Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday pondering

Is it just me or is the phrase "equal opportunity, affirmative action employer" an oxymoron? Either it's equal or you give preference based on racial, sexual or some other status.


Anonymous said...


You've just shown that you have no clue whatsoever as to what affirmative action is.

Quite a lot of what constitutes affirmative action is making sure that job openings get advertised in places where a diverse group of people can find out about the openings, rather than on relying on the "good ol' boy" network.

Of course, if the good ol' boy network works for you, you might not like it that competitors, some more qualified than you, may be finding out about job openings.

Anonymous said...

Actually, affirmative action legislation often mandates that certain racial or sex-based quotas be filled using whatever means possible.

I'm all for equal opportunity, and if affirmative action were as you said, I'd be it's #1 supporter.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is "Daniel Miglavs" and "pondering" an oxymoron? Either you are capable of thinking and pondering about serious issues, or ... you are Daniel Miglavs.

Anonymous said...

The beauty is, that some female minorities are now being passed over for job opportunities if they are of the wrong minority or wrong sexual preference.

Anonymous said...

Miglavs is technically correct, but he is also wrong: He obviously is motivated by ugly, reactionary impulses -- reactionary to the extent that he even troubles and offends many Republicans -- even Republicans who are opposed to undocumented workers. The proposition of him standing for genuine equality and social/economic justice is laughable. One might as well imagine Jack the Ripper espousing the virtues non-violence.

Anonymous said...

Actually, affirmative action legislation often mandates that certain racial or sex-based quotas be filled using whatever means possible.

Care to cite any examples?

Lib Librarian said...

Daniel's Mexican-American servant/wife works for the State of Oregon.

Chances are the fact that she is female and hispanic were variables at play at the time she was hired.

She was probably qualified for her job, but her gender and ethnicity likely garnered significant points in her favor during the hiring process.

This would have been particularly true if the department who hired her was lacking in "diversity" at the time.

Of course, Daniel isn't prone to "pondering" all dimensions of an issue.

Perhaps he should ponder the fact that affirmative action and equal opportunity enable his Mexican servant/wife (women are the single biggest group for whom affirmative action has been an aide to career employment) to collect a nice little paycheck (and generous State bennies) every two weeks, which he then, in turn, benefits from PERSONALLY.

Tsk, tsk Daniel. It's the HYPOCRISY, stupid.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action exists to guarantee that certain individuals are provided opportunities based only on their race and gender. The qualifications of the individual is irrelevant. And yes, I can give numerous examples included the discrimination I have encountered. Equal opportunity and affirmative action simply mean different things.

Racism in the United States is not a problem, it is an industry.

Anonymous said...

10:27 and 6:45 are two different people.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action exists to guarantee that certain individuals are provided opportunities based only on their race and gender. The qualifications of the individual is irrelevant. And yes, I can give numerous examples included the discrimination I have encountered.

I'm sorry, but "I didn't get hired, and I a black/hispanic/woman did, therefore I'm a victim of discrimination" is not an example. And you didn't actually provide an example.

The problem is that too many white men see themselves as entitled, and when a minority or a woman is hired ahead of them, they assume that the person who was hired is less qualified.

Anonymous said...

If affirmative action is in place to help weed out white scum bag racists from my worksite, I am all for it.

Anonymous said...

Here, here, 817!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, not to get too involved with your personal life, but is your wife really a state employee?

If so, I would then assume that your family does not accept PERS benefits, then, right? Out of prinicple?

Anonymous said...

I have a brilliant idea, how about hire the individual who is most qualified regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Stop worrying about the minority quotas. I would much rather work for a company that hires on qualifications then on if they meet the quota for hiring minorities. Who care what color, sex or anything else so long as they are legal to work in this country and are the most qualified for the job.

Grow up people the only ones spewing hate are the ones that are preaching that this blog is nothing but about hate and racism.


Anonymous said...

Deb: You say that a lot about "spewing hate" coming from a certain "side." Why don't you read the posts so far this month -- just this month's -- although reading the archives would reveal where the "hate" comes from...anyway, just to make it easy, let's stick to this month's threads. Then you come back in here with a straight face and tell us again who's spewing.

PS: See if you can find the post about Michelle Obama. That ought to clinch it for you.

Get REAL Deb.

Anonymous said...


Deb, you seem to use the "hate" schpeel as your "go to" comment. You don't seem to ever have much more to add. I fail to see how it applies to this thread. I don't see a single comment that would fall under the "hate spewing" category.

Anonymous said... long as they are legal to work in this country and are the most qualified for the job.

Kind of predicament when "citizens" are lazy, unskilled and uneducated. As another commented on a previous post, Americans are of the laziest and unskilled in the world. This is one reason why immigrants are so desirable. They tend to do better quality work at a much better rate. I think that it matters not any longer if they are "legal" or not. I guess I agree.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anonymous 8:17 AM said...
"If affirmative action is in place to help weed out white scum bag racists from my worksite, I am all for it."

I've seen more examples of racism from non-whites in my lifetime than I have from whites. Certainly, whites have a negative history of racism in this country, but look at what passes for legitimate political organizations:

NAACP, LaRaza, UNCF, all organizations that are exclusionary to those outside of their particular race.

If I started an organization called the "National Association for the Advancement of White People",or a "United White People College Fund". I would be called a racist hate monger. How is it any different the other way around??

If I were a black stand-up comic, i could get laughs all day long calling white people "crackers" and making fun of thier speech patterns. Could a white comic get away with the same thing if he were speaking about Black people? More than likely not.

Affirmative action simply enforces the notion that people are different, and should be treated differently based on race. Affirmative action only serves to seperate people into groups, while pretending to promote equality. It's bullshit feel good legislation that only harms the cause for which it was intended to help.

I'm all for organic diversity. When diversity is the result of the natural order of things. It's FORCED diversity that creates problems, and animosity between different groups. The abolishment of affirmative action and hate crime legislation will do more for equalizing people than keeping it in place could ever do.

Anonymous said...

The above message was brought to you by Anthony "FBI/INS Statistical Report" DeLucca.

Anonymous said...

Another bullshit artist crying crocodile tears about "reverse" racism being more prevalant. What a crock. Cry me a river Delucca.

You don't know racism until you can't get a job because of your last name.

You don't know racism until your boss tells you to put all resumes and applications with Latino last names in the "circular file."

You don't know racism until dogs are nipping at your ankles and white women are spitting in your face as you climb the steps to a high school in the white subarbs.

It's INSTITUTIONALIZED racism that makes groups like La Raza and the NAACP necessary. You just don't get it Delucca, and morons like you NEVER WILL.

I'm voting for Obama because we will FINALLY have a President who KNOWS what it is like to be a person of color in America.

Anonymous said...


Don't you ever write anything original? Whole phrases from your post are from shit I've read elsewhere. Googling snips from your post takes me directly to your cut and paste playground. Quit plagarizing phrases and entire sentences from other material and come up with some thoughts of your own.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he lifted some of the material from the infamous "FBI/INS Statistical Report."

Anonymous said...

Again, if affirmative action weeds out pond scum like DeLuggi, I am all for it. Please, continue.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Post Office the other day. When it was my turn, I stepped up to the counter. I was mailing a package to Burley, Idaho. The postal worker took my package, made note of my hometown and proceeded to tell me he felt sorry for my relatives still living there now that the town was "crawling with Mexican maggots." I immediatley asked to speak with the Postmaster. I hope the prick lost his job. I get this shit on nearly a DAILY BASIS because I can pass for white. My kids get to hear it too. We can't go anywhere or do anything without dealing with this kind of bullshit DAILY. I have been dealing with this my ENTIRE life. I was having lunch with my BEST FRIEND the other day. She made a comment about a "slimy Mexican." My heart broke. I got up and walked out.

Do you hear daily comments about Italians Delucca? Do your kids feel bad about being Italian? Do you need to sit down with them on a regular basis to try and do "damage control" for their self esteem because of their race?

Cry me a river indeed.

And dont give me the same old tired shit that it is the illegal alien's fault that "legal" Mexicans (laughable term to those of us who were BORN HERE, whose parents and grandparents were BORN HERE) are dealing with prejudice right now. That's a steamping pile of horseshit since myself and others like me have been dealing with this crap since we were children.

And by the way, the NAACP and La Raza do have white members.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:32-Sounds like bullshit to me. I'm white and I almost never hear what you describe ever, especially from a government employee. You get "this shit on nearly a DAILY BASIS"?
Is it really possible that your best friend doesn't know your heritage? Or is she just maybe not a good friend.
As a third generation immigrant that passes for white, perhaps if you thought of yourself as an American instead of a hyphen you would feel like less of a victim.

Anonymous said...

Anon 156:

I'm a third generation

I'm NOT an immigrant, my parents weren't immigrants and neither were my grandparents or my grandparents parents and their parents before them.

Immigrant? My ancestors were living on the American continent long before Christopher Columbus was even born.

I guess unless you're white and have an anglo surname you're automatically an "immigrant" in Miglavia! ROTFLMAO.

In addition, you didn't see me use a "hyphen" anywhere. You don't know a damn thing about me but assume I see myself as a victim and a hyphen-anything? Do I sound like a victim to you?

Do you think the postal clerk views me as a victim now that he's probably missing a huge chunk out of his ass and hopefully his job?

Maybe you should read more slowly so the comprehension has some time to take hold. Maybe you should avoid assuming things about anonymous posters.

As for my former best friend -- what difference does it make if she knows my heritage or not? Of course she knows my heritage, she was my BEST friend. That's so besides the point. You're implying her racism is OK if she didn't know my heritage? Is that what you're saying?

Up yours.

Anonymous said... that the town was "crawling with Mexican maggots."

If a postal clerk (or grocery store clerk or whomever) said the same thing to Daniel Miglavs, would he object? Would he even manage a disapproving frown?

I think we know the answer to that question, and the answer to that question answers the most important one of all.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 1:32 AM

Of course La Raza has white members, hispanics are classified as white you idiot. That is proof your education has been stolen.

you said: The postal worker took my package, made note of my hometown and proceeded to tell me he felt sorry for my relatives still living there now that the town was "crawling with Mexican maggots."

I bet Dani Countryman thought the same thing or something similar as her throat was being stepped on while she was being raped and murdered by two mexicans. Oh that's right, the mexicans must of had the right to rape and murder her because she was white of European descent.

The problem that we have now is a large number of hispanics who are criminal aliens and are raping, robbing, killing and murdering on a large scale. They are also demanding certain rights which they have no right to. If they simply came to our country and worked and didn't cause so many problems, there would not be so much anger against them. The anger is happening because the government is doing shit about this problem. The reason that people pick out mexicans is that they are the largest group of criminal aliens so they are the most visible. I believe there are about two million criminal alien chinese too. However, they are not marching in our streets with a chinese flag demanding rights.

One last thing, did you not teach your children that sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt? It seems that you and your children are too sensitive. How are they going out in the world when they are such sensitive babies?

Anonymous said...

Dave01 - do you have any original thoughts? Any time you post all I have to do is scan it for reference to a "stolen education" and "Dani Countryman", to know that I've already read it countless times before.

Oh, and by the way, you might want to take a gander at a Census form; Hispanics can be of any race.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 9:44

Care to show me and the other reader where I plagurized any of my post??

I should have learned by now that you cannot argue logic with the illogical, or preach common sense to those who are devoid of it. Peaching rational thought to thye irrational is a losing proposition every time.

Anonymous said...

Dave 01 -- You fucking white "supremacist" moron trash heap: How insanely stupid you are if you don't know that I am already well aware of which anthropological category Mexicans belong to? Does "01" stand for your single digit IQ or your single cell status?

You're an annoying little fuck too...constanty injecting yourself into posts that weren't even directed at you. I was responding to Delucca, who is the one who refered to organizations such as La Raza and NAACP as being
"exclusionary" to whites. They aren't. Each organization has thousands of members who are neither black nor latino.

I'm so sick of your "Dani Countryman" battle cry. Two criminal devils who happen to be Mexican killed her, ONLY TWO. Not ALL of us.

John Couey raped a 9 year old little girl and then buried her ALIVE. This country is crawling with monsters like Couey and Joseph Duncan -- white psychopathic pedophiles raping and killing little girls and boys. White men are the OVERWHELMING majority of pedophiles in this country. For all we know, you're one of them.

It would be so great if all Anglos were lumped into one category too -- it would be great if you could experience what that's like: You white assholes, you're nothing but a bunch of perverted freaks jacking off to computer files full of naked children. That's why you all get off when your women shave their pussies. Makes 'em look more like they're 8 or 9.

There's some sticks and stones for you. How do you like it big boy? I wish you were standing in front of me so I could spit in your face.

So you think we're pussies, huh? Come on over to my house. We'll see who starts crying first, you filthy white baby fucker.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Hey, anyone threatening to tell "Google" on the threatening anon poster 11:10??


Anonymous said...

What threat? More like a well-deserved bitch slap for Dave 01.

Definite ick factor, but he had it coming.

As far as a threat, there isn't anything specific here. There's lots of ways to make someone cry. I don't think it would take much with Dave 01. Maybe they were going to chop some onions in front of him or throw darts at a life size cut out of Rush Limbaugh?

Anonymous said...

LOL Delucca, I've been coming to this blog long enough to know you have "threatened" many a poster.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember DeLuggi threatening to "kick someone's ass" one time, and another time something about a rifle?

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 1:32
Really? I said I would "Kick Someones Ass"?? And I made a comment about a rifle that was a threat??

You're full of shit. You know it, I know it, and if you can't point to a specific posting referencing me "kicking someones ass", or making a threat with a "rifle", then every one else will know it too.

Anonymous said...

If a postal clerk ... said the same thing ("crawling Mexican maggots) to Daniel Miglavs, would he object?

Are you kidding? He'd give the guy a high-five, hand him a petition for the "Respect the Law" initiative, and invite him to the next OFIR meeting.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened to RHuse? Does he still graze in Miglavia?

Lib Librarian said...

He's tied up at the moment.

Anonymous said...

He's in a bind.

Anonymous said...

RHuse teeshirt: So many rectums so little time.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to speculum ... er, speculate, about where he might be.

Anonymous said...

LOL, me either.

Anonymous said...

Amen daniel. Run for office.