Friday, September 30, 2011

I won't settle


Anonymous said...

Everytime Bachmann opens her mouth, I just can't get past the image of her. She sure makes Republicans look a whole lot dumber.

Anonymous said...

But not so nearly as dumb as Anonymouse 12:16 appears by making such as stupid statement as the one just above.


Anonymous said...

You have a small mind if that is the only image you have in your head. I thought you liberals were supposed to be for diversity. It truly shows your racism and bigotry. You might want to close your eyes and listen to her message. If more people had done that with the messiah, we might not be in such a terrible financial position.

Obama made the whole democrat party look like idiots and now criminals and mass murderers. oh wait, they already are. lol

Anonymous said...

Some things never change. Back in 2007, Miglavs was standing by the most right-wing man he could find. Now he's hunkered down with this idiot. What unelectable freak are you going to pound a drum for four years from now, Miglavs?

Anonymous said...

There wont be a racist, bigoted american hater like obama.

Anonymous said...

Michelle who?

Oh, it's Michelle "Let Me Tell You Another Whopper Of A Lie" Bachman.

What a disaster this wench is. She is the prototypical, modern right-wing nutjob, who won't think twice about saying crazy things that cause normal people to look at each other and think, "WTF did that lady just say?!?"

Her sorry candidacy has been punctuated by a continuous series of bizarre, false statements piled one on top of another. Like the mysterious retarded vaccine kid who, as far as anyone can tell, doesn't actually exist. (A reward was even offered for anyone who could verify Bachman's bogus story.) Or her Pat Robertson-like comment that the D.C. earthquake was a result of God being mad...a comment her handlers tried to brush off as a joke, even though it was pretty obvious when she said it that she wasn't joking.

Politifact even points out that Bachman has the worst record for truth-telling of all the GOP candidates. Like most right-wing nutjobs, she believes that "lying for the cause" is a "permissable mental reservation". And ironically, lying as much as she does causes her to exhibit the exact same type of moral relativism that her followers would happily scold any liberal for. You can't even make this kind of hypocrisy up.

Bachman represents the uneducated, intellectually lazy, moral-relevancy loving, batshit crazy wing of the GOP. Which is precisely why no one but her nutty followers takes her seriously.

And in supporting Bachman, people like "I won't settle" Daniel (who apparently WILL settle for a pathological liar) still don't understand a very important rule of politics: once your credibility goes away, you become irrelevant. Bachman has now been caught lying once too often, and as a result, even many people who are generally sympathetic to her views aren't willing to hitch their wagon to her flailing campaign. She's become somewhat of a joke, good for little more than laughs by late-night comedians, and making her political competition actually look pretty good in comparison.

But this is one of the nice things about ideologues like Bachman: If you give them enough rope, they will ALWAYS eventually hang themselves. They simply aren't smart enough to do otherwise.

DAVE01 said...

What a disaster this clown has been. He's taken over whole industries or has attempted to.

He's the typical liberal/progressive racist American hater that typifies the democrat party these days. His sorry presidency has been punctuated by a series of bizarre, false statements. He only tells the truth when his lips are not moving. His policies have resulted in the deaths of over two hundred mexicans and two American law enforcement. Obama has set back race relations decades. He's heading our economy over the cliff.

Politicalfact, LOL; is that another "legit" source. LOL!

ABO, Anyone But Obama looks good. I would vote for his fucking dog. Hell, I would take Hillary over him.

Anonymous said...

Dave, do you take medicine for your Obama Derangement Syndrome?

I'll bet Obamacare will provide you with psychiatric meds once the Supreme Court upholds that law in a few months. LOL!!!

FP said...

Psst! Anonymous! Do you take "medicine" to help metastasize your BDS (Bachmann Derangment Syndrome)? I'll bet Obamacare will provide you with a handy-dandy death panel once you're no longer useful to the Party.

DAVE01 said...

Good one FP. I hope the next administration makes every citizen buy a gun to promote the general welfarelike like health care. That will makes the libs heads explode. If they can force us to buy healthcare, they can force us to buy a gun.

I do take medicine for my obama derangement syndrome. It's called alcohol. I can't drink enough to medicate my brain to forget all the damage obama's done to this country.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rare bit of honesty, Dave. Given your posts on this forum, I had suspected that you are likely drunk a good bit of the time, and your confirmation of this observation is a good and healthy start to your recovery. Best wishes as you attempt to overcome your personal struggles with alcoholism.

FP, you might be a little slower than everyone else, but there never was anything called or even remotely similar to a "death panel" in any healthcare legislation. The entire "death panel" controversy was manufactured by another unelectable wench named Sarah Palin. If you want to see something funny, Google "Palin, death panel, interview", and watch Palin's deer-in-headlights look and her hilarious back-peddling when a reporter calls her on her phony death panel claim.

You right-wingers are a hoot. I thank God every morning that most of you are dumb as a box of rocks. Because if you weren't, you'd actually be dangerous. :)

Anonymous said...

FP gets this week's "Command of the English Language" gold star for using "metastasize" in a sentence. He's been away so long, I suspect he's been practicing for weeks.

FP said...

Speaking of unelectable wenches, how's that campaign of yours coming, anon 12:03?

And now, a suggestion to balance the budget from that great conservative luminary, a paragon of right-wing virtue, Paul Krugman:

"Some years down the pike, we're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes."