Friday, June 20, 2008

No "coordinator for the success of opening a jail"?

Multnomah County now hiring:

Coordinator for Academic & Life Success
This position is central to advancing the goals of the Commission on Children, Families & Community (CCFC) towards closing the achievement gap. This position will spearhead initiatives to help ensure the success of all young people.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or be nauseous. This blog post is taking a little longer than usual because I have to type with one hand... a government bureaucrat is holding the other.


Anonymous said...

I think what's really behind these posts by Daniel is that he's po'd that he's not qualified for any of these jobs he's belittling. Having a criminal record, little formal education, and running an incendiary racist blog probably doesn't get you very far in the eyes of potential employers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:59 am, can you show me where daniel has said anything racist?

Anonymous said...

Uh...well, there is the infamous filming of the traitorous beans and tamales at some school event where he assumed that because Mexican food was being served and Tejano (or whatever) music was being played he must be uncovering some sort of subversive underground anti-American illegal alien network. All because of some tamales and music?

Then there is the post about Tri-Met "catering to illegals" because they have Spanish-language signage. The bias is quite clear here, right? If you speak Spanish, you're more than likely here without documents.

It's pretty much a daily occurrence here in Miglavia.

So you wish only to pick a bone with the charges of racism, and not with the observation that Danny is an ex-con and lacks post-secondary education? Thought so.

Scottiebill said...

It has been said the a racist is someone who is willing an argument with a liberal.

That is why the anonymice are hell-bent on calling Daniel a racist.

He is winning!

Anonymous said...

How can Daniel be "winning" when he doesn't even argue. He makes incendiary claims about illegal immigrants and Mexicans, legal or not, completely devoid of any statistical or other evidence to support his claims. Absolutely none. Then, when someone trots out evidence that casts doubt on his assertions, he has shown himself repeatedly incapable of mustering a fact-based response, or any response at all.

Look, I do think that Daniel has some racist tendencies, but it's not because he's winning an argument. It's simply because of things he has said. What is wrong with that?

As I pointed out earlier, in a lovely post a while back Daniel asserted that by printing signs in other languages, Tri-Met was catering to illegal aliens. The core assumption here is that if you don't speak or read English very well, you must be in the country illegally? How is that not racist or ethnocentric? Please, could you clarify this for me?

Anonymous said...

What is this knee-jerk aversion to seeing or hearing things in other languages, if not stemming from some sort of racism or revulsion for things different than you?

So you have to dial 1 for English. Big deal. I can tell you this: you'd still be dialing 1 for English even if there wasn't one illegal immigrant in this country.

Do you all who bitch about dialing 1 for English realize how childish and silly you sound? It's not that hard. Just press 1 and continue on.

You all act as if the English language is somehow threatened with extinction when the fact of the matter is that you can, as I have, travel across the world and get by mostly in English. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

What is "he" winning ScottieBill?

Is Tancredo the Rep party nom? Are illegal aliens leaving in so called "droves?" Are illegal aliens no longer driving Oregon highways and biways? Has the spanish language ceased to be spoken? Are beans and tamales outlawed? Are Mexican fiestas against the law now? Are the tiendas out of business?

Exactly what is Daniel winning?

beakeer said...


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful, Beakeer.

However, for those of us who do not know Daniel personally, we can only evaluate him based on what he writes. And some of the things he has written seem pretty damn racist. So, you might at least appreciate where we are coming from.

Thanks for clearing things up though. It's terrific to know that Daniel really ISN'T a racist, and all of the racist stuff that he writes is just misconstrued.

Anonymous said...

Explaining Daniel's brand of bigotry to someone who needs an explanation is a TOTAL waste of time. Moving on ...

I find it curious that Daniel is always linking to job openings he's found in the public sector. He seems to spend an inordinate amount of time looking through these jobs. I wonder if he's ... looking for a job? Last I heard, his wife worked for the state (the ironies in Miglavia never end) so maybe he's looking to see how he can get some taxpayer-funded income flowing into the Miglavs household ... or rather, more taxpayer-funded income. My tax dollars at work: Feeding, housing and clothing Daniel Miglavs and his family.

Anonymous said...

oh dear lord, why is any one who believes in the law and its enforcement a racist. Daniel fights to remove illegal aliens because if you have ever read his blog he provides endless examples of the government using the taxpayers dollars to wipe the mess of their chin. As for "pressing one for English" the pressing one isn't the issue it is the fact that it is culturally acceptable to come to this country and not know English, if you were truly making the effort to immigrate then it is not too much to ask to learn the language. I mean if you and your selfless ways truly want to pay for criminals temporary housing by all means

Anonymous said...

12:16 -- I thought this was about the "rule of law," as Miglav's likes to put it.

What the hell does "cultural acceptance" (as it relates to language) have to do with the rule of law much less one's immigration status?

This is AMERICA (last time I checked) and the Constitution you so revere guarantees the right to speak any language one chooses. Those constitutional rights extend to all American citizens who may (or may not) be fluent in English, and to those who are may not citizens but who live here legally.

The free market is what's
"culturally acceptable" around here 12:16. The free market makes strategic decisions every day without consulting YOU beforehand. If GM or Johnson & Johnson or Nabisco decides it wants to communicate with customers who prefer to speak Spanish then so be it.

Spanish isn't the only "Press 1" language in this country. Depending on where you live, it might be Farsi or Russian or Chinese. Learning English is a PROCESS. It takes the average adult language learner three years to become fluent. It doesn't take that long to be conversational, but even that is a process that takes at least a year or longer.

Arrogance and egomania is complete when something as inconsequential to your personal life as "press 1 for English" is all it takes to send you into a sanctimonious froth.

How a company chooses to communicate with their customers is entirely their decision, NOT yours.

Take your "culturally acceptable" crap and shove it. Language harms no one. Actions do.

I'm just sure if your company transferred you to Germany, you would give up your American citizenship and any cultural ties to America and you would be fluent in German before getting there. NOT! (and you know it)

Anonymous said...

Why is Juan Amnesty McCain the primary winner?
Because he flip flopped when his money and support was gone 6 months ago...

CNN -- June 21

Analysis: McCain's uphill battle on illegal immigration
In 2007, McCain's sponsorship of comprehensive immigration reform angered conservatives and very nearly derailed his presidential campaign.
At a Republican debate at the Reagan Library in January, McCain was asked whether he would still vote for his original measure.
"No, I would not ... because we know what the situation is today ... that people want the borders secured first," he said.
McCain's critics were reassured.
He also said many many times after this "I get it" "I get it", secure the borders first" "I get it, the people have spoken very clearly"

Of course he just flip flopped again speaking to la raza papers and is now using national R money designated for local R races because he now wants Amnesty again and his is NOT raising money on his own.

Why are there way more bumper stickers and yard sings for Ron Paul than McCain? Actually I haven't seen any Mccain signs, none.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was about the "rule of law," as Miglav's likes to put it ...

As hard as the Miglavians try, they inevitably reveal what their real motivations are: They don't want them here. They don't want those people in their neighborhoods and schools. They all but say it, and sometimes they actually do say it. That is certainly how they talk to each other. They know what they are. Their "rule of law" posturing is pure, 100 percent Grade A bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:51 p.m., can you show me were Adolph Hitler personally killed any Jews?