Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oregon to issue voter ID?

Sorry to get you all excited by the title there. Yes, an Oregon company is going to issue secure ID for voting... for elections in Mexico!

"We are honored by Mexico's continued trust in our industry leading voter ID issuance solution," said Bob Eckel, president, ID Systems, Digimarc. "We look forward to enhancing the security of the Mexican voter ID in this new contract with innovations like Digimarc® IDMarc™ digital watermarking while continuing to provide a highly secure, centrally issued credential that Mexican citizens can use to establish their identity for a variety of daily needs."

Why doesn't this Beaverton-based company have a contract with Oregon? I mean, lot's of Mexico's citizens are here anyways...


Anonymous said...

Miglavs seems utterly oblivious to the fact that the war on illegal immigration became a moot point after NAFTA and GATT passed. (Did you object to those trade agreements at the time, Daniel, or were you too ramped up on meth to give a shit?) You're like some Japanese fighter pilot shot down on an island in the Pacific, unaware that Hiroshima and Nagasaki got toasted years ago, and convinced that he can still "win." Yeah, well, good luck with that.

BEAR said...

Now the illegals can vote in mehico's elections as well as ours.

Some Poor Schmuck said...

Sounds like a great plan. After all they live, own houses, work, pay taxes (payroll & property), and raise their children here so why shouldn't they get to vote?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to ID Systems, Digimarc for securing such a lucrative contract with the Mexican government.

This is exactly how the free market should work. A self-avowed "conservative," Daniel should recognize this, but instead, chooses to mock it.

Obviously, ID Systems Digimarc has what it takes to grow their business by marketing their products to foreign countries.

Chances are they prepared for the global market by recruiting talented individuals who are able to communicate with foreign customers in their language.

Likewise, the Mexican business and government seeks out employees who are fluent in other languages as well.

Glad to see capitalism is alive and well despite the wing-nut nativists intent on fomenting racial tension and psuedo guilt trips about "patriotism"
relating to which language businesses may use to communicate with their consumers.