Thursday, September 29, 2011

You can't have a round square

Dear Governor Perry,

You can't be small government and pro-illegal alien. I couldn't begin to calculate how many PERS recipients we have in Oregon because of illegal immigration.

How many translators, migrant coordinators, migrant health officials, head start teachers babysitters, and on and on.

How much time does government at every level spend worrying about and catering to the criminal aliens who have broken our immigration laws?

How many programs at the state level have been created to accommodate or respond to illegal immigration?

You are not a small government conservative if you believe that we should provide the additional magnet of in-state tuition costs to illegal aliens.



Anonymous said...

Daniel, do have numbers on how much that costs? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Because Miglavs is an excellent source for accurate, factual information. ;-)

Anonymous said...

one thing for sure... illegal immigration (illegal aliens) are definitely going to be a hot topic that these politicians cannot avoid.

for example, in the news when some of these politicians have returned home for their town hall meetings and given the usual (boring) spill about how bad Obama is... we need to create jobs... (or whatever else they can say to try to sell you the used car)and when they open up the floor for questions, the number one question is, "what are you going to do about all the illegal aliens and we're not talking about amnesty."

Of course the question about abortion keeps coming up but not as often as it used to

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well you can't be a racist and be a Christian at the same time, but nit-wit Republicons prove that wrong every day.

Captainron said...

We're spending $60 billion each year because ignoramuses in third world countries don't realize there are laws and even international treaties that we---at least in the US---follow. If we didn't spend this money we would soon be overrun, and not necesarily with poor people, but, often, with opportunists eager to get their hands on US dollars and services.

It's the same way when you visit a lot of developing countries. From the minute you walk out of the station you're pestered by scanners trying to get your money. In Europe they issue public warnings about pickpockets. Do you ever get a warning like that in a US airport?

American volunteers and philanthropists are already contributing $100 billion to foreign assistance. What do we get for it? Just more costs as we try to protect our own country and our own people.

The ones who contribute the non-factual information here are the ones that demand that the US become the welfare department, guardian, referee and coach for the rest of the idiotic world.

Anonymous said...

In Texas, so far they have over 16,000 Illegals in College (to wind up doing jobs we wont do?!) getting at least a $100,000 Hand Out for each one, from us Taxpayers.

That is NOT "Good" for our economy.

Anonymous said...

You are an imbecile. People have been crossing borders for decades and will continue to do so, regardless of what the government says. No border is impenetrable, so the nations of the world have to deal with it.

This isn't a perfect situation, but one thing's for sure: Your small-town racist attitude doesn't help.

For every illegal immigrant who is involved in crime, there is another who works actively in their community by raising money for charity, for example. When was the last time you did something like that?

Try making a contribution to society rather than sniping at a few poor people who are just trying to improve their lives.

Anonymous said...

Which is racist: Enforce the law regardless of race, OR enforce the law UNLESS the criminal is hispanic???

I don't expect anon 12:11 to even understand the question never mind get the point.

FP said...

Anon 9:02,

Define "charity".