Sunday, June 20, 2010

DHS: a place for want ads

Department of Human Services
Office of Multicultural Health & Services

Newsletter for June 17, 2010

Student Scholarships, Internships, & Fellowships

Kitzhaber’s Office
Development Internship Open with Kitzhaber 2010

On page 9 of the current DHS newsletter they list an internship opportunity for a political candidate who is currently running for office. (I am aware that the link is broken, it is broken on the DHS .pdf as well. I just copy and paste)

There is lot's of other garbage where "whites need not apply" such as:

Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
The Alliance of Minority Chambers, City of Portland, and Portland Development Commission
invite "People of Color" to join the Minority Evaluator Program!

But I'm very curious as to why Kitzhaber gets a want ad placed in a taxpayer funded newsletter and Dudley does not.


Robin said...

well I didn't see too many "Caucasian only" may apply, in fact, I didn't see any.

I did see things like "African women's coalition summary of heritage camp -- who can attend: youth going in to 6-9 grades African immigrant or refugee families"

A lots of Hispanic or Latino programs a few things for blacks only.

however, according to the EEOC, federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.

oh but wait... that is a FEDERAL regulation [which no one cares]and not up to the states to enforce.

Anonymous said...

A poem by Pinkie French

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Anonymous said...

Looking for "N-----s" and "N-words" in the news? See:

Then pop over to:

This was the location of the OIR Archives
Oregonians for Immigration Reform - 1997/1998

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:40, Mr. Jim Ludwick founded OFIR in Jan. 1999. What does some other site that used the name before have anything to do with OFIR? And I read here that Rick Hickey already said NO to racism.

Oh yeah, you can't defend having an open border so you call names instead. Like anyone is buying that childish crap anymore.

Sitcks and stones may...

Anonymous said...

"Some other site" didn't just use the name; an openly racist web site was, apparently out of feelings of solidarity, hosting (as a "public service") a couple years' worth of archived articles from a group calling itself ... shit, what was the name again? I forget. Oh, wait a minute, they actually tell you: "Oregonians for Immigration Reform."

Yeah, Hickey said "no" to racism. Terrific. But what he said that's relevant to this issue is that he "checked" OFIR's web site, and he couldn't find any links to New Nation.

Bravo for him. That still doesn't get rid of, or explain, this:

Anonymous said...

Actually Ludwick was right in there with Frank Brehm operating and lobbying on behalf of New Nation Oregonians for Immigration Reform the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you either got the link wrong, or the page was taken down.

Anonymous said...

New Nation Oregonians for Immigration Rerform

DAVE01 said...

Let's get back to the post.

Daniel said, "But I'm very curious as to why Kitzhaber gets a want ad placed in a taxpayer funded newsletter and Dudley does not".

Why does kitzhaber get special treatment? Cause he's a liberal.