Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day labor protest 2008 - Part 3

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Ancient Chinese proverb: Give an illegal alien a sign and he will hold it, teach him how to read it and he won't look like a fool.

Let's dispell a couple of myths here:
"Daniel doesn't know these guys are illegal."

Takes care of that.

"The counter protestors outnumber us by x to x"

One counter protestor. One. Oh and the, um, large lady showed up later. Signs were passed out amongst the illegal aliens because no one was going to stop while we were there.

But I guess that what you guys lack in numbers you make up for with the same tired chants...

Stay tuned for part 4.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Daniel, that's one. A big fat one. How about all the others. Did you ask for their papers/status too. So far, one. 1. Uno.

Oh...and he speaks English too! I thought none of them did, according to you.

So you've proven that one of them was illegal and one of them does, in fact speak English. You cancelled yourself out on that one. Can you say "IRONY?"


Anonymous said...

Psssssst... Miglavs...over here......shhhhhh! Didn't you read Hickey's whining "talking points" memo?

".....Yesterday Illegals & Commies got so frustrated that they came to our side of the street to mob rule us and intimidate people from signing Respect For Law Act and to yell in Megaphones in our face...."

.....and you guys NEVER go to their side of the street, and you're NEVER intimidating or mocking with camcorders in their face? Right? Right Miglavs? Right?


B.R.S. said...

Have fun with your little rallies. Laugh and mock the Mexicans and please, continue with your video taping. Hearing Rick Hickey's smirking mockery, laughing and intimidation of the illegal aliens is an embarrasment to OFIR and the Marion County Republican Party, who should not allow this kind of unprofessional and moronic behavior by its "representatives." This sort of smart ass display is one very big reason why OFIR doesn't have a lot more members. Illegal aliens are still human beings for God's sake! Many OFIR members, including myself, know our ranks would swell and have a lot better reputation if it weren't for this kind shameful and unprofessional public behavior by many OFIR members. Having this on tape only adds ammunition for those of us who are embarrased and ashamed that the unsophisticated and nearly illiterate Rick Hickey has been chosen as a leader for the Marion County Republican Party.

The prancing leprechaun camera weilding mockery and intimidation of human beings by Miglavs and Hickey is NOT how OFIR should represent itself in the struggle to solve the illegal immigration problem. You are an embarassment to OFIR and a reason why many Oregonians, in particular, hispanics, refuse to join.

You should not be proud of mocking people who can't speak English. Its a shame that they can't and they need to take responsibility for it if they are going to become citizens of this country. HOWEVER, you wouldn't like it too much if a bunch of Hispanic americans showed up in poor white neighborhoods and started mocking those who aren't able to read. Check U.S. literacy statistics, there's PLENTY of them. This country has an embarrasingly high illiteracy rate. This display amounts to nothing more than bullying.

Work to solve the problem, but keep your ignorant mouth shut in public if you can't control your smart ass sneers. Frankly, you
re both an embarrasment. And don't start with your typical whiny-assed, "Well, they did this and they said that and they told their kids to flip us off!" Whah, whah, whah! I don't give a SHIT what the other side says or does. It doesn't excuse YOUR behavior. Only YOU are responsible for that. They aren't representing me, but YOU ARE, so knock this stupid shit off. You are expected to know better. It's obvious that you don't.

Thanks for the clips though! They're very good examples of just the kind of behavior I am speaking of. Soon, I plan to make a presentation of your video clips and blog contributions to OFIR and the Marion County Republican Party and ask that you be reprimanded and/or replaced. Believe me, I will have company, as there are plenty of us who feel the same, just ask Hickey.

Anonymous said...

Mucho muchacho, uno sweathog.

Daniel said...

"You should not be proud of mocking people who can't speak English. Its a shame that they can't and they need to take responsibility for it if they are going to become citizens of this country."

You're right, instead of pointing out that the illegal aliens can't read the communist signs they carry I should be helping them become citizens. Hey, maybe OFIR could get the illegals to be members if only we would tone down that whole "follow our laws" rhetoric as well.

And the GOP is a big tent, there's room for illegal aliens in there as soon as we stop making fun of them for holding signs antithetical to conservative principles, signs that they can't even read.

Good idea. I really believe that you are on our side.

Anonymous said...

OMG honestly, it is about time that someone, anyone takes this seriously! Keep video taping them. Maybe they will be shown for who they are. Illegals. Go home and do it legally. You will garner far more respect that way.

Anonymous said...

The video of the guy holding a sign he can't even read is TOO good. Keep up the good work.

Gil M. said...

Anon 5:18,

I hope you will post on this blog when you are going to speak to the leaders of OFIR and the Marion County Republican Party.
My wife and I left OFIR over exactly the kind of behavior you are speaking of.
I was around Daniel and some of these other younger guys and we were mortified to witness their behavior two years ago at Carousel of Information protests.
Mocking people, taunting them, and laughing at them with their children right there watching. It was just too much for us to be okay with so we stopped with OFIR and joined another group who does not engage in these types of confrontations or condone disrespectful antics all the while excusing themselves with tiresome "they are, so we can too" rationals.
In addition, there are many Marion Co. republicans who protested Rick Hickey's appointment behind closed doors.
Please let us know when you present your opinion to OFIR, my wife and I will be there to support you.

DAVE01 said...

Gil m, great. Now we have to be sensitive? Is that what you said when they move a pedophile into your neighborhood and you have young children? They are criminals and do not deserve respect. I respect people who follow the law. Maybe shame will help them to realize their errors. Sometimes shame is a powerful tool. I'm sorry you are so sensitive. You should have spent time in the military, I endured a lot more all day in basic training at Ft. Knox in the US army. What they did to the illegal aliens was a joke. Quit whining. It's because of people like you that the Republican party is in the dumps.

Gil M. said...

Dave 01,

I served 8 years in the Army and two tours in Vietnam. Back in my day, we were trained that ALL human beings are to be treated with basic respect, regardless of their status. It was called "the American Way." As a soldier, you should know this. That DOES NOT include mockery and ridicule. That is NOT the American Way. Its not about being "sensitive."
It's about being decent. Decent! You're doing exactly what I wrote about, using another's behavior to justify lowering your own. Doesn't show much character. Makes me wonder about your time at Ft. Knox. At Ft. Bragg, kids like you were assigned to the kitchen.
One of the organizations I work with is the Minutemen Volunteer Border Patrol. I'm sure you've heard of them. We're gearing up to start patrolling parts of the Canadian border as well. We operate under the same code of conduct with regards to basic respect. They wouldn't have you Dave 01, nor would they have Daniel and his ilk, who engage in the type of unAmerican behavior that you're so eager to excuse.
Since 2004, I've spent 2 weeks, twice a year down near Tombstone AZ. In fact, I just returned last week. I'll go back again in October. The men (and women) I know would be equally disappointed at the mockery and disrespect captured in Daniel's videos. I have been assisting the Minutemen as they detain illegals. They treat them with the respect and dignity they are entitled to simply because they are human beings. It is not for us to judge them or their circumstances. To be sure, some people crossing are criminals beyond the criminal act of crossing the US border illegally, but that's not what we are there for. They are there to stop them from crossing the border. I've never witnessed ONE Minuteman engaging in the type of behavior I watched in Daniel's videos today. Not one of them. And if they did, they would be dismissed. Immediately. I've seen it happen.

Again, it's not about being sensitive Dave 01. It's about basic decency.

That a good majority of Minutemen are ex-military should come as no surprise. Respect for others is a basic tenent of all military training and the Minutemen abide by it. At least some of us paid attention and hang on to some of what we learned about "the American Way" as soldiers.

Daniel said...

Which group did you join Gil? I'm sooo curious.

Gil M. said...


What group are you talking about?

Military service? 82nd Airborne and proud of it.

Illegal immigration reform? Active member of ALIPAC, where your behavior would not be well received amongst us grown ups.

Oregon chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, again, where your behavior would not be well received, particularly along the border. You would be dismissed immediately for some of your antics.

Any other questions?

Anonymous said...


Rick Hickey said...

Fact; I do not "Work" for OFIR or Marion co. R's. I was freely elected into these volunteer positions by the members. And am Vice-Chair not Chair.

Fact; I am not in any of these Videos, so what are you talking about?

Fact; Daniel & Kirk live in a free society and can say what they want.
Censorship is the King of Socialism/Communism not a Democracy.

Everyone should be vey concerned that we have an entire generation of Hispanic Kids being taught that White people HATE them! And this is the Stolen (not purchased) land of Mexico.
And I do not beleive the earlier post that White parents tell their kids not to play with the Mexicans, that is a pile of crap. I have volunteered for the Boys & Girls club and the PTA and have never heard or seen this happen.

We live in the most diverse country on Earth and I like that. The Illegals & their criminal profiteers try to make this a Racial issue because they can't argue the Truth= we allow more Immigration Legally that the rest of the World combined.

And yeah I would never hold up a sign not knowing what the hell it says. Talk about being programmed or brainwashed...(in Spanish)Commie:"Go hold this up" Illegal:"What am I saying with this?" Commie:"Don't worry about it, just do what we tell you, it's ok really"
Illegal: After free coffee from next door and a free breakfast driven in by socialist co-programmer "OK!"

And for the record, their are many more OFIR members in Oregon than their are Minutemen.

Anonymous said...


Thanks, but we're fully aware that you don't get a paycheck from either organization. So?

Anonymous said...

PS: You REALLY need to do something about your English language skills. Your above post is incredible. Take a class. If you don't have time to take a class, then for God's sake, buy this book: Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

DAVE01 said...

gil m.
Very interesting, I spent three years at Bragg. 82nd Abn, 782d Mt Btn. I was a electronic technician on the Vulcan in the second half of the eighties.
I find it interesting that you talk about respect. I'm sure you remember that respect is earned. Yet, these people have broken many of our laws. In other words, they have disrespected our laws. Maybe you should have been there first thing in the morning. Maybe you should have seen how they disrespected our flag. They flew the mexican flag over the US flag. Now, you are telling me I have to respect them.
The American way is to follow the laws of our nation. I do not respect other criminals either.
I am more concerned about getting rid of these criminals. You should have seen the way they treated us. I had some fat bitch yelling with a bullhorn in my face and I asked her to stop doing it. She did not so I went and got a bigger one and yelled in her face. She was not respectful of me, my country or my hearing. So, I have no respect for anyone like that.
Since you talk about the Marion County Republicans, you should know about leadership. If you think Vance Day and Wayne Brady are examples of good leaders, you have forgotten all your training and education. They are the reasons the republican party is in the dumps. If they were good strong leaders, the republican party would not be heading in a downward spiral. I am changing to independent after the primaries as many others are. The repub leadership is a bunch of shitty leaders.

You said:
I was around Daniel and some of these other younger guys and we were mortified to witness their behavior two years ago at Carousel of Information protests.

You are too sensitive as I've said. You are worried about how people behave, I'm worried about actions. Your way did not save Dani Countrymans' life did it? I'm worried about more Dani Countryman's. Maybe if we disrespected them and their countries more, they would leave. Mexico is the biggest piece of shit country as far as I'm concerned. Since you are a minuteman, you know that they have the 10th or 11th largest GDP (income). Yet over 10 million are here. Over 90% are in poverty in mexico. I'm sure you would want me to treat Vincente Fox and the new president with respect. Not likely. I am worried about the getting a phone call for a dead or raped family member which could have been prevented. I will do whatever I can legally to PREVENT that.
I do agree in taking the high moral ground. How is that working with our current government? Not too well as I've seen. However, sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. Maybe our country has become too civilized. I think so, they can get millions of illegal aliens to march in our streets and we can't get a million.

These criminals are treated with a hell of lot more respect than the way they treat illegals aliens in their countries.

No, I was not assigned to the kitchen. I was the best technician and the most valued person in my section. I was a spec 4 and in a maintenance section and my squad leader, platoon sgt and others were trying to get my corporal stripes so I could take more classes. I told them I was out if I could not get more of the fun classes that mostly the line units received. I can prove that with documentation. I'm not the ass kisser type. I'm the type that does not say a lot, but proves I'm the smartest and best SOB out there instead.

If it wasn't for Rick and Daniel doing what they and the way they do it, in Oregon this would be a non-issue. If you are so active, why were you not the original leader in these activities? Sound like you are a follower instead of a leader.
Rick said: OFIR has more members than the Minuteman. It sounds like his way is the best way and your way is not so good.

If all we do is sit around and respect everyone, our country will be gone.

DAVE01 said...

Gil M.
You said:
I was around Daniel and some of these other younger guys and we were mortified to witness their behavior two years ago at Carousel of Information protests.

It got the government to stop didn't it? Did your way work?

Anonymous said...

Do you refer to overweight women as "fat bitch" often? That says it all. You're no gentleman Dave. No gentleman at all. You're certainly not honoring the 82nd's code of conduct if this his how you refer to women. I just hope you never behave this way in uniform, that is if it still fits, as you're no physical specimen yourself, Dave, to be frank.

If this woman was behaving like this then you should have walked away and let her behavior speak for itself. Instead, you join in and represent yourself and your companions in a manner no better than hers! Deplorable behavior on both parts.

You are once again using that same old arguement that their bad behavior justifies yours. It doesn't.

"The American Way" and Judeo-Christian traditions say that basic human respect isn't earned, Dave. It is bestowed upon all simply because we are human, simply because we are children of God. Anything beyond that is earned. You just don't get it.

As far as leadership goes, you don't know me from Adam. I suppose if you did, you would be embarrassed to question my leadership quotient. I am retired now. You are a fool.

Anonymous said...

Dave: did this woman come over to your side of the street, or did you follow Daniel over to her side. 'Cuz I hear Hickey is pissing and moaning about some protesters coming over to your side of the street, but fails to mention that you and Daniel were getting pretty up close and personal on their side of the street as well. So which is it Dave? Were you on her side of the street, or yours? Be careful with your answer as I know people who were there, moron. Respect is a two way street, isn't it?

Who you calling a fat bitch, fat bitch?

DAVE01 said...

Anon 10:59 AM
you said:
Judeo-Christian traditions say that basic human respect isn't earned,

Why would you make the assumption that I'm a christian? Is that christian to assume everyone is a christian? I could be a muslim, buddhist or whatever.

You said: are a fool. That is not very respectful.
So much for you christian values.
Me thinks you are full of shit.

Respect must be earned, not given. I always give people respect until they act disrespectfully. Especially to a bunch of lawbreakers. Actually, I don't really believe in God as God is portrayed.

I believe there may be a higher entity. What that entity is, we (the whole human race) don't really know. How do you know it's not an alien, a traveler from the future?
Wouldn't I be a god if I went two thousand years into the past with the technology of today? The muslims believe that Mohammed is the prophet of allah. Yet, they kill women for adultery. So, which god is the right one?

I cannot get on my knees and pray to a god that lets what happens to the women and children on this planet.

There are very few women I have called a bitch in my life. As I get older I have less patience for stupidity and ignorance. In my opinion, she is a stupid socialist idiot. Socialism does not work. If she can't figure that out, she is stupid. She does not practice what she preaches. No bigotry! No Minuteman!
1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.

So, it this women a bigot or what? She has no tolerance for our opinions. Is that the definition of a hypocrite?

Wow, King George III probably didn't want the Minuteman either. Were the original Minuteman respectful of King George's wishes? Did they just go away! No! When one acts like that, I call it as I see it. Would you like me to lie to you? I'm not much into the lying thing. I cannot help it if you don't like the truth or are too sensitive. I talked to several people on "our side", we were all respectful of each other but that clown and the racist piece of garbage who stood on the chair and his bitchy old lady kept telling us Europeans to go home. I can't figure out why they didn't tell the mexicans with Spanish blood to go home too. I guess I'm very bad at geography and Spain is not part of Europe.

Do I not have the 1st Amendment RIGHT to peaceably assemble and not have my hearing damaged? I've lost enough of it.

Anon 12:20, we did not take a megaphone over to the criminal aliens and assault their hearing.

Daniel went over to ask questions and take pictures. He did not take a megaphone over there, he took a camera. There is a huge difference in those two items. Additional information is available on the internet about cameras and megaphones.

I'm assuming you two that if your daughter was raped and murdered like Dani Countryman, you would treat the rapist with respect and just walk away?

Tell me the answer to that! If you don't walk away, you are not practicing "The American Way" and Judeo-Christian traditions!

Wasn't it one of the CHRISTIAN generals during one of the crusades who said: "Kill Them All And Let God Sort Them Out"

Nice Christian values!

Anonymous said...

Dave, ummm, there's some spittle there on your chin. Would you like a drool cup?

I agree with Anon 12:20. You're no pin-up yourself. Who you calling a fat bitch, fat bastard?

Lay off Gil. He's right in a lot of ways and you know it.

Anonymous said...

The guy in this video wearing the navy and aqua windbreaker? He looks like he wants to plant his fist in Miglavs face so bad. But he doesn't. This guy, watch him. Look at him. He's poor. He's waiting for work. Probably doesn't have a pot to piss in. He's tough. He's quiet. He's stoic. He maintains his dignity even with an impish prick like Miglavs shoving a camera in his face, prattling on like an annoying 7th grader.

I can tell just by looking that despite his circumstances, he's got more class and grit than Daniel will EVER have.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting Miglavs. You should be ashamed of yourself. At the very least you should afford these criminals the same basic respect shown to you by "the system" back when you were a criminal.

Stay on your side of the street. Wasn't that you bitching a couple of months ago about the "other side" coming to Salem courthouse back in January? Hypocrite.

Another Cornelius citizen who has contacted the police department.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with the behavior of Daniel and Company. I attended a protest of OFIR at the Mexican consulate two years ago and Daniel was there and it was very polite and professional.
Oregon really needs to get over the fastidious pc attitudes.
I ask some of you sheltered types to live in the apartment building where these nice illegals live.
I have been stalked, by tattooed males, been given the finger, they wouldnt allow me through the parking lot - the mexicans i mean- had the police called on me by the nice mexicans for honking my horn
Had my tires slashed by a nice Mexican, had my life threatened by a nice Honduran- you , who are so sheltered and dont live at ground zero with the illegals dont know what you are talking about.
OFir is a very conservative organization that has worked with local government to change the laws. Picketing day labor sites should be a requirement for all citizens of Oregon , especially after Dani Countryman was murdered by two illegal Mexican gardeners,
instead of attacking OFIR, perhaps you should ask your rich neighbors to quit hiring illegal aliens to mow their laws.
the problem isn't OFir ,its Oregonians who are too afraid to speak out because if they do they are called racists and haters.
those nice illegals aren't taking the hint and leaving Oregon, as a matter of fact, I saw three carloads of them , move into one apartment in the Garden Home area. They had Arizona plates , a Mexican flag on the wall, and lots of young men with tattoos all over thier body. wow. wake up fools . you can live in you nice houses and half a mile a way , gang members are living and the police dont check anything because the police have checked out.
as to Alipac- they ban anyone over there , but they should be promoting the Respect for law initiative.
bland isn't always good you know and perhaps you should know that alipac works closely with saveourstate, a very in your face org in California.