Sunday, June 27, 2010

Save before you pay


State government should have a savings account to protect funding for essential services, like schools, in tough economic times. However, Chris doesn't believe the only way for state government to create a "rainy day" savings account is to raise taxes or keep taxpayers' income tax "kicker" refunds.

As Governor, Chris will create the Oregon Future Fund, making saving for a rainy day the first – not last – priority of state government. He will set aside 3% of forecast revenue into a fund only accessible for schools and essential services in times of economic downturn; a 2/3 vote of the legislature will be required to use the funds.

This is the equivalent of putting money in your savings account when your checking account doesn't have the funds to cash the mortgage check your just wrote. If that's what you do then your priorities are screwed up.

Stop "saving" our money. I'm not here to loan you 3% until you feel like you need it.


DAVE01 said...

We don't need no steenking rainy day state savings!

How about they just spend less. Enact an AZ style law that will drive the criminal aliens out. Let's stop rewarding illegal aliens with education of their children which cost us over $750 million dollars a year. Isn't that the $780 million dollars they just stole from the evil rich corporations and rich people? Actually they stole it from my girlfriend's year end bonus who is not rich and will not be able to spend the money on her daughter. She uses that money to buy her daughter Christmas presents. Logic says they just stole money from a 12 year old child. What wonderful people these democrats are who steal from children.

Enact E-verify to return the stolen jobs to Americans. More Americans will be off social service support and contributing to the tax base. We can even stop feeding their children during the summer.

Simple problem with a simple solution. So simple a caveman could understand it. Liberals can't but a caveman could understand it. That's funny.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you . The only problem is it's Oregon were talking about . We need to get someone with a real understanding of economics , and then the balls to follow through. But then again it's Oregon were talking about . the voters got to be smart enough to vote in a way that will help Oregon not hurt it . (it's the last one that happens most )

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:27 AM
Unfortunately it will take more deaths of children, more unemployment and other bad things to happen before anyone does anything about it.

It's a wonder this country even runs with all these nitwits in charge. It's not running very well right now. I just read obama said the economy was strengthening despite foreboding data and a fresh stock market slump.

I think 99% of the idiots running this country are in the twilight zone.

Bobkatt said...

Do you believe that government workers are paid more than their private industry counterparts?

Do you believe that they have above average benefit packages?

One solution would be to put a moratorium on all government pay raises for as long as it takes to establish an adequate rainy day fund. This would encourage the government to enact cost cutting measures and limit increased spending.

We are in a bad financial situation just as other states and the Federal government is in. We need sacrifices on all levels.

DAVE01 said...

If I remember correctly, government workers make about 50k per year and private workers make about 40k per year in Oregon. That is an excellent idea bobkatt. However, the politicians would just vote to steal more of our money for a rainy day fund. I would like to have the government employees fund the rain day fund. They will receive most of the benefits from it.

Anonymous said...

A rainy day fund makes incredibly good sense if the person managing the money is honest and intelligent. That rules out our politicians. I can guarantee you that if we establish a rainy day fund that it will always be raining thus requiring the withdrawal of money from the rainy day fund.