Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'll sell you this watch for $20

If I offered to sell you a $17.5K car for $2,600 you would assume that there was theft involved. The same is true when solar companies the government tries to sell you their products. With claims of "up to 85% off" you know that someone is getting robbed. That someone is the taxpayers, both current and future.

One of the things I look forward to most in life is the end of the green fad. That very special time in the future where we will look back and laugh at how gullible some people were.


Anonymous said...

I can believe a lot of things. I can believe the first blade pulls the whisker while the second cuts it off. I can believe all children are above average. I can believe millions of people don't know the difference between a clip and a magazine. I can't believe Danial knows a fucking thing about solar power.

Anonymous said...

i know something about solar power. it's subisidized by the government and it does not pan out. when i say govenment, i mean us the taxpayers. they get over half a billion dollars to subisidize can you say Solyndra to manufacture the crap and they subsidize it for the homeowner. the people with the solar stuff in their homes are not paying their fair share. i have to pay for it. more socialism, it's always other people money

Ten Mile Island said...

Without the subsidies, how many would be demanded?


Anonymous said...

Ten Mile Island: Get rid of the coal, gas and oil subsidies and we might find out.

Anonymous said...

Miglavs is also anxious for people to come to their senses so we can get beyond the "fad" of women voting. In fact, he will not rest until they do.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 5:16 PM
That's a start to an excellent idea. We need to stop all subsidies to the well established and the scams like wind and solar. We should also make GE (who get subsidies) pay their taxes of taxes. We just lost a half billion to Solyndra and the democRAT Kaiser gets his cash back before the US taxpayers. Great, another billionaire being bailed out by the US taxpayers.

Are we still blaming Bush? I'm sure its Bush's fault. LOL.

Did anyone see Al Gore's bull shit on TV last night? He had something going on about global warming or climate change or whatever they call it now. He had nothing but guessestimates and computer modeling. I guess he didn't get the memo, the temperature has been cooling off and the sea level has dropped. LOL. I'm still waiting for him to debate Lord Monckton. Gore looked very desperate and out of breath and seemed to be wiping away sweat constantly. It was kind of creepy. I could only stand about fifteen minutes and changed the channel.

DAVE01 said...

what the hell, their taxes of taxes. I meant fair share of taxes. Hell, I would be happy if they paid any taxes. Something is better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

Throwbacks like Daniel don’t understand, or just don’t want to acknowledge, the important role government financial backing has played in the creation of America’s wealth. In the mythical Ayn Rand world where Daniel lives, bold capitalists create all that is good for society, and government creates all that is bad.

In the real world where the rest of us live, we understand that capitalists will often not invest in new technologies until such point in time that those technologies can produce profit. Anyone think the Internet would exist in its present form had it not been for the substantial investment government made in it back between the 1950’s-1980’s? In fact, many of the technologies that we now take for granted are somehow linked to government being willing to fund them until such time as it was possible for the private sector to pick up the ball and further develop that technology. “From gas turbines to smart phones, medical imaging technologies to space flight, GPS to the internet—government funded innovation research has improved lives, created jobs, and supported more than a century of U.S. preeminence.”…“Energy technologies are capital-intensive and long-lived, requiring significant up-front cash with a slow return. Slow turnover of capital assets combined with the large up-front investments required for many new energy supply or end-use technologies mean that the sector as a whole is subject to a high degree of inertia, a tendency to avoid risk, and domination by incumbent firms. Government investment mitigates these risks and helps America maintain its technological edge.” *

With solar, an energy source that will be increasingly and exponentially important , the Daniels of the world would be happy to have China control this market if it means our government got its hands out of things. It’s a short-sighted philosophy based on “being penny wise, and pound foolish”. And it relies on the complete myth that government has no legitimate role in subsidizing technology until such point in time that it can be further monetized by the private sector. Unfortunately for Daniel’s argument, the entire economic history of America puts the lie to that myth.

Daniel reminds me of those people who in the early 1980’s said, “I can't wait until this computer fad thing goes away”. Or Ken Olsen (former President of Digital Equipment Corporation), who in 1977 famously said, “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home.” But, we should expect such lack of insight, depth and substance in the musings of Daniel. He’s a simpleton who expresses himself like any simpleton would. And the only reason Daniel has this platform to express his ignorance is because the government invested so much money in the Internet back in the day. Talk about delicious irony… ;)

* The American Energy Innovation Council’s (AEIC) new report, "Catalyzing American Ingenuity: The Role of Government in Energy Innovation.”

Anonymous said...

P.S. Daniel said, “One of the things I look forward to most in life is the end of the green fad.”

If that’s truly one of the things you MOST look forward to in life Daniel, a reasonable person might suggest that you badly need to re-examine your life.

DAVE01 said...

ANON, the problem I see today is that the government kept throwing money at solyandra when they knew it was going to fail. This was a political payback for the DEM donors and probably unions somewhere (maybe building the plant).

I played with solar cells in the seventies. That technology has been around for decades and it's still not viable. Oregon also is not the place to do solar. We don't get enough sun in this part of the country to make it viable.

I don't mind putting some money into technology, but we are subsidizing the whole enterprise from making the cells to putting it on someone's house. Also, we CANNOT afford the luxury right now. We should be putting money into known resources that have proved themselves until a later date when we can afford such luxuries. We are talking about tens of billions of dollars here, that's real money. I'm not sure if you have noticed, we are broke and throwing all that money at something that is still a long way off from being viable is simply crazy.

Anonymous said...

Curious how Miglavians suddenly get excited about cronyism and corruption in government when a Dem is at the helm. Selective outrage.

DAVE01 said...

ANON, it's been there since day one of this country. However, just as obama has spent more than the rest of the presidents since day one, he's taken cronyism and corruption to new heights. Probably more than combined since day one of this country. He's not stealing tens of millions of dollars, he's stealing hundreds of billions of dollars.

He's set race relations back decades. He's done nothing good for this country. He hates America like we are now and wants to see us as just one of the regular run of the mill countries like Europe or maybe mexico. His bigotry, racism and bias against common America and Americans is mind boggling. There always has been government encroaching on our freedoms, he's taken more than ever.

I'm not saying stealing hundreds of millions is okay. You can only spend so much of your time fighting corruption. He's stolen so much our grand children will never pay off this debt. Yes bush and congress which includes the dems and repubs helped him. He's screwed several generations of Americans. He made every president and administration look like choir boys next to him.

The tipping point has been reached.

Hell, he made jimmy carter look good.

Anonymous said...

The tipping point has been reached ...

Sort of my sentiments every time I read one of your posts, Dave.

DAVE01 said...

Good! Maybe you will get professional help now. As always, I recommend a padded room, a straight jacket, lots of medication and possibly shock treatment. You should also consider a lobotomy.

The rest of us will try to fix all the problems you and your group has caused to my beloved nation.

Anonymous said...

What, with one of your lunatic "Tea Party" candidates?


Sounds like you made it to the padded room first. I didn't realize they offered Internet access in there.

Rolfe said...

Dave, that's hilarious. Tell you what, why not contribute to this big "fix" and run for office at the local level? Anything ... city council, school board, etc. And Dave? Do me one thing: When you run for office, tell everyone exactly what you think, just like you do on this blog. Don't hold anything back. Don't censor yourself. Let it all hang out.

And please make it clear that you're a real Republican. Emphasize that, okay?

I wish you luck! I hope your voice is heard loudly and clearly by as many people as possible.

DAVE01 said...

rolfe, you say I'm a real republican? YOu say I'm like john mccain? NO fucking way. I'm a conservative. There's a difference but I wouldn't expect progressives/commies/mass murder want a be like you to know. Or are you the other statists like Hitler? What kind of statist are you, a commie who murders by class or the NAZI's who mureder by race?

You want the foreign nationals to have more right than Americans in our own country. You simply say oh that's too bad when something like Dani Countryman get raped and murdered when it was you and your side of the aisle that aided and abetted her rape and murder. Remember you told me I'm on the other side of the aisle than you. I wanted her to live and have a future. You wanted the votes and cheap labor. I guess you won and got your way. I hope you and your family and frieds can experience the family values that don't stop at the border from a mexican like Dani did. Then again, you don't give a shit about children.

I'll let it all hang out. I want our children to live and have a future. I hope you will come to me and identify yourself so you can let it all hang out. You can let your family and friends know that votes and cheap labor are worth more than their lives. With friends and family like you, what's a few more deaths as long as you get your way. Hell, you don't care if our children have their futures stolen from them by you. We can all let it all hang out. You don't care if their education is dumbed down as long as you get your lawn mowed cheaply. It's worth it to you.

Let it all hang out. Was her rape and murder really worth it?

ANON 7:48 AM

So, what's wrong with fiscal responsibility? You are probably one of the government workers who is a loafer or you are a government cheese recipient. That's right, they are racist. LOL. Kinda like the congressional black caucus, la raza and la mecha and the black panthers.

Are they racist like them? Are you the "legit" clown with the BS in Bull Shit? LOL.

You call me the racist and blah blah but you are using the tactis the NAZI's used.

Are you also going to let it all hang out and show your true colors or are you going to hide behind your mommies skirts?

Anonymous said...

anons daves right i forget which nazi said tell a lie enough times and they will believe it, kinda like you are doing with the tea party rant

maybe it was hitler in mein kampf

Anonymous said...

the tea party is about fiscal responsibility, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Memo to the Anons: If you disagree with Dave about absolutely anything, you are (obviously) a racist-Jew-hating-Hitler fan-Nazi-Stalinist-socialist-Obama lover who hates children. (And you live in your mom's basement ... an insult for which Dave has a curious fixation).

Just go with it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 350: Actually it was Josef Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister. He also said, "It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion." Doesn't that sound a little like the The Komrade President REMF and the launching a few days ago of the Attack Watch website?


Anonymous said...

Um, yeah Scottie. A campaign's effort to counter attacks in an election totally brings to mind images of gas chambers, Swastikas and piles of skin-and-bone corpses. Thank you so much for the warning. You've no doubt saved countless lives.

Anonymous said...

I always laugh when I see a Miglavian casually trot out some completely irrelevant anecdote from WWII, as if they're recalling something they stuck in their doctoral thesis. For the record, in terms of both legislative and administrative policy, between the Patriot Act and a whole host of other "tools for the war on terror" the neocons rammed up the country's ass, the greatest single consolidation and expansion of executive power in American history took place under Bush-Cheney, and yet I'd eat my own underwear if anyone could show me where a Miglavian ever huffed and puffed about "Komrade" Bush. Miglavian hypocrisy knows no bounds. Scottiebill, your comparison of what is essentially a political campaign's PR efforts on a web site to the policies and practices of Nazi Germany is ... how shall I put this? How about fucking ridiculous? How about unbelievably insane? Or why not, laughably childish and uninformed? Why not all of them? You're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:11, you must understand our right-wing friends…

When a GOP Administration abuses government power in the worst possible ways, it’s “for the safety and security of America”, and you’d better not question it. If you do, they will ask, “Why do you hate America?”, or “Why don't you want America to be safe?”

But when a Democratic Administration implements measures that are not even close to being as draconian as those implemented by the aforementioned GOP Administration, it’s because those Democrats “Hate America!” and “Want to steal our freedoms!”

Don’t look for any consistency here. As you correctly charge, Miglavians wear their hypocrisy as a badge of honor. They are just fine when an Administration they personally like oversteps its authority. Remember when Bush signed a record number of executive orders, many of them basically saying that he was interpreting laws differently than the Legislative branch, and thus he was under no obligation to follow those laws? You can hear a pin drop in Miglavia whenever that’s mentioned. Yet, do you think for even one second that If Obama signed that many executive orders, that right-wingers wouldn't be foaming at the mouth about this “subversion of democracy”?

The middle name of these Miglavian ass-clowns is “hypocrisy”. These mouth-breathers are straight-up idiots.

Anonymous said...

Can you give an example of draconian measure that bush did versus obama. I can't see where bush did anything that has affected, me, my family or my friends. I can see where obama has done things that has affected me and my family and my friends.

Anonymous said...

I answered Anon 350's question when he mentioned it was possibly Hitler that made the comment about telling lies enough times. I then added a comment that Goebbels also made. It seems to me that Anonymice 116, 211, and 244 are either not smart enough or astute enough to process two relevant comments into today's situation in Washington, DC. They only exist to denigrate anyone and everyone who has the unmitigated gall to agree with Daniel and dare to disagree with them and their childish and constant attacks on anyone who is not Dumbocrat and who is, in their extremely narrow view of all things contrary to them and their so-called philosophy, (gasp!) Conservative and Republican.

I also believe, given their caustic replies to my posting above, that they are in total agreement with Goebbels statements, even though he made those comments over 70 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:34, I guess it all depends on your perspective, doesn't it? From where I'm sitting, "illegal aliens" haven't done anything to me or affected my life in any way that I can tell, or that of my family or friends. So by your logic, I can assume that there is no illegal immigration problem in the U.S. Right?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:43 PM
You failed Economics 101 and common sense. Are you going to give an example as requested or continue to evade the question?

Anonymous said...

here you go, illegal immigration may not have affected you but it affected a lot of your fellow Americans.

maybe you're not an American or you don't care about your fellow Americans.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:43 PM
Why don't you ask Dani Countryman how illegal immigration affected her?