents. If you can’t afford to feed them...don’t have them.

The job of the government is not to provide for me...the job of government is to get the hell out of my way, so I can provide for my self. But then...I am not a communist.

Anonymous said...

9;43 ANON

Kids are fat today because they are spending all of their time in front of a blue screen. Be it a computer playing video games or the almighty TV set. Kids don’t play outside anymore. Dodge ball has been outlawed in schools. Recess is a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

We have poor among us, for WHATEVER reason. Innocent children are caught in the web. It's not their fault they're poor. If my tax dollars are spent making sure a good meal is available to them at least once a day I say Bravo!

These meals aren't feeding lazy bums who refuse to work or meth tweakers stealing any metal they can get their hands on. These meals are feeding CHILDREN Daniel.

My money, my money, my money. Those are the only words you know. Mine, mine, mine. You'ld just as soon walk past a starving child as part with a dime of your precious tax money.

You make me sick. You can post all the bible verses you want Miglavs, you're still an icy cold asshole with a dead heart who hasn't a CLUE what it means to be a Christian.

Anonymous said...

so, would you rather they get a handout or rob you?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you show up at the park where they're serving these meals Daniel? You can take your fucking camera and make fun of the kids for being poor. Maybe mock the lunch ladies and stuff. That sounds like something you would enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Daniel talks indignantly (that's redundant, I realize) about "government indoctrination," and yet I suspect that when it comes to the alleged "threats" posed to the United States by Iraq and Iran, he believes everything the government tells him -- and does not object after the fact when the "intelligence" turns out to be lies and bullshit ... regardless of the human and financial cost.

as it is said...

In 2000, Oregon was faced with one of the nation’s highest hunger rates so the state raised the
income limit for families to be eligible for Food Stamps. It still wasn't enough and though the rate has declined, it is creeping back up.

Now in 2008 this article came out last month:

Eliminating hunger is up to all Oregonians

Oregon may no longer be the nation's "hungriest" state, according to Census data. But pressed by rising fuel and food costs, more families are asking local food banks for emergency boxes of food to tide them over for a few days.

These families don't need a Hunger Awareness Week. But for everyone else, this week should prod people to learn at least one thing and do at least one thing to help eliminate this problem.

In the heart of this rich agricultural state, it simply is shameful that some of our neighbors and our children's friends must skimp on food. Period.

Mid-Valley residents have always responded generously to such reminders with donations of food and cash. That has allowed Marion-Polk Food Share's 73 partners to distribute nearly 61,000 food boxes and serve nearly 1 million meals per year.

But food boxes and meals at shelters, though important, are only stopgap solutions. What Oregon really needs is to fix the underlying problems that keep people from being able to afford adequate food, and that keep healthy food from getting to the people who need it.

People are hungry in Oregon for a complicated web of reasons. If they have low-wage jobs with no benefits, it's hard to make ends meet. Housing costs here are high; child care is hard to find. If jobs are far from affordable housing, then transportation costs add up. If the car breaks down or an uninsured parent needs a prescription, the food budget may have to give.

Gov. Ted Kulongoski and the Oregon Hunger Relief Task Force deserve credit for working on a five-year plan to change some of these root causes of hunger.

One success story: getting more eligible Oregonians signed up for food stamps. That brought millions more federal dollars into the state and made it possible for more children to attend school well fed and ready to learn.

Another victory came when the Legislature capped consumer loan rates at 36 percent, down from the 500 percent to 600 percent that some payday loan outfits charged. Now low-income people are less likely to get trapped in contracts that force them to pay interest instead of buying food for their children.

It would be great to get the energy of everyday Oregonians behind similar efforts. The governor has worked hard to keep hunger in the spotlight, even spending a week on a typical food stamp client's budget of $3 per day. But he and hunger advocates can't do this alone.

Consider helping at a summer food meal site. Drive an elderly neighbor to the farmer's market. Tip when you eat out to help low-wage servers. Write letters to legislators who are considering anti-poverty programs.

And that bag of groceries for the local food bank? It's always welcome.

Anonymous said...

If I see a child who is hurting, I AM THEIR PARENT

If I see a child who is battered, I AM THEIR PARENT

If I see a child who is in danger, I AM THEIR PARENT

If I see a child who is ailing, I AM THEIR PARENT

If I see a child who is not learning, I AM THEIR PARENT

If I see a child who is hungry, I AM THEIR PARENT.

I shudder when I think of your two boys and the example of compassion and humanity being shown to them by their father. Go crawl back under your rock Miglavs.

Anonymous said...

"Standiing in line like the Soviet Union" ...

Thanks to the DEMOCRATs that have run this state into the ground, we are looking too much like the former U.S.S.R.!

Democrats destroy our #1 source of good paying jobs so people need the damn Gov't, as in no cutting down those trees that grow back (Even dead ones from a fire). Instead over 12 years later they want to extend the "Welfare for Counties that don't cut wood program", like FED money grows on Trees. It doesn't American taxpayers pay for it & we'd rather cut those trees and take care of ourselves.
Democrats want us to buy all our Wood (or we build mud huts?)from Canada so that failed Socialist experiment can afford "free" lousy Healthcare for all 30 million inhabitants.
Democrats want us to buy all our Oil from the radical Muslims or Canada & Mexico and help THEIR economy, not ours, and hey this creates more "needy" Americans, who will vote for even more Gov't control/programs.

In Salem/Keizer all these "Free Summer" meals are only given out at the Schools and even Apartment complexes flooded with Illegal Aliens. None offered in the other hard working taxpaying American areas.

About 3 years ago our local paper had an item on "Free" coats. Everyone in line was Hispanic and the last lady in line bitched because they ran out of coats for her 8 Children, in Spanish of course.

My broke from competing with 3rd world labor friend had to take his kid to the "Free" shots for school day. He was the only one in line speaking English.

DEMONCRATS are getting what they want because of YOUR apathy people.

Shut down industry in America, use pollution as your scapegoat. Become a low pay, everyone qualifies for "Free" gov't stuff, service economy. Continue to
flood the labor market with illegal aliens and suppress wages.

Next thing you know we do become a mostly dependent on government to survive nation and the Commies have complete control and OUR money.
This is obviously what the Demoncrats want and are getting because you lazy Sheep let them.

Anonymous said...

Just enforce the damn laws and most of us will not need any government food, or help.
We used to be a nation of people taking take of ourselves.

More PROOF that just enforcing the law will get these fucking leeches from Mexico out of OUR hair!

Christian Science Monitor
Why former Mexican migrants are staying home
El Gusano, Mex -- Jos̩ Balderama spent half a decade in the United States working roofing jobs in Texas. The money he sent home each month went to his wife and four children Рa source of income the family expected to count on for many years to come...

"States have also gotten tougher. Gyla Gonzalez, the executive director of Latinos United of Carroll County, a nonprofit group, says that new state laws in Georgia, using driver's licenses and documentation for employment, has scared many migrants away. Attendance at the health clinic their organization runs, she says, is down by more than two-thirds in the past few months; "These types of laws in Georgia are making undocumented immigrants start to leave," she says.

Hopefully ALL the Illegal alien only Health clinics will go away and therefore more truly desperate Americans will get the help they deserve.


359 TORTURES, RAPES, KIDNAPPINGS, ALL for ransom, ALL Illegal's in drop houses in Phoenix, just last year alone. Source? Police on Hanninty's America via

Anonymous said...

Applause from the balcony for Anon 4:48 ...

The Bush administration's use of
"government indoctrination" (not to mention its cousins, secrecy and censorship) is unprecedented in the history of the office (and, I'd add, opposed by principled Republicans.

So, after years of silence about Bush lies and bullshit, Miglavs is upset about ... a weekend lunch program for kids?

Let's be clear about this. Read the following words aloud, slowly and carefully: Daniel Miglavs is angry about a weekend lunch program for children!!!

Mr. Miglavs, without looking it up, do you know how many Americans have died abroad because of the president YOU voted for? Do you know how many Americans have come back with shattered bodies and minds scarred by the things they've seen and done? Do you know how much this has cost American taxpayers? Do you have any grasp of the human cost to the Iraqi people, to their families, to their society? Do you have the slightest idea?

Dare I ask: Do you care?

You're a rare breed, Mr. Miglavs. Much is made of how intelligent sociopaths can be. In your case, not so much.

Anonymous said...

All of this bullcrap about starving children.....yada, yada, yada. Sure, I am sure that there are a small number of hungry children in the area that this covers, but how many of their parents have money for cigs, beer, cable TV, meth, etc.? Probably the majority.

I have no problem with private groups feeding the poor, but why should a public institution like a school getting involved? Isn't free lunch enough? Where does the responsiblilty come into play for the parents?

And I would be willing to make a wager that a large portion of kids that are partaking of this are "anchor babies". And this program is likely being advertised on Spanish language radio and in all of the free clinics that illegals congregate.

as it is said...

Where does the responsiblilty come into play for the parents?And I would be willing to make a wager that a large portion of kids that are partaking of this are "anchor babies"...

Well now, it really doesn't matter, does it? They are hungery and the sensible among us will feed them weather you like it or not. Funny how selfish people like you always come around complaining as if it matters to anyone. For the sake of entertainment, I am am just glad government works around and passed what you think. You just pay and that is pretty much it. You could always leave. No one is keeping you here in this state, country. There is no doubt in my mind that we would be much better with out you as a citizen.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, looks like a great opportunity for you to take your camera over to Beaverton and pull a "gotcha!" on kids with milk mustaches for posting on your blog. Hey! Omigod this is so cool! You might even catch them serving tacos ... what a scoop that would be!

Daniel Miglavs: Tirelessly seeking out the big issues, grappling with life's most complex problems, raising the level of discussion higher and higher ...

Anonymous said...

Apparently all the peepul that think this is a good program either don't pay taxes or haven't seen daycare vans dropping off kids for their "free" lunches or the kids that only speak spanish sucking up my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is it my responsibility as a taxpayer to fund meals for parents who likely spend the money saved on things like alcohol, drugs, or just sending the excess money back to Mexico?

As a single taxpayer who NEVER uses any goverment services except for the roads and parks, it freakin' pisses me off that I am feeding the kids of crank freaks and illegal aliens.

Tell you what....if it is found that these parents are negligent and cannot provide for their kids, let the state take them away and either put them up for adoption or care for them until their parents pull their heads out of their asses and can prove that they can provide for them. Why this hand-holding crap from the government with a free for all food giveaway? That is crazy and a waste of my tax money.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:53 PM
How many people died in 911 which was planned and the first operation conducted during the Clinton administration? About 3000 people died. How many Serbs died when Wesley Clark, the American general in charge of NATO butchered some of the people who save 500 downed American airmen in WWII?
Hospitals and radio stations were targeted by American warplanes under clinton.
Clinton neglected his duty and did not kill Bin Laden and his neglect cost 3000 lives and hundreds of billions of dollars.
You can blame that nitwit Bush all you want, but the great democrat here Clinton was criminally neglectful.

Dare I ask: Do you care?

I want to know how many criminal aliens are getting free meals? I bet it's a lot, maybe a majority.

I read a lot of the arguments and I thought about this for a while. I don't mind feeding American children, but I do mind feeding mexican children. We should check the citizenship of all the children, if they are illegals, round them and their parents up and ship them home.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:28--who cares? Just pay your taxes and quite whinning. You should look at this way, no amount of nagging and whinning, or even ballot measure, from the Don McIntires of Oregon have ever panned out. This should tip you off. Pssst, we don't care what you think. The programs for those in need will continue and the failing ORGOP are powerless to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

As I Christian, I am sickened and appalled that even feeding CHILDREN -- who are innocent in all this, whether it be their parent's drug use, illegal status, laziness, or even the WORKING poor -- even when it comes to feeding CHILDREN, you so-called PROUD AMERICANS who are the first to thump your chests and call yourself a CHRISTIAN NATION, behave like this over the comparative measley PENNIES it takes to feed lunch to a poor child.

Some of you guys and your posts are BEYOND PATHETIC. It is precisely folks like yourself that the majority of us will be voting for Obama.

As for how much some of us pro-children posters pay in taxes? I am pretty confident my husband and I pay more in taxes than many of you earn in an entire year and I am glad at least a small portion of that money is being spent IN THIS COUNTRY ON OUR CHILDREN.

Anonymous said...

As I Christian, I am sickened and appalled that even feeding CHILDREN -- who are innocent in all this, whether it be their parent's drug use, illegal status, laziness, or even the WORKING poor -- even when it comes to feeding CHILDREN, you so-called PROUD AMERICANS who are the first to thump your chests and call yourself a CHRISTIAN NATION, behave like this over the comparative measley PENNIES it takes to feed lunch to a poor child.

Some of you guys and your posts are BEYOND PATHETIC. It is precisely folks like yourself that the majority of us will be voting for Obama.

As for how much some of us pro-children posters pay in taxes? I am pretty confident my husband and I pay more in taxes than many of you earn in an entire year and I am glad at least a small portion of that money is being spent IN THIS COUNTRY ON OUR CHILDREN.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the Miglavians who complain about their taxes being spent on food programs, schools, and "illegal aliens" NEVER complain about the cost to American taxpayers of the war in Iraq.

$531 billion as of today ... and rising. I don't think I've ever seen Daniel so much as mention it. Doesn't exist. Move along, nothing to see here ...

But wait!!! Is that child drinking milk subsidized by MY tax dollars??? FUCKING GODDAMMIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel! Why don't you and your buddies fix up some signs and grab your camcorder and go insult and mock some kids eating lunch. Taunt the kindergarteners and ask them if they can read your signs. Take your boys with you and how them how a "real man" behaves.

Every week you top yourself with your disgusting mewling. You make me ill. I wonder how you are going to defend yourself on judgement day.

Anonymous said...

Next thing Daniel's going to go after? Our tax money being spent on animal humane centers. He'll be hungry for some real "pet owner responsibility" and get really pissed off that we spend HIS tax money providing mercy to innocent stray animals.

Oh...wait a minute. Daniel's more inclined to give a rats about the welfare of animals. Humans? Not so much.

Anonymous said...


the war is less then 2% of our GDP.


Anthony "Fed Up" DeLucca said...

Anon 12:10

Take your own advice and show up the park yourself. Take a look at the cars in the parking lot people drive in order to get to the free meal. I'll bet you see some nice wheels, nice stereos, some with drop down dvd screens too I'll wager. Now, look at the clothes that those who are getting a free meal are wearing. Are any of the people who are getting the free meal overweight?? I'll bet so. Bet that they all have cell phones as well. Wanna bet they have either cable or sattelite TV at home? An X-Box or Play-station too?

Now granted, there are those who would be hungry without this "free" meal, and I'm all for helping those who are deserving and in need. But I'll wager that the overwhelming majority are just there because it's free. (and by free....I mean that you and I are paying for it)

Anonymous said...

By the way:

A little off topic, but since someone brought up Obama, I'll pipe in:

Did you know that Obama was the SOLE vote against Illinois State Legislation making it illegal to place an aborted fetus on life support if it was aborted and still living?

In other words...sorry kid, we botched our attempt to kill you, but rather than try and save you now, we are simply going to let you die a slow death.

What a swell guy. The SOLE vote against the bill (which required a unanimous vote to pass) killed the bill.

Tasha said...

all the food is for the illegal aliens and their anchor babies. I suggest Low-income Americans use these services , otherwise it's all illegals who speak Spanish.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:03, tax dollars spent on lunches for kids nationwide is .0000000000000000000001 percent of .0000000000000000001 percent of .00000000000000000001 percent of .00000000000000000001 percent of 1 percent of the GDP ... of Peru.

So you fuck off.

P.S. Notice how $531 billion for war spending doesn't merit a mention by Anthony "FBI/INS Statistical Report" DeLucca.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....last year I was in a park in Canby with my kids. The same kind of summer lunch program was provided by the Canby schools and we were there at the right time. My kids don't go to a Canby school, but they invited us to join them so we did. Majority of the kids having lunch that day were anglo, slim majority, but a majority nonetheless. You're right, all their Moms were chatting on cell phones and driving vans. The hispanic children were mostly there alone.

I couldn't care less what language a hungry poor kids speaks. I don't think Jesus would either. You guys should be deeply ashamed of yourselves. As another writer said, children are innocent in all this.

Trasha, you suck in the worst way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:43 -

Do you have a link to official Illinois legislature records supporting this assertion?

Anonymous said...

not to get down to your level, but Jesus wouldn't be calling me Trasha or Gasha .
also, how come everyone knows what Jesus would do and what Jesus is thinking ?
does he Have a Website or a blog?
pulling the God Card is as bad as the Race Card.
I happen to know Illegal mexicans are driving nice cars because they load up on every government program and do not pay taxes.
I hope they enjoyed it because the high gas prices etc are hitting those who formerly provided for them: the middle class Americans.

Anonymous said...

illegal alien gets to keep all the cash he made in the us while not paying taxes or learning English.

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- An illegal immigrant dishwasher who lost $49,000
to the U.S. government as he tried to take it home to Guatemala will get
some of the money back, his attorney said Wednesday.

Pedro Zapeta, an illegal immigrant, managed to save $59,000 while
working as a dishwasher for 11 years.

Pedro Zapeta was "very, very happy" when he learned about a federal
appeals court ruling that says he is entitled to recover some of the
money, said attorney Robert Gershman, who handled the financial end of
Zapeta's case.

Zapeta was carrying $59,000 in cash when he was stopped at a security
checkpoint at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in 2005.
He told authorities he was returning home to Guatemala with the money he
had saved working illegally as a dishwasher over 11 years.

But federal law requires that anyone leaving or entering the country
with $10,000 or more must declare it. Because Zapeta had not done so, he
was detained, and his money was seized.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the judge who
fined Zapeta applied an incorrect standard in determining the amount to
be forfeited. The appeals court ordered a hearing to set a new fine.

"I am extremely happy," Gershman said. "Even though he is not a citizen,
it shows he has equal rights."

Gershman has said Zapeta, who does not speak English, was not trying to
conceal the money but did not know the law. Zapeta had paid taxes on the
earnings, he said, and under legal guidelines should be fined at most
$5,000 for failing to report that he was traveling with the cash.

Circuit Court Judge James Cohn instead fined Zapeta $49,000, all the
money he was carrying over the $10,000 limit.

"The government always acted as if the money was their own," Gershman
said. "They acted almost entitled to it. But it's not their money. It
was Pedro's, and the [appeals] court affirmed that."

Zapeta said last year that he had saved the money to build a house for
himself and his family in his home village in the Guatemalan mountains.
He returned to Guatemala this year under the threat of deportation, but
his lawyers continued to argue that his fine was excessive.

Federal prosecutors in Miami did not immediately respond to a request
for comment on the decision or on whether they will appeal to the U.S.
Supreme Court.

As Zapeta's case was publicized, U.S. residents donated money to him,
and Gershman set up a trust. It has received about $15,000 in donations,
he said

Anonymous said...

holy shit, they paid the guy for working? you mean, the 13th amendment still means something? holy shit, what a travesty~