Monday, September 05, 2011

Final back to school special before we have to drive 20 mph again

For ALL Students Regardless of Immigration Status 

If our schools would spend as much time teaching kids to read as they do trying to help illegal aliens our students might have better test scores. I'm just saying...


Anonymous said...

What you have just shown is a crime. Substitute any other illegal activity in for this and the author would be guilty of aiding a criminal in the conduct of a crime.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone checking the SSN's or legal status of all the students in this country? Hell no. I think Alabama is going to check status. I imagine their numbers will go down and ours will go up. Thanks governor.

Again, American children have to take the back seat in their own country. Our children and grand children get second class services.

Anonymous said...

But don'tcha see the schools need more money and more teachers but don't worry those illegals don't cost us anything...

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:09
I've been told the criminal aliens are good for the economy and the nation will come to a standstill if they are not here. How in the hell did we get by for over two hundred years without them?

I wonder how many more Americans must die so the criminal aliens can help re elect obama?

Anonymous said...

How in the hell did we get by for over two hundred years without them?

If you actually believe that we "got by" without illegal immigrants for the last two hundred years, I've got some real estate on the moon I'd like to sell you.

Anonymous said...

"I've been told the criminal aliens are good for the economy and the nation will come to a standstill if they are not here. How in the hell did we get by for over two hundred years without them?"


Well Dave, if you look at the INDEPENDENT studies that have been done on this subject (you know, the studies that people like you try to ignore), they do in fact show that immigration in all of its forms generally provides a net positive benefit for the economy.

But again, people like you ignore this because if you acknowledged it, it would take the wind right out of your sails. And we all know that if you just ignore data, that data ceases to exist. Right Dave?

As for the second part of your comment, I hate to break it to you, but the economy of today is not the same economy of 200 years ago. We are no longer an agrarian economy. We are mostly a services and knowledge-based economy. (The latter of which explains why many right-wing wackos are increasingly finding their own economic situations deteriorating. These right-wingers are mostly uneducated dolts who can't compete in an economy where brains matter. And so, as factories and manufacturing shut down, low-skilled, uneducated workers take the biggest hit. The vast majority of the far-right fall into this category of low-skilled, uneducated workers. And they blame anyone and everything - including illegal aliens - for their problems, all the while refusing to acknowledge that if they were better educated themselves, they'd be part of the group of people in America who enjoy a low, 4.3% unemployment rate.)

Sometimes the truth stings just a little bit.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 1:07 PM
Is one of those studies like the report that came out of the IRS where the criminal aliens stole about four billion dollars?

Can you find an independent study that shows how the massive number of illegals in california (probably the largest in the nation) is economically beneficial for the state? According to you, the state must be in the best financial shape ever.

All the current studies I've seen say california is heading down the crapper. Of course you will be able to disprove those facts and studies won't you?

I love your comment about the uneducated dolts. That would be the average democrat liberal voter (think Chicago where they are illiterate and uneducated and unemployed) in the big cities. You are telling me that the left wing like Obama are the smartest and most educated in the country? I'll have to tell my sister who has a PHD from Stanford in bio-engineering. I won't forget to tell her husband who has a masters from MIT. By the way, my sister went to Cal Tech for undergrad. Yeah, a couple of dolts they are.

I'm sure they are smarter and better educated than 99% of the average democrat voter. They also pay more in taxes than 99% of the average voter. Their taxes are being stole by the average democratic voter.

I almost have an BSEE, my brother has a MBA from Berkeley. A lot of dolts in my family. How about yours? Dumbass!

Now, where are those studies about CA?

DAVE01 said...

I just thought of another thing, you are telling me that the third graded educated mexican with only manual labor skills are the ones taking the jobs of Americans. They are taking the construction jobs, and a lot of the factory jobs because they are cheaper. It has nothing to do with education, it's all about money and votes.

Okay, I'll bite, which group has a 4.3% unemployment?

Anonymous said...

Be careful, 1:07 .... Dave "almost" has a BSEE! LOL!!! You're running with the big dogs now! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! Dave, I gotta tell you, seriously: You light up my life! Hey, since you're "almost" there on that BSEE, maybe you can tell me this: How many Miglavians does it take to change a light bulb? ;-)

DAVE01 said...

ANON 3:12 PM
Tell me about yourself and your family. Come on Einstein. Is that the Saul Alisnky to ridicule somebody? How very hateful and bigoted of you. Typical liberal, talk about how I must practice compassion for others but you just don't practice it yourself. You sound like obama, we all need to learn to speak spanish but him.

As I proved earlier, there's no dolts in my family. How about yours?

I know you are a dolt, that's one. How many others?

Now, where are those studies about CA? Where's the proof fruitcake?

Anonymous said...

In the first place, Dave, if you can't take a little ribbing over the fact that you were the one bragging about your "almost" BSEE as if that somehow qualifies you as an expert on immigration policy, then you really shouldn't be here.

In the second place, I'm not the one who brought up "studies about California."

In the third place, it wasn't even Anon 1:07 who brought it up. You brought it up, which falls into your tried-but-true straw man argument. Personally, I'd like to see him come back here and finish kicking your bigot ass around the block and back, but I'm sitting this argument out, because I just found a moron who's stupid enough to believe that he can buy real estate from me on the moon.

So: How many acres of lunar landscape would you like, Dave? :-)

Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens draining our broken school system is nothing new. Has anyone driven by a bus stop recently in the mornings? I counted 24 kids, all Mexican waiting for their free bus ride while at a traffic light. Interesting though how the mothers were all still in their pajamas (one was barefoot) obviously NOT preparing to go to a job. Thats what welfare is for people, trash that do not belong here in the first place collecting free services/food and breeding like rats.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, the presence of twenty-four Mexican children gathered at a bus stop in the morning is evidence that our "broken school system" is being "drained" by "illegal aliens."

[Because in Miglavia, if you look "Mexican," you're an "illegal alien."]

Bigotry, of course, plays no role whatsoever in this simple observation.

None at all.


Welcome to Miglavia.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 5:10 PM
When you only use an ANON, you can get blamed for everything.

In the first place, I don't care what you call me. I'm honest and don't lie.

In the second place, ANON 1:07 said, "Well Dave, if you look at the INDEPENDENT studies that have been done on this subject (you know, the studies that people like you try to ignore), they do in fact show that immigration in all of its forms generally provides a net positive benefit for the economy."

I was asking for studies that made that claim about California. I wanted the studies because if you haven't noticed California is in the shitter economically and they have the largest number of criminal aliens..

In the third place, read above In the second place.

You seem to have a problem with following and comprehending a few paragraphs. Why don't you read everything first and then comment instead of just jumping in and spewing out some crap. Be smarter than a fifth grader.

I recommend a padded room and a straight jacket and lots of medication. You might need some surgery too. I also recommend shock treatment.

Where are the studies fruitcake and what is the education of your family? Well fruitcake!

Anonymous said...

Dave, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at how you "almost" have a BSEE! LOL! Hey bubba, you ever heard the phrase, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades"?

If anything, the fact that you "almost" got a BSEE, but didn't, tells me that you're a quitter. You're one of those losers who does 90% of the work for a degree...but can't quite do that last 10%. Nice job of painting yourself as an idiot. Not that you needed to provide additional evidence.

As for illegals Dave, are you aware that the State Comptroller of Texas has estimated that "the state [Texas] collected
$424 million more in revenue from unauthorized immigrants than it spent to provide education, health care, and law enforcement activities for that population." (Undocumented Immigrants in Texas:
A Financial Analysis of the Impact to the State Budget and Economy.
Special report prepared by the Office of the Comptroller of Texas,
December 2006)

How can that be Dave?!? With uneducated idiots and racists like yourself, isn't it a given that illegals only COST government money, but never PROVIDE government with money???

Dave, do a Google search for "Economic impact of illegal aliens." Ignore any websites that are obviously pro-illegal or anti-illegal, because you aren't going to get accurate, unbiased data on those sites. Stick to those sites where the data is objective.

If you do, you'll see that when it comes to illegal immigrants, people like yourself WILDLY over-emphasize the cost factor, and WILDLY under-emphasize the revenue factor. And there's a reason you do this: it's because many people in the anti-illegal immigrant crowd are flat-out racists. It is no more complex than that.

Now Dave, tell us more about the education you "almost" have. LOL!!! Frickin' inbred idiot.

Anonymous said...

"In Miglavia, the presence of twenty-four Mexican children gathered at a bus stop in the morning is evidence that our "broken school system" is being "drained" by "illegal aliens."

[Because in Miglavia, if you look "Mexican," you're an "illegal alien."]

Bigotry, of course, plays no role whatsoever in this simple observation.

None at all.


Welcome to Miglavia."


Yeah, it's amazing how the right-wing idiots on this forum say things like that, and then wonder how come people are quick to call them racists.

But this is what happens with right-wingers. Since the vast majority of them are uneducated, they literally lack the cognitive capacity to understand how their statements are undeniably racists. These right-wingers are quite literally ignorant.

No wonder they hate illegals so much. Illegals primarly work in low-skill, low-education jobs. Guess who their competition is? Yup...right-wingers. (Although, not the same right-wingers who, out of the other side of their mouths, claim to believe in free markets. If they truly believed in free markets, they'd have to concede that there is a market for labor. They sure as heck don't want THAT market to be free and unregulated!!! Their hypocrisy is sometimes too much to bear.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I almost have my pilot's license. Wanna join me for a test flight? Don't worry, I know almost everything I need to know to get us back down safely. :-D

DAVE01 said...

Stupid 12:01 PM
Texas has estimated the money. LOL. You tell me not to look at pro or anti criminal aliens sites. I have to agree on that one. You are finally using some brain cells. You also tell me to look at Texas. I want the info in CA. My almost degree in Electrical Engineering tells me you must have been a very slow student. What is your degree in? It sure as hell was not in anything that requires logical thinking.

You tell me on one hand to not used a biases site, then you tell me to look at what I would call information from a biased state. Perry loves the illegals. Fuck you are stupid. What a moron. I had to laugh when I was halfway done reading your post.

I remember years ago when Bill Clinton had a study done on gun violence, that report then said gun violence cost around 1/2 billion to two billion dollars. The only problem with the report, it didn't take into consideration that guns do good things too. As you stated, it was biased. Now you want me to believe a report from Texas. LOLOLOL, I had to laugh at that suggestion. Fruitcake.

How about them mexicans, like the one that murdered five people in Carson City? That's right, I'm racist for mentioning he's a mexican.

Now, how about a report from California? Wake up those brain cells stupid! Shit, how many times do I have to ask? Wake up stupid! Did your teachers always have to ask multiple times for a report?

DAVE01 said...

Stupid 12:13 PM
I'm an ex-paratrooper, I can get down safely. No problem.

Stupid where is that report? Wake up those brain cells!

By the way, I never intended on getting my degree. I wanted the information so I could start my own business. Typical liberal. You open your mouth when you don't know shit. LOL.

Again, where's that report from California? I get it, you failed geography. That's why you stated information from Texas instead of California. Typical liberal, don't know shit.

What was your degree in?

Stupid 12:09 PM
You are telling us that the low educated Americans are being replaced by third grade educated mexicans and that's why Americans who are against illegal immigration are racist? Shit, can you come up with a dumber reason. That's why Del Monte in Portland hired all the criminal aliens, they are smarter and better educated than Americans. LOL!

I must admit that both of you ANON's make me embarrassed to be an American, nobody could be that stupid.

Anonymous said...

It's always amusing to watch "I almost got a BSEE" Dave flop around like a fish on shore trying to construct an argument. Now he would have us avert our eyes from the liberal utopia of Texas (!) where the right-wing Gov. Rick Perry (!)allegedly "loves" illegal immigrants. Methinks on one of his previous paratrooper dives, poor ol' Dave landed on his head.

Anonymous said...

Dave, why don't you act like a fucking grownup already and actually respond to the information the Anon gave you to back up his argument. He gave you specific numbers and the exact source about one of the largest states in the U.S. that's on the border, for chrissakes. All you've got is that they're "biased" and vague notions about what a shitty place California is. If that's true, explain to me why San Diego has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation for a city of that population. You do know where San Diego is, don't you? You do know its proximity to the border, don't you?

Pull your head out of your ass already and engage in the discussion with facts, not the same old bigot bullshit.

DAVE01 said...

I still haven't heard about your education yet. Why can't you tell me. Are you embarrassed or just a high school dropout? Maybe your degree (if you have one) is in psychology or something stupid and a waste of time like that and you even might be working for the government. If those two are true, I wouldn't tell anyone either.

Me thinks you are too much of a pussy to jump out of a plane. I don't remember any liberals in my unit in the 82d Abn. They were all at home holding mommies hand.

You want me to act like a grownup. I thought a grownup would produce what was requested to back up their statement. I didn't think a grownup would offer different information than requested. In your world, in your education, when something was requested say from a teacher or boss, you gave them what you wanted to give them not what they wanted. In the real world, you have failed and that would get you fired. Are that stupid? You change my requirements and then you call me a child. Typical little brat who needs their diaper changed. Get back into your mother's basement.

STUPIDS, are you admitting that you can't find that requested study? If so, act like an adult and admit it. That's the way adults behave. Are you in your teens? I feel like I'm communicating with a teenager.

I want to make one racist comment, how about that mexican who killed five people in Carson City. Unfortuantely, they got to experience the family values that don't stop at the border from mexicans. Their families can thank you for their deaths, you wanted the mexican here. I want people like him deported.

Mexicans probably kill more Americans ever year than Al Queada.

Anonymous said...

why dont you anons either put up or shut up. dave has requested the info and you just keep flopping around like a fish out of water if you dont have it say so sheesh

i agree you're fire!

Anonymous said...

The "Dave Logical Circle":

1. Produce data that backs up your statement.

2. If I don't like what that data says, that it is by definition "biased".

3. Go back to #1.

Dave, the original claim was that immigration, in all of its forms, provides a net benefit to the economy. I posted one such example from Texas, a state that I imagine has a sizeable population of illegal aliens. And that example showed, from an unbiased study done by career civil servants, that the Texas economy actually benefits economically from its population of illegal aliens. Those immigrants in fact do NOT suck resources from the state. In fact they provide a $400+ million value add.

Your response to this was predictable: you just ignored it, because it didn't confirm what you wanted it to confirm. You suffer from something known as "confirmation bias", whereby you dismiss any and all data that doesn't support your point of view.

I instructed you to Google more on this topic, so that you could see what was already stated: that people like you tend to over-emphasize the costs side of the equation, and under-emphasize the revenue side. It's understandable why you'd do this. If you actually acknowledged things like the study done in Texas, it would force you to admit that many of your "arguments" are a complete crock of excrement. And we simply can't have that, can we Dave?

Why do you think governments are reluctant to crack down on illegals? It's quite simple: in most (not all, but most) cases they aren't the huge economic drain people like you claim. On the contrary, in placs like Texas, they provide net revenue.

This can only lead to one conclusion. There must be some OTHER reason that people like you so adamently hate illegal aliens. Given all your comments on the subject, it's prety clear what that reason is. You're a racist. A classic, inbred, uneducated, white trash racist. Just like Daniel and the rest of the OFIR crowd.

You're trying to fight economic forces against which you can't win. Ultimately, if capitalism determines that these illegal aliens provide economic benefits, they won't be going away. You can deal with that fact rationally and make reforms that take into account economic reality, or like Daniel, you can whine about it like a petulent child...smearing your own name and reputation in the process.

Being somewhat ignorant, it's crystal clear what path people like you have chosen.

Oh well. If nothing else, your ignorance provides some entertainment value.

Tootles ;)

DAVE01 said...

Fuck, you can't even keep the chronological order of events correct.

You want me to take as the complete truth something from a government study. If you the self declared genius had written one research paper in your life you would know why I refuse to take that as evidence to back up your claims. Don't you even write research papers in high school? If you believe everything the government saysy, you are too stupid to breed.

You must be smarter than the third grade educate mexican. I have to laugh at your continued resistance to get a simple study which I'm sure there are lots around. Arnold said the criminal aliens were not the problem in CA. Would you like me to get a study for you idiot? If you can't find one say so. I wanted the info on CA for several reasons.

1. I've visited the state many times over the last thirty five years.

2. I have relatives that have lived there for over fifty years in the bay area and san diego.

3. CA is in the shitter economically and anyone that says the criminal aliens are not a large part of the problem is way too stupid to breed.

Let's change the debate to Texas since you failed to find a study about California.

Yes Texas claims the criminal aliens contributed about a half billion to their economy. Do you know why their number is different than other studies. Use your few brain cells and think! I know why do you? I'll give you a hint, education is the largest cost of the criminal aliens. Find that fucking study and read it and then report back when you understand it.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has visited California many times, in many cities, and also has family there, I dispute your "shitter" perception. You see want you want to see, Dave. I think it's mostly a beautiful state. Do they have problems? Of course. All states do. The problem here Dave is that you won't be HONEST about the fundamental FACT driving this entire discussion and ALL your other blog posts: You don't like Mexicans, do you? When you see a Latino, you see an "illegal immigrant." You wish they (i.e., Latinos) would all go home (i.e., Mexico and other parts of Central and South America).

You're a bigot. Man up and admit it so at least we can have an honest conversation about it.

DAVE01 said...

stupid 12:17 PM
You are either lying or don't have a clue.

Physically the states is beautiful. How is the state doing economically? They are in the shitter. Do you need some proof too? If you do, you are dumber than a brick. How are the schools doing? I used to visit a lot in the seventies and eighties, they had some of the best schools in the country. How are they now?

Do you know why I like to pick on mexico? They are the biggest violators of our laws because of their proximity. The richest person on the planet is a mexican. They have the 14th (2010) largest income on the planet for a country. Mexicans kill a lot of Americans too. Probably more than Al Queda and the Taliban. Google Carson City, Nevada IHOP.

I'll man up and admit, I hate law breakers and people that condone and encourage them. I grew up with three kids who were half mexican. Their father came here legally and lived the American dream. He didn't ask for handouts. The mexicans that come here now are mostly freeloaders. They drop a baby to get benefits and send all their spare money home. Sorry pal, I don't condone that bullshit. They are nothing but thieves who have more representation with our government than I do.

How come blacks and asians and whites are not given the same consideration for immigration. How come we don't see signs in all foreign languages, just spanish. Seems to me there's some bigotry and racism going on with our immigration process and enablers of criminal aliens like you. We know the mexicans are very racist, look at their constitution.

Now what would you like to have a conversation about? How about Dani Countryman. She met two mexicans and they raped and murdered her.

We could single out the criminal alien Irish, I believe there' about 60 thousand or so here. Let's round them up and toss them out too. I'm part Irish. Would that make you happy if we start with those dirt bag criminal aliens?

What part of that report from Texas was left out to show a positive financial contribution from criminal aliens?

Anonymous said...

You're a bigot, Dave. We'll have that conversation when you can admit what is totally obvious to any rational human being who reads the rancid shit you post here every day.

DAVE01 said...

I'm a bigot for proving that criminal aliens DO NOT add financial benefits to a state! I'm a bigot for showing you criminal aliens rape and murder our children.
I'm a bigot for showing the truth.

You couldn't have an intellectual conversation because you are stupid. You can't prove shit because you are wrong as I have proved and you are stupid as you have proved!

Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm going to print and paste your 12:42 post to my fridge door next to a couple of my favorite "Far Side" cartoons. Truly, one of the funniest things I've read in Miglavia. Yup buddy boy, you "proved" everything! ;-D

DAVE01 said...

Typical liberal/progressive/commie/democRAT

Did any of you criminal alien/haters of American children go to the OFIR meeting last weekend?

How many incidents of racism did you document?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dave. I didn't make it to the OFIR meeting.

It was hot last weekend, and I imposed a limit on how much time I could spend around unwashed sweatpant, Cheeto-stained fat asses, bacon-sweating basement dwellers, and the other assorted white trash that constitutes the OFIR membership.

But I'm sure a good time was had by all! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Dave, just because you say something is true...that does not constitute actual proof of it's truthfulness.

You seem to be confused about this notion.

Since you've alleged that the Texas study was invalid, can I bother to ask what ACTUAL prrof you have of that? As in actual, cold, hard DOCUMENTED facts that irrefutably disprove that Texas took in more money from illegals than they spent?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Sorry Dave. You merely saying that you've "proved" something...doesn't make it true.

You really ARE an ignorant old man, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

How many incidents of racism did you document?

How many people were there? Or maybe more accurately, how many people spoke? How many times? Take the number of people, and multiply by the number of times they opened their mouths.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:33 AM
What the fuck? I guess Sheriff Meyers of Marion County is the biggest racist since he spoke the most. In other words you weren't there and the only words are coming out your pie hole. LOL. Kinda like the criminal aliens are financially beneficial to the state of Texas. LOL. Only if they don't count all the costs. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow Dave, that's a lot of LOLs for one post. So tell me, when you post something like that, and like your ridiculous 12:42 declaration of victory, do you stick your thumbs in your ears, wiggle your fingers and stick out your tongue after you click the button? Because that's the maturity level vibe I'm getting from you.

Shouldn't you be in school?

I'm just saying ...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:07, far right-wingers are, by definition, emotionally and intellectually immature.

There was even a legit study done about this a couple years ago that said the same thing.

Basically, the further to the political right people were, the less likely they were to have an education beyond high school, and the more likely they were to suffer from mental health issues.

Of course, I didn't need a study to tell me that. It's pretty obvious on a daily basis. I mean, look at Dave. He has no college degree, and he clearly has mental issues.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 3:22 PM
by your definition, I must be on the extreme right wing. LOL. I'm center right you idiot. Which high school did you graduate from? What college and what degree do you have? I've asked many times and I still don't have an answer. You must be embarrassed to tell the world. Again you liberals have proved your ignorance and stupidity.

Do you still believe criminal aliens are financially beneficial to Texas. LOL. Like I said you need to find out why Texas left out certain costs. The costs left out are only the largest costs of criminal aliens and their spawn. Why would they leave out all the costs? My fifth grade education tells me that they are biased. Just like I said. Research papers can be twisted however the writer wants it. Idiot!LOL! If you have a degree, you need to return it and get your money back. You were ripped off.

You tell us that the right is uneducated. LOL. Have you seen Chicago, the extreme left. Have you seen their education? Maybe you need a study to tell you the political affiliations of Chicago are. LOL. Here's a hint, the word RAT is in their name.

Hey this state is more left wing than right and look at the education of our children. I see it every day. It's obvious that the left hates giving a good education to our children. Why do the democRATS not want our children to have a good education?

DAVE01 said...

Was that legit study done by Bill Clinton. He did a "legit" study about guns. He "proved" guns are all bad and caused 1/2-2 billion of economic damage every year. As all studies can be twisted, he left out something. Guns ALSO do good things

Where's that "legit" study? LOL

The liberals I know are the most emotional immature like children that I know.

Here's an interesting article. It says the big city kids drop out of high school at a much higher rate. Aren't all the big cities RAT strongholds?

Now let's look at what we have. You say a "legit study says: the further to the political right people were, the less likely they were to have an education beyond high school.

This article says the big cities have a higher dropout rate than the suburban areas.

The five largest US cities are all run by democRATS (leftwing). Your "legit" study says the five largest cities will have a higher high school graduation rate. However, this article shows the the five largest cities in the US run by democRATS have the highest dropout rates.

So much for your "legit" study. LOL.

Anonymous said...

What college and what degree do you have?

What's this obsession with academic credentials? Why is this important? Are we really supposed to believe that if someone with a Doctorate of History and Masters in Economics and Sociology were to post here and tell you that you're a blathering right-wing idiot, that you would see the light and rethink your entire world, small as it obviously is?

I've got a B.S., with additional coursework since then in community colleges. I'm pro Second-Amendment, anti-abortion, and I think Obama is horrible. And you, Dave, are a fool with the demonstrated maturity level of a 12-year-old and "discussion" skills that would elicit laughter in any high school speech and communications class. Can I be any clearer? You're embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

"I've got a B.S., with additional coursework since then in community colleges. I'm pro Second-Amendment, anti-abortion, and I think Obama is horrible. And you, Dave, are a fool with the demonstrated maturity level of a 12-year-old and "discussion" skills that would elicit laughter in any high school speech and communications class. Can I be any clearer? You're embarrassing."



I would imagine that more than a few conservatives read Dave's posts here, and cringe at the thought that he's one of them. With "friends" like Dave, conservatives don't need any more enemies.

Even more funny, and as with stupid people everywhere, Dave has absolutely no idea just how stupid he appears to other people. The joke's on him...and he doesn't even know it.

Poor guy.

DAVE01 said...

You are the one ridiculing people's education and intelligence. You brought up the "legit" study about the high school diploma. When someone is trying to insult me, I want to know where they are coming from.

Hell, you keep saying things like Texas makes a half billion off the criminal aliens which only takes about two minutes to disprove on the internet.

Here's the link to the Texas comptroller which mentions the financial gain from criminal aliens. By the way, estimate is used in the paper ten times.

It seems like they did more estimating than anything else. How convenient! Didn't I say something earlier about biased studies? Again I was right.

Finally, we are starting to get somewhere. Now, BS in what?

Are you sure you are an adult? It seems like I'm arguing against a teenager. I have a hard time believing anyone with a BS would bring up a "legit" study without the study to support your argument when you get called out on your bullshit. Maybe you didn't learn very well. Those are the actions of a child.

I'm pro second amendment and was pro choice until I saw the light about the criminal alien situation five or six years ago. We should not have aborted all the children and then imported third worlders to replace them.

Anonymous said...

Dave writes, "Hey this state is more left wing than right and look at the education of our children. I see it every day. It's obvious that the left hates giving a good education to our children. Why do the democRATS not want our children to have a good education?"


OK, Dave. I looked at the eduction of our children in Oregon as you suggested, and for some strange reason, the results are exactly the opposite of what you claimed.

Oregon's combined SAT scores rank #2 in the country among all states where at least 50% of high school students take the SAT. In other words Dave, it would appear students in Oregon are getting quite a good education.

Why am I not surprised that the truth is the exact opposite of what you claim it is? And why are you so dishonest, Dave? (I already know why...fringe right-wingers like you believe that it is perfectly acceptable to "lie for the cause". It's your own warped brand of moral relativism.)

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:10 AM
Nice try, now get back into your mommies basement. Don't forget your bottle.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:23 AM
Where did you get your information?

DAVE01 said...

Now let me see if I get this right.
Combined scores for Oregon SAT scores:

2008 1552
2009 1547
2010 1546

Yup, they may have been getting quite a good education, but its getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Nice try, now get back into your mommies basement...

Again, the basement insult. Looks like Dave's projecting again.

DAVE01 said...

Where's that "legit" study? LOL. I laugh every time I think that an individual with a BS would use a "legit" study without researching it or using other sources of information. I say your BS is in BullShit. LOL.

DAVE01 said...

Hey, maybe you can get together with Michael Mann, he's the guy who invented the hockey stick graph showing global warming and he faked the data, and massage the data. He's a world class faker, I'm sure he can teach you a lot. LOL. He's "legit" too. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Dave, for every "LOL" you throw in, subtract 2 percent of your credibility.

Oh ... wait. You don't have any. Never mind.

DAVE01 said...

Damn, I'm still laughing. "legit" That was fucking hilarious. I know what your BS was in, Bull Shit. Thanks for the laugh first thing in the morning.