Friday, March 07, 2008

Sam for mayor?

Not that Portland offers much in the way of candidates for conservatives but when Tommy Potter endorses Sho Dozono and then Sam Adams comes out to say that he would support the idea of requiring all bussinesses that contract with the city to make sure that all their employees are legal it looks like their may be a "lesser of two evils" candidate in the Rose City.

Of course, the idea is really the same as saying "the city won't contract with companies that use stolen equipment" but no-brainer or not this is Portland we are talking about. Thanks Lars.


SAM THE TRAM said...

Sam the Tram is getting roasted over at Willy Week. He responding in the comments, has beack peddled and will not be supporting it. Funny

Anonymous said...

He does support the Tax payer funded Day Illegal Labor Site though.

Scottiebill said...

Portland politics is getting odder by the day. First Sam wants to tax car owners for supposed "street repairs" but will go for other stupid things. And at the same time wants to be mayor, but has this "car tax" as well as his going for the $200,000. Illegal Alien Job Shelter hanging over him, effectively damaging his chances for the mayors job.

The, yesterday, Tommy the Immune and Irrelevant endorsed Sho Dozono for mayor. That endorsement would likely become a kiss of death for Dozono. That would be kind of like Teddy the Useless endorsing Kevin Mannix for the seat vacated by Darlene Hooley.

The mayor election, like the run between Hillary and Obama, is going to be lots of fun to watch, especially for those of us who are fortunate enough not to live in Portland.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Sam the Sham commented on CAUSA's post. Now that is funny.

He did the same at the Willamette Week as well. What a bozo.

PUBLIUS said...

"The context for my conversation this morning with Lars Larsen was the City of Portland�s Day Labor Center. I support the Day Labor Center. Lars Larsen does not support the Day Labor Center. I support for the Day Labor Center because I believe it will help protect day laborers against abusive employers. The Day Labor Center can also serve as a resource for day laborers to address any issue that stands in their way of lawfully obtaining work. The Day Labor Center might not be the perfect answer to what is a difficult federal issue but it is a necessary, humane and compassionate local response.

I had an opportunity to follow up on the topic of this blog post with the Portland City Attorney Linda Meng. She feels that the current language required to be included in all city contracts already prohibits city contractors from using undocumented workers on city contracts. I believe this makes unnecessary the need to take any additional city legislative action on this issue."

Sam Adams commenting on WW

Anonymous said...

Who cares!

Bigger News: RECESSION!

Guess those tax cuts didn't work after all, huh? What now?

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's Cheney been lately? Did he die of a heart attack and nobody noticed? Or is he just staying out of public view so as not to remind people that this administration has been a collosal failure?

Anonymous said...

He's in a bunker probably, somewhere, preparing for Endgame. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

rumor has it he shot some illegal aliens in the face, and is awaiting formal charges somewhere in wyoming. minutemen are protesting outside the courthouse. only foxnews is covering the story...

Anonymous said...

Funny, Daniel is so up in arms about poor people breaking the law in order to feed their families, yet he doesn't seem to care that President Bush just vetoed a bill essentially saying that the U.S. would abide by the law.

I guess "it's about the law" only as long as it's poor people and Democrats doing the law-breaking, not when it's Republican administrations.

Day Labor Believer said...

I am now a day labor believer. My great uncle needed to fix his roof due to the last storm. A contracter that was to be working on it was not very responsible and left my unk hanging on for weeks. He reached out to several other contractors that were ridiculously over priced and had shotty records.

He thought about doing it himself but didn't have the help. Checking with the temp agencies and employment office, there was no one willing to help on the job either. Almost every single person declined because they didn't want to work outside and those that would do it lacked the skills and adequate references.

See my unk was a subscriber to the ideology of FAIR and believed there were people in this country stealing American jobs. My unk wondered where all the "Americans" were needing these jobs. He had one and no one wanted it. He even went so far to put an add in the paper for cities 20-30 miles aways from him, only to get calls from a bunch of soliciters for things other than what he wanted.

Over the last week, my unk got sick of waiting around, so he went to a day labor site to see if their were any folks that he could hire. He hired two guys that spoke english and were highly skilled. So skilled that they got the job done in half the time the contractors said it would take and at a fraction of the cost. They even came complete with verifiable references. One guy even straightened up some stucco damage for a very low fee. Needless to say they were given bonuses.

I probably won't be supporting groups that lie about people stealing American jobs. After my unks experience, I would say these groups are full of hot air.

Anonymous said... air and bullshit.

Lib Librarian said...


Today's Sunday Oregonian has an article about Mexican pastries! This smacks of the Mexican conspiracy to take over American culture! You must pounce on this affront to our traditions! Instill fear in these rogue bakers and storm their bakeries with your intrepid camcorder! We must burn these buns in the streets! Besides, everyone knows darn well these bakeries are nothing but fronts for Mexican drug dealers! Call upon your cronies to cancel their subscription to the subversive Oregonian in retaliation!

Our very culture is threatened by this sweetbread sacrilege! The next thing you know they'll be demanding that Starbucks offer a Mexican pastry option. If we don't act now, within two generations the bagel (Jewish) will be tossed by the aside in favor of the bolillo and the concha will replace the crueller (French) !