Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This wasn't developed in Cuba?

Heart Attack And Stroke: Key Found To Breakthrough Drug For Clot Victims
A team of researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and Washington University in St. Louis have described for the first time the mechanism that gives a mutant enzyme molecule that they have engineered - and patented - the potential to become a breakthrough drug for treating heart attacks and strokes.

A team of researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and Washington University in St. Louis have described for the first time the mechanism that gives a mutant enzyme molecule that they have engineered - and patented - the potential to become a breakthrough drug for treating heart attacks and strokes.

Congratulations to OHSU. Unfortunately I can imagine a Hillary/Edwards ticket where the prez would prevent any company who might try to take this to market, which would cost an arm and a leg, from making any profit while Edwards would make sure that the company would get sued if one person somehow had an adverse reaction.

Our only hope is that Cuba, which has a wonderful health care system, will develope the drug.


Lib Librarian said...


Once again your "USA #1 rubber finger" bragadocious smuggery gets in the way of looking up a few inconvenient facts before you post your ignorant ill-informed drivel.

Cuba, along with 40 OTHER COUNTRIES outranks the US in life expectancy. The wealthy now fly to Europe for their health care.


Thank God there won't be an ignorant corporate ass kisser in the White House for the next 16 or more years.

Dems will resume decent funding for R & D and then maybe we won't be ranked 42nd in the world for life expectancy and infant mortality anymore.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you inadvertently let the truth slip into your statement: The whole point, the only point, given the primacy of capitalism in the United States, is that someone, anyone, makes a profit. Whether such a scientific breakthrough actually helps anyone or saves lives is irrelevant.

And, with due respect to the "lib librarian," I think you're also living in a fantasy world if you believe that a President Clinton or Obama wouldn't be a "corporate ass-kisser." They may not be as stupid as Bush is, but they know who butters their bread, and will act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

They expect to dump about $20 million in getting the drug to market.

That should re-sod Johnny Boy's front lawn.

Anonymous said...

Hmm ... Sunday features "musing" on affirmative action. Tonight it's a slap at Cuba's health care (as if anything like that is even a remote possibility in the United States). No bitching about "illegal aliens" for three whole days. Could it be that Daniel has decided it's time to "rest"? Does he feel that "illegal aliens" are finally getting "treated like the criminals that they are"?

Anonymous said...

Caveat: I am a trial lawyer. Once again Sure, seatbelts suck, asbestos is good for you, the tobacco company never lies, drugs are never dangerous (DES cough cough) but hey, what can you do, right Daniel? "The marketplace" will surely protect us - oh wait, corporations are motivated solely by profit, regardless of who dies along the way.

Anonymous said...

The market won't protect us, but we can sure trust Big Government to do the job!

Anonymous said...

While I understand we feel pretty strongly about prolonging our lives, it is not up to the government to ensure our health. Government may have good intentions, but it both fails to recognize limited resources and fails to rectify its own inefficiency at distributing those resources. The market, adequately regulated, can and does efficiently respond to those demands while providing incentives for people to a) better their economic standing b) take more steps on their own to improve their health. I do understand that institutional poverty makes it difficult to overcome those situations, but a) life is not fair and b) there is no situation that is impossible to overcome. It may seem heartless, but I'm sure my fellow agnostic/athiests will have no problem resolving that issue (I sure didn't!).

Oh, and 10:53, thanks for throwing all those Non sequiturs out there for us :).

Lib Librarian said...

No one said it's up to the government to take over responsibility for our health. But the government creates laws and market conditions that impact our lives, whether we like it or not. The impact government has on our lives directly impacts our ability to access health care, therefore, impacting our quality of life, including life expectancy. Do I expect government to care about my health? No. Do I expect them to care about the economic, societal and environmental issues that effect my health: YES.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22 --

He really has been a slacker lately. Talk about asleep at the wheel! He must be growing weary, especially now that all his Presidential hopefuls have been rejected by the American people.

I was shocked that his camera didn't "get all excited" about the Oregonian expose on the explosive growth of evil Mexican bakeries.

I fully expected to see another breathless, impish Tennessee Tuxedo dickumentary as our favorite ace reporter went on
"surprise visits" to these panaderias and their shameless conspiratorial efforts to overthrow our traditional American doughnut culture.

Oh well, guess we'll have to wait for the next subversive school potluck.

anon 2:53 said...

lib librarian, you really sound like a small government guy to me, and therefore more like a libertarian. I completely agree government makes poor decisions that affect our market and health decisions. Where you and I may differ in opinion is that I believe that government should have minimal, if any, involvement in the market. I'm not advocating for a completely unregulated market, but I'm all for the position that as far as market interference goes, less is more.

My point is that instead of government stepping in to fix the problem it created, it should step back and have minimal involvement in our health and market choices.

Moondoggie said...

Lib Librarian:

It's not just the wealthy who are going overseas for health care. A growing number of middle class are going outside the country for surgery because even after travel costs and living expenses, they can get superior health care for a THIRD of what they would pay in America.

USA ranked 42nd in life expectancy? The dollar rapidly becoming not worth the paper it's printed on? We're running out of things to be "Number One" about pretty damn fast, aren't we?

Thanks George. Is it November yet? Don't let the door hit you on the ass...

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 10:53

A Trial Lawyer? You and your ilk are 50% of the reason why healthcare is so expensive in this country.

You have the balls to talk about corporate profits at the expense of others? What do YOU charge asshole? Would your billing practices pass the scrutiny of an independant review? How much do you get if your client is awarded, say, $400,000. I'll bet your fee is close to half isn't it?

Go chase an ambulance you shyster bastard. Your opinion is so tainted with greed it's laughable.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Lib Librarian

WHY do those countries outrank us in life expectancy? Do they ALL have gov't healthcare? What are thier diets like compared to ours?

How many countries do NOT have a longer life expectancy than us? Do any of those have gov't health care?

Not everyone drinks the lib kool-aid as readily as you do.

Lib Librarian said...

In your classic refrain I will reply Delucca: Go look it up for yourself.

Moondoggie said...

Delucca: Insurance, right? You and your shyster ilk from the insurance industry make up the other 50% of the reason healthcare is so expensive in this country.

anon 2:53 said...

Lib, don't spend too much time on anthony. Despite agreeing with him on a number of things, I think he's a complete asshat who doesn't know why he believes what he believes. By responding to him, you only validate his stupidity and thus encourage him to spew more of his close-to-incoherent shit.

I'll post more later. Right now, I'm late for a class :).

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE, 1/2 the reason our Health care is so expensive is because we have over 20 Million Illegal aliens that do not want Insurance.

That would cut into thier Billions in remittances and they know there are Ethno-centric based Clinics or the E.R. everywhere for them.
Illegals also know when that baby is Born, now they have a U.S. Citizen and as a "Poor minority", that Baby is entitled to every State & Federal hand out there is.
(and they can whine about Immigration authorities "seperating families").

When the Doctor,or Hospitals do NOT get paid from these Illegals, they jack up thier rates for us kind Americans, that have Insurance. (I actually got a 15% discount off a $9,000.00 Hospital bill, for not having insurance, those w/insurance are getting a Double wammy!).

And remember most of the Illegals are Hispanic. Hispanics have a much higher rate of Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Drug & Alchohol addiction, Chagas disease and Poverty.
So they are most likely to need Gov't help(Taxpayer provided) and need Medical care. Highest injury or Death Job in Oregon? Farmworker, per OSHA.

Anyone read the article in the Statesman a while back of how Immigrants from Mexico are feeding LEAD to their kids as this yellow powder has long been used there for Tummy Aches or Nausea. You can buy it an any Ethnic preference based Store here.

Yes I got it back on track.

Librarian, You say???

Anonymous said...

OOOOOPs forgot, Immigrants also have a higher rate of DRTB or Drug resistant TB, about 1/4 Million Dollars and two years to treat.

BUT, that is good for the economy, right?

anon 2:53 said...

BTW, those '20 Million Illegal immigrants' (it's really 12 Million.. seriously, those scare tactics won't work here :p) are helping keep our economy afloat. The free market at it's finest!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17 --

Provide sources for:

1)20 million illegal aliens

2)percentage of them without health insurance

3) percentage of them who "dont want" health insurance (lol)

4) anchor babies qualify for
"...every" Fed & State benefit there is? "Every?" Which ones? Please be specific.

5) Source your info that proves Hispanics have a "much higher" rate of Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Drug & Alchohol addiction, Chagas disease...

Can't or won't back up your bullshit with sources? Typical.

You aren't very consistant either. You don't make it clear who you're talking about. One sentence its illegal aliens, the next it's hispanics with no clear indication if you're speaking about hispanics here illegally or US citizens who happen to be hispanic. You waffle back and forth.

If a hispanic is a working, tax paying, US citizen or legal resident then their health issues are none of damn business.

You seem to have a problem with hispanics in general, whether they're natural born citizens, became citizens later, or even here legally with all the necessary permits.

Of course, with your "head" full of facts, I'm sure you are aware that this nation is home to 45 MILLION hispanics who are citizens of this country. They're not going anywhere. So, sorry bud, but every single illegal alien could disappear overnight and you're still gonna be waking up in an America full of lots and lots and lots of Mexicans. I bet you think that just sucks. Too bad.

Bobkatt said...

Here's a fun little link that puts a little perspective on how the government effects health care.
Also another great link to some possible links that show how the free market is preferable to socialized medicine.

Anonymous said...

There were 49 cases of MDR TB in the US in 2006. Didn't we already go thru this with Lou Dobbs?

Anthony DeLucca said...


Nope, wrong again. I'm not in the insurance biz. Neither am I in the automobile business (although there are at least a dozen claims on postings here that say I am).

Anonymous said...

1) Bear-Stearns report, or U.S. Border Patrol or Time mag. report 2005. (Add another 1-3 million per year, per U.S. Border Patrol, Since2005)

2)Jouranl of Physicians & Surgeons, Spring 2005, Dr. Madeline Cosman, PHD, ESQ.

5) Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta.

3) Check out huge increases in remittances via World Bank or go to E.R. to see non-emergency "Free" healthcare for foriegn speakers

4) Rip OFF of 14 amendement via non slaves Illegals Born here are American i.e. Welfare, WIC, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Housing....

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:19 --

Not one damn direct-to-source link or address? How vague can you get? It's still "Lou Dobbs" quality unverifiable bullshit you're trying to pass off and you know it. I can't even call it a "nice try."

There isn't much argument from anybody that the Pew Hispanic Center is pretty much the universally accepted authority on information of this sort, and even they don't put the number at 20 million, in fact, according to them, the numbers are decreasing at a pretty steady clip.

Also, your fear mongering on TB is ridiculous. There were 49 reported cases of MDR TB in America in 2006.